Episode Twenty-one: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part IV: Jack Swims to
U.S. Shores, and Hitches a ride to Salem.

[Air date March 3rd, 2005]

04Ep021A: Jack is dreaming

Scene One: The freighter's laundry room, over in the end is a cot, Jack is sleeping, still wearing the same clothes and the blue bandana. The engines can be heard rather loudly. Jack is asleep, but restless, and making faces. He is dreaming.



Jack is doing laundry, interestingly his shirt is clean in the dream. There is a guy there, Jack walks over to him motions to him.
JACK: Come here.
Jack goes behind a sheet which is hanging on a clothes line, and the guy follows him. Jack peeks over the sheet to make sure no one is around. The other guy is bending down, we see his shadow on the sheet. Jack bends down next to him.
JACK: Look, I need a passport to get into the United States of America. You wouldn't happen to know anybody to help make that happen, Buddy.

GUY: (Looks around) For a price!

Back to the present Jack grimaces in his sleep. He wakes up, and sits up.

JACK: I say, I've got to figure out a way to get of this ship. I jus--

Just the the ship makes a lurching movement, throwing Jack from his cot.

JACK: Oooh, Oooohhhhhh!
Jack gets up and braces himself on the cot for support.
JACK: What was that? (He gets up and looks around) What's going on? HEY! (Running towards the door) WHAT'S GOING ON? (In the passageway) HELLO!?

Just then a female crewmember walks by, Jack stops her.

JACK: Hey, tell me, why did the freighter engines slow down?

We're nearing our destination.
She is about to walk off, but Jack grabs her by the arm. Jack is overjoyed.
JACK: What do you mean wa.... wait, do yo.... do you mean (excitedly putting his hands on her shoulders) you mean.... the good old U S of A?!


Jack picks her up in his arms and swings her around.


The poor woman does not know what to think, Jack is scaring her.

He lets her down, and she runs off, as Jack continues to talk wildly, excitedly.

JACK: (Cont.) WE'RE GOING HOME! (Gesturing towards her) HOME! We're goin.... 'm.... I'm (pointing himself) going home, I know.... (feeling himself, and then his face) Wait a minute! (Touching his chest) Jennifer.... (touching his head) I've got to get cleaned up or my family's never going to recognize me.
Breathing heavily, he walks back into the laundry room. He takes off the bandana and wipes his face and neck.
JACK: Jennifer, Abigail and little Jack, Jr., (wipes his shirt) I'm coming home!
Jack walks farther in the room, just then a mystery man, in a black jacket, with the hood obscuring his face, and wearing black gloves, peers from the doorway. Mysterious, ominous music is playing.

Scene Two: As Jack can be heard from another room, the person creeps into the laundry room.
JACK: Right that's that. No more...
The man sneaks and hides, just as Jack walks back in. Jack is carrying some clothes. He has also, *finally* changed, he is now wearing an unbutton denim shirt with a clean t-shirt underneath.
JACK: (Cont.) No more stinkin' laundry! (He throws it down) Leave that for the next guy.(He slams his hands down) You don't have Jack Deveraux to push around anymore. I've saved up a little money, (gesturing) I'm going to get myself a passport and one-way ticket to Salem.
The guy is watching Jack.
JACK: Course, first I have to get around that.... border problem. And those Customs. (Making a clicking noise) Of course, if I get arrested (rubbing his hands together) I'll just call Jennifer and she'll bail me out. (Walking around, gesturing) And then, I'm going to carry her over the threshold and we're going to celebrate a brand new life together.
Jack begins washing up, he puts water on his face and pats it with his hands; he continues to do this as he talks to himself.
JACK: A brand new start for both of us. Because, (sniffing) you know, not alot of people get second chances. (Taking out a straight razor, and gestures; he gets serious) Tony di Mera is not going to get a second chance, that's for sure. I'm going to do a world class exposé on him, take him straight to the People. Tell them all about his island hide-away.
Jack makes a face, preparing to shave.
JACK: Yeah, forget the ISA. Forget INTERPOL, just screw things up.

Jack beings to shave.

JACK: A day late, and a dollar short, right. (Jack has a small hand mirror) Professionals, I'll show them, won't I!

Jack is about to say something when he notices something in his mirror. He quickly turns around. Hold out the razor.

JACK: HEY, what are you doing there?!

Jack extends the razor, as the figure moves from behind some clothes. Jack walks towards him, holding out the razor. Jack is threatening, and not at all scared.

