Episode Eighteen: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part I: Jack Escapes from
the Castle, and Arrives at a Bavarian Village.

[Air date January 4th, 2005]
Scene One: Jack is cautiously staying next to the walls, wandering around the corridors trying to find Cassie and then a way out of the castle to safety.
JACK: Okay, just find Cassie, Jack! Find Cassie, and once you do, I want to get the hell out of this god forsaken castle.... and get back to Salem. (Looking around) And then, we're going to let eeevvverybody know that Tony di Mera is alive and well.
Just the Jack hears footsteps. He looks around in panic, and leans against a wall. The wall is one of those secret panels/revolving doors, and Jack disappears.
JACK: Ah, ah.....
Scene Two: Meanwhile, Tony is showing Marlena a live feed of the wedding. Marlena is emotional seeing her baby girl dressed in her wedding gown and getting married. She is sad that she cannot be there. Just then Shawn crashes through St. Luke's destroying the church and causing a huge ceiling chandelier to crash down on the wedding party. Marlena screams in horror. She becomes hysterical. Then the feed stops, she does not what happened. She continues to scream in agony.

Scene Three: Jack has gone through the secret revolving doors, and he is in another hallway when he hears Marlena's screams. He stops and tries to figure out its origin.
JACK: So, Tony does have people other than Cassie and me here.
Marlena's sobs still can be heard.
JACK: All right, not to worry!
Jack gets the guards keys from his pocket, and takes them out. He takes off trying to go in the same direction as the screams.

Scene Four: Jack turns the corner into another hallway. He looks around trying to figure out the direction of the screams.
JACK: The woman's voice (pointing) came from this direction. Sooo (looking around) If I'm going to find her I've got to start trying these doors.
Jack takes out the keys and tries one of the doors.
JACK: (Whispering) Hello?
There is no answer so he locks the door. He goes towards another one.
JACK: Let me try this one, right here.
Just as he is about to put the key in the lock he hears a guard or some announcement on a loud speak.[ It probably was the right door]
VOICE: Deveraux has escaped.
Jack stops and listens.
VOICE: Do you hear me, Deveraux has escaped. Shout to kill if necessary.
Jack continues to stand trying to figure out what to do next.

Scene Five: Marlena is not allowed to see what happened after the crash. She tells Roman she knows that Tony was behind what happened to Belle. She vows that he will pay for everything.

Scene Six: Jack frantically runs down another hallway. He stops at the main door. He is carrying what looks like a uniform. He takes out the keys and unlocks the door.
JACK: I'm coming home, Jennifer. I'm coming home! As long as the guards don't miss the spare uniform, I'll be in one piece.
Jack takes the keys out of the door, and slowly, cautiously, opens it. He peeks out to make sure the coast is clear. Looking around, he slowly exists the castle, but first he looks back inside, to make sure. Nothing! Jack realizes he has made it.
JACK: (Whisper) I'm free! I'm finally free! (Smiling) Jack Deveraux has left the building.
Outside there is snow on the ground. Jack does not hesitate, he walks way.

[Air date January 6th, 2005]

Scene One: Jack has a guard's uniform on with billy-club, and maybe a gun, but no jacket. It is freezing, the wind is howling, and Jack is hugging himself and rubbing his arms himself to keep warm. He cautiously turns the corner into a court yard, in front is a building, looks like an inn or bar. Jack stops several feet from the entrance and tries to peer inside. People ar walking around inside, in front of the; one couple embrace. Jack then flashes back to his escape.

Jack takes the keys out of the door, and slowly, cautiously, opens it. He peeks out to make sure the coast is clear, looking around. Slowly he exists the castle. He looks back inside. Nothing. Jack realizes he has made it.
JACK: (Whisper) I'm free! I'm finally free! (Smiling) Jack Deveraux has left the building.
Outside there is snow on the ground. Jack does not hesitate, he walks way.

Back in the present, Jack sighs, and walks away from the door. Rubbing his arm.
JACK: Okay, what do I do next? (Gesturing) I'm in some unknown foreign country disguised as a di Mera guard, (motioning each item) I've got no papers, no money, no passports. (Making gesturing indicating uncertainty) No idea where I am, really. (Sighing) And no idea how long until somebody notices I've escaped the di Mera Castle. Oh yes, and I'm freezing my buns off. (Swallowing and nodding his head) So far, so good.

