Episode Twenty: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part III: Jack Has
Fantasies of Returning Only to Find
That Jennifer Has Moved on with Patrick

[Air date February, 9th, 2005]
Scene One: Jennifer is alone at home. The lights are out, except for a small lamp by the couch. She is waking around the room embracing something, wearing her robe and pajamas. She sniffles, apparently she has been crying, as she nears the couch we see it is a framed photo. She sits down on the couch, and continues to gaze upon the photo. It is of Jack [Funny, but everyone's photo, hers, the one in Abigail's room and the one Bart is showing everyone are all the same photos] She runs her finger over the photo.
JENNIFER: Oooohhh.....

She hugs the photo to her chest and wraps her arms around it, in tears.

JENNIFER: Oohh, Jack! (Looking upwardly) I would give anything for you to be with me right now!

Crying she goes into a fetal position, continuing to hold Jack's photo to her chest.

Scene Two: Meanwhile on the freighter, Jack has an even larger pile of clothes, he is still scrubbing away. His shirt is dirty, and stained with sweat under his armpits and down his chest; his sleeves are rolled up; he is lean, and fills out the shirt well. He is wearing a blue bandana on his head. He is a major hottie! Jack is muttering under his breath as he scrubs something on the washboard.

04Ep020A: Jack slaves away muttering curses about the Captain

JACK: (Muttering, most is hard to hear) ....D rat ....miserable captains.... "captain, O, Captain" [??? Walt Whitman's poem about Lincoln???]
Just then the captain shouts at him -- the Captain is the guy who found him and let him stay on the freighter. He is still chomping on a cigar butt.
Jack jumps up startled.
Jack looks like he is standing at attention.
JACK: (Addressing the Captain) Ah, ah, yes, Sir! Wha.... Wha.... What can I do for you, Sir?

CAPTAIN: We have a little problem here.

Jack is worried about what the "little problem" is.

04Ep020B: Jack fears what the Captain will do

Scene Three: Back at Jack and Jennifer's, Julie comes over, she is feeling lonely, and poor Doug's snoring is driving her crazy. Jennifer tells Julie about Bo, Billie and Patrick returning from Europe with no news, that they have not been able to find Georgia. Julie feels bad for Billie, but she thinks it is best for Bo and Hope. She then notices how depressed Jennifer looks. Jennifer tells her that she is alone, Abigail is spending the night at Chelsea's, and Billie and Patrick are spending the evening together. She tells Julie that she is "alone and feeling *really* sorry for herself."

Scene Four: Chelsea has convinced Abigail to sneak into the Cheatin' Heart. They are at a table, but all Chelsea can do is lust after Patrick, who is seated at another table with Billie. Chelsea recognizes Billie, she has seen her a couple of times at Abigail's -- Billie is living there too. Chelsea is jealous and she wantst to know about her competition. Abigail tells her some of Billie's history: About Bo, and about the how two of them looking for their not-dead daughter [major sledgehammer to the head]. Looks like Billie, not Jennifer is Chelsea's competition.

Scene Five: Back on the freighter, Jack is fearing the worst.
JACK: Ahh, is there a problem, Sir?

CAPTAIN: I'll tell you what the "problem" is, (pointing to Jack) you're in big trouble!
Jack puts out his hands, in a gesture of begging.
JACK: Wait a minute, I thought we had a deal h--?!
The Captain spreads out his arms, showing Jack the pale blue Oxford shirt his is wearing. He is furious about something Jack he has done to shirt.
CAPTAIN: Look at this shirt! Hu h, (he looks he looks down at his own shirt) it's as stiff as a board! (Gesturing) Now, did I or did I not tell you easy on the starch?!
Jack smiles, he is obviously relieved that it is not something major. Jack touches the Captain's collar, and tugs on it, laughing at how stiff it really is. Just then the Captain blows smoke into Jack's face, causing Jack to choke, cough and blow away the cigar smoke. He continues to laugh, choke and blow away smoke, as he gestures trying to show the Captain the problem.
JACK: Sorry, you're right, I'm jus.... it's just really difficult when .... when you (picking up a plastic gallon bottle filled with blue liquid) try to mix up the starch (holding the bottle up and pointing to the tub) in the water by hand (Jack demonstrates by pretending to pour the starch into the tub). (Chuckling) You see, usually (puts down the bottle).... usually (gesturing trying to mime) You know, I.... I.... I take (continuing to mime) a spray bottle of starch and I iron and it's so much....

