Episode Twenty-eight: The Odyssey Starring
Jack Deveraux, Part XI: Jack Has Been
Knocked out by Tony's Hench-person;
at Tom and Alice's 75th Anniversary
Party, Jennifer Fantasizes About Her and Jack.

[Air date March 16th, 2005]
Scene One: Some of the Hortons are throwing Alice a 75th anniversary party for her and Tom's wedding. Abigail is there with Chelsea talking about her grandparents, while they make a banner for the party. Chelsea makes snide remarks about having an anniversary when one of the people is dead. Abigail does not think it is so silly. Chelsea gets crude talking about sex, annoying Abigail.
ABIGAIL: Oh, my gosh, not everything is about sex, Chelsea. It's about love, true love. My great-grandparents had it, aannd my mom and dad have it, too.

CHELSEA: You mean had! Why do you keep talking as though he's still alive?
Abigail says nothing, and just thinks.

Scene Two: A repeat of the pervious episode. Jack has just run inside, after not being able to stop Jennifer. He runs to the phone.
JACK: Come on, I can stop her.
Jack puts down the gun, and frantically punches in her number, panting, he puts the phone to his ear.
JACK: (Talking to himself) Come on, Jennifer! Answer! (Taping the phone) Answer!
Jack's back is to Madison, so he does not see her getting up. She rubs her jaw where he slugged her, and looks maliciously at him. Jennifer has yet to answer and Jack gets impatient, and mutters to himself
JACK: Come on!
Meanwhile, Jennifer is driving, her cell rings, and she pushes a button, and talks through her head set.
JENNIFER: Hello? (She fiddles with the headset) Oh.
Jack does not notice as Madison picks up a small vase, and slugs him upside his head. Jack groans and collapses.
Back in Jennifer's car.
JENNIFER: Hello?! Hello, is anyone there?
Madison snatches the phone from an an unconscious Jack. Jennifer can be heard on the other end.
Madison pushes a button. Jennifer is heard again.

JENNIFER: H-hello, can you hear me? L-listen I have a bad connection, is anyone there. Hello?

Madison puts the phone to her ear, and smiles.
MADISON: Sorry, wrong number.
She hangs up, rises, smiling wickedly, and puts the phone away.

The scenes cuts back to Jennifer who is driving.

Madison looks down at Jack.
MADISON: Haaa, mission accomplished.
Jack is lying on the living room floor, dead to the world.

Back in the car.
JENNIFER: (Sighing) Haa, my gosh, why.... why do I feel like Jack is in trouble.
Scene Three: Back in the car Jennifer keeps thinking about her feelings that Jack is in trouble. She debates with herself.
JENNIFER: Gosshh, Jennifer, pull yourself together. J-just concentrate on your driving, Jack can't be in trouble because he's not alive!
Scene Four: Back at the Deveraux', Jack is still unconscious. Madison goes to check on him.
MADISON: Sorry I had to club you, but we couldn't let that little wife of ours know that you were alive.
She checks his pulse at his throat, and gets up.
MADISON: You're gonna have a killer headache when you come to. (Looking down at him) But if I let him get near anyone, Count di Mera will feed me to the sharks.
She looks around, then looks inside the draws of cabinet. She takes out some books, and then finds a rope.
MADISON: Must be his daughter's jump rope.
She puts everything back, and goes over to his unconscious body. She ties his arms behind his back. Then she starts running her hands over his chest. She looks at him, enjoying what she sees. She rolls him on his back and continues to run her hands over him.

MADISON: It's no mystery what that little wife (she runs her hands over his face) of yours sees in you.

She runs her fingers over his lips. Just then Jack starts to come to, moaning.

JACK: Ha...., ha....., Jennifer.
Madison is hovering over him, Jack sees a blurry image of Jennifer instead.
JACK: Jennifer.
She bends over him beginning to kiss him seductively. She moans as she kisses Jack. Jack is still partially out of it. Madison is continuing to kissing him, very seductively.
JACK: Jennifer. Jennifer.
She continues to kiss Jack, who in his semi-unconscious state believing it is Jennifer, responds.

