Episode Thirty-one: The Odyssey
Starring Jack Deveraux, Part XIV: Jack Is

Returned to Castle di Mera "Neuschwanstein";
He Cold Cocks Tony and a Guard, and Is
Temporarily reunited with Roman and Marlena.

[Air date March 25th, 2005]
Scene One: Back at the Castle, a door opens into a hallway, one of Tony's guards flings Jack through the door, they are followed by Tony and Bart. Jack puts out his arms defensively yet defiantly.
JACK: NO! NO! (Panting) You can lock me up and throw away the key....
The guard goes over to him and grabs his arms, and looks towards Tony.
JACK: (Cont.) ....but I am telling you right now, I will escape again! I will get back to Salem! I will get back to my wife.... (putting out his hands) my real wife this time! (Gesturing) And then I'll make sure that every law enforcement agency tracks you down, and makes you pay!
The guard does or says nothing but listens, while holding on his arm.
TONY: (Smugly) Wow, such a mouth.
Jack is panting. Bart looks over at Tony, who is smirking, and then over at Jack.

TONY: (Cont.) For someone who doesn't have anymore cards to play--

04Ep031A: Jack vows,


BART: Boss, I think he threatened you.

TONY: Oh, Jack, I admire your determination, but it's a pity you won't make good on your threat.

JACK: Why is that?

TONY: (Smirking) "Why," (becoming deadly serious) because you'll be dead!

Jack looks at him.

04Ep031B: Tony vows to kill him

Scene Two: [It still is the same night when Jack arrived in Salem] Patrick returns with Billie. Sami, as Stan, had secretly hid a talking doll so that Billie could find it. The doll calls for "Mommy" and asks why she is not helping her. Billie shows Jennifer the doll, Billie tells her she is sure the di Meras are behind it all. Patricks tells Jennifer that he has yet to find Abigail, and goes back out to find her. Billie talks about how great Patrick is and Jennifer agrees. Billie wonders if there is more to Jennifer's feelings for him. Jennifer admits to being "fond" of him but not romantically. She could not because of Jack. She then confides in Billie about believeing that Jack was close to her earlier that night. Billie thinks that it makes sense since Jack was the love of her life. Jennifer points out that the same can be said about Bo in regards to her. Jennifer wonders if Billie will be able to let Bo go if Georgia actually is alive. Jennifer then points out that the di Meras could be involved, and they could be fabricating all the proof they have discovered regarding Georgia being alive. Billie asks Jennifer if there were even the slightest possibility that Jack were alive how would she react. Jennifer admits she could not let go. Though Jennifer still questions her on her motives, and that Billie is incapable of letting go of Bo.

Meanwhile, Patrick goes outside and talks again to the mysterious person on his cell. He asks the person what are the plans concerning Billie. He tells the person that he is tried of being out of the loop. However, the person hangs up before Patrick gets a response.

Scene Three: Jack exhales then turns away from Tony. The guard is looking towards Tony, Bart is listening to Jack. Jack puts his hand against a wall. Despite being take again he is determined and not afraid.
JACK: Haa.... Tony, you've threatened to kill me so many times you might as well be asking me to dance. Haa.... it means nothing to me. (Turning back towards Tony) I don't even care anymore.
He gets closer to Tony.

TONY: What, you're not afraid to die?

04Ep031C: Jack  tells Tony he'll pay for stealing a year of his life

04Ep031D: Jack tells Tony he underestimates the power of loveJACK: I'm not afraid of you! You've stolen over a year with Jennifer and my family, and I'm not going to let you do it again!

TONY: And how do you intend to stop me?

JACK: The one thing you've underestimated in all this is the power of love.

TONY: (Scoffs) Humpf....

JACK: You could use your power, your money, henchmen....

Tony rolls his eyes.
JACK: (Cont.) ....Karate kicks, Samurai swords, but nothing will ever take the place of the power of love!
Bart smirks at Jack's romanticism.
TONY: You're just a romantic fool, Deveraux.

JACK: Perhaps. But it is better to have loved and lost, it's a shame you've never experienced that.

