Episode Twenty-nine: The Odyssey Starring Jack
Deveraux, Part XII: Jack Tries to Escape from the
Fake Jennifer, but Tony and Bart Arrive; Jennifer
Comes Home, but Patrick Appears to Know What is
Going on and Tries to Prevent Her from Going Inside.

[Air date March 17th, 2005]
Scene One: It is still Alice and Tom's 75th Anniversary party. Jennifer and Alice are talking to Lucas in the kitchen. He tells them that because of Sami's betrayal that he will never have an anniversary. Jennifer tells him that she almost gave up on Jack and they got a second, and even a third chance. She says that the saddest part is that because of what happened they will *never* share an anniversary together.

Scene Two: Continuing from the previous show, Jack, and Madison.
MADISON: Move, you're a dead man, Deveraux.
Jack looks scared that all is over. He then tries to manipulate the situation to his advantage.
JACK: You know ah, I'd say that we got to know each other pretty well in the past twenty-four hours. (Slight laugh) Ha.... (Turns slowly towards her, gestures) You know things about me that.... (a half-smile) only my wife.... I know you wouldn't want to shoot me in cold blood after all we been through.

MADISON: The sex meant nothing.
Jack is disappointed that he could not convince her to help him.
JACK: Right, same for me, after I found out you were'nt my wife.

MADISON: (Slight laugh, shakes her head) Hmm, poor Jack, did you really think I'd tell Tony that you were such a nice guy I'd decide to let you go free so you could turn him into the authorities.

JACK: Yes!
Jack is trying to be charming hoping that would help, and also trying not to show too much fear and upset. She continues to point the gun at him; in the mirror we see her bend down and pick up something; he is unable to hide his disappointment.
MADISON: He went to a great deal of trouble to have (showing the masking) this mask made to look exactly like your little blonde wifey.

JACK: (Muttering to himself) Damnit, how could I fall for (his voice trails off)....
Jack looks down, purses his lips, frustrated. Yet, he tries one more time to convince her.
JACK: You know what I went through to get back to my wife and family, tell me what did I do to deserve this?

MADISON: (Smirking) Life's not fair, Jack! Are you such a sucker you're just finding that out.

JACK: (As if resigned) Well.... (making a face) I know there's more I can say from stopping you from shooting me, so.... (starting to walk away) good-day.
Jack walks towards the door, without a care. She follows, the gun pointed at his back.
MADISON: You've had your warning! One more move and you're dead!

Jack stops. His expression is hard to read.

04Ep029A: Jack walks out the door

Scene Three: Lucas leaves to be with his family as the deal with what is happening to Philip. Alice talks to Jennifer about how Tom, Jack and the rest of their family in heaven are all watching over Philip. Jennifer replies, "Well, you know what, Gram, if Jack were alive he'd get on a plane, and he would *head over there* and he would *find* Philip. I know he would. He'd *find* Philip, and he'd come home, and he'd win a Pulitzer for the story that he would write about how he did it!"

Scene Four: Back to the Deveraux house, the previous scene continues.
MADISON: I hope you don't think I'm bluffing, the guns loaded, it's cocked!
Jack slowly, and confidently, turns toward her.
JACK: And you don't have a silencer. You took it off, so you try to shoot me now the whole neighborhood's gonna turn out, (motioning with his head) call in the police, and you'd be toast. I know you're smarter than that.
Jack turns to walk out. She stops him.
MADISON: I'm a woman with a gun, I don't have to be smart! All I have to do is pull this trigger, and you'll be dead.
Jack momentarily seems affected, but quickly reverts back to his attempts at psyching her out.
JACK: But maybe, maybe you'll miss. (Slight, crooked smile) Maybe you'll miss my heart, and then.... you and your boss will be toast as soon I can spill it out to the police or any media outlets that care to listen. (Confidently) So, I'm going to walk out now! You can watch me.
Jack turns and goes to the door. Madison watches. She gets a pleased expression, as Jack stops at the door. He turns to look at her, sighing.
JACK: (Confidently) I was hoping I could count on you. Thank you!

Jack quickly opens the door. However, a smirking Tony is standing there.