Scene Two: Jack is still hanging around outside, rubbing himself. Snow is all around and the wind still is howling.
JACK: If I stay out here any longer I'm either freeze to death.... or get arrested for loitering. So, I, only, have, one option!
Jack finally decides to go inside. It is an inn. Jack stops in the middle of loby, and thinks to himself.
JACK: So far, so good. (Looking around and smiles) And it's warm! But I won't be able to stay long if I can't afford the price of a....
Just then Jack sees a man leave a tip at the table, and Jack gets an idea. Jack surreptitiously walks into the bar and goes over to the table; he watches as the patron walks out of sight . Some other patrons are laughing and talking, Jack waits a monent, then Jack secretly swipes the coins. Jack looks at the coins and mentally counts them.
JACK: I'm sorry, but I need this alot more than you do.
Jack sits down at the table just as a waitress comes up to his table. Jack's head bent over, apparently trying to be inconspicuous.
WAITRESS: (With a German accent) How did you get out of the di Mera Castle?
Jack slowly raises his head and looks at her. He believes that he has been busted.

Scene Three: Jack is trying be cool, fearing he has been found out by the waitress.
JACK: (With a slight accent) What makes you think that I'm from the.... di (smiling) Mera.... Castle?

WAITRESS: Even the children in the Village. can recognize dhat uniform.
Jack looks at his uniform.
WAITRESS: (Cont.) But the men who vear them varely get time off.
Jack flashes a crocked smile.
JACK: (Now using a more German accent) Ah, well, ah, now that I.... know vhat beautiful vaitresses vork here (smiling at her) I'll.... I'll vork much harder to.... get off much more often, (grinning and laughing) ya!

WAITRESS: (Not impressed) What can I get you?

JACK: Ah, (looking down at the small change he has) oh, un café (smiling and nodding).

WAITRESS: Uh, hmm.
She walks off. Jack looks around, and then gets up. Jack jiggles the change in his hand. He goes over to a coat rack, as he does so he sees two village policemen sitting at the table behind him. At the coat rack he takes a large, silly looking cap with ear flaps, which would help to hide much of his face, and a heavy winter jacket.
JACK: Let's just hope.... that the owner of these.... stays here a alot longer than I do!
Jack puts the coat on, as he does so he thinks to himself.
JACK: Tony bragged that all the police in the village were on his payroll, but that doesn't mean they know what I look like. (Putting on the hat) If I can get those two to take me to the American consulate.... (stops realize how close he is to home) by tomorrow I can be home with my family. (Adjusting the hat) It's worth the risk.
Just then Bart enters the inn.
BART: (From the cold) Uh, just a second pal.
He stops some guy in the lobby and shows him a picture, and points to it

BART: (Cont.) Have you seen this guy anywhere around tonight?

The guy shrugs, it is a picture of Jack.

Jack hears him.

Scene Four: Bar has just entered the inn and is asking some guy if he has seen Jack.
BART: All right, thanks anyway.

Bart comes into the bar where Jack is, just as Jack is returning to his table. Jack titles hishead, and tries to return to his table without being seen. Bart goes over to the police. However, as Jack is about to sit at his table, seeing Bart with the cops, Jack stops dead in his tracks and does not sit down; he has his head turned away from them, and listens into their conversation.

BART: Hey, fellows! (Calling to the bartender and speaking in German, gestures to the policemen's table) Barkeep, zwei Biers! Zwei Biers . (Talking to a bald policeman) Count di Mera always says, "A well greased policeman is a friend forever."
Bart and the two policemen laugh.
BALD POLICEMAN: (Motioning, and speaking with a bad accent) Vhat can we help you vith.

(Pointing) Well, somehow (gesturing) -- and it wasn't my fault -- one of the guests at the di Mera Castle has escaped.

04Ep018A: Bart shows the cops Jack's picture

Jack is frozen, and stands panicstricken. Jack looks right and left with his eyes, but does not dare to turn around.