04Ep021B: Jack tells the hooded man, he won't stop him

JACK: (Cont.) You c.... Come on out! You're listening to me, huh?! Come out! You're going to stop me or slow me down?! You better think again!
Scene Three: Abigail has failed math, so she has forged her report card. However, Jennifer finds out when she gets a letter from Abigail's math teacher. Jennifer tells Abigail she is upset that she lied. Jennifer then mentions her own past and how Alice would catch her when she tried to fool her. Jennifer asks her if she wants to go to college. Abigail says maybe she does not. Jennifer is surprised. She tells Abigail that she had problems in school but was able to fix it. She tells her daughter that if she had not she would have never gone to Salem U., and then would have never met her father. Abigail gets angry; it appears that Jennifer mentioning "her father" has set Abigail off. Jennifer tells her she will hire a tutor, and Abigail explodes. She tells her mother that she will not do what she says, she does not have to, she is grown now. Chelsea of course is there -- she has been trying to seduce Patrick, Abigail gets Chelsea to leave with her. Chelsea then tells Jennifer she will try and get Abigail to come around. However, Chelsea has been the one who has been getting Abigail to trouble and has being tryin to "corrupt" her.

Scene Four: Back on the freighter, Jack waves the razor around.
JACK: Come on, come on out. Don't be shy. Who the hell are you?
The guy walks out, keeping his identity concealed.
HOODED MAN: I'm a friend.

JACK: Oh, a friend, huh? That's the first lie of the night, I don't have any friends on this ship.

HOODED MAN: I'm not here to lie. I'm here to tell you how to get off this freighter alive.

JACK: Well in that case, (pushes a chair towards the guy) pull up a chair Old Hooded One!

Jack still waves the knife around, he motions for the guy to sit with the other hand, walking towards the mystery man.

JACK: (Cont.) I'm all ears.
Jack watches the guy, hopeful, but not letting his guard down.

Scene Five: Back to Jack and the hooded mystery man. The guy acts very nervous and jittery.

JACK: (Gesturing) Don't be shy, tell me what's with the hood.

HOODED MAN: It's for your own protection.

JACK: (Dubious) "For my own protection"?!

HOODED MAN: Now, listen! Your life depends on what I am saying now.
Jack sits down, still dubious about the guy.
JACK: Ha, I've herd that before.

HOODED MAN: (Keeping himself turned away) Well, I have heard that.... that Customs and port officials are going to be checking everybody's papers.

JACK: (Gesturing) Well, that's why I to need a passport, so.... (realizing something; then gesturing with the razor) Wait a minute, is this about me getting my passport.
The guy nods "yes."
04Ep021C: Jack talks about the passportJACK: Well, why didn't you say so?! How much?

HOODED MAN: Things like that don't come cheap.

JACK: They never do! (A little annoyed) How much?

HOODED MAN: Don't get an attitude! Just a guy trying.... trying to eat like the next guy!

JACK: I'm just a guy a guy trying to get back to my family, "like the next guy!" How--

HOODED MAN: (Interrupting) You got to get off the ship, first!

JACK: Good point. What do you want? (Getting up)

HOODED MAN: What do you got?

He walks over by him.

JACK: Step aside, move.
Jack slightly pushes him. Then bends over rummaging around.
JACK: Okay. Ahhh.... (bring up some type of container) I worked my a way across (opening it) so this is just for my extra (saying it with a disgusted tone) ironing.

Jack opens it and puts down the lid, which makes a noise. Jack takes out a small wad of cash and change. He looks at it and realizes that there is not very much there.

JACK: (Cont.) So I gotta, well.... you think maybe you'll take an IOU?

The guy walks over to Jack and sticks out his hand.

HOODED MAN: Give me every last cent you've got!

JACK: You're going to be that way, huh? All right!
Jack cautiously extends the hand with the money, while holding out the other hand to get the passport.
JACK: (Cont.) Here's every last cent. Ready?! Ready?!

They both are cautious. They then simultaneous exchange the money for the passport. Jack quickly snatches the passport.

JACK: (Cont.) Good! Okay.

Jack walks over to examine it.

JACK: Let's see now, I got.... (he does not look pleased) Hey wait a minute (gesturing at the passport) You're going to try and pass me off as.... a 16 year old girl?! I can't do that!

Jack looks towards the guy, but he runs off.

Jack takes off running after the guy. Then stops outside, looking for him.
JACK: (Cont.) C... YO.... YOU THIEF!
Jack takes off chasing him.

Scene Six: Jennifer moans to Patrick that she is not a good mother. Patrick tries to reassure her that she is, and consoles her. He holds her in his arms, again he is wearing a revealing tank-top. Abigail comes back, and sees this. She fears that her mother may move on after all, it disgusts her. She is even more angry with her mother. She then agrees to help Chelsea seduce Patrick.

