Episode Twenty-two: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part V: Jack Makes it Home.

[Air date March 7th, 2005]

Scene One: Part of it is a repeat from the Friday cliff-hanger. Jennifer is holding Jack's picture and looking at it. She wraps her arms around it, and puts it by her heart. She talks to Jack, looking towards heaven.

JENNIFER: I love you Jack! (Trying not to cry) And I don't want to spend the rest of my life living alone. (Crying) But I can't even.... (her voice cracks) think of life without you!
She takes the photo, and looks at it. Slowly Jack's reflection appears on the photo.
JENNIFER: My gosh , (Gasping) it can't be true!
Continuing to look at the picture, in shock. Though we do not see Jack.
JENNIFER: (Crying) No, It can't be true.
Jennifer faints. Jack runs over to her and catches her. She falls into his arms.

04Ep021M: Jack catches Jennifer as she faints

JACK: Jennifer, Jennifer, Sweetheart!
Jack wraps his other arm around her, and cradles her head, cupping her cheek in his hand, looking down at her with profound love.
JENNIFER: (Muttering; panting ) It can't be!

JACK: Wake up! It's me! It's me! Wake up! It's all right! (Smiling) It's me, alright! I'm here.

JENNIFER: (Coming to) That's not possible!

JACK: I'm here.... It's possible!
Jennifer turns and looks at him, confused.
JENNIFER: (Confused) It's not.

JACK: Jennifer, it's possible (motioning with his head) I'm here!....

JENNIFER: It's not possible.

JACK: (Cont.) I came home to you ....

JENNIFER: (Turning to him) Oh, Jack!

JACK: (Cont.) ....and Abigail, and the baby, I thought I'd never see you again.

JENNIFER: Jack, how? How can you.... be here--

JACK: (Pointing to the answering machine) I left you a message on the phone! Didn't you get it? (Excitedly) Did you get my phone message?

JENNIFER: (Looking at the machine) Nooo!

JACK: It's right on the phone.


JACK: Jen--
She gets up and runs to the machine. She plays the message. Jack follows.
JACK: Jennifer--
Jack's message plays back. As the message plays back Jack kisses her hair several times, passionately. Jennifer has an odd expression on her face she does not look happy.
JACK: Jennifer, Jennifer, it's me (Smiling) It's Jack! Listen, I know after you got my last message you must be wondering "Where the hell I've been all this time!" Suffice to say, my escaping from my little prison in Europe was the easy part. But (excited) the good news is, (smiling) I'm on my way home. And I'm (smiling even more broadly) alive! (Laughing) In that order. As a matter of fact, I'm right here in Salem. (With profound love) I'm right around the corner,
Jennifer turns to him and he cups her face in his hands. He kisses her forehead. Jennifer seems oddly unhappy.
JACK: Mmmmmm.
The messages continues. As Jack rests his face near her forehead, overjoyed being with her again.
JACK: Ohhh.

JACK: (Cont.) I can't wait to see your face, and hear your voice for real. I love you! (Smiling) And I'll see you in just a minute. Bye!

JACK: Ohhh.... Mmmm.
Behind Jack's back she surreptitiously pushes the erase button. Jack moans with pleasure as he sensually kisses her neck. Jennifer continues remain rather impassive.
JENNIFER: Oh, I can't believe it. (Breaking Jack's embrace) I can't believe it, you're alive. (Getting a little more emotional) I'm not dreaming! I'm not dreaming.

Jack takes her head in his hands, and looks directly into her eyes.

04Ep022A: Jack vows he'll never leave ever again

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Jennifer, believe it! I'm here and I'm never ever going to leave you again! Never!
They begin to kiss passionately, Jennifer giggles with joy.

Scene Two: Tony and Bart continue to watch Philip be tortured. Bart still cannot believe that Tony is not more upset about Jack being lost, and that he could ruin all Tony's plans. Tony has a smug smile. He assures Bart that Jack will not be successful .

Scene Three Jack and Jennifer are still kissing. Jennifer is moaning and giggling. He stops, and cradles her head in his hands.
JACK: I can't wait to see Abigail's.... face! (Excitedly) And the baby's face (motioning) when they rea.... (Jack takes off) I know they're asleep.
Jennifer stops him, grabbing his arm.
JENNIFER: No, Jack, wait! (She pulls him back by the wrist) Listen, the.... they're not here.

JACK: (Disappointed) They're not here?

JENNIFER: Nooo. Doug and Julie have the baby, and Abby is spending the night at her friend Chelsea's house.

JACK: (Sadly) Ohhh.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry. You most be so disappointed?

JACK: No! Yes.... no, no! I.... (smiling) I.... I suppose that means that at least for a little while we have the hoouuse.... (turning his head towards her) all to ourselves, doesn't it?

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Yeeaaah! Yeah it certainly does.
Smiling, she throws her arms around him, and they share a tender embrace. Jennifer laughs with joy.
JACK: Oh, Jennifer, (Squeezing her tightly) it feels so good to hold you in (he makes a face from the squeezing) my arrrmmsss! Oooohhhhh!