Bart shows them the photo of Jack.

BART: (Cont.) Ah, this guest. Now, don't let the cute, dopey grim fool you, he's armed and dangerous.

Jack continues to listen in. Frustrated that his escape seems to be foiled, Jack continues to intently listen in on what Bart is telling them.
BALD POLICEMAN: Annd your boss vants him back?

Ah, (imitating the policeman's accent, indicating to the policeman he is right) gut, gut! (Back to talking normally) Although, between you and me, according to the count, "if he's dead, or alive" eh! (Looking from one cop to the other and grinning) If you get my drift.
The cops laugh.

Just then the waitress arrives with Jack's coffee. He stops her.
JACK: Oh, I, ah, (continuing to speak with an accent; pointing) I'll take that over here. (Taking her by the elbow and leading her to put it down on the bar) It's too lonely over there.


JACK: (His accent seemed to have changed a little, it sounds a mix of German and Swedish) So, what do I owe you?

WAITRESS: Two Euros.

JACK: (Realizing that leaves him with little money) "Two Euros," uh.....
Jack is paying her just as Bart comes up behind him.
BART: Hey! Hey! I had a feeling I'd find you here!
Terrified, Jack stops dead in his tracks. Jack slowly turns his head but stops and does not turn completely around.

Scene Five: Bart has come up behind Jack. Jack does not know what to do.

BART: Where have you been?
The waitress walks away after serving Jack, and pass in front of Bart. He turns towards her. She was the person he was addressing. As Jack stays frozen, his mouth agape. Meanwhile Bart continues to make passes at the waitress.
BART: (Cont.) You are looking particularly Schadenfreude tonight, Helga.
The waitress cannot help grinning and turns to Bart.
BART: (Cont.) Oh, yeah, I've been working on the language thing.
She turns way and sets a table, not paying much attention.

Jack continues to remain motionless so as not to be seen. He is reveled Bart was not referring to him, but is still fearful because Bart is only a few feet behind him, and still could see him.
BART: (Cont.) When I realized I had to come down here tonight I was hoping you would be on.
She turns to him and he tries to be seductive and flashes a grin.
BART: (Cont.) You know something, I want to know when that apron (gesturing with his head) comes off tonight.
Helga. glares at him. Just then Bart's cell phone rings, and he reaches for it.

Jack nervously listens in on Bart's conversation, his face shows his nervousness and fear of being caught.
BART: (Talking to Helga.) Hold that thought, mein Schatz! (Clearing his throat and talking on the cell) Yeah? (looks nervous and suddenly becomes serious) Yes, Sir, (correcting himself) Count, ah, (nervously) no, no, no, not... not yet, Sir. (Pauses) Count, Count, I'm waay ahead of you! The cops have the photo. And our man at the American consulate will call if Deveraux shows up or contacts them. (Pauses) Roger, Dodger, over and out! (Clearing his through and putting the cell away; then talks to Helga. Sorry (Missing up the word) Fraudlein, duty calls. (Missing up good-bye, trying to be cool) Auf freudisan, Baby.
Jack remains still, but is relieved when he leaves. The waitress says nothing to Bart, and walks away. Jack is dejected he realizes he has little hope. He falls against the bar.
JACK: There's nobody I can trust. (He gets an idea) Except Jennifer!
Jack looks at his money. Jack walks over to a payphone.
JACK: Okay, let's see what a Euro can do.
Jack puts the phone to his ear, then removes the receiver as he punches in a long string of numbers, and nods with his head after each click. When he is through he puts the receiver back to his ear.

04Ep018B: Jack phones homeJACK: Okay, please, please, please.... (the phone rings) please, come in. Ha....

The phone continues to ring, as Jack anxiously waits for someone to answer. Just then Jennifer's answering machine message kicks in, it is Jennifer's voice. Jack is thrilled to hear her voice.

JENNIFER: Hey, we can't get to the phone, but you can leave a message after the beep for Jen, Abby or even Jack, Jr....

Jack impatiently twirls his hand, hoping for the end of the message so he can talk, since he realizes with one Euro he will not have much time.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and we'll get back to you.

