Episode Thirty: The Odyssey Starring Jack
Deveraux, Part XIII: Jack Has Been Drugged, and
Bart Waits to Return Him to the Castle;Jennifer
Feels Jack's Presence, as Patrick Continues to
Distract Her from Going Inside and Finding Jack.

[Air date March 21st, 2005]
Scene One: Back inside the house, Jack is lying on the floor, not far from the door, completely paralyzed, he can neither move nor talk, from whatever drug Madison gave him; yet he is conscious. Bart is guarding him. Both Tony and Madison have gone. Jack eyes are wide open, as Bart talks on the phone to Tony. Bart tells him that it is "some nifty drug." He tells Tony [whom we do not see nor hear] that Jack is conscious but cannot move nor speak. Meanwhile, Jack is listening intently to the conversation. Bart says, "Like a statue, only thing missing are the pigeons." Bart wonders when he will send "the Tony-mobile." Apparently police are in the area so the limo, which which was coming to pick them up, could not stop without arousing suspicion. Jack continues to move his eyes watching, and listening. Bart says that they will just wait it out until it is safe to leave. He tells Tony that they will be okay. However, looking out the window he notices Jennifer and Patrick. Bart tells Tony to relax and not worry. He knows exactly what to do, he tells Tony, as he stands by the window, his gun ready. Jack looks terrified, worried for Jennifer's safety.

Meanwhile Back outside, Jennifer is nearing the door, but stops Patrick wonders if she is okay. He apologizes for showing her the bush, and upsetting her. Jennifer says it did not, "You have no idea how excited Jack and I would get when we'd see the first bloom on this breath of heaven." She tells him see cannot believe that she had not notice sooner that it had begun to bloom. She breaks off. Patrick understands, she misses him. She begins to open the door, putting the key in the lock and turning it.

Meanwhile back inside, Bart is by the door his gun ready. Jack is terrified, but there is nothing he can do.

Scene Two: Back inside, Bart is still at the door. All Jack can do is think his message, hoping that somehow Jennifer will feel his message.

JACK: Jennifer, stop! Don't open that door!

04Ep030A: Jack wills Jennifer not to open the door

Back outside, Jennifer stops, and moves away from the door. She looks shaken and goes towards a bench which on the front lawn. Patrick wants to know what is wrong. She tells him, still very upset.

JENNIFER: I don't know.... I don't know, all of a sudden (gesturing) I.... It's.... It's Jack that feeling.... that I told you about, I just (her voice cracking) got that feeling again. Oh my gosh, why!? (Almost in tears, putting her hand to her head) Why do I feel so close to him tonight?
Back inside, Bart is relieved that she did not come inside. He moves away from the door, and sighs.
BART: Close call, she'll never know how close thanks to Lockhart.
Jack remains paralyzed, he blinks, relieved that Jennifer was saved.

Scene Three: Back at the Castle, Marlena continues to worry about never being rescued. She worries about John and Kate getting closer. She and Roman talk about Bart and Tony being gone, that may be it is a good sign. However, she worries that it may be bad because they could hide them someplace new, and no one would ever find them. Roman vows that they will be freed.

Back in Salem John is drugged out and on the pier. He fantasizes about Marlena. He kisses her, but it is actually Kate. She tells him about Philip being taken hostage and about the video of him. John thinks if Marlena and Roman were around things would be different for everyone. After returning to the Penthouse they see the video of Philip and Kate becomes upset. John hugs her to comfort her.

Back at the Castle, the TV comes on and Roman and Marlena see John and Kate. They hear them talk about going to bed. Marlena begins to cry, and Roman holds her.

It looks like Tony's plans to break the couples up is beginning to work.

Scene Four: Back at the Deveraux', Jack is still lying motionless on the floor. Bart is crouching down and walking around not to be seen, yet trying to look to see what is going on outside. He is talking to Tony again. Apparently the cops are still cruising around. He mentions something about it probably would looks suspicious for a limo to stop in this type of neighborhood. Jack listens as he talks about Jennifer, hating that he can do nothing to get free nor protect Jennifer. "Well, we'll just cool our jets, unless of course Mrs. Deveraux makes a *fatal* mistake of saying `night! night!' to Lockhart and coming inside," Bart says, panicking. Jack's eyes move back and forth trying to pay attention. Bart continues that their boy Lockhart is doing a good job keeping her outside. Bart goes back to the window, and peers out to see what is going on. Jack moves his eyes trying to see what is going on.