CAPTAIN: (Trying to silence him) whoa!

(Cont.) easier to control--

CAPTAIN: Wait a minute, wait a minute (puts the cigar back in his mouth, puts his arm around Jack), now you never told me you knew how to iron!
Jack has an "Oh, Damn" expression as he realizes now he will be expected to iron as well.

Scene Six: Billie and Patrick stuff are out to have a good time. Patrick buys her a beer, she drinks despite being a recovering alcoholic (when she went out with Jack in 2002, right after her return, she had to remind Jack that she cannot drink). Patrick receives a mysterious phone call, Patrick is told to give him the cash when he gets it. It appears Patrick may be up to no good after all.

Scene Seven: Back at the freighter, the Captain has just discovered Jack can iron. Frustrated, Jack slaps down the bottle of starch.
JACK: I'm sorry, Captain, but this is where I draw the line.
Jack slides his foot across the floor, "drawing the line" and then stamps his foot. He puts his hands together, defiantly.
JACK: I don't care if I have to walk the plank, no ironing! And I don't do portholes either! And that's final!

CAPTAIN: (Holding his cigar) Oh, really? (Walk close to him, and pointing) and need I remind you, that you're working off your passage here in trade! And should the pledge go unfulfilled, (pointing behind him) I keep you from disembarking. (Putting the cigar back in his mouth) And put you back from whence you came!
The Captain returns to smoking his cigar, and blowing smoke into Jack's face in a sign of authority. Jack looks sick at the possibility of that happening. Jack exhales and suddenly Jack becomes all apologetic and fawning.
JACK: Well, now that you mention it.... ah, I don't mind ironing at all. (Gesturing) Fact, I.... I love it! In fact, I.... I, ha ha, can't get enough of it.

CAPTAIN: (Chewing on his cigar) I thought as much.

JACK: Look I just got a question, just one question, whatever happened to (gesturing and talking melodramatically) "give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses?"

CAPTAIN: (Laughing) Yeah, Lady Liberty, right! (Taking off his shirt) Well, she won't be long.

JACK: (Overjoyed) "She won't be long?" You mean we're close? (Getting more and more excited) We're almost home?
CAPTAIN: (Handing him the shirt) Yeah, like I said, it won't be long, (not moved) it's just another port. (About to walk away) Carry on! (Stops, gestures) eh.... eh.... easy on the starch.
The Captain walks off.
JACK: Aye, aye (putting up his hand) ay.... aye, aye Captain! Aye, Aye!.... Aye, Aye, Jennifer, (like a pirate) arrrrr.
Jack laughs and smiles shakes the shirt, then talks to it.

JACK: Ohhh, it won't be long, now! I'm coming home, Jennifer! I'm coming home! (Sighing) I'm home.

04Ep020C: Jack is coming home

Jack puts the Captain's shirt in the soapy water and starts scrubbing.

Scene Eight: Back at Jack and Jennifer's, Jennifer and Julie are sitting on the couch. Julie is trying to help her cousin. Jennifer is sad and depressed missing Jack. Julie gets up.
JULIE: You knnoooww, maybe you need (getting up to leave) more time alone. I would love to watch Jack, Jr. for you!

JENNIFER: (Getting up too) Oh, no, Julie, please, (putting out her hand), thank you, but being alone is the last thing that I need right now. (Putting her hands on her robe's pockets, with a slight smile) And taking care of Jack, Jr. is one of the few joys I have these days.

JULIE: (Trying to do something to comfort her) There must be something I can do?

JENNIFER: ( Titling her head and looking up) Well, no unless you know of a way to bring my husband back.

JULIE: O, Darling.
Julie takes Jennifer in her arms and hugs her, sad for her cousin. Jennifer looks on sadly.

Scene Nine: Back in the freighter, Jack is sorting another pile of clothes, sighing and groaning, then he looks around.