04Ep029B: Jack is caugh by Tony

TONY: (With a pleased expression) Leaving so soon, Jack?!
Jack sighs, and turns, his face displays his frustration.
TONY: (Cont.) What's the matter, didn't have a lovely evening the wife.
Jack sighs again, thne gets the courage and starts to run. However, he runs into Bart who has a gun aimed at him. He sighs, and stamps down is foot in frustration, as he stops in place. He exhales, and looks towards Tony and Madison, who still has the gun pointed at him. Jack tries to make a joke to hide his frustration and concern. He then looks back at Bart. He realizes he has no chance.
JACK: You know something, there's.... (his voice catches) way (gesturing) too many guns in this country. (He puts his arms together in front of him) I'm going to have to call my congresswoman about that (Jack sniffs).

BART: Ahhh, it never works, by the way, (motioning with the gun) this one has a silencer.

JACK: I know. (Nodding, dropping his arms) I know, Bart old buddy, old pal. (Jack is breathing heavily) But I also know you wouldn't shoot me, you have the skill set, but.... you don't have the moxie.

TONY: You're absolutely right, Jack. Bart's not a killer, but he is an extremely effective door stop.

BART: (Mouthing it) Thank you (nods in appreciation).

TONY: (Pulling out a gun, showing it) Well, what do you know, I have a gun, too, with a silencer! (Pointing it at him sideways)....
Jack is completely frustrated and disheartened.
TONY: (Cont.) Now why don't we get inside, Jack, it's getting a bit chilly. I certainly don't want Bart having to hose off the blood on the sidewalk at this time of the night.

BART: Thanks Boss, I'm just getting over this chest cold, it's--

Jack turns towards, him, and nods his head, resigned to his fate. Jack walks inside, as the three point their guns at him. Once Jack is inside Bart asks Tony a question.
BART: You sure you want to take him out now, Boss?
Bart goes inside. Tony stays outside.
TONY: Hmm.
Scene Five: With Tony's secret help, he has transformed Sami into a guy, Stan. Sami is working on paying back Kate, but is also going after her other enemies. As Stan she makes sure to keep John in drugs. She also has discovered that the Chloe -- her face had been disfigured in an auto accident and had let Brady believe she was dead -- is very much alive and in Salem -- Chloe is at a clinic outside Salem for reconstructive plastic surgery. She also knows that Mimi has had an abortion, and is keeping it from Rex.Tony has secretly been manipulating Sami to go after her enemies which are his enemies as well.

Scene Six: Back at the party -- it is being held at Mickey and Maggie, and Bonnie's -- Alice and Jennifer are still talking in the kitchen. Country music can be heard from the living room, and the sounds of the others have a fun time. Jennifer is looking out the window, obviously still thinking about Jack. Jennifer laughs. Alice says that they sound like they are having fun. Alice thinks she should join them. Jennifer does not feel like it. Alice knows, "You're missing Jack, aren't you?" Jennifer asks Alice about Tom's death, and how afterwards she would hear his voice, "in the house as if he were upstairs?" Alice wonders why Jennifer is asking the question. Jennifer tells Alice how she thought she heard Jack's voice earlier that night when she went home. At first she thought she was crazy, Jack is alive. Then she she told herself, "he can't be alive!"
JENNIFER: And it is soo hard to accept, Gram, an.... and all I want right now is for him to walk through that door.
There is a knocking sound at the door. Jennifer turns to see who it is. The door opens, and it is Jack. He is dressed differently than he was early so it is obviously a fantasy. It sounds like Alice gasps.
JACK: (Exhales) Jennifer!
Jack exhales several times. Jennifer turns almost in tears.
JENNIFER: Oh my God! Jack is it....
Jennifer jumps up and runs to him, throwing her arms around him. They hold each other tightly.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....oh, my God! Jack!

JACK: (Filled with emotion) It's me. (Hold her even more tightly) It's me! I'm alive, I'm here, I've come back to you!
Alice beams with joy seeing them reunited. They let go of their embrace.

JACK: (Cont.) I've got some things to tell you, some real doozies. (Swallows hard with emotion) But right now all (taking her face in his hands) I want to do--

ALICE: (Interrupting, with a disapproving look) Jack! Now.... now!

04Ep029C1: Alice reacts to Jack's return
04Ep029C2: Jack tells Alice not to worry

JACK: Ah.... Right, (smiling) ah, (raising his hand to Alice) don't worry Alice, (nodding) ah, right now all I'm going to do is (moving his head from side to side) is kiss you. For the moment!

Jennifer throws her arms around him, and they kiss passionately.