Scene Five: Back outside, Patrick suggests to Jennifer that they sit down; so they sit back on the bench.
JENNIFER: I don't know, maybe.... maybe it was being a.... at Gram's party.... Do you know, (looking at him) it would have been their 75th wedding anniversary!


JENNIFER: (Cont.) And maybe just thinking about all the couples that have been torn apart: John and Marlena, (gesturing) and Roman and Kate, and (pointing to herself) Jack and me ah.... (turning pensively) I just I can't help thinking about all the times that we've shared.
Jennifer begins to think back to various special moments they had shared. The first memory is Jack's Santa Claus proposal. [It is hard to tell if she is remembering or is tell Patrick about her and Jack's happy moments]
Jack: ....oh Mr. Deveraux wanted me to check on my time and see if you had an answer to his.... his little question.
JACK: Ah yes, so I'm asking for him.... ah.... wou.... wou.... wou.... wou.... wou.... would you marry him?
Jennifer laughs.

The next remembrance is of Abigail's birth.
JACK: Come on, come on. A little bit more. A little bit more. Come on. Just a little bit more. Come on. Come on.
JACK: I can't believe it.

JENNIFER: You can't believe what?
JACK: I.... I did it. We had a baby. (Beat) A little baby girl.
JENNIFER: Ooooooh.


Back in the present, looks on sadly.

Meanwhile, inside Jack is also forlorn, either he heard her talk to Patrick or he was able to feel what she was feeling.

Scene Six: Bart is getting nervous, and he is asking Tony when the "damn limo" was going to arrive. He tells Tony that Jennifer could come in at any moment.

Jack is still paralyzed and helpless.

Back outside, Patrick rests his arm on the back of the bench, smiling he looks at Jennifer.
PATRICK: Sounds like you and Jack had some wonderful times together.

JENNIFER: We did, Patrick. We had amazing times!
Jennifer thinks back to Valentine's Day, 2003 when she proposed to him, this time she was dressed as Santa.

Jennifer is dressed as Santa. They are both kneeling down.
JENNIFER: You're the man that I love, and I want to be your wife again.
Jack sighs, finally getting what he has wanted.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) So.... here we go....

Jennifer tries to knell down but the suit is bulky.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....if you could just help me down.
Jack assist her, and she gets down on bended knee.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ...Oookkay, (she looks down before sitting) ah....
She flips her hair, then takes Jack's right hand in her two hands.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Jack Deveraux, will you marry me?

04Ep030B: Jennifer remembers Valentine's Day 03 when she proposed to Jack

JACK: Jennifer!

Jack is thrilled, he tries to lift her up but has trouble. He groans, and she chuckles.
JENNIFER: It's the pillow.
They both laugh. Jack gets down too. Jennifer puts his hands on him. He puts his on her, beaming with joy. He looks at her.

JACK: Oh, Miss Horton.... Yes! (Still grinning) Yes, I will marry you!

04Ep030C: Jack joyfully accepts the proposal

Jennifer beams, and giggles, then throws her arms around his neck.

Jennifer then thinks back to that night when they made love after many years.

Jennifer is wearing a peignoir and underneath a negligée. Jack seductively unties the ribbon on the peignoir He sighs expectantly. Jennifer reaches up and they kiss passionately. The scene cuts ahead a few moments. Jack's shirt is now off, we see lit candles throughout the room. He slowly backs her towards the bed. Jennifer caresses his face as he leans her down onto the bed.

04Ep030D: Later they make love after years of waiting

They gently fall onto the bed, their kissing more intense. She is holding his face. He then puts his hand on her hair.

The scene cuts back to the present. Jennifer is smiling thinking back to the wonderful times with Jack. She then turns to Patrick and talks about Jack, she has a slight laugh as she thinks back.

JENNIFER: Ah.... Some people they ju.... they didn't understand Jack. I'm mean they didn't take him seriously, they thought he was a dreamer.

PATRICK: But not you?

JENNIFER: Noo (shaking her head)! I thought that he was the most loyal and caring man in the world. Patrick, he was my best friend! He.... he was my lover, and my partner!
Back inside Jack is still paralyzed, he can her her talk, and he is overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I could not have ask for a better husband.

Jack's thoughts can be heard.

04Ep03E: Jack hears Jennifer's words

JACK: And I couldn't have asked for a better wife! I love you sooo much, Jennifer!
Back outside.
JENNIFER: And I.... I can't even remember if I told Jack those things, (gesturing) but if I had, I should have told him more often!
Back in side Jack grimaces, he using all his strength, groaning, to hit his head against a table, so that Jennifer could hear.

