Episode Nineteen: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part II: Jack Escapes from
the Village; He Gets on a Freighter Heading
for the States, and Convinces the Captain to
Let Him Work for His Passage Home; Jack
Fantasizes About His Reunion with His Family.

[Air date January 10th, 2005]
Scene One: Jack is looking at some newspaper.
JACK: What the hell (Frowning) No bus for three days! (Throws down the schedule in disgust) Houdini would have trouble getting out of this town!
Jack looks at his locket, and sighs. He cradles it in his hands.
JACK: Hang in there, Jennifer! I said I was coming, and by god I am! She must have gotten that message by now. (Sighinh) I jus.... I just got to figure a way out of this place.
Jack thumps the table in frustration, and picks up the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Billie is continuing to look into the mirror watching someone or something.
BILLIE: Is that him!
She turns around to get a better look.
It is Bart, he has his arm around Frau Bleucher and they are walking, he is showing her a picture.
BART: Okay, I want you to concentrate! Have you ever seen this man?
Billie gets up and follows them, she stops at the door, and stands flush against the wall, continuing to spy on them.

Scene Two: Still at the inn, Bart is showing Frau Bleucher a photo. Billie has crept into the lobby and is by the desk watching them. Just then Jack puts down the newspaper and peers around the door, looking towards the lobby. He spots Bart, and makes a fist.
JACK: Exit strategy, quick!
Bart is showing Bleucher the photo.
BART: So you recognize this mug?

FRAU BLEUCHER: He looks very familiar.

BART: Look again. I need to find him now!
Billie is trying to get a closer look. Then she steps back, thinking to herself
BILLIE: That voice! (Trying to remember), where have I heard it?
Back in the bar Jack shuffles through the doorway into the lobby. He goes behind the desk with his back turned away from Bart and Bleucher, passing Billie, who is on the other side of the door. Jack is about to go up the stairs, but he knocks over a lamp, and there is the sound of crashing glass. Bart and Bleucher turn to the noise. Billie stays put, trying not to be seen.
BART: Is that him?
He rushes off.
BART: (Cont., talking to Bleucher) Come on!
Bleucher follows. They both go up the stairs. Billie waits a few moments and then goes up the stairs too.

Scene Three: Bo is on the Hope. She has told him about Shawn, and berates Bo about taking off every chance he gets to run off with Billie.

Jack, meanwhile, runs past his door. Then slows up and creeps along the hallway.

A moment later Billie appears, creeping around and trying to see what happened to Bart. She sees Bleucher and stops her, asking about her about Bart. Bleucher plays dumb, saying she does not know who he is; then quickly walks away. Billie thinks to herself.
BILLIE: What is that woman hiding?
She is outside Bo and her room and hears Bo on the phone. She seems to enjoy that Bo and Hope are arguing. A short while later she enters the room. Bo is shirtless and he tries to cover himself. Billie seems to be enjoying the current situation. Billie tells him, excitedly, that she may have found a break through regarding their daughter.

Meanwhile Jack is running around the hallway trying to find a way to escape. He slows down and again and starts to creep down the hallway, peeking around to make sure no one is there. He turns the corner and hears footsteps, it is Frau Bleucher. He creeps back the way he came. Then he sees a shadow, it looks like Bart, coming from in front of him. Jack looks around, not knowing which way to go.

Scene Four: Jack does not know what to do, his facial expression tells that he believes he soon will be caught. Just then Bleucher is heard.
FRAU BLEUCHER: (Calling out) AH!
Jack freezes in terror.
FRAU BLEUCHER: I've been looking for you all over!
Jack tries to hide behind a large potted plant.

Scene Five: Still at the inn, Jack thinks that Bleucher has caught him. However, it turns out she is talking to Bart. She walks up to him.
FRAU BLEUCHER: Where have you been?

BART: Still looking for Deveraux! (He turns to her, pointing to her) You've seen any sign of him?

