Episode Twenty-Five: The Odyssey
Starring Jack Deveraux, Part VIII: Jennifer
Acts Strangely and Tells Jack They Have to
Return Home; Once There Jack receives a Shock.

[Air date March 11th, 2005]

Scene One: Jack and Jennifer are still in front of the couch, Jack's arms are wrapped around her and they are kissing. Jack moans softly. She then rests her head on his chest, he has his head resting next to hers. Jack is basking in the ecstasy of what is happening between them. Jack sighs, several times as she talks.

04Ep025A: Jack enjoying having Jennifer back in his arms

JENNIFER: Oohh, Jack! I still feel like this is a dream. And if it is, I don't want to wake up.

JACK: (Shaking his head) It's not a dream! I'm here.
Jennifer looks up at him.
JACK: (Cont.) I'm home. I said I'd do whatever it took to get home to you, and I have. Tony di Mera could never keep us apart. (Exhaling as he speaks) I love you. Jennifer, I always have. I always will.

JENNIFER: I love you too.
Jack breaths in and out, contentedly.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I love you so much and I never want to be separated from you again!

JACK: (Rubbing her arms) I'll drink to that. How about you?
Jennifer smiles and giggles. Jack reaches over for something. Jennifer pulls out her glass, which is empty.

JACK: (Disappointed) We're out!
Jennifer giggles.
JACK: It's all right, (pointing) I'll get another. Stay right there! Don't move.

Jack gets up.
JACK: Ahh.... (out of view) Uhhhh, it's cold out here. Ahh, Uhh.

Jack walking bare footed on the floor can be heard. Jennifer wraps the blanket around her. You still can hear Jack shivering from the cold. Just then Jennifer's cell rings. She reaches over to answer it, but seems to do so secretly. She speaks quietly, as if she does not want to be heard. We do not hear who is on the other end.

JENNIFER: Hey, is everything ready? (Pausing for a reply) Okay perfect, we're on our way.
Jennifer hangs up and is about to put the phone away when we see Jack walking up to her. He is wearing only boxers. He gallantly presents the bottle to her, like a sommelier. Jack affects a French accent and speech.
JACK: Mademoiselle....

JENNIFER: (Appears startled) Oh (Slight chuckle)!

JACK: (Cont.) ....le best champagne des le maison.

JENNIFER: You know what, there's no time for that right now! We have to go!
Jennifer leans over to get dress. Jack stops confused.
JACK: "We have to go?" What are you talking about, we just got here, what's the rush? Who was that on the phone?
Jennifer looks up at him, slightly surprised. She says nothing.

Scene Two: Jennifer is now dressed. Jack is sitting on the arm of the couch, still wearing only his boxers. Jennifer's hurry perplexes him. Jennifer straights her clothes.
JACK: (Gesturing) I-I don't get it why do we suddenly leave when we just got here? What's the big rush?! Who was that on the phone? (Pointing) Was this another surprise?
Jennifer continues to say nothing.
JACK: (Cont.) That was Alice, wasn't it? Tell me!
Jennifer laughs.
JACK: (Cont.) She's planning a "Welcome back Jack Party," (gesturing; standing up) come on fess up! (Gesturing again) Come on!
Jennifer says nothing, she has a odd expression on her face. Jack points again, thinking he is right about the surprise party for him.
JENNIFER: (Smiling) Jack Deveraux Ace Reporter!

JACK: Ah huh.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Always after the big story, aren't you?!

JACK: That's me!
Jennifer laughs.
JACK: (Cont.) Never let up! So, come on! Give it up! (Smiling)

JENNIFER: Okay, it was Gram.

JACK: Right.

JENNIFER: (Fiddling with her ear) But it wasn't about your party. The ISA called her and they do not want to wait until morning, neither do the police. They want to talk to you tonight. They want to talk to you about this remote castle in Europe, eh.... Tony's. And I know we both hoped to wait 'til tomorrow, Jack, but if we can take care of it tonight maybe it's better--

JACK: (Gesturing with his hand; talking over her) No, no, no it's fine. Everything's fine. I should have done that anyway. (Getting up) Of course.... (walking around) what am I thinking. People are being held hostage, the least I could do is (picking up his things) is try to help them.
Jack starts putting on his clothes. Jennifer sits on the couch and puts on her boots.
JACK: (Cont.) Ww.... We'll just think of this as an intermission, right!

