Episode Thirty-Two: The Great Escape Part I:
Jack Manages to Tunnel into Roman and
Marlena's Room; They Begin
Their Escape.

Background: Jack was not on from March 25th through April 13th.

Sami/Stan continues to wreck people's lives, not realizing that it is Tony who is controlling her. He wants her to convince Chelsea to chase Patrick. Sami/Stan continues to use the information she has against various people, and continues to torment them -- Billie, Bo, Chloe and John.

Abigail convinces Patrick to stay away from her mother. Jennifer tries to get Billie to leave Bo alone. Billie tries to get Jennifer to admit she cares about Patrick. Jennifer says she likes him as a friend but is still in love with Jack. Later, Abigail thinks her mother is jealous when Billie and Patrick kiss, so she rips into her. Jennifer breaks down and tells Abigail about the dog earred pages she found earlier that night. Abigail is sure her father is home, and worries what he will do if he returns to find her [Jennifer] in bed with Patrick.

Rex and Shawn vow to save Philip themselves, they think they can do better than the army, authorities or ISA. So Rex tries to hack his way into governmental and ISA computers to find To get a clue to Philip's whereabouts. Shawn remembers what happened during the summer with Jan and tells Belle. She is surprising sympathetic with Jan.

That night that Jack found Marlena and Roman, after he was dragged away, they see a live feed from Marlena's Penthouse of John and Kate having sex. They too give in and Roman and Marlena have sex.

John eventually tries to find Philip too. However, Rex and Shawn do not want him to, they want to be the ones.

Billie and Parick have sex on her bed at the Bradys, And are caught when the bed breaks. Bo is furious. Ope is sure Billie set it up to make Bo react.

[Air date April 14, 2005]

Scene One: Jennifer is carrying down boxes from the attic. She puts them on a table in the living room. In one of them is a head dress for a Native American chief. Seeing it she chuckles and picks it up. Then holds against her chest, smiling she thinks back to the past when Jack wore it. [It is a faux-flashback]04Ep032A: Flashback Chief Massasoit, Dances with Deveraux

Jack is in full Native American chief garb with a full head-dress and war paint, and makeup to darken his complexion. He is doing a little dance, and has a stern look. As he dances part of the head dress flips into his face so he flips it back. Unnoticed Jennifer walks behind him. She comes up to him with a half-smile.

JACK: (Silently) Hoo..... Hoo.... Hoo....

He then notices her, and, embarrassed, he abruptly stops, and clears his throat.
JACK: Excuse me (clears his throat again, and picks up a bow and arrow).

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Jack! I-I think you're missing the point, this is (gesturing) Abigail's Thanksgiving pageant, you can't be in it.

JACK: (Jack seems disappointed that he cannot play dress-up) I'm just being Chief Massasoit, Dances with Deveraux. First Native friend of the Pilgrims. Come here Pilgrim! I've got a message for you and Abigail.
Jack puts out his arm.
JENNIFER: Oh, you do....

JACK: Hm hmm
Jennifer looks up to him filled with love. He puts his hand on her shoulder.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....okay, wha.... what is your message?

JACK: I love you! Especially if you let me be in the pageant!

JENNIFER: I love your eyeliner (smiling)!

JACK: Hmmm!
Jennifer giggles, and Jack and she kiss, she wraps her arm around his neck.

Back in the present Jennifer is holding the head-dress against her check, and smiling over the memory. She nestles her face in it, closing her eyes, trying to drink up Jack's essence.
JENNIFER: Oohh, Jack I will never stop missing you!
The doorbell rings, and it is Hope, there to complain about finding Billie in Bo's lap.

Scene Two: Back at the Castle Roman and Marlena are in their room. They hear noises coming from behind the wall. They get hopeful, believing it is someone digging towards them to rescue them. Out of the blue, Roman brings out a number of eating utensils, he had been hoarding them to use for an escape. He and Marlena begin to chip away at the wall with spoons. Awhile later they have a big hole dug out. Roman removes a chunk of rock, breaking through. Marlena looks through the hole and sees someone.
Jack, panting, his face dirty, peeks through the hole they created.

04Ep032B: Jack appears, having tunneled to Roman and Marlena's cell

Scene Three: Roman and Marlena are desperately trying to enlarge the hole so that Jack can enter. Jack is in some passage which is lined with dirt and rock. Jack is trying to help them.
ROMAN: All right.... arrrggghhh....

JACK: (Coughs) Sorry, I'm trying my best over here.

MARLENA: We are too, Jack.

JACK: But I thought I was digging my way to the outer wall. I thought I was going to get the hell out of this place and get back to my family.

ROMAN: Well, that's what we all want, Buddy. We all want to get back home!

JACK: Aaahhh....