FRAU BLEUCHER: (Shrugs) Seemed to have vanished.
Jack is not to far away, trying to hide behind the plant. Jack listens to their conversation.
FRAU BLEUCHER: (Cont.) How, I don't know!

BART: (Gesturing) All right, we've got men posted at all the exists, all right, I hand picked (pointing to himself) them myself. So, you know, they're plenty sharp.

FRAU BLEUCHER: Even if he escapes, the.... the inn at this time, in the mountains, he can't go through! (Indicating with her finger) He won't go too far!
She takes off in one direction, Bart in the other.
BART: (In German) Got!
After they are gone, Jack creeps along to where they had been talking. He peeks in both directions to make sure the cost is clear.
JACK: Hmmm.
He goes to a window, and tries to open it. He unlatches it and grunting, with some effort, he opens it. He looks around then straddles the ledge of the window.
JACK: Don't be so sure! You obviously never saw the end of The Sound of Music!
Jack is climbing out of the window, when the window slips, and starts to close , causing him to fall out of the second story window.
Scene Six: Jack is sneaking into some place, it is dark and hard to see what is going on. It looks like some type of wear house, the are port holes on the doors. He walks down a hall and opens another door, trying to keep from making noise. Before he goes in he looks around the hallway. Jack enters room, carrying a crowbar. There is a large crate in the center of the room. Jack no longer is wear the dopey hat, he is now wearing overalls with a button down t-shirt underneath; he, also is wearing a fake mustache. He uses the crowbar to try and pry up the crate, grunting as he strains to open it. Just then a voice is heard, startling Jack, and causing him to drop the crowbar. Jack turns around to see who it is.
MAN: (With an American accent) What do you think you're doing? Huh?

He grabs Jack by the back of the collar,and yanks him. The guy has a cigar hanging from his mouth.

JACK: Uh, (Trying to sound official, he has lost his accent) I'm.... I'm just trying to.... inspe... inspect the cargo.
Jack clears his throat. The guy obviously does not believe him.
MAN: Oh, yeah, (putting his hand out) well, let's see some ID!

JACK: "ID?" Yes! Ah, (Pretending to search his pockets, patting his chest, and legs) It's right here, in th.... in the, ah, the ID, it's in my.... my other overalls.

MAN: Show me some papers (making a fist, and pointing with his thumb) or I'm callin' the police!

JACK: (Puts his hand over his mouth, desperate) "Police," No!
The mustache. falls partially off.
JACK: What (noticing the mustache.)? I.... I....
The man grabs Jack by the collar.

04Ep019A: Jack sneaks on a freighter but is caught

JACK: Ahhhh!

MAN: What do you think, you're the first guy who ever tried something like this? HUH?
Jack breaths causing the mustache to sway. The man continues to hold Jack by the collar.

Scene Seven: The man yanks off the fake mustache, and Jack grimaces in pain, then touch's his his upper lip area.
MAN: Start talkin'!

Jack thinks to himself.

JACK: The local police are on the di Mera payroll. If this guy turns me in, I'll be hauled back to the castle and never get home to Jennifer!

MAN: Well, tell me what you're doing on my ship!

JACK: (Rubbing his lip; becoming serious) You want the honest truth?
04Ep019B; Jack begs the captain to help him get back to his family
MAN: Yeah, that would be best!

JACK: I'm trying to get back to the States, I don't have the money for airfare. I'm begging you! Let me come on as a deckhand. I just got to get home!

MAN: (Tapping Jack on the chest) Now, even if I wanted to hire you (pushes Jack ) you've got to have (motions with his up turned hand) papers to get into this country. U.S. is very careful who they let in, nowadays!

JACK: I'm not worried about (putting out his hands) that I'm a US citizen, I'll be able to prove it!

MAN: An.... and you're ready to take that risk?

JACK: I am. So, what do you say? (Pleading)
Will you let me sail with you?

MAN: (Thinking) Oh, ah hell, I guess most of us are running from something.

JACK: Not me, I running to something, my wife and kids! I'm so eager I'd tow (imitating doing so) this whole ship behind me!