JENNIFER: That's right, Jack, because what if your hunch is right! What if Roman, (zipping up her boots) Marlena and Cassie and Victor and Caroline what if they they still are alive in that castle and the ISA frees them (putting on and zipping up her other boot) and brings them home to Salem?
Jack walks over to her, he has his pants on, and his shirt is on unbuttoned, he is carrying a sock in each hand, pointing, he replies to her.
JACK: I tell you what, we're going to make alot of people in Salem very happy.
Jennifer stands up and grabs his shirt.
JENNIER: You are an amazing man, Jack Deveraux!
She is stand up against him.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) And I'm so lucky to have you back.
Jack plays with her hair.
JACK: Not half as lucky as I am to be back.
Jack begins kissing her, and she responds. Jack moans and giggles with delight; she giggles too. Jennifer suddenly breaks it of.
JENNIFER: No, no, no we can't!

JACK: "Can't?!"

Jennifer walks off to get the rest of her things.

JENNIFER: We have to get dress....

JACK: (Disappointed) Hav.... Ohh....

JENNIFER: We can't keep (getting her purse) the police or the ISA waiting!
Jack shudders in frustration, and runs his hand over his hair.
JACK: Ehheee....

JENNIFER: Come on!
Jennifer walks off, Jack follows indicating with his finger.
JACK: I tell you what (sitting on the couch, gestures) this is what were going to do, as soon as I finish with the police, I'm taking you upstairs to that bedroom and then....
Jennifer is behind him, she slings the purse over her shoulders.
JACK: (Cont.) ....then (putting on his shoes) we do not pass go, we do not collect 200 dollars.

JENNIFER: All right, well just hurry up!
Jack sits laughing, as he puts on his other shoe.
JACK: Right!
Jennifer is off to the side, talking to herself, almost sinisterly.
JENNIFER: Because I have one more surprise in store for you.
She has almost a wicked smile, as weird music plays in the background.

Scene Three: It is dark inside their home, Jennifer is inside, and Jack walks in suddenly the lights come on. There is no one there. Jack looks around confused.
JENNIFER: Huh, well, I can't believe tha.... that we (closing the door) beat the police and the ISA. Maybe.... maybe I'll just uh.... I'll just some coffee ready, and....

Jennifer looks around, Jack slow walks down the entryway, as if he is expecting something.

04Ep025B: Jack thinks Alice threw him a surprise party

JACK: A-are you sure that this isn't a set up for your your grandmother's SURRRPRISSE! party?

Jack expects someone to shout that to him, he motions and cranes his head peers into the living room, expecting everyone to be there.
JENNIFER: No. No, the party's tomorrow, Jack. And everyone's going to be soo shocked (tapping him and laughing) and exited to see you.
Jack looks a little disappointed. Jennifer, laughing, walks into the living room.
JACK: So the surprise is for (pointing) them not for (pointing to himself) me?
In the living room she turns on the light.
JENNIFER: Ah, yeah.
Jack follows her, Jack cranes his neck peeking into the living room, still thinking there may be a surprise. Jennifer puts down her things, Jack walks up to her.
JACK: Sooo, there's (gesturing) no present for me?

JENNIFER: Noo. But you're cute, an... an.... (puts her arms around him) and I love you! And you're a nut.
Jennifer laughs, Jack gives a half-heated laugh. Jack looks disappointed, and worried about something.
JACK: Hmmm.... Patrick Lockhart didn't get an invitation, did he?

JENNIFER: You know, that's funny you said that because I haven't seen him 04Ep025C: Jack cannot hide his hatred for Patrickor spoken to him since you got home, and his lights are off so he's either out or asleep, but you know, I can leave him a note, and just let him know--

JACK: (infactly) No, no, no, no no. No, look (really hating Lockhart), look, you told me that he was really (somewhat sarcastically) helpful to you and the kids when I was away, and you (gesturing) told me that he was a friend to (with a slight snarl) and the kids, but I'm telling you I don't trust him, and I don't want him around.

JENNIFER: I know that. But please, just give him a chance to prove that he's changed, for me.
Jack is not convinced, he pursing his lips.

JACK: For you? (Still reluctant, looking down then at her) All right, all right, (putting up a finger) on one condition, from now on I take care of you (making a sweeping motion with his hand) and everything in this house (nods).

04Ep025D: Jack says now he will take care of her not Lockhart

JENNIFER: I think that's great!

JACK: Uh hmmm!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Because the toilet downstairs is running, (looking towards the kitchen) the kitchen sink drains so we have to--

JACK: Ahh, actually I was (taping his nose with his finger) thinking it's time to call in the professionals. (Gesturing) Call the plumber!