JACK: Detergent?! (Sighs) Time to get the Detergent

Jack sees it on a table, so he walks over to it. Next to a bottle is a transistor radio. Jack is about to pick up the bottle, when he spots the radio.

JACK: Heey, (picking it up, looking at it) wait a minute! (Thinking) If we're getting that close to land (trying to turn it on) maybe I can finally get this thing to work.
Jack has turned it on, there is some static.
JACK: Huh.
He puts it to his ear. Then through the static, a voice can be heard.
DISK JOCKEY: Weather tonight in Salem is clear and calm.
Jack cannot believe his ears, hearing that it is being broadcast from Salem he is pays attention,excitedly. [Amazing still out in the Atlantic and he gets a Salem station, Salem which is in the somewhere near Chicago]
04Ep020D: Jack picks up a Salem radio stationJACK: Salem?

DISK JOCKEY: We return now to another uninterrupted....

JACK: (Becoming more thrilled) Salem!

DISK JOCKEY: ....hour of music for your listening pleasure.
Taking the radio from his ears, and looking around overjoyed. Just then soft romantic jazz is heard through the static.
JACK: Salem! Salem, I'm getting a signal from Salem! Huh, finally....
Jack walks around, taking out the locket, he looks at it, holding it tight in his hand, addressing it.
JACK: Huh, I'm coming home, Jennifer. Huh, I'm coming home! (Sighs) I'm going to be home before you know it.
Scene Ten: Back at Jack and Jennifer's the camera pans on the photo of Jack, the same radio station is playing, Jennifer puts a tea cup by Jack's photo, which is on a chair. She looks at the photo, lovingly, and starts talking to it. She is on the bending down next to the chair; her own cup of tea is the the foot rest of the chair, by Jack's.
JENNIFER: I love you sooo much, Jack!.... And even though you are gone, I can still feel your love for me.
Jennifer looks up and the camera angle is from up above her.
JENNIFER: (Cont.; smiling) And right now, I feel it soooo strongly, it is almost like you're here. (Pausing for a few moments, and then looking back at the photo) Uh, who knows, maybe.... maybe in some way are.

Jennifer continues to look at Jack's picture.

04Ep020E1: Jennifer misses Jack
04Ep020E2: Jennifer puts a cup of tea by Jack's photo

[Air date February, 22nd, 2005]
Scene One: Jennifer complains to Patrick about Billie. He defends her. She tells him that all men defend her, including Jack. Patrick thinks there is more to it, he thinks Jennifer is jealous of her. He also thinks that Jennifer feeling upset about Jack should not be an excuse to rag into Billie. [More sloppy writing, on the fantasy episode from last month, Jack looks at the mail box at his house and the address is, 3223; today Jennifer has a letter for Jack, and the address is "755." Nice too see there are continuity people on the job. Most the Jennifer scenes are of her complaining about Billie, and she cannot believe he can defend her.

Scene Two: Poor Jack, he is still in the same shirt and still is wearing the overalls at his waist; that blue bandana is still on his head. Jack is working at the laundry, and the Captain is there, Jack walks up to him upset and angry -- it appears to be in mid-conversation. The Captain blows smoke in Jack's face, Jack coughs, and waves away the smoke. To talk the Captain removes he cigar from his mouth.
JACK: Look, I told you when I came aboard that it was urgent that I get back to Salem!

CAPTAIN: Hey, we're all anxious to reach land. (Gesturing) But there is a bad storm in the East and I had to (puts the cigar back in his mouth) change course.

JACK: (Concerned) So, where are we headed?

CAPTAIN: (Blows smoke and then takes the cigar out of his mouth) South America.

JACK: No?!

CAPTAIN: (Nods and chuckles) Yeah.


CAPTAIN: (Emphazing each point with his cigar) Yeah, and with no money, and no passport you're a little short on options, wouldn't you say?

JACK: (Exhaling loudly, throws down a sheet) Damit! (Walking around for god's sake this team can't handle foul weather.
Jack picks up a couple of bottles. He shifts around the bottles. Then stops, looking on dejected and resigned.
CAPTAIN: Mother Nature can be a cruel lady. Since I am captain of this tin can, (dumps out a duffle bag full of clothes) I'm ordering you to get these clothes back to me, pronto! And don't forget, (gesturing) easy on the starch!

