Episode Twenty-seven: The Odyssey
Starring Jack Deveraux, Part X: Jack
Discovers That Jennifer Is a Di Mera Operative.

[Air date March 15th, 2005]

Scene Two: Somewhat of a repeat of the previous episode. Jack turns around to see jennifer.

JACK: Jennifer?
Jennifer stops a few feet away from him.
JENNIFER: Oh (gasping ) it's you? Jack, I saw you. I saw you, and then someone who.... who looks just like me ran out of the house! What is going on?
She flips her hair
JACK: Your hair! Yo.... you did your hair thing!
Jack steps towards her and starts caressing her hair.
JACK: (Cont.) I-it's you?!

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Yeah! And it's you.

JACK: (Nodding; softly) Yeah!

JENNIFER: Oh, oh my gosh....

Jack seems a little leery still. He stares at her confused. In tears, she throws her arms around him.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I thought you were dead. (In tears) Thank God! I thought.... I thought.... I'd given up I thought I'd lost you for good, Jack!

Jack sighs, and holds his hand to her head, holding him in a tight embrace.
JACK: Haa.... thank God!
Jennifer lets go. Jack keeps his hand on her shoulder.
JENNIFER: Where have you been? Where've you been?! W.... we thought tha.... that you were--

JACK: (Desperately) I can't tell you right now! W.... I'm sorry, I'll explain later, we need to get inside right now, I need to call the police! Y.... (pointing) you were inside, there was a.... a woman inside pretending to be you--

JENNIFER: Yes the woman that I saw. The one tha.... that ran out of the house. What is going on?

JACK: I don't know. I don't know, it's like a bad dream. But I'm going to wake up and find out! Come on! Come on....
Jack takes off. They run inside and he looks the door.
JACK: (Gesturing) All right, (walking to her) I'll call the police. Make sure all the rest of the doors are locked!

JENNIFER: Okay! (Sounding worried) Well, I'll check the kitchen.

JACK: Good!
Jack lets go of her hand, as she walks off, and he calls to her.
JACK: (Cont.) Be careful!

Jack breaths heavily as he walks to the phone. Suddenly Jennifer's reflection is seen in the mirror on the wall, as he is punching numbers on the phone. Obviously Jennifer did not go and do what she said she was going do. Jack is continuing to phone when Jennifer calls to him.
JENNIFER: Hang up the phone, Jack!

Jack stops cold. He turns, realizing he has been fooled again. The fake Jennifer's reflection can be seen in he mirror. Jack slowly turns to her, she is holding a gun aimed at his head. Jack exhales, and puts down the phone, cautiously; then exhales again. Jack slowly walks towards her.

04Ep027A: Jack is caught by the imposter

JACK: You! (Stopping) You're the imposter.
The fake Jennifer laughs, as she continues to aim the gun at his head.
JENNIFER: What tipped you off?

JACK: Who are you? What do you want?
The credits list fake Jennifer as Madison. She continues to speak like Jennifer.
MADISON: I'm just here to take care of a little business, Jack. Your little wifey almost got in the way! You know I can't have that!
Jack becomes worried about what happened to Jennifer. He keeps his hands to his sides, so as not to get Madison to shoot. With fear for her safety, Jack calls out to Jennifer.
Jack then looks at the gun, pointed at him, his eyes widen in terror.

Meanwhile outside, the real Jennifer is walking by the walkway. Jack's voice can be heard.
Jennifer stops, and looks around, trying to figure out from what direction the voice is coming from, and if she heard correctly. Jennifer does a double take.
JENNIFER: Jack?! Hah.... (a nervous laughs) Oh God, (she shakes her head, smiling) it can't be. Hah.
She looks back towards the house.

Scene Two: Back at the house the fake Jennifer, Madison, is pointing a gun at Jack who has been trying to call out to the real Jennifer. Jack shouts out to Jennifer, again, though not that loudly.