Scene Seven: Back on the freighter, Jack catches up to the guy, and throws him against the wall of the freighter, causing him to groan.

JACK: All right, I don't know who you are for--

Just then the man elbows Jack in the stomach, causing him to groan and bend over. Jack chokes trying to catch his breath. The man then takes out a very nasty looking knife. Jack continues to try and get his breath back, he props himself against the wall, panting.
JACK: (Cont.) All right.... (turning, gesturing) Okay, let us not take.... let's not go overboard....
Jack puts up his hand. Just then Jack notices the mystery man pointing the knife at him.

JACK: (Cont.) ....with a knife! (Breathing heavily) I mean that figuratively, not literally. (Jack leans back, it's a door and it opens) Whooaa, wait a min.... OHH, (Jack falls screaming) AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

04Ep021D: Jack falls overboard

It appears as if Jack has fallen overboard.

[Air date March 4th, 2005]
Scene One: Bart and Tony are talking, Bart is concerned that they have lost track of Jack. However, Tony is not at all concerned. He is awaiting something which is part of his master plan.

Scene Two: Jennifer and Patrick are still hugging from the end of the previous show. They break off. She is grateful for all Patrick's help. She talks about Baby Jack, and she tells him that she should be raising him. He does not mind because he is paying her back for all her kindness. She laments that her son will never know his father. She worries that he will not have a father figure. She mentions Bo, and this annoys Patrick. He thinks Bo is a terrible family man. However, she defends Bo. Patrick offers to be there for the baby.

Scene Three: Jack is in some woods or park, it is night time. He is wearing the t-shirt. It he had fallen from the freight and swam to shore, and now he is soaking wet. It he does not know exactly where he is. He lets out a loud sneeze. He is panting, and breathing heavily, and wrings out the denim shirt. He appears very cold.
JACK: I'm sorry, Lassie, but you definitely had it alot easier when you came home.
He continues to wring out the shirt.
JACK: Haa...., haa....
Walking into a clearing.
JACK: You weren't almost.... chopped up by a ship freighter propeller and turned into shark chum (stopping). Ha.... Ha.... But I am home. (Squatting) I'm home. I'm on US soil! Ha.... ha, by God! I'm home.
Still wringing out the shirt.
JACK: Jennifer, I'm coming home to you, and Abigail and the baby an....
Noticing a phone booth; he cannot believe it.
JACK: A phone! Oh, my gosh! (Stands up) The next best thing to being there. I'm going (walking to it) to call you, Jennifer. I'm calling you....
He picks up the receiver; puts it to his ear; and checks to see if there is any change.
JACK: ....and then I'm going to call (there is no change) Bo, (punching numbers) and let him know.... what Tony di Mera is up to (waiting for a response). Ha...., all right, oh....
Expectant, about to speak but stops, annoyed.
JACK: hel...., what happened? WHAT DO YOU MEAN.... YOU NEED A QUARTER TO MAKE CALL?! WHY DO YOU THINK I'M MAKING A COLLECT CALL! (Slams down the receiver).. Yieee, (going out) what am I going to do?

Panting, fiddling with the shirt, looking around trying to find a solution to his problem.

JACK: I gotta.... (Panting) Not a single car in sight. (Stilling panting, searching) Nothing! It's all right, I'm going to walk. (Wringing the shirt again) I'll just walk.
Wiping his face with the back of his hand.
JACK: I got this far, I'll just walk.

He takes a step, squinting he sees a mileage sign "SALEM 100."

04Ep021E: Jack decides to walk home

JACK:( Reading) "Salem, 100 miles," (gestures with his hand that it is nothing) ehh, it's nothing.

Wrings the shirt, his voice does not sound as confident.
JACK: I'll just walk.
Jack starts off following the road to salem. As he disappears you hear him let out another loud sneeze.

Scene Four: In some park, Abigail and Chelsea are talking about things. Chelsea tries to convince Abigail that her father is dead, and that she has to accept it. Abigail tells her that Patrick helped her mother on the island, and saved her life and the baby's. She then tells her that Jack, Jr. is not really a junior because his middle name is Patrick. Chelsea does not like the sound of that. She tells Abigail that shehas to accept that her mother is free to move on -- as long as it is not with Patrick. Handing Chelsea a quarter Abigail drops it.