Outside Jennifer turns, hearing the thump caused by Jack hitting the table. Jennifer asks Patrick if he heard the noise. He does not know what she is talking about. Jennifer replies, "Someone's in the house!"

Scene Seven: Back inside, Bart goes over to Jack. He takes both his hands to drag him.
BART: The limo's coming, Buddy Boy!
He starts dragging Jack's paralyzed body. The drugs make it impossible for Jack to resist.

Back outside Jennifer is sure she heard something, she asks Patrick if he also heard the noise. She says that it sounded as if someone was in the house. He fervently denies it. He thinks it could be anything. She is not so sure. However, she tells him she needs to go inside, it is obviously she thinks she is losing it. He tries to stall her again. He tells her to wait. It appears he is making an excuse to stop her, he asks her to join him in a bit of food [Did they not just come from a party, you mean there was no food?] . She thinks it is sweet that he asked, but she tells him that she is tired. She goes towards the door. He does not appear to be happy, and follows her. She opens the door, and is startled by something.
JENNIFER: (Gasping) Ah, JACK!
Jennifer is in shock. Patrick looks strange.

[Air date March 22nd, 2005]

04Ep030F: Bart props Jack against the wall
Scene One: A partial repeat of the previous episode. Bart has Jack standing up, leaning against the wall near the door. Bart tells Jack that the drug the Count used really worked as he said it would, "You can't move, you can't speak -- and for that I'm *eternally* grateful, because you ask *way* too many questions!" Bart snaps his fingers, asking Jack if he can see, Jack's rolls his eyes. Bart is glad. He tells Jack that Tony's limo is going to arrive soon, and he has to get him to it. Jack appears to try and make it harder for Bart to move his body. Bart says he is too heavy to pick up so he will have to drag him instead, "Sit back, and enjoy the drag!" Bart tells Jack not to make a sound. "Boss is a genius with these pharmaceuticals!"

04Ep03G: Bart drags Jack through the houseBart drags Jack into the living room. Jack is thinking, as he is bumped by the dragging, his thoughts are jarred as well.

JACK: Jennifer is right outside, she.... (Jack's bodied is jarred) hea-rd me, but but Lockhart (his body is again jarred) con-vinced her it was it was (he grimaces from another jarring) him. He must still be on the di Mera (again he jars, jarring his thoughts) payroll! (Grunting and groaning from being dragged and his body bumped) Uh.... ha.... which means if Jennifer comes in and sees me, and were both as (again his thoughts are jarred from the dragging) good as dead! (Groans) Ah, don't trust him, Jennifer! (Groans and flinches from pain) Ohh, and whatever you do, don't (groans again) ohh.... open (grunts) the door!

Scene Two: Back outside, Jennifer is on the bench with Patrick. It is a partial repeat of the previous episode. She tells him that she "really should go in." Patrick does not seem to want her to do so. It appears that he is stalling her. He asks her to join him for something to eat. Jennifer tells him that she is tired and needs the rest. She opens the door, She opens the door, and is startled by something.
JENNIFER: (Gasping) Ah, JACK!
Jennifer is in shock. Patrick looks strange.
PATRICK: Wha.... what are you talking about?
Jennifer points.
JENNIFER: He's alive! He's here!
Patrick squints, and Jennifer turns towards him as if she cannot see how he could not see Jack.

Scene Three: The previous scene continues. Patrick does not understand what she means by Jack being there. She knows it is crazy, she knows he is dead, "but I can *feel* his presence! And I *always could!" She says, "Right now I feel it *soo* strongly!" She wanders around calling out Jack's name. She then calls for Abigail; however, there is no response. She tells him that she is going to check upstairs; she immediately runs upstairs. He says he will check the kitchen.

Scene Three: Jack and Bart are now in the limo. Bart breaths a sigh of relief. Jack appears to still be under the effects of the paralysis drug.
BART: Wooa, man we got out of your house just in time! If they ever make Jack dragging an Olympic event I'm going for the gold.
He looks over at Jack. Jack looks over towards him, giving him a dirty look.
BART: You're making eyes at me, Jack? I'm flattered, don't get me wrong, but your not my type.
Jack blinks still giving him a nasty glare, despite not being able to move his head.
BART: Ooohh, oh, I know, I know, you want to know where the Count is, don't worry about that. (Pointing towards the the chauffeur) Edward already took him to the plane. You'll see him soon enough.

Bart takes the mask which Madison used to simulate Jennifer, and looks at it. He laughs.

BART: Hey, Jack, come on, tell me, what was it like, (looking down at the mask) I mean was the fake Jennifer just as good? (Gesturing) Or better? (Gesturing) Or worse than the real thing, or is it been so long that just (shrugging) kinda forgot?