The fantasy ends, Jennifer says she knows he will not come back, and that she is "so grateful for the love that we had. And I *know* that I will never have a love like that again!" Alice agrees, "That's right, Dear, you *won't!" Jennifer sadly nods in agreement.

Scene Seven: Back at Jack's place.
JACK: I'd call you the King of Cruelty, but you'd probably take that as a compliment.

TONY: O-oh, (smugly) you know me soo (laughs) well! Don't know your wife half as well as you thought you did, though!
Tony's comments have affected Jack. This obviously upsets him.
JACK: That's enough, Tony! That is enough (hanging his head)!

MADISON: (Smiling) Oh, come on! You had a good time.

JACK: (Letting out a deep sigh) Yes I did. I thought I was with my wife. Not you!
Bart and Madison continue to have their guns aimed at Jack. Madison is smirking. Tony stands in front of Jack watching and listening.
JACK: (Cont.) I tell you something (looking away from him), Tony, you mean nothing to me! None of this (turning his head to the side) means anything, none of you!
Jack turns towards Tony. Bart seems offended.
BART: "None of you"? Don't put me in on this, Buddy! I wasn't in on it....

JACK: Ah hmm.

BART: (Cont.) ....
I didn't get the memo, but now that I found out what you did, Boss, my cup runneth over with envy!
Madison looks at Bart, then back towards Jack.
BART: (Cont.) Even you got to admit, Jack-o, this man is brilliant!
Jack has a wise look on his face as he looks to Bart and the to Tony, who flashes a smug, idiotic smile.

Scene Eight: Back in Maggie and Mickey's kitchen, Jennifer and Alice continue to talk about Jack. Jennifer tells her, "Jack was just so unique." Alice nods in agreement. Jennifer continues by saying she misses him so much. "I will mourn him for the rest of my life." Alice tells her that she of course will always miss him, "the love *never* dies." Alice tells her despite the love never dying, she will not find Jack when she goes home, "no matter how much your heart wishes it." Jennifer looks on sadly. Jennifer reluctantly admits that is true, and the last thing she wants to do is go home to their big empty house without Jack there.

Scene Nine: Sami as Stan calls Bo and Billie, and telling Billie, who answers that their little girl misses them and she cries to sleep every night. Sami apparently is after Bo because of his part in putting Marlena in jail which lead to her "death."

Scene Ten: Back at the Deveraux' Jack hovers in the background with Madison still pointing the gun at him, he watches and listens to Bart's conversation with Tony. Jack then sits down. Bart realizes that Tony had set everything up when Jack initially escaped. Tony replies, "Of course." Bart is impressed. He thinks that Tony is like a great chess master always a move ahead, he wonders how Tony did it. Tony replies he is always "twenty steps" ahead. Tony tells him that he knew Jack would want to reunite with "his loving wife." Showing off the mask he tells Bart that he recruited the best -- referring to Madison. He had set Jack up with Madison, pretending to be Jennifer, from the beginning. Bart thinks Jack's a "lucky duck" because she is hot. Tony prefers his women authentic. Bart says he is very lucky that Jennifer had not returned and screwed up his plans.

TONY: (Angered) Luck had nothing to do with it! I had an informer tell me that Jennifer was going spend the evening with Alice Horton's anniversary party, along with Patrick Lockhart. (Makes a face) Ghoulish don't y'ah think? I mean, Tom's been dead for--

Jack has been sitting on the couch, rather bored until now. Jack interrupts him when he talks about Tom. Placing his hands together in a pyramid shape. Jack remains rather nonchalant.
JACK: I couldn't help but overhear that-ah (looking at his fingers) Lockhart was with Jennifer, are you saying that (weaving his fingers together) he's still working for you?
Tony and Bart turn towards Jack.
TONY: All you need to know, Jack, is this that I will not allow anyone to interfere with my well thought out plans!

BART: That's right, Boss, you tell'em! (Talking to Jack) Hey, (pointing) You wouldn't believe the things the Boss has (gesturing) got in the hopper for the good town of Salem, (pointing) especially the lollapalooza.

Jack is still sitting on the couch, his fingers intertwined, acting nonchalant, though intrigued.

04Ep029D: Jack listens to Bart and Tony

JACK: "Lollapalooza?"

