Episode Twenty-three: The Odyssey
Starring Jack Deveraux, Part VI:
Jack and Jennifer Spend Time Together.

[Air date March 8th, 2005]
Scene One: Jack, moaning, and Jennifer are still kissing passionately. Jennifer talks as they continue to kiss.
JENNIFER: Jack, you know what? I knew it. I (breaking off the kiss) just knew it! Even... even when I saw that wave (motioning) sweep you away I knew that you were alive. Even when everyone else said that you drowned, and I should have trusted myself! I could have been looking for you all this time, Jack. I'm so sorry, I didn't find you sooner--
Jack has been holding her by her elbows, he takes her face in his hands, and tries to reassure her. Though this time Jennifer looks at him, but something seems a bit off.
JACK: No, no, no, no don't, (caressing her hair) don't, don't say that, please! Trust me! (Laughing, then smiling) The worst thing about being held captive, (caressing her hair) the most miserable part was being away from you, and Abigail, the baby. The accommodations were really.... quite lovely. (Smiling and nodding his head) You know, (laughs) in a Medieval sort of way.
Jennifer barely smiles back.
JACK: (Cont.) Tony seemed to be holding me hostage in this castle that was an architectural gem in Europe. (Becoming more serious) Still, I can't imagine that Cassie or anyone else who is being held prisoner there wouldn't love to be back home, now. (Sighing) If they're still there. (Sighs again) If they're still alive.
Jack looks extremely concerned.
JENNIFER: I hope that they are, Jack.

JACK: I just hope that Tony isn't punishing them for my escape. (Pursing his lips) I hope the ISA is on their tail, even as we speak--

JENNIFER: No, I'm sure they are! I called Gram! I.... I.... I know that she would get on the phone right away, Jack. And you know when Alice Horton speaks people listen, you know that.

JACK: (Not convinced) Still, I'm.... I'm thinking that maybe.... maybe I should call them jus....
Going towards the phone.
JACK: (Cont.) In case they have any quesitons--
Jennifer is almost frantic, as she stops him. She grabs his wrist stopping him, as he gestures towards the phone.
JENNIFER: No! No....

JACK: (Cont.) ....I could--

JENNIFER: No! I.... I.... I don't think that you should, Jack
Jack seems a little confused. Jennifer continues to try and convince him, she seems rather desperate to stop him, but tries not to appear desperate.
JENNIFER: I mean, it's (gesturing) late, yo.... you just le... left a few days ago. (Gesturing) You can't possibly know Tony's whereabouts for sure! And if you call the ISA they're going to be here all night long, they're going to be interrogating you!
Jennifer makes a little laughing noise, to which Jack lets out a sigh.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) An.... And (motioning) the media is going to be at our door asking questions.

JACK: Hmmm.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) And we know how that goes, don't we?
Jack's expression shows he knows what he means. He raises his eye brow, and widens his eyes, laughing. She laughs with him.
JACK: Yeess! Yes we do!
Jennifer walks around, still holding onto his wrist, leading him.
JENNIFER: You know, and then our whole family they're going to want to come over, our friends, they're going to welcome you home.
She leads him to the couch. She sits down, and sits him down.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) They're going to want to be here all night (laughing)!

Jack sits next to her, and groans in frustration at that thought.

JACK: Ohhhhh (smiling).

JENNIFER: So really, all I want is just one night alone with my husband for the first time in over a year. Is that being too selfish?

JACK: (Raises his eyebrows and nods) It is. (Caressing her hair) It is, but I'm guilty of that too. Because I love you, Miss Horton, Mrs. Deveraux....
Jennifer is rather impassive not even smiling when he refers to her as "Miss Horton."
JACK: (Cont.) ....that is what got me through, came back to see you and Abigail and the baby. I said, "Whatever it takes!" And I do mean "whatever it takes!"
Jennifer, gives a slight, but rather weak, chuckle. She then falls into his arms and holds him. Jack squeezes her tightly.
JACK: Hmmmm.
Jennifer moves away.
JENNIFER: So how did you escape? I mean, how did you ever get back to Salem, Jack?

JACK: (Chuckles) Uh, well let's suffice to say if I never iron or starch or smell dirty laundry again it will be too soon. Please, (smiling) make note of that.
Jennifer laughs too. Jack keeps his hand on her shoulder gently massaging it.
JENNIFER: Okay, I will, I promise you that you will never have to do laundry for as long as you live.
She throws her arms around him again.
JENNIFER: I just wanna hold you Jack. I just hold you in and never let you go.
Jack is holding her tightly, overcome with emotion. Though Jennifer's expression is rather lacking.
JACK: I know exactly how you feel, ahhh.
Jack releases her and they begin to kiss.