TONY: Aahh, but I have!--

JACK: No! No, I mean the real thing, Tony! Where someone loves you back. You never experienced that! Not with Renee! Not Anna! Not even Kristen.
Tony tries to keep his emotions in check, but it appears what Jack is saying does affect him.
JACK: (Cont.) You're a lonely, bitter man, Tony. When it's your turn to die, and you will have your turn! (Very emotionally) You will die alone!
Tony says nothing, more disturbed by what Jack is saying than he wants to admit.
BART: No he won't! (Looking at Tony) I'll be there, Sir (nodding devotedly)!
Tony turns to Bart.
JACK: Not if he kills you first, Bart!
Bart stops and obviously thinks over what Jack said. He appears to question the possibility. Then gazes over towards Tony.
TONY: Bart, would you kindly escort Mr. Deveraux to his room.
Bart moves over to take Jack. Jack, puts out his arms, stopping him.
JACK: Please! (Gestures and nods) You know there is one thing, (looking up at Tony) I've been meaning to do.

TONY: And what is that?
Just then Jack slugs Tony, knocking him to the floor.

Scene Four: Marlena is having a nightmare, she has returned home only to find John and Kate having sex. Apparenly she and Roman are chained together. He reaches over and assures her that they will escape, he has a plan. He shows her an old book on the Castle. As she leafs through it a piece of paper falls out. As they examine it they discover that it is a crude map of the Castle.

Scene Five: Jack has just slugged Tony, knocking him unconscious. Jack is panting looking down at Tony's unconscious body; the guard and Bart look down at Tony, dumbstruck. Jack even looks somewhat surprised at how effective he was. Bart looks over at Jack his mouth agape. He is about to say something when he shuts at the guard. The guard is holding his pistol and is about to bash Jack's head in.
Jack shouts out in a panic and cowers.
The guard immediately freezes and looks over toward Bart. Jack is startled realizing how close he came to being bashed in the skull, possibly even killed.
BART: (Cont.) DON'T SMASH HIS SKULL, that (gesturing) makes me queasy! (Exhaling) Ha...
Jack is panting.
BART: (Cont.)Have a good time, huh? You're gonna be really sorry you did that, Deveraux!
Tony is still unconscious.
BART: (Cont.) The Count is gonna not taking this lying down!

JACK: (Looking towards Tony) Looks like he is taking it lying down already!

BART: Ha, ha.

JACK: The Count's down for the count!

BART: Yeah, that's very funny! (Talking to the guard) All right, (pointing to Jack) chill him out, and take him to his room. (Talking to Jack) Welcome Home, Jack!
Jack is still gazing at Tony. The guard then goes for his gun. However, Jack quickly grabs for the guard's keys, which are on his belt, and punches him out too.

Jack then takes off.

04Ep031E: Jack runs off,

The guard is unconscious too. Bart is shouts at a fleeing Jack, unable to stop him.
Bart then reaches for his phone to report Jack's escape. He rubs his forehead in frustration. The guard finally comes to and gets up; he then gets to look for Jack. Bart leans over Tony, and tries to wake him. Tony stirs and finally comes to. Tony asks about Jack. Bart nervously tells Tony what happened. Tony tells him, "Find him, and you bring him back *at once!" Bart is flustered and apparently concerned about Tony's wrath. He tells Tony that he sounded the alarm already, and he tells Tony that he did not give "the shoot to kill order." Tony is furious, shouting with rage, "I WANT HIM *ALIVE!" Tony mumbles that Jack is a "bloody idiot, he has *no* place to go." Trying to appease Tony Bart agrees, "you know great minds must think alike," touching his forehead he tells Tony. Tony does not seem to appreciate Bart's humor.

Meanwhile, back in Marlena's cell, they are looking at the map when they hear the alarms going off. They go towards their door.
MARLENA: I don't like the sound of that.
Roman puts his ear to the door. She stands in back of him, placing her hand on his back.
MARLENA: (Cont.) Roman....
Just then the faint sound of someone knocking on a door can be heard. Whoever it is seems to be trying various doors.
MARLENA: (Cont.) Sou.... Sounds like somebody is coming the hallway and knocking on every door.
The knocking gets closer. Then the knocking is outside their door. Marlena gasps, and puts her hand over her mouth.
Just then Jack's voice is heard.
JACK: Hello? Hello, is anyone in there.
Marlena gasps with joy.