BART: (Excited, gesturing) Oh, it's a ring-a-ding-dinger, listen to this--


BART: I'm hip! Lips zipped (mimics zipping his lips).
Jack continues to act nonchalant, but he has a slight pleased look

Scene Eleven: The scene takes off were it left off. Jack starts to get up. Madison and now Bart their guns aimed at him. Then he sits down to get more comfortable.
JACK: (Sarcastically) Cough it up Tony, what fabulously evil plot do you have this time?(Gesturing for emphasis) I mean really, do you think you can top all of this? Why don't you give us one of your megalomanical monologues.

TONY: (An ironic laugh) Oh, Jack, I'd love to oblige you (waving his gun), but this is not the time or the place.
Laughs ironically, touching his lip with his hand. Tony now waves the gun in front of him.
TONY: Get up!
Jack does not move. He looks as if he is contemplating something.
JACK: I'd like to oblige you too!
Jack waits a second, then quick grabs for Tony's gun. He takes it. Then he swings around, aiming it at Tony.
Madison and Bart aim their guns at Tony.


JACK: (Determined, unflinching) Everyone, listen up! You can pull your triggers, but I'll pull mine too, I can't help it. It's involuntary. So while I am dying, I'll have shot your boss in the heart. (Determinedly) So you see, even brilliant people die sometimes, Bart!

04Ep029E: Jack takes Tony's gun, threatening to kill him

Bart and Madison look at Jack, Tony and each other. Tony has a slight smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, outside Jennifer walks down the walkway towards her front door. Jennifer takes out her keys. Then stops.

[Air date March 18th, 2005]
Scene One: Slightly similar repeat of the previous episode. Jack is on the couch, the three of them have their guns aimed at him.

TONY: Now hit the road, Jack!

Jack waits a second, then quickly grabs for Tony's gun. He takes it. Then he swings around, aiming it at Tony.
Madison and Bart aim their guns at Jack.

JACK: (Holding the gun in one hand, and pointing with the other) I'm not going anywhere Tony! These two can shoot me, I'm stilling going to shoot you! I can't stop my reflexes. So, before I walk out, I'm going to ask you one question, why?
Tony says nothing, he just stands revealing no expression.
JACK: (Cont.) Why Jennifer and me? Why is Patrick Lockhart living in my house? (Motioning with his head) It's part of your plan?
Now Tony flashes a broad sadistic smile. He laughs, then returns to a blank expression.
JACK: (Cont.) Tony, is Patrick Lockhart still working for you?
Tony says nothing, and is expression makes it hard to tell whether Patrick is or is not working for him.

Scene Two: A repeat of the last scene, Jennifer walks down the walkway towards the door of their house. Just then Patrick walks up and stops her. He is looking towards the house. He tells her sounding desperate, "Don't go in yet!" Jennifer looks at him confused.

Scene Three: The scene continues, Jennifer turns to go inside instead. Somewhat forcefully Patrick replies, "I *mean* it! Don't go inside!" Jennifer frowns, confused.

Scene Four: Back instead Jack has the gun, he is now holding it with both hands, he took from Tony pointed at Tony, while Madison and Bart are pointing their guns at him.
JACK: Come on, Tony, I'm losing it here, my trigger finger is getting a little shaky. So tell me, is Patrick Lockhart still on your payroll?
Tony laughs and acts smugly. Bart looks at him.
TONY: You're getting a little shaky., I'm getting a little boorred. Why don't you put the gun down, Jack.
Jack is still very determined.
TONY: (Cont.) You're not going to kill me! Like Bart, you're an innocent you don't have the stomach for it.

JACK: Wrong! Unlike Bart, I'm desperate!

BART: Yeah, well I'm desperate too, Jack! (Motioning his head towards Tony) You kill the Boss, and I'm out of work! And given what I do, I.... not exactly eligible for unemployment (gesturing with his head) and the medical coverage goes, and the retirement plan goes right out the window.
Tony smirks as he listens to Bart.
TONY: (Nodding) Well, the day you retire is the day you die.

Bart stops and looks over at Tony, it is obvious that he had not thought about that. Jack sees this as an opportunity and tries to manipulate Bart.

JACK: He's right there, Bart! Tony will never let you go! He'll kill you before he does! You know too much.

04Ep029F: Jack vows he will kill to save his familyBart seems to be thinking over what Jack is saying, and seems to possibly have some doubt. He looks over at Tony.

