Episode Twenty-four: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part VII: Jack and Jennifer Go
to the Horton Cabin for a Night of Passion.

[Air date March 9th, 2005]
Scene One: At the Horton cabin, a owl hoots, Jack is gazing out the window. The room is dark, and there are lit candles everywhere. Jack has a bottle of champagne in one hand and champagne flutes in the another. He looks at them and then turns around, sighing, he calls to Jennifer, who apparently is in another room.
JACK: You know I-I think (he walks to the center of the cabin), I think this was a good idea coming to the Horton cabin.
On the wall there are two photos, one of Alice and one of Tom, Jack salutes them with the the empty glasses. Jack sighs again, and walks around the cabin looking around at the different things there.
JACK: (Mumbling to himself) Ohh, just (finding something), ahh....
Jack points with the glasses to something he sees, apparently he was looking for it. He chuckles, and then puts down the glasses and bottle on the floor by the lit fireplace.
JACK: (Cont.) ....two more candles. Now I just got to find a match or something
Jack first feelings around the mantle, then his shirt pocket, realizing the back box is there.He laughs.
JACK: Ah! Here we go.
Jack lights the match.
JACK: Ahhh.

On the mantle is a framed photo of him, Jennifer and Abigail which he notices, he forgets about the lit match.

04Ep024A: Jack sees a family photo

JACK: Heeeyyy! Look at that!

Jack picks up and looks at it smiling.

04Ep024B: Jack smiles at his family

JACK: Am I a lucky guy or what.

Just then Jack shouts out in pain, the match having burned his fingers.
JACK: Oooouuu....
Jack shakes his hand to blow out he match.
JACK: Ah....
Jack licks his fingers. Just then Jennifer comes out of the bathroom, wearing peignoir and a negligée. Jack sees her and turns.
JACK: Mmmm!
Jennifer walks towards him, and Jack watches transfixed, his fingers still in his mouth. She stands in front of him smiling. Taking his fingers out of his mouth, Jack has a slight smile too.
JACK: I am a lucky guy!
Jack smiles, and bends over and kisses her. Jennifer responds, Jack moans, and Jennifer giggles.
JACK: Ahh.... (Cupping her head in his hands) I'm afraid I'm dreaming. I'm afraid I'm dreaming, I'm going to find myself back in the di Mera Castle, or on the freighter doing laundry--

JENNIFER: (Touching him) No, you're not. You're not dreaming, Jack!

JACK: I was so afraid that (caressing her face) I was never going to see my family again.

JENNIFER: Do you know that I never, ever stopped praying that you were going to come back to us.

JACK: I know, and I believe somebody up there.... (smiling) somebody up there heard you.
Jennifer lets out a sigh, and smiles. Jack is still holding the picture of the three of them.
JACK: (Cont.) They heard me.(Looking up) They heard us.(Sighing) Thank you! (Sighs again, then looks back at Jennifer) Thank.... (pauses, seeing something) look at that picture!
Jennifer laughs.
JACK: Ahhh! Look at that, you got a picture of my baby boy.
Jack walks over the the photo.
JACK: Look at him. (Picking it up) Look at him. Ahhh....
Jennifer walks over to Jack, watching him. He picks up the photo [we never see the picture], and admires it, sighing as Jennifer talks.
JENNIFER: Jack, (taking his arm) I know that you're so anxious to see the kids. But with Jack, Jr. over at Doug and Julie's, and Abby at her friend's house (taking his hand in hers), I really thought that this would be the perfect night for us to be alone. And I know (taking the photo) that's being selfish--

JACK: Noo! No, it's not selfish, no, we agreed this.... this night is about us, you and me. We've waited so long. (Cupping her face in his hands) Oh, I love you, Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux!
Jack smiles, and Jennifer smiles back at him. He caresses her face with his thumbs.
JACK: (Cont.) My one true love. (Reaching in for a kiss) My one true love.
The two of them kiss.

Scene Two: Bart watches as the fake terrorists/insurgents torture Philip Kiriakis, and make him do a farewell video to his family. They make him think that after the video he will be executed. Bart is even disgusted by it and talks to Tony on the cell, questioning what is going on.

Scene Three: Jack and Jennifer are sitting by the couch, the fire lit, passionately kissing. Jennifer stops.
JENNIFER: Oh, I really.... I really can't believe this, I feel like (laughs) I have to pinch myself, you're really here!

JACK: I told you, I feel the same way.
Jennifer laughs.
JACK: (Cont.) I do, I feel the same way.
They are still dressed, and holding each other, in front of the couch, near the fire.
JACK: (Cont.) I just hope that.... (gesturing) that the others are as lucky as we are, that somehow they survived and somehow they're going to be reunited their family and their loved ones.

JENNIFER: Yeah! I'm sure that Gram has got the ISA on Tony's trail as we speak.
Jack intertwines his fingers with Jennifer's.
JACK: Well, then I hope they get there in time before Tony moves the prisoners to another location.

JENNIFER: I don't want to talk about Tony di Mera.

JACK: All right.