JACK: (Sarcastically imitating him, talking at the same time) "Easy on the starch."

CAPTAIN AND JACK: (Jack sarcastically) And nicely ironed!

(Jack hits the table, in anger) I hate ironing!
As the Captain is talk Jack listens on concerned.
CAPTAIN: (Gesturing with his cigar) You know I think you need, an attitude transplant. If you ever hope to (emphasizing it with his cigar) set foot on U.S. soil you'll have to suck it up lie the rest of us!
The Captain walks off, Jack worried plops two bottles on the table.
JACK: I gotta get out of here, (gesturing pacing around) fast! I got to get back to Jennifer and Abigail and the baby! One way or the other.
Jack then flashes back to when Bart showed Jack the video of Jennifer with Patrick at Philip and Belle's wedding.

Patrick is escorting Jennifer, by the arm, into the church. She looks at him. Bart fiddles with the dials. Jack watches on confused. Bart points to them together. Jack frowns as he tries to figure out what is going on.
JACK: What the hell?

BART: They make an attractive couple, don't they?
Jack titles his head trying to see what is really going on.
JACK: That's St. Luke's but it doesn't look like they're getting married.

BART: (Turning to Jack) Oh, maybe not today, but according to the Count it's just a matter of time. (Gesturing) I mean, they're already shacking up.
Jack continues to watch, confused, and hurt.
BART: (Cont.) And with Patrick playing World's Coolest Daddy to Abigail and Jack, Jr., (gesturing) you just know, (pointing) before long, (pointing to the screen) he's going to be going to be Hubby Number Two.
Back in the present Jack is disturbed by the memory.
JACK: I can't let that happen.
Breathing heavily, Jack looks around and tries to think, gesturing.
JACK: (Softly) I.... (More loudly) I got to figure out a way to get back home before it's too late.
Jack stands there, slightly frowning, worried that it may be too late

Scene Three: Jack is back to scrubbing the Captain's shirt on the washboard, his frustration can be felt by the way he is scrubbing, grunting and breathing heavily. Stops working remembering the video.
JACK: What if that jerk Bart is right, what if I make it back to Salem only to find.... Jennifer is already involved with that Patrick character?! Hah....
Jack sniffs, and wipes the back of his hand over his nose. He then takes the shirt to the other tub.
JACK: Naaaww, she couldn't, she couldn't do that!
Jack is wringing out the shirt and about to put it in the tub, when he stops to think.
JACK: Could she?
Jack is home, it is winter, this time he is wearing the blue bandana. He walks up to the door of his house, and stops, looking around, thrilled to be back.
04Ep020F: In his fantasy Jack screams seeing Jennifer and PatrickJACK: Home! I finally home!

All the fantasizes are filmed with this whirling, distorted effect. Smiling, Jack walks up to the door, then stops, and looks over towards the window. He looks inside, seeing Jennifer he smiles. However, Jennifer is being hugged by a shirtless Patrick. [The dialogue is vomitous so I will not transcribe it] Jennifer talks about missing Jack, as Patrick is all over her. She talks about being happy now that she finally let him (Patrick) sleep in her bed. They kiss. Jack screams in horror.

Back in the present, the scream continues to reverberate. Jack is worried about his fantasy, fearing that it could actually happen. Jack is squeezing the shirt tightly, in a daze. The scream continues, and then Jack shudders, snapping himself out of the daze. He throws down the shirt, and steps back. Flaying his hands, gesturing "no." Then he walks to the tub.
JACK: No, no, no she'd never (working again) no (shaking his head) no!
Jack continues to mutter and shake his head, trying to convince himself.

Scene Four: Bo tells Hope that the judge was going to put Billie in jail -- for a fight she and Patrick got into at the Cheatin' Heart -- Bo said to save her from going to jail he agreed to let Billie move in. Hope is Furious. Hope uses the same arguments to Bo about Billie that Jennifer used with Patrick. Bo thinks Hope is exaggerating. Hope wonders why Billie could not continue to live with Hope. Bo says that Patrick he does not trust him, he does not want Patrick near Billie; he alsodoes not think that Patrick should be saying at Jennifer's he does not trust Patrick and thinks Patrick will hurt Jennifer. [It looks like the trust thing between Billie and Patrick is being paralleled, are they both innocent, or is Hope and Jennifer right about Billie, and Bo (and Jack) right about Patrick.) Are Patrick and Billie up to no good?]