MAN: (About to agree) Hah. (Then he thinks, realizes something) Wait am minute, there is one problem.
The man is thinking, Jack looks at him concerned.

Scene Eight: Back on the freighter.
MAN: Ahh, (takes the cigar out of his mouth) It's about my payroll, (pointing to Jack with the cigar) you being undocumented and all--

JACK: (Putting out his hands) I'll work for nothing! All I need is passage home. (Pointing to himself with both hands) I won't even eat, (making a whisking motion with his arm) scraps from the.... galley.

MAN: Oooohhhh....
The man turns and walks away. Jack remains in the cargo hold, dejected, he sighs, believing man has changed his mind. However, a moment later the captain returns, carrying some bags. Jack does not see him, but jumps, startled, and turns around when the captain plops the bags on the crate.
MAN: Well in that case, here you are! (He removes the cigar from his mouth) The last guy who did the laundry jumped ship. (He puts back the cigar) Job's yours.
Jack cannot believe his good luck. He looks down at the bag and then back at the captain.
JACK: Ah, thanks! Thanks, thanks, you won't regret it.

MAN: Oh, I better not!

The captain walks off leaving Jack in the cargo hold. Jack, breathing 04Ep019C: stinky laundryheavily, picks up a duffle bag and opens it.

JACK: All right....

Jack peeks inside, and the odor from the dirt laundry overpowers him. He grimaces at the stench.

JACK: Oooohhh, (making a face) whoa. (Looking back in) But, if this is what it takes to get back to Jennifer and family (makes a face and shudders) So be it!

Jack looks down again, and averts his face from the stench.

JACK: Hmmm!

[Air date January 11th, 2005]
Scene One: Abigail and Chelsea are in Abigail's room. Abigail is holding a photo of her father, and looks at it lovingly and sadly. She mentions how everybody "else" thinks her father is dead.

CHELSEA: "Everybody else?" Who doesn't think he's.... (realizing something) Do you still think your father's alive?

ABIGAIL: (Smiling, and confident) I know he is alive.

Abigail has put the photo back on the table, and continues to look at it forlornly.
CHELSEA: (Actually being sincere) Hoping your dad's still alive and all, he passed away. You have to accept that.

ABIGAIL: (Turning to her) No, I don't! Dad's alive, and he's gonna come back to me and my mom and my little brother. I don't tell most people 'cause they don't believe me, but I know it's true and that's all that matters!

Scene Two: Jack is on the freighter. He is dirty, and sweaty, he is only wearing the long sleeveed shirt he had on the other day, the overalls are wrapped around his waste. On a crate there are two large tubs one is filled with soap water and has a washboard, the other is filled with water. There are several duffle bags in a pile a few feet away. Jack picks up one, and brings it over to the crate and dumps the contents from the bag onto the crate next to the tubs. Breathing heavily and grunting a little, Jack moans upon seeing, and smelling the stuff.
JACK: Ahh, aye,
He throws down the bag. He picks up what looks like briefs and throws them aside, in revulsion. He then takes a pair of jeans and begins scrubbing them on the washboard. He continues to grunt and moan, and the puts the pants in the other tub full of water, he soaks them, and then stops to think back to the phone call.

Jack puts the phone to his ear, then removes the receiver as he punches in a long string of numbers, and nods with his head after each click. When he is through he puts the receiver back to his ear.
JACK: Okay, please, please, please.... (the phone rings) please, come in. Ha....
The phone continues to ring, as Jack anxiously waits for someone to answer. Just then Jennifer's answering machine message kicks in, it is Jennifer's voice. Jack is thrilled to hear her voice.
JENNIFER: Hey, we can't get to the phone, but you can leave a message after the beep for Jen, Abby or even Jack, Jr....
Jack impatiently twirls his hand, hoping for the end of the message so he can talk, since he realizes with one Euro he will not have much time.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and we'll get back to you.