JACK: (Cont.) You're back to me... and you. Maybe in the past I wouldn't have shot you, (Jack sounds determined and serious about killing him) Tony, but now, after all those months on that island.... and the castle, on that ship I do whatever I have to, to save my family!
Tony and Bart listen to him, Bart seems to be concerned. Tony just stands without any expression.
TONY: Well, go ahead, do it! But you're not going to get what you want, Jack! As a matter of fact, it will accomplish the opposite.

Jack continues to intently aim the gun at him.

Scene Five: Jennifer is not interested in remaining outside with Patrick. He appears to be paying attention inside, does he see Jack and the rest inside. Jennifer even notices he is acting strangely. He then says he has something he wants to show her, he brings her over to a bush which is blooming, he says it is the first flowers of spring. Jennifer looks down at the plant, and smiles lovingly at it.
JENNIFER: You know what, Patrick, Jack planted this bush after he moved in here with us.
[Jennifer then thinks back to that day [though this is a false flashback. Jennifer was nowhere nice to Jack when he manipulated his way into move back together -- I actually prefer this false memory to what really happened].

Jack is wearing a red hooded-sweater, a t-shirt and jeans. Jack pours the soil around the bush. He throws the bag aside. Just then Jennifer walks over to him, wearing a white shirt and jeans. She then sits next to him and admires the bush.
JACK: I'm thinking (gesturing) that this bush is kinda like us (looks at Jennifer), (then back at the bush) this starting a whole new (pausing) stage.
Jack looks at her then back at the bush, he seems a little nervous, he wants to hope that there is a chance for them but is a little worried it is not possible. He also does not seem to want to push her. So he does not want to appear as though he is forcing her.
JACK: (Cont.) I.... I.... I'm not saying (waving his hand) we have a commitment or anything....
He looks at her, then slightly embarrassed he looks way, down at the plant. Jennifer looks at the plant.
JENNIFER: Well, I think it's beautiful (looking at Jack).

Jack looks down and clears his throat, and sniffs. Jack is obviously nervous, and wants to be hopeful but is scared.
JACK: (Cont.) I just hope it stays alive. I don't exactly have a green thumb as you're well aware.
Jack smiles embarrassedly, and looks away. Jennifer laughs. Jack laughs, and goes back to tending the bush, as she lovingly watches.
JENNIFER: And neither do I as you're equally aware (laughing).

JACK: Well, Abigail (gesturing) has a green thumb and she.... she gave it her blessing and tamped it down a little bit, so (looking at her) let's just.... (looking back down) let's just hope it lasts.
Jack goes back to tending it, as Jennifer watches. Jack sniffs.
JENNIFER: I have a feeling that it will!
Looking back at Jack. Then back at the bush.
04Ep029G: Jack says the plant is symbolic of him, themJENNIFER: (Cont.) So, what is it exactly.

JACK: Ah, it's a.... a.... (looking at the plant) it said on the thing it's like a (stating it almost as a question) Diasma (looking back at her) or a.... (looking down) it means it's flll.... (looking back at Jennifer) "flower 'o heaven".... (Smiling embarrassedly) or something like that. (Looking back and forth) But-uh.... (gesturing) it means.... it's.... it's perennial. That's what it is. It means it's.... (emphasizing with his gestures) it keeps coming back, just like me. Just like us.
Jennifer smiles and then wraps her arms around him, putting her face next to his. Jack wraps his arms around her.
JACK: You're gonna get dirty!

JENNIFER: I don't care! I don't care.

04Ep029H: Jennifer takes Jack's face and kisses him

Jennifer grabs his face and pulls him around, giving him a big kiss. They fall on the ground, her on top of him, still kissing; Jennifer lets out a shriek.

JACK: (Still kissing) I don't care either, then!
They kiss passionately, and Jennifer giggles.

The scene returns to the present. She is touching the bush, then puts her fingers to her lips. Then looks up sadly.

Scene Six: Back inside, there still is the stand-off, Jack moves closer to Tony.
MADISON: Count, we've got to take care of this guy and get out of here!
Bart raises his guy as he follows Jack who is moving even closer to Tony. Then Bart then points the gun at Jack.
TONY: Just calm down, everything is under control, uh. (Putting out his hands) As I said, Jack is not going to shoot me.

JACK: Really, why not?

TONY: Because you'll die as well. Bart may not shoot you, but trust me, (slight laugh) Madison will not hesitate.
Jack looks out of the corner of his eye towards her.
MADISON: (Smirking) It would be a pleasure!