Scene Five: Jack is trying to iron, it looks ancient. His thoughts preoccupied worrying about Lockhart worming himself into Jennifer's affections, Jack hurts his hand.
JACK: (In frustration) Ahha....
Upset he picks it up.
JACK: (Sighing) I gotta get off this ship before I drive myself crazy.
He has an ironing board, and the Captain's shirt is on it.
JACK: .... or put a hole in his shirt.
Jack goes back to ironing, but cannot get the thought of Jennifer and Patrick out of his head.
JACK: (Muttering) Jennifer and Patrick Lockhart (shaking his head) no way!
Jack flashes back to them kissing. The baby is crying. Patrick goes to calm him. Jennifer tells him that he is wonderful with Jack, Jr., just like Jack was with Abigail. Jack watches in horror. Jack, broken hearted turns away from the window. He then walks to the door and opens it. He walks inside, and watches the two of them with Jack, Jr. As Patrick puts the baby down Baby Jack says, "Da Da." They are both thrilled. Jack, shuts the door. They see him, and he walks towards them.
JACK: Patrick isn't Jack, Jr.'s father....

JENNIFER: Oh, my God!

JACK: (Cont.) ....I am!

JENNIFER: Jack, Oh?!
Jennifer faints into Patrick's arms. Jack him up and down, confused, hurt and angry.
JACK: What are you doing? Take your hands off my wife!
Scene Six: Jack is affected by the thoughts, he tries to put back the ironing board but it falls back on him.
JACK: Oohhhh!
He tries to put it up again, and holds it there. Panting, upset.
JACK: No! (Putting up his hands, gesturing) No!
Jack is fantasizing again. This time Jack and Jennifer have their arms around each other, as Patrick watches on upset. Jennifer is holding her from behind, and kissing her face.
JACK: Ahh.

JENNIFER: (In ecstasy) Jack!
Jack holds her even more tightly and continues to kiss her, now here head. As the talk he continues to kiss her all over, and caresses her.
JACK: Jennifer!

JENNIFER: Is it really you?

JACK: It's me, Jennifer. It's me.

JENNIFER: No, I must be dreaming.
Jennifer tries to break away, believing it is a dream. Jack stops her. She is about to say something but Jack interrupts before she can.
JACK: No, Jennifer's,it's not a dream! (Gently shaking her) It's me, I told you I was going to be here.

JENNIFER: What do you mean?--

JACK: I was coming back to you....

JENNIFER: You told me.....

JACK: (Cont.) ....and the kids.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....what do you mean.... You told me?
Meanwhile Patrick is glaring at them.
JACK: I told you in the phone machine. I left you a message right here.... (pointing to the answering machine) right here in the phone machine.

JENNIFER: You didn't leave me a message! I didn't get a message, Jack!

JACK: Patrick!


JACK: (Looking at them) Patrick erased it!
Jennifer is shocked. Patrick denies it
PATRICK: I didn't erase anything!

JENNIFER:: No, Jack, really.

04Ep020G: Jack accuses PatrickJACK: Tha.... tha.... that's all right, Jennifer. That's all right. (Looking at him) You see, Patrick's been lusting after you for a long time now.
Jennifer listens.
PATRICK: Now, that is not true--

JACK: (Putting up his hand) No.... no.... no, the only truth is that I'm home now. And I want my family back. (Turning to Jennifer) But that really is up to you. (Pointing both his hands at her) You decide, Jennifer, who do you want? Him or me?


Jennifer looks at Jack, frowning and confused.

Scene Seven: It is still Jack's fantasy. Jennifer does not hesitate, she throws her arms around Jack, and holds him tightly.
JENNIFER: O, God, how can you even say that! You know I want to be with you, Jack!
Jack lets her go, not convinced. Patrick stares in the background, not happy.
JACK: Do you?

JENNIFER: Yes, I do! (Full of emotion) You are husband! Your the father of my children.(Caressing his cheek) You're the love of my life, Jack!

PATRICK: Jennifer!?