Scene Two: Jack and Jennifer are now sitting by the fireplace, which is lit. He is pensively running his finger over his chin.
JACK: Jennifer, I don't want to get anybody's hopes up.(Motioning with his hand) Cassie is the only one I know for sure who was there -- I mean, if she is still there.

JENNIFER: No, maybe you're right.

JACK: So tonight (taking her hands) is.... is just about us, (motioning with his head) you and me. And, uh.... (stops, thinks) I don't know, I.... I just think, maybe we should go over to Doug and Julie's and pick up the baby, (making a swishing motion with his hand) and then just swing by and pick up Abigail, and you know, (pointing) I want to see the look on their faces when they recognize me.
Jack gets up. Again Jennifer tries to stop him.
JACK: (Cont.) Their reaction me, their reactions is going to be....

JENNIFER: No, no, Jack, no you can't! You can't see Abby nor the baby tonight!
Jack looks confused and concerned.
JACK: Why not, what's wrong?
Jennifer just looks at him intently.

Scene Three: The scene continues, Jack is worried and confused.
JACK: Why can't we go get Abigail and the baby, is there something wrong?

JENNIFER: No! No, Jack, you know it's late (touching him, fiddling with his collar) and.... and (being seductive) they're probably asleep and morning will be here before you know it.
Jack looks confused. Jennifer moves in for a kiss, and Jack responds.
JENNIFER: Mmmmm.... You know Jack, I didn't think that it was possible to miss someone the way I missed you. And the feeling of your arms around me at night and....

Jack looks moved by what she says.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) .... a sound of.... of.... (overcome with emotion) of your breathing when you would fall asleep. (Caressing his hair) And just the smell of your hair when... when I (touching her lips) would just (smiling) nozzle in it.
Jack smiles embarrassed, Jennifer laughs.
JENNIFER: God, and your smile, Jack (Touching him) Your smile....
Jack [or Matt] flashes a cheesy grin, and Jennifer [or Missy] laughs. Jack laughs.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I missed it sooo much! (Stilling laughing) And that crinkle in your (touching he corner of his eyes) eyes.

JACK: (Embarrassed) Oh gosh.

04Ep023A: Jack is overcome with emotion to hear Jennifer talk about missing himJENNIFER: And just knowing that whatever happened, it would be okay, because we were in this together.

Jack is serious again, overcome with emotion over all she said. He nods, and looks down.

JACK: That's.... that's.... that's why I had to come back here, (with a board smile) just to hear you say all that. (Laughs).

JENNIFER: Gosh, Jack, I am soo angry, I was so angry at you for dying, for leaving me! And.... and for leaving us! But you're here! You didn't die!

Jack looks even more overcome with emotion.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) And (looking into his eyes) we've just lost sooo much time, that's why I wanna be just the two of us tonight, you can understand that, can't you?
Jack has sighed. He then nods.
JACK: Completely!
They kiss again. Jack, moaning with pleasure, and Jennifer slowly fall to the floor and continue to kiss passionately, lying in front of the fire.

Scene Four: Jack and Jennifer are sitting on the couch. Jack is eating ice cream and has a napkin tucked under his shirt. Jennifer is talking.
JENNIFER: (Gesturing) I mean, wouldn't it be amazing if Roman, and.... and Cassie, and Victor and Caroline came-- (realizing something) Oh, wait a minute....
Jennifer is thinking about something. Jack stops and looks at her confused.
JACK: "Wait a minute" what?

JENNIFER: Nicole has been seeing Brady.
04Ep023B: Jack could care less about Victor, Nicole and Brady's romance problemsJack does not look impressed, he signs in boredom and takes off the napkin.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) So, what if Victor comes home....
Jack really looks like he could care less, he rolls his eyes, with a "who gives a damn" expressions. Jack puts aside the ice cream.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....to his widow with his grandson. That's not going to be pretty!
Jack rolls his eyes again, and speaks sarcastically.
JACK: No, it's not going to be pretty, at all! But uh, (cleaning his hands on the napkin) we don't have to worry about them right now, do we? Because.... (looking at her) you were faithful to me. Weren't you, right?
Jack pats her hand.

JENNIFER: Absolutely, Jack!

Jack frowns, and has difficulty getting the words out, still afraid that Jennifer might have feelings for Patrick and acted upon them.

JACK: I mean, I know, I know absolutely (patting her hand), but (with venom in his voice) Patrick tell me, did he ever, umm, (rolls his head getting courage to ask, sighing) did he ever (motioning with his head; sighs again) you know....(looking at her) put the moves on you?

04Ep023C: Jack worries that Patrick came on to Jennifer

JENNIFER: WHHAAT, noooo! Jack! Nooo!

Jack looks at her.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I told you, he was our friend. He was staying in the apartment over the garage. He was helping me with the kids. Uh.... (exhales) and poor Abby she has had t.... hard time, with you being gone, Jack.
As she talks, Jack sighs, feeling for the pain Abigail has been going through. He then speaks determinedly.
JACK: Well, I'm back now! I'm back! I'm here.... and our family's together again, so we really, we don't need Patrick anymore!