Jack again glares at him.

Scene Four: Back in the limo, Bart is tying Jack's wrists.
BART: That drug is going to wear out soon enough, and I do not want you causing me anymore problems!
Bart has finished tying up Jack's wrist very securely. Bart sits back, and crosses his legs
BART: (Cont.) 'Cause we are on a tight schedule.
Jack tries to talk, but he has extreme difficulty getting out the words.
JACK: Qqqu-estion.

BART: (Nodding) Again, the questions, Scoop, what?!

JACK: Llllockhart, wwworks for Ttttony?

BART: Now the Boss didn't answer that question when you asked him, did he?

JACK: Yyyyyyyyou answer!

BART: (Mimicking him) Me answer! Me Tarzan! (Laughing) Hehehuhuhuhuhuhu.....
Jack still is glaring at him, he gives a slight frown.
BART: (Cont.) All right, all right, look, you going back to the Castle, back to your little room, so, uh, (pursing his lips and nodding) I guess there's no harm in.... telling you (looking at Jack) everything that I know.
Jack glares. Bart turns to look out the window.
BART: Hey, a hybrid!
Scene Five: Back in side, Jennifer remains adamant that she can feel Jack's presence in the house. She tells Patrick, "we have this connection, and I *always* knew when he was in trouble!" Patrick tries to convince her otherwise -- is he just trying to be a friend or is he trying to prevent her from finding out the truth. Just then Jennifer notices a new magazine. Some of the pages are dog earred. She tells him that the magazine proves she is right.

Scene Six: Back in the limo, Jack still is under the effects of the drug, he still is having a difficult time talking.
JACK: Lllllllllockhart.... sst.... ssstill on d-di Mera (gets this word out quickly) payroll?

BART: (Shaking his head) Hey, listen, I honestly don't know, but when Lockhart stopped your missus from coming in on us, the Count mentioned that it was propitious, (shaking his head) but I don't know what that word means.

JACK: Mmmeeans "ffffavorable."

BART: "Ffffavorable," favorable, you know it could be favorable planned or favorable accidental, in any case, you know, i.... i.... it's a mystery.
Bart looks down at something then turns to Jack as he talks.
JACK: Nnnot t-to-o me!

BART: Yeah, not to you, but-uh in that case I'd be plenty worried about (pointing) the missus, because you've got Lockhart upstairs., and even if you're wrong, you never know when he's gonna come down and uh a.... a.... ask to take a test drive (grinning).

JACK: (Furious) Wwwwwwaawwwatch your mouth!

BART: (Gesturing) And on the other hand, you should be very grateful that she's got a big, strong handsome hulk of a guy protecting her, fixing the toilets, and that Abby and Little Jackie Patrick have someone that they can call Daddy for the rest of their lives.

JACK: Yyyyyou and Tony bbbboth (saying it quickly) gggo to hell!
Bart has an offended look.
BART: Hey! The Count has been very good to you, man! He.... (pointing) he could have picked you up the moment yo.... you showed your face in Salem, but no, he let you spend all that time here!

JACK: With a wwoman who wwasn't Jennifer!

BART: I know, that's the best part, (looking wistfully) Madison! (Looking at Jack) But at least you thought you were home safe, for awhile there anyway, right?

Jack sort of glares at him. Then he thinks back to earlier.

He is sitting on the couch back home, thumbing through a magazine. Madison, faking Jennifer's voice calls down to him.


He clears his throat, and them starts dog earring various pages in the magazine. Then sniffs, and exhales.
JACK: Aaahh.
He sniffs again as he scans an article.

JACK: Mmmm, I'm just enjoooyying being back home again!

04Ep030: Jack remembers dog earring the magazine

Jack looks pleased, and then dog ears another page.

Back in the present Jack is thinking.

JACK: If Jennifer finds that magazine she could figure out I was there!

04Ep030J: Jack hopes Jennifer figures out he was there

Scene Seven: Back at Jack and Jennifer's, Jennifer is excited by the magazine. Patrick cannot see how the magazine proves Jack was there. Jennifer says that it is a *brand new* magazine. Jack always dogged earred articles he found interesting and wanted to read at a later time. "Jack was *here*, Patrick, he *is* alive!" Patrick says that it is not proof. He says many people do it, and that it probably was Abigail, it was just probably something about hairstyles or boys. She tells him that Abigail does not do it. He then tells her it probably was Chelsea, or someone else. He is trying very hard to dissuade her. Patrick thinks it is impossible that Jack has returned from the dead. She reminds him that it happened once, and this time no one has found a body, and "I *know* I heard his voice tonight!" She tells Patrick that they are the type of articles Jack would be interested in. He tells her that if Jack had been there why is he not now and why did he not let her know. He tells her that being at the anniversary party just caused to to dredge up all those feelings and memories. He gets her to agree that he is right it was just the party making her remember all the happy times she shared with Jack.