MARLENA: Jack, maybe we can help each other.
Jack panting, looks around.
JACK: Haa, not through this tunnel! Haa.

ROMAN: You said Cassie, my daughter, was in this castle, we gotta get her out too!

From both sides the three continue to enlarge the hole. The dust causes Jack to cough.

JACK: Look, (coughing) we have a window of opportunity here, folks, and it is really small! The guards are going to figure out that I'm missing before you know it!

ROMAN: Well, we gotta do this fast! If we're going to do it at all! (Grunting ) All right, all right, all right, Jack, all right can you get through the hole now?

JACK: Well, let's try....
There appears to be a low, rumbling noise.
JACK: (Cont.) ....lucky I've been on di Mera deploration diet.
The rumbling becomes louder, then the whole tunnel caves in on top of Jack, as he helpless puts put his arm to protect himself.
Marlena screams.
Jack is covered with dust and chunks of rocks and boulders.

Scene Four: Jennifer has been lending a sympathetic ear to her cousin. Bo had called earlier, but Jennifer lied for Hope telling him that Hope was not there. On the coffee table there is a photo of Jack [it is from one of Matt/Jack's publicity photos from 2003].They are now on the couch, eating ice cream. Hope notices all the boxes and asks about them. Jennifer tells them that she was making room in the attic for Jack, Jr.'s things, and to do so was clearing out some of Jack's. Hope feels terrible, her she was complaining about Billie and Bo, and Jack is dead. As Hope leaves Jennifer tells her not to give up on Bo, "I can't tell you how many times I wish Jack were here so I could," putting her hands to her chest, "show him how much I love him, Hope!"

Scene Five: Jack seems okay, Roman and Marlena are trying to pull him through the hole.
MARLENA: Jack, you can do this!

ROMAN: All right!

MARLENA: Come on!

ROMAN: [Hard to understand] Gotta get going, come on Jack!

MARLENA: Oh my gosh.
Marlena has his arm and is trying to drag him through. Jack groans. It is still not know if Jack was injured from the collapse. Everyone is talking simultaneously.
JACK: Agghh.

ROMAN: Jack, [hard to understand] watch your back!

MARLENA: We got you. We got you
They have almost pulled him through.
JACK: Ooohh.

ROMAN: That's it!

MARLENA: Oh my gosh.

ROMAN: All right!

(Cont.) ....easy, easy! Watch.... watch the legs!
They finally pull him through. As he comes through he bumps into the nightstand by the bed.
ROMAN: That's it. He's all right. He's right!

MARLENA: Oh my gosh!
Marlena sits him down and examines his head. Jack is panting.
JACK: Ha.... Ha....

MARLENA: Hey.... Can you breathe? Can you breathe?
Jack coughs, and nods that he he can breathe. Roma puts his hand on Jack's shoulder and looks at him to make sure he is okay. Jack is holding onto Marlena's arm.
ROMAN: Yeah, he's all right! He's all right!

MARLENA: Oh, good!
Marlena goes over and gets a chair. Roman bends down, supporting Jack.
ROMAN: No broken bones.

Marlena puts the chair over for Jack.
MARLENA: Here, sit him down.

ROMAN: Is everything all right?
Roman helps him to the chair. Jack coughs. His horse is hoarse as he speaks.
JACK: Even if my legs were broken (coughs) I'd do.... I'd crawl on them....
Roman eases Jack into the chair, and Jack plops down.
JACK: (Cont.) ....just to get back home to Jennifer!

MARLENA: Oh my gosh.
Jack continues to hack for the dust which is covering him. He puts his hands on his chest as he has a cough fit. Marlena and Roman watch him, glad that he will be all right.
MARLENA: (Cont.) Jack, we feel the same way.

JACK: (Gesturing, still having difficult talking) You don't understand, (whizzes) ha.... Jennifer is a beautiful, sexy, kind -- (raises his hand in a gesture) did I say beautiful -- woman who's.... been left alone far too long! (Exhaling) Making her (angry) prey to any (throwing down his arms in disgust) wannabe guy who wants to come in and (making a batting motion with his hand) take over my family like (pronouncing the name with disgust) Patrick Lockhart!
Jack flicks the dust from his shoulders. Marlena watches on, somewhat amused.
JACK: (Cont.) Mr. I'm-Not-Working-for-Tony-di Mera....
Marlena looks over at Roman. Jack continues to whizz.
JACK: (Cont.) ....he's probably making a move on Jennifer (his voice cracks) as we speak! (Pointing) I've got to get back to her ASAP!

ROMAN: (Gesturing) That's the way we all feel, Jack, we.... we all got our reasons to get back to Salem!

JACK: Right! Well, you know, I may have something to help out there! Ha....
Jack reaches into his pocket. He takes out a fork which has its prongs bent back except up. He looks at it.
JACK: (Cont.) Right here! This little baby can help (motioning) unlock those ankle chains.