JENNIFER: I understand that, but we can't just throw him out, Jack....

Jack's jaw is clinched. He is not happy about her defending Lockhart.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....he was here for us when we needed him--

JACK: (Slightly angry) Well, he was there....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) all the time.

JACK: (Cont.) .... there for Tony di Mera on that island too--

JENNIFER: Yeah, but, he turned his back on Tony, he saved all of our lives!
Jack does not look convinced. Jack purses his lips, and slaps together his his hands together
JACK: Well, I thank him very much, but uh, we'll find out all about that when we get Tony in custody. And find out some other things besides.
Scene Five: It looks to be a little later, Jennifer gets up and takes the ice cream away from Jack, who still keeps his hands stretched out as if he was still holding the bowl, his mouth open as if about to take a spoonful of ice cream, he seems dejected over no ice cream. Jack gets up his mouth still agape. Jennifer is talking. Jennifer, as she talks, puts the bowl on the table, and wipes her hands. Jack walks up to her, still frustrated about the ice cream.
JENNIFER: So, Doug and Julie.... (gesturing back and forth with her finger) they have Jack, Jr., they're going to bring him home, they're going to pick up Abby also at Chelsea's and bring her home in the morning. So, it's just the two of us Jack.
Jack gestures, realizing that they are alone and that they have time to spend alone together.
JACK: So I'm.... (gesturing with his hands) I'm suppos.... to just focus on you (running his hands up and down her arms) and you on me?

JENNIFER: (Smiling and nodding "yes") That's the general idea.

JACK: (Pleased) Huuuhhh.

JENNIFER: (Teasing him) If you're not too tired?

JACK: (Shaking his head) Nooooo! No, no, no, no! I'm not to tired, no, no, no.

JENNIFER: Good! Good! Oh, and I spoke to Gram before, she's gonna call Bo and Hope, and she's gonna arrange a little get-together before the big celebration she's gonna throw for your return.
Jack has a "what the hell" look on his face, and does not seem that pleased.
JACK: (half-hearted smile) Haa, (rolls eyes) sounds busy....

Jennifer chuckles.

JACK: (Cont.) .... S.... so in the the mean time, why don't uh (licks his lips in thought).... why don't I escort you upstairs and we can have (raises his eyebrows and widens his eyes) a little private celebration of our own.

Jack is about to pick her up, Jennifer has a shocked expression, the thought does not seem to please her as it should. Jack picks her up.
JENNIFER: (Groans) Uhh, wait....

JACK: Uh what...

JENIFER: (Cont.) ....I have a better idea!

JACK: (Groaning from the weight) What?!

JJENNIFER: Aahh, let me get your coat!
Jack turns his head, confused, as if to say "What do you mean?"

She eases herself down. She puts out her hand indicating, "stay right there."

JENNIFER: Stay right here!
She quickly walks off. Jack's hands are still stretched on, and he has a befuddled look.
JACK: "Get my coat"?

Jack frowns, and then turns towards the stairs where Jennifer went.

04Ep023D: Jack wonders why Jennifer  needs to get his coat

Scene Six: Jack is pacing around in the living room, waiting for Jennifer to return, perplexed by what she meant about getting his coat. Jennifer then comes in the room, carrying Jack's coat, and smiling.
JENNIFER: Jack, I saved.... some of your things.
She hands it to him, smiling. Jack still is confused, and disappointed.
JACK: Here's my hat, what's my hurry. I just got here.
Jennifer laughs at Jack's joke.
JENNIFER: Well, I know, I know you just got home.... and.... and I know you want to spend some time in it 'cause you haven't been here for.... some time.

JACK: Exactly!
Jack still looks confused and upset.
JENNIFER: But I want to take you some place really special, Jack. Someplace where we can be alone, with no interruptions.
Jennifer smiles and reaches in for a kiss.
JACK: And no grandmother! Hmm....
Jack responds and they kiss again, Jack continues to kiss as he talks.
JACK: Okay.... (stops) tell me where we going?

Jennifer looks up at him smiling. Jack caresses her hair.

JENNIFER: You'll see! And I promise you, it is gonna be a night that neither of us will ever forget. Just.... (hesitates) one more thing before we go.

JACK: Okay....
He reaches over to kiss her but she walks off, and he nearly falls over. She picks up the bowl of ice cream and the napkin, as Jack looks perplexed.
Jack has his had around her, but she walks off, leaving Jack again befuddled, his hand still in the same position.
JACK: Right?
Finally he follows her, chuckling.
JACK: Uh, hahaha....
Jennifer is by the fire. Jack goes up to her and caresses her cheek.
JACK: Ah, I.... I have more more thing for you.
Jack kisses her again, and Jennifer giggles.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]