Scene Five: Madison is all over an semi-unconscious Jack, she seems to enjoy what happened between them. Jack still thinks it is Jennifer. Half-conscious he mutters Jennifer's name.
JACK: Ahh.... Uhhh....
Madison stops.
JACK: Ah.... Thank God, Jennifer it's you. (Exhales) Hu.... I was having this dream, you were this imposter, trying to take me back to di Mera's castle.
At first it looks and sounds like Jennifer.
MADISON: (Her head shaking) I don't know how to tell you this....
Jack looks at her realizing it is no dream, the voice returns back to Madison, and then he sees her instead of Jennifer.
MADISON: (Cont.) ....but you are going back to the castle!
Madison smiles sadistically at him. Jack is not completely coherent.
JACK: No, no not again!

04Ep028B: Jack wakes, and is disgusted by Madison

Jack's head is partially lifted on the ground, in frustration he hits it back on the floor, and groans and grimaces in pain. Madison is on her knees looking down at him.

JACK: (Cont.) Ah.... Ah.... Ah, you knocked me out.

MADISON: (Smiling) Ahh.... you didn't give me a choice.

JACK: (His eyes open, breathing heavily) Jennifer, (Swallowing, looking around in desperation) what did you do with Jennifer.

04Ep028C: Jack is worried about Jennifer

MADISON: I don't know anything about your wife. (Bending down farther, smiling) My only assignment is you, (Seductively putting her finger over his lips) and that's turned out to have some pretty good fringe benefits. You're one terrific lover Jack Deveraux.

Jack's eyes have widen as she talks. She then bends down and tries to seductive kiss him again. Jack turns his head away, revolted, but still too weak to do anything.
JACK: No, no.... no, no!
Jack rests his head down, again. Jacks gasps a few times.
JACK: (Cont.) No. (groans)
Madison stops, and sits up.
She gets up and starts to walk away, throwing up her arm.
JACK: You.... you knew, you knew I love my wife.
Madison makes a scoffing laugh.
MADISON: You know, I bet the Count will let me pay you conjugal visits to the castle any time I want.

JACK: (Shaking his head) You're not for real.

MADISON: (Mockingly) You thought so when you were all over me in that cozy little cabin. A few more sessions like that and you'll be saying, "Jennifer who?"
Jack is disgusted by her or that thought. He vehemently shakes his head.
JACK: No, no....
Madison does another scoffing laugh.

MADISON: Who are you kidding, you didn't even notice the difference!
She walks off. Jack looks around. He struggles, trying to break free.

JACK: I, damnit! I ga.... I Ca....

Jack groans. Then he notices what she used to tie him. He thinks to himself.
JACK: Look what she tied me up with! Guess you're not as smart as you think you are!

Jack looks around making sure she is not looking.

Scene Six: Patrick is at Maggie's talking to his mother Bonnie, he is still groggy after Chelsea drugged him at the Cheatin' Heart, trying to seduce him. Jennifer arrives, he notices she is up set. She finally tells him that she thought she heard and saw Jack earlier that evening at their home. Patrick tries to convince her otherwise. He thinks that she has not had much sleep and that Jack has been on her mind all the time. She tells him that she thought things would get easier. However, she misses Jack more than ever. "And the more I miss him, the angrier I get," she tells him. He tries to tell her it is part of the grieving process -- though is it because he is trying to make her feel better or is he in fact still involved with Tony. She tells him how miraculous it was on the island, how despite all the odds she and Jack found each other. She tells him that Jack, Jr. was born, and that despite Tony controlling their lives, she had hope, hope that they would return together. She wonders how after getting through all of that, in tears, "How could God take my husband away from me, *again*!" She apologizes, "I just want him, *I want him*!" She wants him there with her, wants him to help her raise their children. He massages her shoulders, trying to comfort her, saying he knows. Though she knows that it never will happen. She realizes she needs to move on with her life. Though she does not sound too sure about it.

Scene Seven: Back at the house, Jack is wiggling out of the rope.
JACK: Ah....
Madison comes back into the room. She bends down next to him smiling, and then touches him again, caresses his hair.


MADISON: Don't let this go to your head, but I'm going to miss you. 04Ep028D: Strangling Madison

She does not notice that his hands are free. As she is talking he grabs for her neck, and chokes her. She gasps for breath as he brings her down to the floor.

JACK: I'm not going to miss you!