ROMAN: Jack?

MARLENA: (Overjoyed) Oh, my gosh it's Jack! Ooohhh!

ROMAN: Jack! Jack! It's Roman....
Roman and Marlena are talking simultaneously other. Marlena is jumping up and down excitedly.
MARLENA: Jack It's Jack! Oh.

ROMAN: Jack, it's Roman, I've got Marlena in here with me!

JACK: Roman?....

ROMAN: Jack!

JACK: (Cont.) ....Marlena, you're alive! Oh my God!
Roman turns towards Marlena. They are both overjoyed.

Outside we see Jack

JACK: Okay, I-I got a key right here, I'm gonna let y.... I'm coming in!

Inside Marlena cannot believe it.
Jack searches for the correct key.

Inside Roman and Marlena look at each other thrilled, beaming, believing that they are finally being rescued.
MARLENA: You were right! We're being rescued.Oh, we're going home!
She throws her arms around him, and holds him from behind him.
MARLENA: We're going home!
He grins and a pats her hand.

Scene Six: The alarms are blaring throughout the Castle. Jack is still fiddling with the keys.
JACK: Hang on! I got the right skeleton key right here.
He finds the key and puts it into the lock.
ROMAN: All right, back up, get out of the way.
Marlena and he move from the door.
MARLENA: (Calling to Jack) Jack, it's so good to hear your voice and to know that you're alive!

JACK: (Still outside) DITTO!
Just then the door opens, and Jack peers his head into the room, panting. He the straightens up and looks at them, and they at him. Still not believing they have found each other. Marlena gasps. Roman smiles, and laughs.

ROMAN: Hahaha!
Jack makes sure to lock the door from the inside. Then walks over to them.
JACK: Okay!
He throws his arms around Marlena, and they share a bear hug. Marlena is crying with joy.
JACK: (Cont.) Ohh, it's soo good you both. Oooohh!
Marlena is so overcome with emotion, crying with joy, it is difficult for her to talk.
MARLENA: You came.... you came to rescue us!

ROMAN: All right! All right, well I hope you brought an army full of authorities with you!

Jack and Marlena are still hugging each other, Jack peers over her shoulder, forlornly.

04Ep031F: Jack apologizes about no rescue party

JACK: I'm sorry, it's just me!
Marlena lets go of the embrace, and turns facing him. Both she and Roman look at him dejected.
JACK: (Cont.) I've been a prisoner just like you all this time.
Roman looks at Marlena, and she at him. Roman puts his hand to his mouth in frustration.
MARLENA: Ooohh.... wa.... Jack.... ah.... (putting her hand to her chest) we're chained here.
Fiddling with the keys.
JACK: Well, at least I've got some keys we can do something with that.

MARLENA: Ahh....

JACK: Let's try....

MARLENA: Could try.... could try....

Now let's see if I can do this....--
Walking over, around Roman to find away to free them.
ROMAN: Jack, Jack, how did you get out of here?
Jack stops what he is doing and turns to answer Roman.
JACK: (Breathing heavily) Pointing) Haaaa.... Well, I just cold-cocked a guard, I took his keys and just came down here, but I've (gesturing) already escaped once and got all the way back to Salem!

ROMAN: What are you talking about?!

JACK: I got all the way back to Salem, but J.... (gesturing) Tony figured that's where I was going and he got me.

MARLENA: Jack, how did you get out of Sa...., get to Salem?
Both Marlena and Roman look at Jack, as he talks Jack gestures and walks towards the window, draws aside the curtain and looks outside.
JACK: I hitched a ride on a freighter, all the way back to the States, and then hitchhiked to Salem....
He looks towards them, then again out the window. He then walks back towards them continuing his story.
JACK: (Cont.) ....and then I got back to Jennifer -- or at least I thought I did -- but Tony was ahead of me the whole time, he had this (gesturing for emphasis) elaborate plan with this.... this.... this.... this fake Jennifer.She was waiting for me at my home and I fell for her -- (correcting himself) fell for it! (Sadly) And Tony recaptured me.