(Rushing) Jennifer, it's me, it's Jack! I'm alive! An.... (Frantically before the phone cuts off) And I'm coming home to you!

Back in the present, Jack smiles.

04Ep019D: Jack remembers calling home

JACK: Ah, Jennifer, I'd give anything to see your face when you pick-up my message.
Jack sighs, and returns to doing the laundry. He wrings out the pants, and throws them into something. He sighs again, and shakes the water from his hand; then picks up another piece of laundry
JACK: Next.
Jack begins scrubbing it.

Scene Three: Some time later, Jack is still slaving away at the laundry [I do not know why such a big freighter does not have electric washing and drying machines]. Anyway, Jack is wringing out another piece of clothing.
JACK: Arrrrrhhhh. Ahhh.
In disgust he throws it into the pile. He shakes his hand, it appears to be sore. He is panting from the hard work, he picks up what looks like boxers and groans, and makes a face as if the smell makes him nauseous. In frustrations he begins to shout.

JACK: HAVEN'T YOU EVER OF TAKING A SHOWER! THIS STINKS! YOU ALL STINK! THIS IS KILLING ME! (Signing, then realizing something) No, (looking at another piece) no this not killing me. (Panting and starting to wash) I'll love it! I'll wash all the dirty (shuddering as he talks) laundry in the world and love it, if it gets me home to my family. All I'm going to think about is walking through that front door! Coming home!.... And walking right into Jennifer's arms!

04Ep019E: Jack's fantasy returning home

Jack starts a fantasy, it is obviously outside their home; snow is all around and it is night, and there is the mailbox with their houses number on it, "3223." Jack's hand appears on the mailbox and lovingly strokes it. Jack is wearing the same clothes he is in the present, his face is smudged with dirt, and he looks cute and sexy. Jack flashes a look of utter joy at finally being home. He looks around as if not really believing it.

JACK: Home sweet home!



He continues to look around, and then starts heading to the door, sighing, and smiling. As he walks to the door he continues to take in all the sights of home. He stops at the door, and pauses, putting his hand on the door, and he sighs. After a moment he rings the doorbell with his left hand. Smiling, he stands back waiting for Jennifer to answer. A second later Jennifer opens the door and gasps, seeing him. Jack stares at her with profound love. She stands in shock, staring at him.

Scene Four: Jennifer is carrying a cup of tea, and trips on the throw rug. Patrick, still walking around shirtless, is frantic and acts as if she killed herself. Jennifer starts to laugh, confusing him. She tells him that she was thinking how silly she looked.
JENNIFER: That reminded me of Jack, he used to do these pratfalls all the time, and I never knew if he was (laughing at the memories) joking or not, it is.... (Becoming sad) Oh, Patrick, I miss him soo much sometimes.

PATRICK: I'm sorry I didn't mean to remind you.

JENNIFER: (Smiling) "Remind me," about Jack? You don't have to remind me, he is always on my mind. It's just the way it is. (Smiling, she lets out a slight laugh) And that's how I want it. I don't ever want to forget about him!

Scene Five: Back on the freighter, Jack carries over another duffle bag of dirty clothes. He grunts and groans, and begins scrubbing another dirty piece of clothing
JACK: (Mumbling [It is hard to hear exactly what he says]) Ah to hell with it, that's enough of that.

Jack puts it into the water tub, and washes off the soap. He wrings out the water, grunting and groaning, then stops and returns to his fantasy.

Jennifer has just answered the door. She is in shock, her mouth is wide open. Then she it shapes into a smile. Jack is looking down at her, smiling, and deeply in love.

04Ep019F2: In his fantasy Jennifer is shocked to see him home
04Ep019F2: I his fantasay, Jack surprises Jennifer

JACK: (Almost casually) Hi!

JENNIFER: (Cocking her head slightly and flashing a wide smile) Jack?