(Rushing) Jennifer, it's me, it's Jack! I'm alive! An.... (Frantically before the phone cuts off) And I'm coming home to you! I.... I.... I don't know how yet, but I'm going to do it! There's nobody here I can trust, but I'm gonna find a way. I'm coming back to you, and Abigail, and Jack, Jr. That's a promise!

Jack is about to say more but stops. He takes the receiver from his ear and looks at it disappointedly. It appears that the phone cut off, his time having expired. He sighs and puts the receive back on the hook.

[Air date January 7th, 2005]
Scene One: Jack has left the inn and is walking around outside, trying to keep warming, and trying to think up a plan. Jack is huffing and puffing from the cold.
JACK: Oh, I've got to find somebody to help me. (Rubbing himself for warmth) Somebody, who's not on the di Mera pay roll, which seems to be half the people in this town! Including the police. (Reaching into his pocket) Oh, boy, I need some money!
Jack puts the coins in the palm of his hand, and counts it.
JACK: Oooh, Yes, I need a passport. (the coins in his fist) I need to get back inside before I freeze to death. I just hope Bart doesn't come back to look for me.
Jack takes hold of each ear flap with each hand, as he starts to walk back inside. However, in doing so he drops the coins. Jack bends down to pick them up.
JACK: Oh, darnit!
As Jack is on his hands and knees looking for the coin, someone calls out to him.
MALE VOICE: (With another bad accent) Hold it right there!
Jack freezes, and slowly looks up towards the approaching man.

Scene Two: Bo and Hope have arrived in the same village. They are at the same inn Jack was at; they go to the desk to check in. The innkeeper's name is Frau Bleucher [Named for Cloris Leachman's character in the movie Young Frankenstein], [the actresses' accent actually seems natural]. They they her that they want two rooms, but she coyly tells them there is only one room with only *one* bed. Bo is not happy, while Billie tries to conceal her pleasure at the thought of being alone with him.

Scene Three: Back outside, Jack has just been interrupted by a voice. The figure nears him and it is a policeman [I am not sure but it may be one of the policemen to whom Bart showed Jack's photo]. Jack tries to be inconspicuous.
Jack: (His back to the guy) Ah, o...., Ya, (nervously) uh, you vere looking for me?
The cop seems menacing. He takes off his gloves and says nothing. Then he bends down and picks up something, and then stands up and hands whatever it is to Jack. Jack pulls the ear flap over to cover his face, as he continues t to ry and stay as turned away from the cop as possible. The cop then hands him a coin.
POLICEMAN #1: You missed one!

(relieved, reaching for it) Ah, ah, ah, thank you. (Gesturing while trying stay concealed) Thank you. Er, excuse me.
Jack tries to pull up the collar of his coat, as he starts to walk away. However, the guard stops him. Jack stops.
POLICEMAN #1: Vait a minute! You look very familiar. Have we meet somevhere before?
Jack's back to the cop and his eyes dart about as he fears he is going to be recognized after all.

Scene Four: While Jennifer is over trying to be there for Hope, who is upset that Bo left her again to run off to be with Billie, Patrick is watching Jack, Jr. and Abigail. Again, Chelsea is spending the night. The girls come down the stairs to see Patrick shirtless, sweaty and doing exercises. Chelsea lusts after him. Abigail is not hat impressed. She tells Chelsea that Patrick's body should be like that since he is always working out in their livingroom. Chelsea is determined to have him. Abigail thinks it is yucky.

Scene Five: The guard has stopped Jack, and questions him about being familiar. Jack nervously tries to conceal his face. He anxiously tries to remain calm and not give himself away, after getting this far.
POLICEMAN #1: I know I've seen you somevhere before! Vhere vas it?
Jack is about to answer, then changes his mind. He begins to cough, and hack. The cop makes a face.

POLICEMAN #1: Hey, you, okay?

Jack grabs and wraps himself around the the cop, and continues to cough and hack, and slobbering, all over him. Jack makes all these weird sounds pretending he is having a hard time talking.
JACK: Ya! (Gibberish) TB! Ar....
Jack grabs onto the cop, and continues to cough and hack exaggeratedly on him. The cop tries to get away.
JACK: You help me, Ya? (Coughing and hacking)

POLICEMAN #2: No! Sorry, you just need to find a doktor!