JENNIFER: Ah gee, just as I thought, but ( touching him) you know, Jack, it's okay because your talents lie elsewhere (laughing).
04Ep025E: Jack says that Abigail is a good kid
JACK: Exactly! (Raising his finger) My talents lie elsewhere, and from now on you're never going to have to do without my talents again. Never!
Jack takes her in his arms, and she looks into his eyes.
JACK: (Cont.) I can't wait to have this (smiling) conversation with my baby boy. And Abigail. I know she's having enough troubles right now, but like you told me, deep down she's a good kid.(A crooked Jack smile) And together (nodding) we're gonna work this out (smiling).

JENNIFER: Yeah, everything's gonna be fine now that you're home.
Jennifer falls into his arms. Jack closes his eyes, basking in the joy of being with her. Though Jennifer does not look as thrilled, she is rather detached, and looks at her watched. Jack breaks off the embrace, and looks perplexed.
JACK: You know, wwwas kinda wondering where the ISA and police are, it's taking a long time (slight laugh),....

04Ep025F: Jack is wondering why haven't the ISA and police arrived

JACK: (Cont.) ....because I don't exactly feel comfortable knowing that Tony's (motioning with his head) still out there. I can't wait to get that S.O.B. out of our lives. I want him to pay for the suffering and the pain that he's cause us and everybody else in this town.

04Ep025G: Jack says Tony will have to pay for everyone's suffering

Jennifer has and odd expression on her face.

Scene Four: Jack is alone in the living room, fiddling with a flower's peddles, anxious over what is keeping the ISA and the police. Just then Jennifer comes in from the kitchen.
JENNIFER: Coffee's almost ready.
Jack stops what he is doing, and sighs.
JACK: Now all we need is the police and the ISA guys to get here.

JENNIFER: (Her arms crossed) Gram said they are on their way.
Jack pursing his lips then turning to her.
JACK: I'm sure they are.... I'm sure they are. (Breathing loudly) You know, ( putting his hands to his forehead) I.... I'm just thinking of everything (pointing to himself) I want to tell them, I'm just afraid I'm not going to remember (gesturing) remember everything thing.

JENNIFER: No, Jack, you know what, you're a hero....
Jack sighs in frustration.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....The ISA, they're gonna capture Tony di Mera. They're gonna release and rescue all of his captives. Who knows, maybe they'll find evidence that will help Bo and Billie find their daughter.
Jack still seems unsure.
JACK: You know, we know tha.... that the di Meras are capable of just about anything. (Becoming very emotional) But to think of them keeping that little girl away from her parents for all those years. Georgia would be about Abigail's age about now, (walking around) and I.... (gesturing) I just can't imagine what it would be like (gesturing) to be (gesturing) separated and spend all those years away from my little girl.
Jack is thinking about it, and it greatly affects him. he sighs.
JENNIFER: Well, I hope that Bo and Billie find their daughter safe and sound, and that she can be apart of their lives.

Jack turns to look at Jennifer.

JACK: Me too!

JENNIFER: I'm just concerned what it will do to Bo and Hope's marriage.

Scene Five: Jack and Jennifer are still talking about Bo and Hope. Jack massages Jennifer's shoulders in a sign of support.
JACK: Bo and Hope's marriage is built to last. Just like ours. Just like ours survived my being gone all this time. Theirs will survive Bo and Billie finding their daughter.

JENNIFER: Do you really think so?

JACK: Not a doubt in my mind.
They kiss again. Jack then looks at her with great love, and caresses her cheek.
JENNIFER: I'm gonna to get us some coffee. I (winking) I think this is gonna be a long night.
She leaves, and Jack plops his hand on a table.
JACK: It's already a long night.
Jack rubs his face with his hand and groans. He paces a little. He then hears a car drive up, and he turns towards the doorway.
JACK: Maybe that's the ISA, they finally got here.
Jack walks quickly towards the door.
JACK: Good!

He gets to the door and pulls back the curtain, and looks out the window. Just then Jennifer appears outside walking towards the door. She stops, and opens up her purse. Jack turns away confused.

04Ep025H: Jack is confused seeing Jennifer outside

JACK: Huh?! How did Jennifer get out front?

Just then Jack looks towards the living room, Jennifer is walking into it from the kitchen, carrying a tray with cups and a coffee pot.

04Ep025I: Jack then sees Jennifer come from the kitchen

Jack does a slight double take. He then blinks, and quickly pulls back the curtains to look outside. He squints to see. However, no one is there.

04Ep025J: Jack looks back outside, but no one is there

He quickly looks back into the living room, then back towards the window, completely confused.

JACK: AH, uuuu.... how?

Jack frowns, completely at a loss what is going on.

04Ep025K: Jack is completely confused

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]