MARLENA: What about Jennifer? What about the children?

JACK: They're all right, I guess. They never even knew I was there.

ROMAN: Jack, did any-body see you?
Marlena is looking through the keys to find one to free them of the shackles.
JACK: (Sadly) No! And by the time I figured out it was a fake Jennifer, it was too late.
Upset and disappointed, Jack walks off. Roman watches,his mouth agape, dejected that no one can help them. Marlena stops working on finding the right key, upset as well. Then she goes back to trying to get free. Roman throws out his arms in frustration. In the distance the alarms are still going off.
ROMAN: Oh my God! It unbelievable!

JACK: (Putting out his hand) Okay, it gets better than that, Roman! It's better than that! Ha, I think that Patrick Lockhart is still working for Tony, and is keeping tabs on all our loved ones.

ROMAN: (Furious) Damnit I knew it! I knew it!
Marlena is still trying to get free. She looks up and wonders about everyone else.
MARLENA: Jack, Jack, what about the others?
04Ep031G: Jack tells them about Cassie
JACK: Well, the good news is that Cassie's alive, the bad news that she's locked up here.

ROMAN: That sonofabitch is keeping her captive?

JACK: Yes! But at least she's okay, last time I saw her she was all right.

ROMAN: Well, We gotta go get her!

JACK: First we have to get out of her with these locks!

ROMAN: Yeah, well--

JACK: Okay! (Pointing) W-we can't go back the way we came, either. I know that!
As Marlena continues to work on the shackles, Roman points down.
ROMAN: Doc found a map in a book.

MARLENA: Yeah, yeah!

Jack's eyes widen at the good news.


JACK: A map to this castle?

ROMAN: Yeah! Let's just hope it can lead us out of here.
A noise is heard, then the sound of the door opening. They all turn in to see what is going on. Marlena gasps.


Just then two guards, one is the guard whom Jack knocked out, Bart, who is on the phone, and Tony enter the room.
TONY: (Sarcastically) Soorrry, but you're not going anywhere!

Dejected they all three glare at Tony. Tony addresses Jack, with a deadly expression.

04Ep031I: Tony orders Jack to be returned to his cell

TONY: (Cont.) I'll deal with you later! (Addressing the guards) Please escort Mr. Deveraux to his room and lock him up tight!
They grab Jack by each arm and start to lead him out of the room. Marlena gasps. As he is dragged through the door Jack groans. Marlena looks about to break down after being so close to escaping, and yet again being stopped. Marlena is trying to hide the map by holding it in back of her. However, Tony spots it and puts out his hand, indicating she hand it over to him. He snatches her arm and rips the paper from her grasp. He tells her that it was probably from his father's previous guests. He maliciously laughs, "It's accurate." He sadistically tells them that it is too bad that they will never be able to use it. Marlena tries to convince him to let them go. Tony furiously tells them no way, especially not "after what Deveraux just pulled! You can stay here and *rot*!"

Scene Seven: Jack is in his cell/room, he is pacing around, looking outside the window. He sighs, then walks towards the bed, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand. He plops himself down on the bed, frustrated and depressed. Sighing, then his the bed with his fist, in frustration.
JACK: Jennifer, if I could only see you! If I c--

Jack stops in mid-thought, and turns towards the door as if he sees something. He sits up a bit. Gradually, by the door, an image of Jennifer manifests itself. She is all in white -- much like she was when he had the vision after she fell from the bridge on the island. Her image comes clear and more solid, and it walks towards him, smiling.

04Ep031J: Jack sees a hologram of Jennifer

JACK: Jennifer!?I'll do everything I can to come back to you! (Disparately) I will! I promise! (Reaching out towards the image) I promise!

Just then the image starts to disappear as he reaches to touch it. When his hand is about to touch it she completely vanishes. Jack shots out in anguish, and falls onto the end of the bed, in tears.

04Ep01: Jennifer's images disappears


[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]