JACK:(Coughing the words) Help me!
Jack continues to pretend to be sick. The cop hurries off. Jack continues to cough, as he pulls out the cop's wallet. It appears as Jack was holding onto the policeman Jack lifted his wallet. Jack pulls out a wad of Euro bills. Still pretending to cough, he looks at the cash, pleased with himself.
JACK: Excellent! (Admiring the money) Excellent, just enough money to get me a hotel room, a place safe, and decide and think about my next move.
He backs away towards the door, looking around to make sure no one is around; he returns to the inn. He enters, continuing to cough. Frau Bleucher is at the desk. He is about to go to the desk but stops, and turns around. After a moment, Jack clears his throat and walks to the desk.
JACK: Ah, umm.... (Speaking with an accent, nodding politely) Ah, hello, uh, (gesturing) I would like a room (flashing one finger), uh, one night. Uh, I pay cash and (drops the wallet) oh.... Ha (gesturing) I.... uh... dropped it (shakes his hands) frozen fingahs (now his accents sounds Swedish) ah, (throwing up has arms) I seem to be dropping alot of tings lately, ah.
Jack shakes his hand again, and then starts to bend down. However, someone's gloved hand, it looks like there is a crest on, stamps on the wallet. It is a di Mera guard. He picks up the wallet. As Jack looks on in fear.
GUARD #1: (Grinning with pleasure) Gotch'ya!
Jack slowly lowers his head, and remains knelling on the floor, thinking that this time he really has been busted.

Scene Five: Jennifer is now at Alice's. They talk about Bo taking off. Jennifer tells Alice that Jack used to take off on a story and drive her crazy with worry [Hmm, do not remember that; and I remember Jennifer taking off and Jack having to follow].
JENNIFER: (Deep sigh) Gosh, Gram, (crying and reaching for Alice's hand) I miss him so much!
Jennifer cries and Alice squeezes her hand. They talk about Patrick being there and helping her so much. She thinks of him as a friend. Alice wonders if there is anything more. Jennifer denies it. Alice tells her friendship sometimes develops into something more. Jennifer is shocked. There is *no way* that she could ever feel like that for Patrick. Jack is the only man she loves. Other than her children, the only person she thinks about is *Jack*.
JENNIFER: And the only person that is on my mind is Jack Deveraux! He was the love of my life, Gram! And he always will be!

Scene Six: Back at the Bavarian inn, the Guard has just picked up the wallet Jack pick pocketed from the Policeman. It appears that this time Jack really has been busted. Jack gets up cautiously, believing it is over. Politely the guard hands Jack the wallet
GUARD: Excuse me, you drop this.

JACK: (Trying to avoid looking at him directly) Ah, thank you.(He does a "thank you gesture" holding it).Thank you!
The guard nods politely and walks off. Jack turns back to talk to Frau Bleucher. Sighing, he looks the wallet.
JACK: Jah, ah, (whispering) please, (gesturing) the room.... I.... I'm very tired.

(Smiling and point to Jack) You're in luck! A man and a woman (referring to Bo and Billie) just walked in. They wanted two rooms. (Smiling) But I could see they belong togehtah. (Looking down coyly) You know. So I figured, (gesturing) vhat the hell, let them shhhare just one.
Jack is getting annoyed, he does not want to hear about the gossip, he wants to get out of the lobby and into a room so he can continue to hide out until he has figured out a way to get home.
JACK: Yes, well, very nice but if I--

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Interrupting him) I know, on a night like thiiis, a night not fit.....
Jack is being more and more frustrated by her incessant gabbing. He tries to open his mouth to say something but she keeps gabbing.
FRAU BLEUCHER: (Cont.) ....for man nor beast, (pointed to him with her pen) there would be others coming (giggling; now gesturing), and I hate so much to turn (gesturing for affect) anyone away around. --

JACK: (Interrupting her) Yes, (sounding bored) yes, yes, as I said, but, I am very tired, if you could possibly give me a key.

FRAU BLEUCHER: (She appears to hesitate) Okay! (Interlocking her figures together; embarrassed) To tell you the truth, the room is not ready.