Jennifer smiles and is about to say something, but then shakes her head.
JENNIFER: No, no, no. No!
She turns around, leaving Jack outside the door, then she walks away.
JENNIFER: No, (gesturing with her arms) I have imagined this so many times. You.... (gesturing)....
Jack watches her confused, as she talks he walks past the threshold, and shots the door.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....You walking in the door alive, but (shaking her head) it can't be true!
Jennifer, puts her hands to her face, Jack walks up behind her. She wants it to be true but she cannot see how Jack really could be alive.
JENNIFER: It can't be! It can't.... be true.

04Ep019G: In the fantasy Jack caresses Jennifer's cheek

Jennifer is softly sobbing, and shaking her head. Jack, behind her, reaches his hand out and lovingly caresses her cheek. She sighs, and close her eyes, overcome by his touch.

Jack stops and the runs his hand through her hair, continuing to gaze at her. Jennifer reacts to his touch.
JENNIFER: O, Jack, you're not dead?

JACK: (Still behind her, shaking his head) Noooo!
She turns around, still confused, still not sure if it is yet *another* dream.
JENNIFER: You're here?

JACK: (At first just nodding his head, then he speaks) Yes! I'm here. Wh.... why are you looking at me like.... like I'm a ghost, didn't you get my message?

JENNIFER: (Shakes her head) Nooo.... I.... I didn't believe it was true!

JACK: Well, it is! And so am I. (Smiling) I'm here.
Jennifer seems afraid, she is near tears, sighing she steps away from Jack. She shakes her head.
JACK: (Con.) Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (Sobbing) Please don't do this to me! Thi.... this is.... this is all a dream and.... and.... (throwing up her arms) and I'm going to wake up and (gesturing) you'll be dead!

JACK: (Looking confused, shakes his head and mouths the word) No.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) And I'll cry, I'll cry like I always do!

JACK: Jennifer, won't it follow that if I'm in the dream with you that when we wake up, we'll still be here together?

JENNIFER: (Sobbing, but bantering with him) No, that, doesn't (shaking her head) any sense! This is my dream!

JACK: What if it is my dream?

JENNIFER: It's not your dream! (throwing her arms up in frustration) Why do you always talk so crazy, Jack?
Jennifer stops and looks at Jack as if something has dawned on her. Jack looks back at her smiling, as if he realizes she finally believes him. Her mouth widens in shock. She gasps, and is no longer crying.


04Ep019H: In the fantasy Jennifer realizes she isn't dreaming

JENNIFER: It is you!

JACK: (Turns his head smugly) Told you!

Jennifer shrieks ecstatically, and runs over to him, laughing, and crying tears of joy. She jumps into his arms.

Jack and Jennifer laugh. They hold each other tightly, and begin to kiss each other passionately; Jennifer laughs and moans with pleasure.

04Ep019I: In the fantasy, J&J kiss passionately

Scene Six: Back in Abigail's room. Chelsea is worried that Jennifer will be her competition for Patrick. She does not know how he could want anyone as old as Jennifer. Abigail is annoyed, she thinks he is too old for Chelsea, and takes offense that Chelsea could even think that her mother, "The only man she cares about is *my dad*!"

A short while later they come downstairs to find Patrick, *still* shirtless* and giving Jennifer a massage because of her fall.

Scene Seven: Jack is still washing clothes. He has another item he is scrubbing on the washboard. He is grunting and groaning, then stops to catch his breath. Jack returns to his fantasy.

There is a shot of Jack and Jennifer's second wedding photo. Jack backs Jennifer onto the couch, they pass by the photo, passionately kissing and moaning. They fall onto the couch, Jack on top, as they continue to kiss; Jennifer giggles with pleasure. Jennifer holds the back of Jack's head. Just then Abigail's voice is heard, thrilled to see her father.
ABIGIAL: Daddy, your alive; you're home!
At first they are too engrossed to notice. Then they jump up, both are embarrassed about being caught by her as they were heavily making out. Then Jennifer begins laughing with joy because of Abigail's happiness seeing her father alive.