JENNIFER: You have no idea how much I've dreamed about being in your arms again, Jack. But listen, (letting go) I wanna.... (Looking up at him) I wanna know everything. I wanna know what happened! Ah, I.... I.... wanna know how you are. What happened to you?
Jack is looking over her shoulder, and makes a face, and suddenly looks hurt and upset.
JACK: What the heck is that?
On the mantel, hear a photo of him and Jennifer , Jack sees a picture of Jennifer, Abigail holding Jack, Jr. and Patrick.
JACK: What's tha....
Jack walks over towards the fireplace. Jennifer, does not know what he means, and turns, worried.
JENNIFER: What?! What, what's wrong?
Jack picks up the photo.
JACK: Jennifer, is that.... (worried) is that Patrick Lockhart (showing her the photo) and my family?

JENNIFER: Yeeaah. (Gesturing) Yeah, that's Patrick, Jack. He has been wonderful to us. I.... I just didn't get a chance to tell you.

JACK: (His voicing catching from the fear) Tell me, (looking down at the picture) tell me what?

04Ep022B: Jack fears Patrick has taken his placeJENNIFER: Tell you that he.... he's been living here with us.

JACK: (Jack's worst fears, he lets out a deep shy of anguish) It's too late. (Looking around) It's too late!

JENNIFER: (Confused) What? (Frowning) What.... What do you mean "it's too late?"

JACK: (Devastated; speaking softly) How cou.... (Fearing to say what he think) How cou.... How could you d.... Patrick.... Patrick Lockhart in (almost inaudible) here? How could you?--

JENNIFER: Noooo, Jack! (Grabbing him by the arm). No, (a slight laugh) no, you don't understand! We're not.... we're not living together, we're friends. (Pointing) Patrick's living in the apartment over the garage.
Jack turns to her, still uncertain, still worried.
JENNIFER: Yeeaah! And I'm so glad that he is, he's been suc.... such a.... a good help.... (Tilting her head, frowning) Jack, Ican't believe that you (annoyed) even thought that Patrick and I--

JACK: (Guilty, apologetic) No, no, I'm sorry, I'm jumping to conclusions here, I just (gesturing) I've been alone too long in the dark, and having dark thoughts--

JENNIEFR: (Slightly angry) No, I can't believe that you were thinking about Patrick--

JACK: (Talking simultaneously) No! I.... (Gesturing, touching his head with his hand) I didn't want to admit that I....
Breathing heavily, upset, guilty, afraid. He turns away, covering his face with his hands.
JACK: (Cont.) ....oohh.... I....

JENNIFER: What, Jack? Admit what?

04Ep022C: Jack admits he had dark thoughts about PatrickJACK: (Swallowing) I.... I've been having fana... (his voice cracks) fantasies.... (gesturing) No, they were nightmares really. They were.... (breathing heavily) horrible nightmares about you and (saying his name with loathing) Patrick.

JENNIFER: Oh, Jack (taking his hand)--

JACK: You (disgusted) loved him, and....

JENNIFER: Jack....

JACK: (Cont.) ....y.... he.... he'd taken over my family, and my children. (Looking at her, emotionally) He'd taken over my life. He'd taken--

JENNIFER: How can you say that, Jack!

Jack sniffs back a tear.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Don't you know.... don't you know that you are the only man that I will ever love?
Their heads are touching, Jack is near tears, and Jennifer frantically tries to reassure him.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Don't you know that?
Jack sighs, and closes his eyes. Jack speaks softly chocking up with emotion.
JACK: Hah, I can't tell you how good that sounds. (Caressing her hair) It feels so good to hear that. It feels so good to hear that!
He takes her in his arms again, and kisses her cheek. They then begin to kiss passionately.
JACK: Oh, it feels so good to hear that.
Jennifer has stopped kissing him but he continues to kiss her face and neck. Then he suddenly stops, and backs away.
JACK: I don't wanna stop doing this!

JENNIFER: (Grabbing him) No, and I don't want you to stop doing this. I want you to stay right here and and (smiling) keep doing this!
Jack stops anyway, cupping her face in his hands.
JACK: I've gotta call John! (Determined) I've gotta call John, and Bo.... (about to do it) and I gotta call Abe, (gesturing) I gotta let them know what happened! I have to tell what happened! (Going towards the phone) It's going to blow their minds.
Jack picks up the phone and begins to punch in a number.

Scene Four: Jack is in the process of telling John what has been going on. Frantic, Jennifer suddenly stops him, and snatches the phone from him. Surprising him.

JENNIFER: No! No! You can't.... you can't call John, or Abe or Bo!

JACK: What do you mean?! What are you talking about?!

JENNIFER: Look, you don't understand. John is very sick. He (gesturing) is nearly disabled from everything that happened on that island.
Jack, frowning, looks at her confused, and concerned about John.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) And Jack, yo.... you just wouldn't believe Abe. I mean, they.... they think that he's going to go blind.

JACK: (Shocked and concern) No, God, no! No!