JENNIFER: I just want to shut out the rest of the world right now, Jack.
Jennifer leans over and picks up a bottle of champagne. Jack plays with her hair.
JACK: Okay, consider it shut. Tonight's just you and me.
Jennifer hands him a glass, and pours one for herself.
JACK: (Cont.) And tomorrow, it will be Abigail and Baby Jack. (Jack looks a little upset) I'm afraid I'm not even gonna recognize them.

JENNIFER: Ah, you will, Jack. And he'll recognize you (looking at him). He knows.... he knows his daddy. And Abigail, you being back is gonna be the best thing that ever happened for her.

JACK: (Concerned) I know you told me that she's been having a hard time.

J04Ep024C: Jack  is concerned about AbigailENNIFER: Yeah, well you know, she's.... she's a teenager. She is.... She is (rolling her eyes) moody. She is (laughing) rebellious.

JACK: (Worried) We're talking about boys, aren't we?

JENNIFER: No, no, I mean.... (not so sure) I.... I don't know. (Frowning) Not yet. But it's just her grades, you know. They're slipping, and.... and she's just snippy.
Jack looks concerned.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I don't know, she's a good kid, though, Jack. And.... she's just angry. She's angry, because she lost you. (Pushing back his hair) She has missed you so much.

JACK: Well, I'm back now. So you don't have to shoulder this alone.
Jack kisses her hand, which is still entwined with his. Jennifer laughs.
JACK: Tell me about this friend, this Chelsea. Maybe.... maybe she's the bad influence.

JENNIFER: Chelsea, oh no. No! (Shaking her head) Jack, you'll see, on.... once you meet Chelsea, she's a great influence on Abby.
Jack does not seem so sure.

Scene Four: Jennifer reluctantly goes with Chelsea to the Cheatin' Heart to get Patrick. Patrick is in a high stakes poker game. Some how Chelsea finds him, drugs his drink -- wearing Jennifer's perfume -- and then tries to seduce him, during an hot dance. Patrick sees Jennifer.

Scene Five: Back at the Horton cabin, Jennifer lights a candle.
JENNIFER: You know, Jack, I met Chelsea's family, and they're great! I-I met them at a PTA meeting.
Jennifer walks back and sits with Jack.
JACK: (Emphasizing each letter in the abbreviation) P-T-A meeting. I can't believe it, I'm actually looking forward to going to a PTA meeting, I mean it!
Jennifer laughs.
JACK: (Cont.) Normal things. PTA meetings, girls soccer games, school plays, you name it.

JENNIFER: Well Jack, you know what, now that you're home everything is gonna go back to normal.
They look at each other.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) For all of us.

JACK: To us!
They tap their glasses together. Jack takes a drink, enjoying it.
JACK: Ahhh!
Jennifer does not.
JENNIFER: You know, I should've.... I should've listened to Abby.

JACK: About what?

JENNIFER: You know, she refused to believe that you were dead, Jack. (Gesturing) Because she thought since you came back to us once before that you would come back again. (Pointing to herself) So, why couldn't I have faith like that.

JACK: Haa, (shaking his head slightly) you think that's bad, you wanna hear my big fear?

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Yeah, what?

JACK: (Sadly) I was afraid that, afraid that I'd get back too late.... that you would have moved on.

JENNIFER: How can you say that, Jack?! Don't you know.... that you are the only man that I will ever love?! Even after I thought I lost you for good, it never even occurred to....
They look at each other, Jack lets out a slight sigh of relief.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....me to look at another man.
Jack is relieved. He shakes his head, and sighs again.
JACK: Haa, your my hero! That's all I can say.

Jack smiles thrilled to hear what she told him. Jennifer laughs at Jack's remarks.

JACK: (Cont.) I mean it! I love you! (Caressing her face) I'm never ever gonna let you out of my life again! We'll never be separated again!
They kiss.
JACK: I mean it!

They continue to kiss. Jennifer takes their glasses and puts them off to the side.

JENNIFER: I want you to make love to me, Jack.
Jack looks at her with love and desire. He looks at her lips, and kisses her again. They recline on the couch, and fall into an embrace, kissing passionately.

Scene Six: Billie continues to cause problems for Bo and Hope, interrupting them as they try to share some time alone. Billie and Hope get into it, each accusing the other. Just then a mysterious package arrives. They discover it contains stradnds of hair, allegedly Georgia's. They go to the hospital to have DNA tests to see if they belong to Georgia. Billie is certain she is alive.

Scene Seven: Back at the cabin, Jennifer and Jack are sitting up in front of the couch, lying in each other's arms, Jennifer's head is resting on his chest, Jack's head is resting near her head; they are covered with a blanket, but we see Jack's shirtless chest. The are obviously are in the afterglow of making love.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack, I just feel so, ah....

JACK: (Kissing her forehead) Loved?
Jennifer chuckles.
JACK: (Cont.) Cherished, tired?
Jennifer laughs again. Jack laughs as well, as he looks at her with profound love.
JENNIFER: It just feels, so.... so peaceful. That was incredible.

JACK: (Moving his hand on hers) You know the best part about it?


JACK: Now we can do this, morning, noon and night (flashing a pleased grin).