Patrick, knows! He knows that I never stopped loving you all the time!

JACK: I saw you with him, Jennifer! I saw (his voice cracking).... through the window (hurt) before I came in, I saw!
Jack can be heard breathing heavily, hurt and confused. Jennifer is near tears trying to convince him she wants him not Patrick.
JENNIFER: No, I know! Patrick and I got closer because I thought that I had lost you forever, Jack. But.... You are my.... one true love!
Jennifer is crying, she throws her arms around Jack.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I'm so glad you're home!
They start to kiss passionately. Jennifer laughs with joy. Jack and she moan. Patrick glares in the background, and sniffs. The baby cries.
JENNIFER: Oh my God!
Hearing their son cry, she stops kissing and looks at Jack, smiling.
JENNIFER: Do you hear that? Do you hear that? I have the most wonderful surprise for you! O, Jack!
She goes to the crib talking to the baby.
JENNIFER: Your daddy's home, yeah!
Jennifer is bending over the scribe, Jack, Jr. is still crying. Jack puts his arm around a still shirtless Patrick.
JENNIFER: Yeah, he is! No, it's okay. It's going to be okay!
Jack turns him around. As Jack is talking to Patrick, Jennifer is holding the baby, trying to calm it.
JACK: Well, Patrick, old buddy....
Jennifer is talking in the background to Baby Jack, as Jack talks to Patrick. During their conversation, Jennifer listens to the two of them.
JENNIFER: You're going be with your daddy, Yeah! Shuuusssh!
Jack keeps his arms on Patrick's shoulder and leads him away. Gesturing, Jack continues talking to him.
JACK: (Cont.) ....I think you need to get your things together, and I think you need to leave, because you not really welcome here anymore.

JENNIFER: Ssshhh, it's okay!

PATRICK: You think I'm just going to walk away?

JACK: (Smiling confidently) If you're smart, yes!

PATRICK: No, I'm sorry, I can't do that! See I love Jennifer, too.

JACK: Well, maybe you didn't hear her, she said (smiling) she loves me and not you!

PATRICK: Oh what do you expect her to say you show up out of the blue!

JACK: No, no not "out of the blue," (gesturing) I called on the answer machine! But (indicating with his finger) you know that! Don't you!

PATRICK: (Scoffs) I didn't hear or erase anything!
Jack stares at him, not believing Patrick's gall. Yet he also seems afraid that Patrick may be right.

PATRICK: (Cont.) Now, I'm sure she doesn't want to hurt you, Jack, she obviously cares about you. You've been gone for a long time, and she needed someone!

JACK: (His voice cracking) And there you were. Johnny on the Spot.

PATRICK: Naw, it's not what you think, at first we were just friends.

04Ep020H: Jack is hurt by Patrick's words

JACK: (Hurt) And then you became so much more.

PATRICK: (Nodding) Like I said, I love her, and I'm going to stick around until she admits her true feelings. Because I think she's going to want to be with me!

Patrick looks over towards Jennifer. Jennifer looks scared.

Back to the present, Jack is pacing around.
JACK: I've got to get Lockhart out of Jennifer's life! The only way to do that, is to haul ass back to Salem!
Jack goes back to scrubbing clothes. Just then the Captain returns, still smoking; he walks up to Jack.
CAPTAIN: Well, Mate, this is your lucky day after all!
Jack stops working and looks at him, fearing something else is wrong, thinking the Captain is being sarcastic.
JACK: How's that?

Forecast changed, we're back on course.

Jack happily begins to work.
Jack, excitedly, slaps the shirt on the washboard. As the Captain talks he is looking at his cleaned, ironed and folded shirt.
CAPTAIN: When we get States' side we'll be docking at a port not far from Salem. Aye, th.... (picking out the shirt) this is a niiccee job! You finally got that starch just right.

JACK: (Slightly sarcastically) So now we're happy.

CAPTAIN: Uh, yeah (plops down the shirt) you're doing a good job. (Picking up a pile of pressed clothes) You'll be home before you know it.
The Captain walks off. Jack is panting, but this time hopeful. He hits down a shirt.
JACK: You hear that, Jennifer?.... I'm on my way!
Jack looks determined.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]