MADISON: (Looking around) Shout up! Shout up or I'll blow your head off!
Jack looks around, worried about Jennifer.
MADISON: (Cont.) If you try running for that door, that'll be a really big mistake, Jack!
She smiles sadistically, Jack continues staring at the gun, trying to figure out what to do next. Jack swallows.
JACK: I think that you're the one making the mistake! Because if my wife is out there, she's gonna know we're inside!
Back outside the real Jennifer is looking around trying to figure out what is going on. She no longer hears anything, she says that she could swear that she heard someone call her name, and that it sounded just like Jack's voice. She runs her hand through her hair in frustration, "I'm losing it' she says to herself. "I'm hearing things, I'm seeing things, and there's no one *even* home!" She says she cannot worry about it, she needs to get to Maggie's.

Back inside, Madison is still holding the gun to Jack's head.
MADISON: You know what, if I were you, I would be praying that your wife didn't hear you and went on her way! Because trust me, the last thing that last thing that either of us wants right now is your wife walking through that front door, do you understand me?!

JACK: Right! So, let's just leave her out of this. And (his voice catching) get down to why you're here. (Exhaling an inhaling several times) I assume you work for Tony di Mera.

MADISON: I work for a lot of people. This is just another gig, Jack.
She flashes a smile, Jack continues to stand his ground, trying to figure out what to do next.
JACK: But-uh, your face, your hair, your body, it's.... it's just like.... (exhaling) haa, how do they do it? I'.... (swallowing hard) Your clothes they're the same as Jennifer's, how did you know--

MADISON: (Interrupting) Don't you know that Count di Mera knows all!

JACK: Right.

MADISON: And now, that our little surprise is out, I won't be needing this.
Madison touches her faces. Jack watches, frowning. She rips off the mask that she was wearing, revealing her true appearance. She throws the latex mask to Jack, and he catches it. She takes off the dentures she was wearing, and smugly grins. She flips her hair. She no longer sounds like Jennifer.
MADISON: There, that's much better! Don't y'ah think?
Jack looks down at the mask in his hands.

JACK: I ah.... I get it! Kinda like that.... like that (looking at the mask) girl in Alias.

Madison picks off the remaining bits of the spirit gum from her face.

04Ep027B: Madison threatens to kill JackMADISON: Yeah, except I work for the bad guys. And the bad guy's paying me to collect your sorry little butt....

Jack watches her. She continues to pick off the gum from her face.

MADISON: (Cont.) ....and wants it back to it's chamber of horrors, ASAP.

JACK: No. (Softly) I just got here. I'm not going back. (Looking down) Never! You'll have to kill me first.

Jack stares at her. She continues to point the gun at them. There is a flash as if there has been a gun shot, the scene ends.

Scene Three: Back to Jack and Jennifer's place. Nothing happened, she is still pointing the gun at Jack.
MADISON: Killing you can easily be arranged, Mr. Deveraux. (Picking more gum) In case you haven't noticed, (waves the gun) I (smiling) have a gun!

Pointing the gun back at him. Jack is fiddling with the Jennifer mask.

04Ep027C: Jack fiddles with the Jennifer mask

JACK: But you wouldn't dare pull that trigger, th....
Jack realizes how icky is holding a mask of Jennifer, fumbling with it he finally throws it away in disgust.
JACK: (Cont.) Yo.... (putting up his hands) All my blood would be a dead give away.... (pointing for emphasis) no pun intended!
Jack steps back as she steps closer to him. He continues to do this as he talks.
JACK: (Cont.) It would tell people that (gesturing) I was alive. (Gesturing, correcting himself) that I am alive! I.... i.... i.... it would put a serious crimp in your boss' plans. (Raising his finger in emphasis) I'm telling you right now, it would! If you....
Jack has backed up a few steps from the door, and suddenly he turns towards the door. He can see Jennifer outside through the shades.
JACK: Jennifer?

Jennifer is walking back towards the car. She suddenly stops. She turns, saying that she did not remember turning on the living room light. She walks back towards the door.