04Ep019J: In the fantasy Abigail catches them making out



ABIGAIL: (Holding and caressing Baby Jack) I knew you'd come home to us! I (laughing from the joy of see him) knew you were alive!
Jack and Jennifer stand up, Jennifer continues to giggle with joy, Jack is overcome with emotion, holding out his arms to his daughter. Jennifer puts her hands to her face, beginning to cry again, watching Jack and Abigail together again.
JACK: Abigail, I want a hug. I want a hung from my Abigail.

04Ep019K: In his fantasy Jack asks Abigail for a hug

They hug, thrilled to be together again.
ABIGAIL: And.... And Jack, Jr.

JACK: Oh....

04Ep019L: In the fantasy, Abigail shows Jack, Jack, Jr.Jack stops hugging her, and she holds out her brother to his father. Jennifer watches on overcome with emotion. Jack looks at his son, puts his hand on Jack, Jr.'s head. Abigail smiles down at her brother. [The baby is never seen]

JACK: (Cont.) Jack, Jack, Jr.!

Jack kisses his son's forehead. Abigail talks to her baby brother. Jack still has his other arm around his daughter.

ABIGAIL: Do you remember, this is our daddy?

JACK: Ahhhhhh!

04Ep019M: In the fantasy, Jack squeezing his family  tightly


Jennifer comes up behind Jack and puts her arm on his shoulder, and stands flush up against him, her cheek on his shoulder. Jack looks at Jennifer, who beams back at him. He then puts his arm around all three of them and they all squeeze each other tightly. They are all overcome with joy at finally being together. Jack kisses Jennifer's forehead, and Jennifer puts her face to his.


Scene Eight: Jennifer has agreed to let Chelsea spend the night. Chelsea asks if she can call her parents. Jennifer agrees, but tells her to play back the message she left on the machine. In trying to do so, Chelsea accidentally erases it. "But now we'll never know who called," upset, replied Abigail. Jennifer tells her it is okay, that whoever it is will call back if it is important. Jack's message [what a surprise] has been erased so now they do not know that he is alive, and trying to return to them.

Scene Nine: Poor Jack is still slaving away, it must be a huge ship with hundreds of people, for he is scrubbing another shirt. Again, Jack's mind slips into his fantasy.

The three of them, with Abigail holding Baby Jack, are still together. Jennifer has her around around Jack, against his chest and around his neck. Jack kisses Jennifer's forehead, then Abigail's. He moans with pleasure. Jennifer then caresses her daughter's cheek. Jack makes his family a promise, as they look at him with great love.
JACK: Okay everybody, listen up, you too, Junior! (Jack rubs Jennifer's arm and looks at her) I'm never going anywhere again. I'm.... I'm going to stay here forever! (Looking at Abigail and Jack, Jr.) We're all going to be together! Forever, and ever, and ever!
Jack looks at Jennifer, his arms wrapped around her and Abigail; Jennifer looks at Jack, her chin and one arm resting on his chest and the other wrapped around him; Abigail happily watches her parents reunited, as she lovingly holds her baby brother. Everyone is smiling and laughing, thrilled they are *finally* together as a family. Jennifer then puts her arm around Abigail too. Jack rests his head on Abigail's head, and she against her father's chest. Jennifer looks over at her son, and caresses him blanket through the blanket.

04Ep019N: In the fantasy, Jack is finally with his family

The camera then pans back and shoots them from outside the window, watching as they remain in a group hug.

Back in the present, the engines can be heard. Jack, perspiring, stands, his thoughts reflecting his fantasy and the reality of the soon-to-be *real* reunion.
JACK: Jennifer must have gotten my message by now.
He takes the shirt out of the soapy water, and starts scrubbing it in the water. He stops.
JACK: She knows I'm alive....
Jack lets it drop into the water, and walks ahead a few paces.
JACK: (Cont.) ....and on the way home to my family.
Jack sighs,believing the end of his struggles is almost over, and soon he will be home.

04Ep019O: Jack thinks Jennifer knows he will soon be home

Not knowing that Jennifer never got his message, *no* one heard it.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]