TONY: An... And Bart will do the clean up. He'll (gesturing) clean up bodies, get rid of them, dispose them some way. No one will be the wiser. I'll be gone, but my loyal employees, why, they'll continue executing my plan.

BART: (Leaning his head towards Tony) How exactly is that gonna work, Boss? I mean, a.... a.... are you going to get like a bank to send us out pays every month or, you know, (motioning with his head) something along those lines....
Tony looks at him like "how stupid can you be."
BART: (Cont.) ....'Cause I'm not exactly sure--
Tony seems frustrated by Bart's ramblings, he rubs his forehead with his hand.
TONY: Ah, hmm, (pointing with his hand towards Jack) your loving, budding daughter--
Jack looks at him, Tony mention Abigail has thrown Jack, he seems affected. Jack frowns.
TONY: (Cont.) ....and your little newborn quasi-namesake, well, they'll be raised by our friend Patrick Lockhart. Ah, once Patrick charms his way into Jennifer's heart and bed.
Jack is becoming furious.

TONY: (Cont.) Or maybe he's already done that.

JACK: (Trying to cover is anger) That's it, that's the best you can do?

MADISON: Boss, they're right outside!


04Ep029I: Jack calls to Jennifer

Jack turns towards the door, and this gives them a chance to overpower him. Bart runs up to him and takes him by the arm, and pulls it behind his back. Jack grunts in pain.

JACK: Noo, aahh....
Yanking his arm, Bart brings Jack to his knees. Jack grunts in pain.
JACK: Ahh... uhh... (breathing heavily)

TONY: Oohh, come now Jack! Haven't you learned by now, that you can't (pronouncing it "caunt") beat me! That I always come back, alive and kicking!
Madison sticks by Tony, aiming her gun at Jack. Tony has Jack pinned down.
BART: "Kicking" good one Boss, (laughs) ha....
Tony is smirking and Jack, struggling looks at him with hate, and frustration.

Scene Seven: Back outside, Jennifer touches the bush, deep in thought. Patrick seems to still be delaying her. He makes a comment that it is a hardy plant. Jennifer smiles, and agrees, "Although Jack was sure that it thrived because it represented a new beginning for us. I mean he really believed that our love was keeping this.... this bush alive." Then he mentions Jack not trusting him. Jennifer assures him that Jack was very grateful for his help with the family. She thinks Jack would agree that he is loyal and a wonderful person. He then tells her he has a confession, he appears to be preoccupying her to make sure she does not know what is going on inside.

Scene Eight: Back inside, Bart has Jack pinned down, but continues to struggle to get free. Madison is covering him with her gun. Tony is gloating. Jack moans and groans.
TONY: Resistance is futile, Jack!

BART: And extremely annoying, I'm getting a cramp, so cool it!
Tony looks at his watch, frustrated.
TONY: Where's the damn car, why isn't it here!
Madison looks at Tony.
TONY: (Addressing her) I trust you came prepared! Hmm?
Madison smirks, and hands Tony her gun. He takes it. She takes out a hypodermic, and lets out the air bubbles. Then walks towards Jack. He struggles more, but Bart has him pinned down. Jack grimaces seeing her come towards him with the hypo. Tony smiles sadistically.

Scene Nine: Still inside, Madison slowly walks towards Jack. Jack breaks free and standing up he kicks her.
JACK: Aaaggg....
She falls over. Tony screams for them to get him.
[Jennifer is near the door yet could not hear it all, silly] Bart is able to regain control and pine Jack again.
JACK: Arrgghh.. Arggh...

Madison gets up and brings the hypodermic to give Jack the shot. Tony comes over and grabs Jack's other arm.

TONY: Get him down!

JACK: NO! NO! Auh, Dah, ack, uh.... haahh.... No, (grimacing).... Haa....

04Ep029J: Jack is captured and given a hypodermic

Jack continues to fight them, he looks over towards them, we do not see what is going on, but apparently Madison is giving him the shot which causes him to stop fighting them.

Scene Ten: Back outside Jennifer wonders what Patrick's confession is. It appears to be more stall tactics than anything else. Though you never really know if Patrick knows what is happening inside or not -- however, from the earlier scenes it looks as if he does. He tells her he is jealous of Jack. She wonders why, Jack is dead. He tells her because of all the times they spent together. Jennifer sadly tells him that she misses him. She wants to go inside. Jennifer walks to the door, and fiddles with her keys by the door, just a yards away from what is going on in her living room.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]