Scene Five: Back at Jennifer's place, she wonders how long he will be staying. He has decided to stay in town. She tells him he can stay there. He tells her that some day she will find a new man, someone smart, a lawyer or doctor, rich. Jennifer looks at a picture of Jack. She tells him that Jack was adopted, raised by a senator, in a dysfunctional family. She would not have cared if he were from Mars, she still would have been madly in love with him. Then she jokes that sometimes it seemed Jack was from Mars. She tells him that once you have a love like that, once you have loved someone with "all your heart," you would understand. She knows she will never have type of love again. He tells her he knows because he has had it, but the person loved someone else.

Scene Six: Jack is traveling down the road, trying to walk back home. Jack is hitchhiking but is not successful. He puts out his thumb, as a beam of headlight and the sound of a semi is seen and heard.
JACK: Hey, hey, come on....
Following through with his thumb, as the truck passes him.
JACK: ....come on, come on. Uh (Throws down his hand in disgust) Daah....

Jack is frustrated. He wraps his arms around himself to keep warm. Panting. He steps back, and another car comes by. Jack tries again.

04Ep021F: Jack tries hitchhiking

JACK: Hey, hey, hey, hey, heeey!
The car drives buy, but then you hear it pull to a stop. Jack yanks down his arm in victory.
JACK: All right! (Throws down both arms) Good! All right.
He walks towards the car. Holding himself to keep warm. He starts to run, waving at the driver.
JACK: Come on! Hey, hey!
Jack continues to run, then stops at the car, out of breath, resting on the door. Inside is a bald man with a goatee. The guy appears very friendly. Is it a set up?
DRIVER: Hop in!

JACK: Oh, thanks man! (Getting inside) Thanks. Oh, it's warm! Uhhhh.... Ohhh... (closing the door) ahhh, my name's Jack.
They shake hands as he introduces himself.
DRIVER: I'm Smitty, where're you headed?

JACK: I'm going to Salem. (Still breathing hard, still cold) I'm going home to the woman I love. Hah, (reaches for the seat belt) oh, all right. Okay, thanks, (buckles himself and nods) let's go.
Smitty turns the ignition, and the motor starts. As the screen goes to black for commercial break, we hear the motor and the car driving off.

Scene Seven: Jennifer has dropped some letters, and she and Patrick both bend down and reach for them, their faces almost touching. It appears he wants to kiss her, but she breaks away. He goes off for a jog. Jennifer realizes that he left his keys behind and runs out after him.

Scene Eight: Jack is sleeping in the car. Jack jerks, and wakes.
JACK: Huh....
Smitty looks over towards Jack.
SMITTY: Hey, Jack, Man. You went out like a light!

JACK: (Still groggy) Uh, yeah. (Squinting, running his hand through his hair) I'm wiped out. (His arm back of his head, looking at the driver) Where are we Smitty?

SMITTY: (Motioning with his head) See that sign? "Salem!"
As they drive traffic is heard, headlights are seen. As he drives he looks around checking traffic.
JACK: (Smiling and nodding) Yeeaahh!

SMITTY: (Nodding) You're home, Jack! (Nodding again)

04Ep021G: Jack is home, points out the placesJACK: There it is!

You're home!

JACK: That's right! (Looking) That's University Hospital, right there. Up ahead here is the Parkway. Anndd, uh, (pointing) right over there is the Park.

SMITTY: Is it okay if I drop you here?

JACK: Aaahh, yeeaaah. (Nodding) Yeah, that would be good! Be good.

JACK: I.... I.... I.... I could walk from here, it's right around the corner.
Smitty pulls the car over and stops. Jack smiles and lets out a deep sigh of relief. Then looks towards him. Jack is very grateful.
JACK: (Cont.) Thanks! Look, Smitty, thank you! I'll tell you something (extending his hand) I'm never going to forget you.
They shake. Smitty smiles.
SMITTY: All right, bud.

(Cont.) Because you're the guy who brought me home! Thanks!


Scene Nine: Abigail and Chelsea are still in the park talking about Patrick. They walk off.

04Ep021G: Serendipity Jack finds a coin (Abigail's)
Just as they walk out of sight, Jack appears. He looks around, then notices something on the grass. It is the quarter Abigail dropped. He bends down to pick it up.

JACK: Eeee, yeah!
Holding it in his hand, he looks at it.
JACK: Serendipity! Now all I need is a phone both to go with this quarter.

Smiling, he looks around then turns and sees one, smiling he walks toward it.

JACK: Ah, ha!
Chuckling, he picks up the receiver, but also checks for coins. There are none.
JACK: (Frustrated) Aaaaaaa.
He punches in his phone number, and waits for a reply.