Back inside, Jack watches in fear as he sees her walking back towards the door. Madison watches, her gun pointed at Jack.

04Ep027D: Jack is worried sick seeing Jennifer

JACK: (Speaking softly) No, Jennifer, go away.
Madison laughs with glee, and screws the silencer on the gun more tightly. Jack watches, hoping Jennifer does not come inside.
MADISON: Looks like this is about to get interesting.
Jack turns and looks at her, then at the gun.

Scene Four: A dog is barking outside. Jennifer walks to the door, and fiddles with her keys.

Back inside, Jack is looking towards the door, terrified that Jennifer will come inside.
Jack turns towards her, defiantly.
JACK: No! No!
Madison steps closer towards him.
MADISON: You let Jennifer see you and you're both dead. And I don't think you'd want little Abby or Jack, Jr. to grow up without a mommy or daddy, now would you.
Jack stands his mouth agape. She inches towards him, the gun at the ready. Jack is terrified not knowing what to do.

Back outside, Jennifer has found the right key. She stops, saying that she probably just left the light on for Abigail. She sighs and walks off, "I'm losing it."

From inside Jack sees her walking away, relieved.
JACK: Thank God, Jennifer. Go away. Fast.
Jack looks terrible, yet relieved. He sighs in relief, yet dejected realizing Jennifer was his last chance to escape.
MADISON: That was close, wasn't it.
Jack sighs as she walks up behind him.
MADISON: (Cont.) But now you see, Jack, I'm not playing games. You know what you have to do!

Jack looks up.

JACK: Yeah. I do.

04Ep027E: Jack knocks Madison out

Jack hesitates for a split second, then quickly swings around, and knocks aside her arm which is holding the gun. He then slugs her. She groans in pain, then collapses to the floor, unconscious. He bends down and picks up the gun.

JACK: You tell di Mera, that's from me,all right.
Jack runs outside. And calls for Jennifer.
Jennifer is inside the car, she has her cell headset on. She is about to drive off but stops. "I could *swear* I just heard Jack call my name."

Scene Five: Back in the di Mera Castle, Marlena has had a nightmare about her and Roman never making it home and dying there. Roman tries to calm her, though she remains inconsolable. Finally he convinces her to rest. Though he thinks to himself that she might be right. Then talking to himself, "If only *someone* knew where we were!"

Scene Six: Jack is running around outside, desperately calling out to Jennifer.
Back inside, Madison stirs, apparently she can hear him calling to Jennifer.
Jack runs back inside, going to the phone.
JACK: Come on, I can stop her.
Jack puts down the gun, and frantically punches in her number, panting, he puts the phone to his ear.
JACK: (Talking to himself) Come on, Jennifer! Answer! (Taping the phone) Answer!
Jack's back is to Madison, so he does not see her getting up. She rubs her jaw where he slugged her, and looks maliciously at him. Jennifer has yet to answer and Jack gets impatient, and mutters to himself
JACK: Come on!
Meanwhile, Jennifer is driving, her cell rings, and she pushes a button, and talks through her head set.
JENNIFER: Hello? (She fiddles with the headset) Oh.
Jack does not notice as Madison picks up a small vase, and slugs him upside his head. Jack groans and collapses.
JACK: Uuuhh!
Back in Jennifer's call.
JENNIFER: Hello?! Hello, is anyone there?
Madison snatches the phone from an an unconscious Jack. Jennifer can be heard on the other end.
Madison pushes a button. Jennifer is heard again.

JENNIFER: H-hello, can you hear me? L-listen I have a bad connection, is anyone there. Hello?

Madison puts the phone to her ear, and smiles.
MADISON: Sorry, wrong number.
She hangs up, rises, smiling wickedly, and puts the phone away.

The scenes cuts back to Jennifer who is driving.

Madison looks down at Jack.
MADISON: Haaa, mission accomplished.

Jack is lying on the living room floor, dead to the world.

04Ep027F: Madison tricks Jack, knocking him unconscious

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]