JENNIFER: Yes, it's awful.

JACK: (Turn back towards her; desperate) Tell me about Bo! Where's Bo, I gotta talk to Bo!

JENNIFER: Bo's fine. He's good! He made it home safely, (gesturing) but he's wrapped up in details with Billie, looking for their daughter.

JACK: (Frowning) Daughter?!

JENNIFER: Yes, their daughter! It's a long story, but Georgia, their daughter is possibly alive--

JACK: (Shaking his head in disbelief) No! (Throwing up his hands) No, how can that be--


Jack is about to say something but she continues.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) It's some old di Mera plot.

JACK: No, (putting his hands on her shoulder) it's not an old di Mera plot, Tony (raising his hand, pointing his finger) is involved! (Walking around gesturing, furious) DAMN Tony!

JENNIFER: No, he is dead....

JACK: (Continue to curse him) Damn him!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and gone, Jack!

JACK: (Mumbling to himself) He's....

JENIFER: (Cont.) And if there is any justice world he is going to burn in hell....

Jack had been thinking, his fingers pressed against his lips. Suddenly he interrupts.

JACK: NO, NO, NO....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....along side his father.

JACK: (Continuing his protesting, extending his fingering, gesturing) ....NO, he is alive, and he is well. Tony is alive!

Jennifer stops and furrows her brows, cocks her head and stares at Jack, confused.

JENNIFER: What are you talking about?
Jack gets down to Jennifer's eye level and tries to make her understand. They both talk over each other.
JACK: Tony was the one....

JENNIFER: It's not true!

JACK: (Cont.) ....holding me prisoner! Tony is alive!
Jennifer stands, her mouth agape, in shock.
JENNIFER: Oh, my gosh, of course he is! Of course he is! Who else would (turning around)....

JACK: Jennifer, (taking her arm) you better sit down.


JACK: Because (gesturing) if that shocks you, you're not going to believe the rest of it.
Jennifer turns to him, and looks him in the eye, shocked by the news.|

Scene Five: It is a short time later. Jack and Jennifer is on the couch, Jennifer has her hand resting on his knee. He has told her more about what happened.
JENNIFER: I ju.... I (making a gesture of disbelief) can't even belief that you are telling me that Tony was holding you prisoner. And Cassie, are you sure she's still alive--

JACK: (Gesturing for emphasis throughout) As far as I know, when I left her.... we were being held together first on this fishing trawler and then in the castle. But I can't believe (pointing to the machine) you didn't get my first phone message.

JENNIFER: I can't believe I didn't either, Jack. We thought you were all lost at sea -- Roman and Marlena, an.... and Victor, and Caroline and Colin Murphy.
Jack intently puts his hands her her shoulders, desperately.
JACK: They're all still alive, I believe it, and I (indicating with his hand) believe they're being held prisoner, I bet my life.... no, I bet Tony's life on it!

JENNIFER: I can't believe you're telling me this!

JACK: I gotta get to the ISA, I gotta let them know what is going on as soon as possible. I gotta get an agent over to that castle! I haven't been there in awhile he may have moved them.
Jack is about to get up, and Jennifer puts her hand on his shoulder, stopping him.
JENNIFER: You're right, we can't waste another minute.
They get up together, though she is still somewhat holding him back.

JENNIFER: (Indicating with her finger) I know exactly who to call Jack!

Jennifer walks quickly to the phone and punches in a number, as Jack watches, slightly confused, in the background.

Scene Six: Jennifer is talking on the phone, apparently to Alice. However, we do not see her on the other end, nor do we hear her. Jack nervously listens in the background, pacing.
JENNIFER: Yes, Gram, thank you so much, I really appreciate you doing this. (Pausing) I know! (Chuckles) I know, it is completely unbelievable.
Jack slowly, confused, walks up to her. Jennifer continues to talk on the phone, smiling.
JENNIFER: (Pausing) I'll tell him. We love you too! (Pausing) Okay, good night.
Jack watches on completely confused. Jennifer hangs up, and then addresses him.
JENNIFER: All right, that's taken care of.

04Ep022D: Jack can't believe Jennifer asked Alice to tell the ISAJACK: Are you telling me, you called your grandmother?! Alice Horton?! To contact the ISA?!

JENNIFER: Yes, and anyone else (gesturing) that she can reach tonight.She and Agent Spector are like this (she puts her two fingers together)!

JACK: (Standing stupefied, furrowing his brows) Are you kidding me?

JENNIFER: No, I am not kidding you! They go way back, Jack. He adores her. And who better than Alice Horton to convince everyone of the truth.

JACK: (Pointing to himself) Me! That's who! I'm.... I need to be doing something!

JENNIFER: (Moving up close to him) You are, you are doing something! You're doing something! You're reuniting with your wife tonight! And tonight I'm going to show you exactly how much I've missed you! (Taking his collar) And exactly how much I love you!
She looks up into his eyes, and the begins to kiss him. Jack is torn between wanting to be involved, and staying with her. However, he breaks down, and he returns her kisses. They kiss passionately as the scene ends.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]