Scene Ten: Meanwhile back home there is a shot of the answering machine.The phone rings.

Back in the park, Jack is, impatiently, waiting for Jennifer to answer his call.
JACK: Come on, Jennifer! Come on! Come on! Pick up! Pick up!

Jack paces a little, getting antsy. Just then Jennifer's voice is heard, but it is the answering machine. Jack cocks back his head and rolls his eyes in frustration.

04Ep021I: Jack waits for Jennifer to answer

JENNIFER: Hi, no one's here to take your call. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Jack again rolls his eyes, waiting for the beep. Then he speaks.

04Ep021J: Jack leaves a message, he's on his way home
Jennifer, Jennifer, it's me (Smiling) It's Jack! Listen, I know after you got my last message you must be wondering "Where the hell I've been all this time!" Suffice to say, my escaping from my little prison in Europe was the easy part. But (excited) the good news is, (smiling) I'm on my way home. And I'm (smiling even more broadly) alive! (Laughing) In that order. As a matter of fact, I'm right here in Salem. (With profound love) I'm right around the corner, I can't wait to see your face, and hear your voice for real. I love you! (Smiling) And I'll see you in just a minute. Bye!
Jack hangs up. Then happily walks off.

The moment he is out of sight, Abigail and Chelsea return to the park. They see Patrick and talk to him. He tells Abigail to apologize to her mother.

A moment later, Jack walks up to his home. He looks around thrilled, talking to inanimate objects, overwhelmed with being home after being gone nearly a year and a half.
JACK: Hello, Tree! Hello, (patting it) Shrub! (Holding on to a post and patting the side) Hello, Mailbox!
He the mailbox a big, loud kiss. Then looks over towards the house, thrilled.
JACK: Hello, House!
He stops, and realizes something.
JACK: Hey, I'm feeling like Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, but I don't care! (Gesturing) It's my house! And I'm home!
Walking towards the house.
JACK: I'm finally home! And I finally beat Tony (looking with love at his house) at his silly, little game! An....
He notices something and walks towards the window. He puts his hand on the wall, and peers inside.
JACK: And there's the inspiration for it all.
He sees Jennifer, her back to the window, on the couch, lovingly running her fingers of his photo, and then kissing it. Jack steps aside, filled with love.

04Ep021K: Jack sees his inspiration

JACK: There's the inspiration for it all!
Jack walks towards the pathway to the door. Stops, excitedly, gestures with both hands, a bit nervously. He puts the hands together in front of his face. Getting the courage to go inside. He slaps them against his face, then wraps his arms around himself.
JACK: Aaahh!
Gestures, then stretches out his arms.
JACK: Here I go!
Jack clears his throat, and then finally moves to go inside. The door can be heard opening, as the scene fades to black.

Scene Eleven: Meanwhile, Philip has been sent overseas to war -- though it is never clear where, for it does not seem like Iraq or Afghanistan. He agrees to go on a dangerous mission, despite being only a private, so that he could get home sooner to Belle. Something happens on the mission and he is MIA. He has been kidnapped. Currently he is taking to some cell. A man in black, and a ski mask covering his face is guarding him. Then, outside his door, Tony appears. This was what Tony was telling Bart, Philip's kidnapping is part of his sinister plot against the Salemites.

Meanwhile, back home Belle is informed that her husband is missing in action.

Scene Twelve: Back at the Deveraux', Jennifer is holding Jack's picture and looking at it. She wraps her arms around it, and puts it by her heart. She talks to Jack, looking towards heaven.
JENNIFER: I love you Jack! (Trying not to cry) And I don't want to spend the rest of my life living alone. (Crying) But I can't even.... (her voice cracks) think of life without you!
She takes the photo, and looks at it. Slowly Jack's reflection appears on the photo.

JENNIFER: Oh, my! (Gasping) Oh! Oh, my God! It cant be true!

04Ep021L1: Jack's face reflected in his photo
04Ep021L2: Jennifer's in shock to see Jack's reflection
Continuing to look at the picture, in shock. Though we do not see Jack.
JENNIFER: Oh.... It... I... It can't be true.

Jennifer faints. Jack runs over to her and catches her. She falls into his arms. Jack wraps his other arm around her, and cradles her head, looking down at her with profound love.

04Ep021M: Jack catches Jennifer as she faints

He then lovingly kisses her forehead, a long tender, yet passionate kiss. Jack does not say a word

The shot then fades to a photo of this scene, with the trade mark Days of our Lives sky and rolling clouds in the back ground, like a painting.

04Ep021N: Closing scene of Jack kissing Jennifer

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]