Scene Eight: Back in the limo, they still have not arrived at the airport. Bart now is pouring champagne into a flute. He takes a sip, as Jack, still having trouble speaking, continues to ask him questions.
JACK: Wwwwwwwhy's Tony torturing me like this?

BART: I honestly don't know, Scoop, but I can give you this interesting Ritz bit,....
Jack is trying to preoccupy Bart, as Bart talks Jack surreptitiously tries to loosen the rope around his wrists.
BART: (Cont.) ....from the moment you left the Castle, went AWOL, I was a nervous wreck, (sipping his champagne) I mean, my stomach was doing flip-flops 24/7. But the Count, (shaking his head) No! Cool as a cucumber, and (gesturing with his glass) for a while there, we really truly thought that we lost you.

Bart continues to sip the champagne. Jack watches him from the corners of his eyes, making sure that Bart does not see him trying to get free.

JACK: L-lucky me!

BART: Yeah, well, (looking at Jack) to quote Henry Truman (Bart's mistake saying "Henry" instead of "Harry"), "The Luck stops here!" Heeeeee.

Bart snickers at his own joke. Jack is not impressed by his joke, but makes a half-hearted laugh -- probably at Bart's ignorance. Bart continues to sip his champagne.

JACK: Hu. Hhhhhow Ttu-tony do it?
Bart turns, it seems as if he too is not sure and is thinking about it.
BART: "How did Tony do it?" (Burps) I only know stuff (looking over at Jack) on a need to know basis, (looking away) and all you need to know is that I am taking you to the plane, the plane is (motioning with his glass) taking you to the Castle where you will never, ever escape again!....
Jack continues to fiddle with the rope around his wrists without Bart notices.
BART: (Cont.) ....you get it?!
Scene Nine: Back at Jennifer's [the never ending night continues] Abigail has not returned home and Jennifer is worried. Patrick suggests it is better if he goes looking for Abigail and for Jennifer to remain by the phone. After he leaves, Jennifer wonders that Patrick probably is right, "If you were here why would you have left, Jack?"

Scene Ten: Back in the limo, Bart is gazing out of the window, completely oblivious to Jack struggling to free himself.
BART: Too bad the Boss doesn't give frequent flyer miles. [Cannot get what he says it sounds like and it is not Closed Captioned] Hawaii miles.
Jack is grunting and groaning, as he tries to free himself. Bart continues to look out the window not seeing what is going on. Jack has not untied the rope but he has loosen it enough to use them.

BART: (Cont.) We're here!

The limo stops and Jack tumbles over. Groaning in pain.
JACK: Aaaahhhhh
Bart finally figures out what is going on and pulls Jack up, back onto the seat, and pulls his gun on him.
Jack raises his hands in a sign of submission.
JACK: Oh, Ah, don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

BART: Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, I thought we were friends!
Jack is panting. The drug's effects seemed to have completely worn off Jack is able to talk normally and move. Jack continues to hold up his hands in submission.

JACK: hahahaha.... Well, as Tony says, (breathing) ha, "Thinking is not one of your strong suits."

BART: Ha, yours either, apparently! Now, get out of the car! We are going to the plane, no more Houdini tricks, (shaking his head) the Boss really hates those Houdini tricks!

JACK: (Determined) Okay, you can fly me back to that castle, chain me to a wall, as God is my witness, I will escape again!

04Ep030K: Jack vows to God that he will escape

BART: (Making a trumpet fanfare) Dun-da-da-dah! Hey, Errol Flynn, it ain't gonna happen, right!?

Looking at Jack, Jack glares back at him.

JACK: You keep thinking that!

BART: (Nodding to emphasize) I will keep thinking that! And you keep thinking this, the Boss has got people working in Salem 24/7 for him! You make any move to escape, you even think about escaping (pauses) and your family is in mega-danger! The whole lot of them! All right?
Jack is angry, and worried.
JACK: From Patrick Lockhart?

BART: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO FROM! I don't need to know that! All I need to know is that you are going to get out of this car, you're gonna say goodbye to Salem on the way to the plane, and you will never ever see the old town again!
Bart drags Jack out of the limo.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]