JACK: (In his annoyance he loses his accent) What!

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Holding out her hands) Oh, my maid, she had to go home, she was sick. By my daughter (putting her hands together and pointing with her fingers), she's cleaning right now.

JACK: Ye.... ye.... yes, I.... I.... I.... I... I'm . not (gesturing) picky--

RAU BLEUCHER: (Interrupting) Ah, ah, will you have a seat the bar? (Gesturing) It will just be a few more minutes.

JACK: Ah, yeah, I.... I.... I go to zee bar and yo.... yo.... you tell me when the room is ready?

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Nodding) Yes!

Jack walks back into the bar. He sits down at a table, and looks at the locket that he bought Jennifer the day he was attacked, and that he had all the time on the island.
JACK: Soon, Jennifer, soon!

04Ep018C: Jack looks at the locket of the three of them

Scene Seven: Jennifer calls home, and Patrick answers. She is checking on everything. He tells her that Chelsea is there. She is glad because she thinks Chelsea is a good influence on Abigail (HA). He tells her she has a message (it is the message Jack left). He offers to play it for her. She says it is okay she will wait until she returns home.

Scene Eight: Jack is hovering in the lobby near the desk, eating some dessert.
FRAU BLEUCHER: How you like the strudel, gut, ha?

JACK: Gut, ya, ya! Gut, gut, very gut! Ah....
Jack eats nervous, he looks over and the di Mera guard who handed him back the wallet is sitting in the corner drinking coffee. Jack nods to him, and the guard nods back.
JACK: Ah (walking over to the desk) i... i.... iz, the room iz ready, ya?

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Writing, and motions) Almost!

JACK: "Almost?"

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Nodding in the affirmative) Hmmm!

JACK: Could you tell me where the to.... toilet iz?

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Pointing) Ah, trouh dhere.

JACK: (Speaking softly and his normal accent) Through there, (returning to the accent) thank you! (Covering his face) Thank you.
Jack is walking backwards so as not to face the guard. Just then Billie walks down the stairs, and walks around the desk.
JACK: (Cont.; clearing his throat) Thank you very much. Thank you!
Jack and Billie bump into each other.
BILLIE: Oh, watch it!
They do not notice each other. Jack does not want to be seen so he quickly heads for the restroom. Billie is engrossed in a note pad she is reading, it looks like it has to do about Georgia.

Scene Nine: Billie goes to the bar and sits down.

Jack returns from the bathroom and goes back to the desk, being cautious not to be noticed.
JACK: Ah, (gesturing) now?

FRAU BLEUCHER: Sorry just a few more minutes.

JACK: (Frustrated) "A few more minutes," Ya! (Walking off) Ya!
Jack cautiously looks around as he goes into the bar. A woman walks around in the bar, and Jack tries to hid his face. He sits down at a table, and begins twiddling his thumb. Jack thinks back to his phone message to Jennifer.
JACK: (Rushing) Jennifer, it's me, it's Jack! I'm alive! An.... (Frantically before the phone cuts off) And I'm coming home to you! I.... I.... I don't know how yet, but I'm going to do it! There's nobody here I can trust, but I'm gonna find a way. I'm coming back to you, and Abigail, and Jack, Jr. That's a promise!
Jack is about to say more but stops. He takes the receiver from his ear and looks at it disappointedly. It appears that the phone cut off, his time having expired. He sighs and puts the receive back on the hook.

Back to the present. Jack picks up a newspaper which is on the table. He looks at it and sighs. Looking up he sees the pay hone, and thinks.
JACK: Maybe I should try her again? (Looking down) No! I have to be careful. Di Mera may have her phone tapped. She'll get my message! And she'll know.... she'll know I'm coming home.

04Ep018D: Jack thinks Jennifer now knows he is coming home

Scene Ten: Jennifer comes home. She goes by the answering machine, but decides the message can wait.

Scene Eleven: Billie is sitting at the bar drinking coffee, facing a mirror, her back turned to the back of the barroom. She happens to glance at the mirror. She notices something, which shocks her.

BILLIE: Oh, my God!

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]