JENNIFER: Well, y.... you've obviously forgotten (laughing) what it's like to live in a house with a newborn!
Jennifer really laughs.
JACK: (Serious) No, I haven't forgotten, I'm looking forward to a house with a newborn! I'm looking forward to even in the middle of the night when he needs to be changed.

JENNIFER: Reeaally?! Oh, I'm going to hold you to that one.

JACK: It's a deal!
Jennifer continues to laugh, apparently not really believing him.

JACK: (Cont.) It's a deal. You do the laundry, I do the changing. (Smiling at her) Jennifer, I'm telling you I.... I'm loving this. I never want to be separated from you and my children again!

04Ep024D: Jack says he will love changing diapers

Jack moves in for a kiss.
JENNIFER: I just wish.... I wish that....

Jennifer, nestles against him.

JACK: (Contentedly) Hmmm.
Jack kisses her head.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ...everyone we love could be as happy as we are right now.

Jack looks up with a serious expression, obviously he too wants this nightmare to end for everyone.
Jennifer: (Cont.) I mean, wouldn't it be greeaat if John and Marlena were reunited, and Kate and Roman.... (looking at Jack) and I wonder if Bo and Billie will find out that their daughter is alive. (Concerned) But then I wonder if that would be bad news for Hope. Because I want Billie to find her daughter! But this situation is not making things easy on Bo and Hope right now.

JACK: And from what you're telling me, Hope's not made it too easy on Billie, either.

JENNIFER: Oh, Jack, Hope is my cousin! And.... and Billie is a friend, and I wanted to reach out to her and I did, because she's your friend too, and she stayed in our home!

JACK: Well obviously she's not still there.
Jack looks at her.
JENNIFER: Well, no, because, aahh, there was an incident where she got drunk, at the Cheatin Heart, and she punched out a cop--

04Ep024E: Jack says Patrick is JACK: Wait a minute! (Frowns) Wait a minute.... Billie doesn't drink!

JENNIFER: I know, but Patrick bought her a beer, because he didn't know. And then one thing lead to another....
Jack is angry, obviously it reinforces his opinions about Lockhart.
JACK: (Talking over her) Damn!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and before you know it--

JACK: (With hatred) Lockhart! (Shaking his head slightly) You know, course, Patrick's there, just more proof that Lockhart is no damn good!
Jack looks at her, then looks away, steaming with anger. Making a noise in his throat.

Scene Eight: The military has informed Belle about Philip. Rex, worried about his half-brother, is able to get into the military computer system for news. He comes across information. Meanwhile, they see the message on the computer, and there is a special bulletin on the news.

Scene Nine: Jack and Jennifer are sitting before the fireplace, they are holding two sticks with burning marshmallows on the end. Jennifer is enjoying it, and Jack is not happy that his marshmallow is on fire. Jennifer takes hers out of the fire. 04Ep024F: Jack and Jennifer toast marshmallows, Jack's disgustedJennifer is now wearing a robe.
JENNIFER: Ooooohhh!

JACK: Hey, hey, hey they're getting all burnt!

JENNIFER: No, that's good! That's good! That's when they're yummy.

Jennifer takes it out and shows it to Jack, who is making a face.

JENNIFER: Oohh, look at that! Okay, blow it out. Okay.
Jack takes it, she takes his. Jack blows it out, loudly, still not too sure. Jennifer blows hers out gently.

JACK: Aaaahh!


She blows it three more times, and then eats it, really enjoying it. Jack makes a noise, obviously still not impressed. Jennifer moans with pleasure.
JENNIFER: Mmmm.... Mmmm.... Mmmm. (Talking with her mouth full) This is delicious! Mmm.

JACK: (Sarcastically, holding a piece) Mmm..., carcinogens, life's simple pleasures. Mmm.
Jack takes a bite. Jennifer laughs at his joke, her mouth stuffed with the marshmallow.
JENNIFER: It's good, though. Thank you for doing this.

JACK: What, burning marshmallows?

JENNIFER: No, (lying next to him) for coming to this cabin and.... giving me this special night with you.
Jennifer rests her head on Jack's bare chest, and he wraps his arms around her.04Ep024G: Jack and Jennifer together after making love
JACK: Ah, please, we both needed a special night. I know I did.(Jack loving runs his hand up and down her arm) Tomorrow (nodding his head) I'll be with Abigail (looking wistfully) and the baby.... and everybody else.... and hopefully by then, the ISA will have Tony in custody, and the hostages will be released.

JENNIFER: Let's have a toast!
Jennifer reaches for the glasses, she hands one to Jack.

JENNIFER: Here you go. (She takes the other) To.... (thinking) happy endings for all the people in Salem.

JACK: Hmmm (raising his glass), and to us.... and our family.... may this be the beginning of the Deveraux' happily ever after!

04Ep024H: Jack and  Jennifer toast their happy future

Jack and Jennifer touch glasses, in toast. Jack takes a big drink, but Jennifer does not seem to do so, she seems to pretend to drink; she looks out of the corner of her eyes, as if in a sinister manner. Jack lets out a satisfied sound due to the champagne.
JACK: Ahh....
Jack looks lovingly at Jennifer. They kiss.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]