She continues to gasp for breath and gags as he chokes her with all his might. He grunts. Finally she is unconscious. He breaths heavily from the exertion. The scene cuts ahead a few minutes later, a rope is tied around her feet, and up to her hands. Holding the gun, he drags her across the floor.

JACK: This is a real rope, so next time you wanna time someone up, you need to use (putting her down on a chair) a real rope and not a trick rope from some kid's magic set.
Jack moves her head, seeing she is definitely out.
JACK: Okay.... (looking at the gun) you don't need that anymore (putting it on a table), okay.
Jack walks over and picks up the phone, and punches in a number.
JACK: Now it is time for me, to call the authorities and Jennifer. Ha....
Jack exhales, and puts the phone to his head.

Scene Eight: Jennifer and Patrick enter Maggie's house. She notices a photo on a table and stops. She walks over to it and picks it up. Patrick looks frustrated and walks away. It is a photo of her and Jack [it was from a publicity shot from back in 2001]. She puts the photo to her chest, and fantasizes about her and Jack.

04Ep028E: Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Jack

It is Alice and Tom's 75th anniversary. Jack, wearing a suit, drags her away from the rest of the guests into the hallway. Jennifer looks back smiling at what is going on in the other room. Jack has his old sense of humor and personality, subtlety tweaking things that are silly. This fantasy Jack does seem to find the whole anniversary party for a dead man rather silly. Throughout the scene they hold hands.

JACK: (Gesturing) I'm telling you, I think some people might think it's a little silly, what's going on in there.

The fantasy Jennifer, ever the romantic seems to be a little hurt by Jack not finding it romantic.
JENNIFER What my..... my grandma celebrating (frowning) her anniversary without Grandpa?

Jack makes a face and nods in agreement.

04Ep028F: In the fantasy, Jack thinks the party might be a silly idea

JACK: Hmmm.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Do you?
Jack immediately tries to counter it so as not to disappoint or anger Jennifer.

04Ep028G: Jack says may their kids and grandkids may do the same for them

JACK: Oh, (pointing to himself) no, well, I mean I think it is really rather (pointing to the other room) sweet that she.... she obviously wants to do that. It obviously means alot to her.

Jennifer turns to look into the living room were Alice obviously is. Jack looks too.

JACK: (Cont.) But who knows, maybe someday it will mean alot to us if our kids and (Jack seems to like the idea) grandkids want to celebrate our anniversary.
Jennifer turns towards him and looks at him lovingly. Jack looks at her with great love.

JACK: I love you Jennifer (smiling).

04Ep028H1: In the fantasy, Jack says he loves her.
04Ep028H2: Jennifer says she loves him more

JENNIFER: I love you more! Ha.... ha.... ha....

Jack is about to respond, he opens his mouth to speak, but she beats him.
Jennifer laughs. Jack bends down and kisses her, and she puts her arm around him, and responds.

Jennifer gets out of her fantasy, and sadly puts back the photo. She hears a sound and turns to see Alice at the doorway.
ALICE: I've always loved that photograph of you and Jack.
She walks towards Alice.
JENNIFER: Thanks, Gram. Ah, I just.... I miss him so much.

ALICE: I know you do dear, but he's much closer than you think.
Jennifer bends over and gives Alice a tight hug.

A little later they are still hugging. Alice tells Jennifer that if she feels Jack's presence, that is because he is around, and always will be.

Scene Nine: Back at the Deveraux', Jack is on the phone trying to get help, but he seems to be getting nowhere, and is very frustrated.
JACK: I can't believe you put me on hold! Ha....
Jack sighs, and hangs up, and then punches in another number.
JACK: To hell with this! I'm going to the police station, and getting the hell out of here before anything else goes wrong.
He stops and puts down the phone instead. He is about to walk off when he hears Madison's voice.
MADISON: Freeze, Deveraux!
Jack freezes. He slowly turns around to see Madison, freed from the rope, and pointing the gun at him.
MADISON: (Cont.) For somebody who spent all that time on a ship, you sure tie a lousy knot.
Jack looks at her from the corner of his eye, partially turned, looking disheartened that he again has had his plans thwarted.
MADISON: (Cont.) No more games, understand! You move, you're a deadman!

Jack stands motionless, sicken by the idea that he has been caught, again, and will probably be sent back to the castle, never to see his family again.

04Ep028I: Jack is caught again by Madison

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]