ROMAN: All right. All right!

JACK: Okay!
Jack bends down to get to Roman's ankle, the exertion causes him to cough. As Jack works to pick the lock Roman talks to Marlena about Cassie.
ROMAN: You know, Doc, I don't know about you, but I can't leave without Cassie.

JACK: Ahhh....

MARLENA: Roman, she may not be my daughter, but I gave birth to her, we have a bond. We've got to find out if anybody else is trapped her.
Jack still is struggling with Roman's shackles. They look down at Jack.
JACK: Ahh.... Look, I hate to say this, but (grunting) ww-ee reeally.... aahhh....
Jack finally frees Roman.
MARLENA: (Gasping) Oohh...

JACK: (Cont.) ....we don't have time to search! I'm sorry!

ROMAN: (Angrily) What are you talking about, my kid, Jack! If it were your daughter!
Jack has crawled over to Marlena and is working on her chains. Marlena is balancing on one leg as he holds the other.
JACK: All I'm saying (looking down and her leg) is we've got to get out of here (looking at Roman) and get to the authorities and then we can tell them....
As he works on her she moans and groans.
JACK: (Cont.) ....that there are other survivors....

MARLENA: Ah, Jack....

JACK: (Cont., groaning as he talks) ....who are be-eing held pris-oner!
As he he finish the word he finally picks the lock. Marlena moans as he yanks away the ankle cuff. Jack stands up.

MARLENA: Oh.... Oh..., you know what? I think maybe Jack is right.

JACK: (Putting his hand on her back) I am right! (Gasping a little, gesturing) ah ha.... Tony di Mera is not going to stop me again! Either I get out of here and get back to Jennifer or I die trying!

04Ep032C: Jack tells him he'll return to his family or

Scene Six: Jennifer is going through Jack's boxes. She comes across a stack of home made cards, and picks them up.
JENNIFER: Oh my goodness!
Jennifer is emotional over Jack's sentimentalism as she goes through them. The top card looks like it is a crayon drawing of Jack.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack, you saved all of your Father's Day cards from Abby!
She looks through them, over come with emotion.
JENNIFER: Even before she was old enough to hold a crayon. Okay!
She has set them aside and returns to looking through a box, apparently for something specific. She finds a Manila folder and picks it up.
JENNIFER: Here's what I'm looking for, here!
She smiles as she looks through what is inside.
JENNIFER: Ah, there you are, "Jack Deveraux!"

It is a clipping and photo of Jack from when he won the Ferraro Award, back in the summer of 1989 [and it is in fact a copy of the clipping used back in 1989-90].

04Ep032D: Jennifer finds a clipping of Jack when he won the Ferraro Award

JENNIFER: Ah, you changed soo many people's lives with your writings, Jack. And I never would have become a reporter without you (she loving runs her hand over the photo) to guide me, do you know that. (Closing the folder) And even though you're gone, you still.... (holding the folder to her hear) ah, you still inspire me so much!
Thinking then looking heavenward, the camera angel films down on her from above.
JENNIFER: You're not gone, are you!? (Looking heavenward) You're as alive as ever!
Scene Seven: Back at the Castle, Roman, Marlena and Jack are standing around a table in their cell/room. Roman hits his fist against the table.
ROMAN: All right, getting out of this castle is going to be trickier. (Gesturing with both hands) So, we're going to have to follow my plan to the letter, you understand that?!
Marlena nods, and so does Jack.
ROMAN: (Cont.) All right, (pointing with both hands) and then pray that I (motions with his hands) remember were all the secret are, since Tony destroyed the map.

JACK: Speaking of secret passageways....

He runs over and points the the large hole in the wall, touching Roman, indicating him to follow.

JACK: (Cont.) ....help me with this one!

ROMAN: Yeah! Yeah.
Jack bends down to pick up something.
JACK: Here!
Roman moves the nightstand in front of the hole.
ROMAN: (Grunts) Aahhh, all right, okay, there you go, Jack. Aghhh.... Ahhh....
Jack helps him, together them move it. Jack points to the throw pillows on the bed.
JACK: Get something right there for the top!

ROMAN: Yeah, I got it. I got it!

(Coughs) Good!

ROMAN: O-kay.

JACK: Okay!
They have put the pillows on top of the nightstand, to try and cover the rest of the hole.
JACK: (Panting) All right good.
Roman moves away from the wall, and Jack bends down to pick something up.
JACK: (Cont.) Ha.... Ha.... here I got something. All right!
He has picked up the block of rock which they took from inside the wall. Roman and Marlena are doing something by a table, Jack walks towards the door and hide behind it.
ROMAN: Go Jack!

MARLENA: [Hard to hear sounds like] Do I [or "we"] look locked in?
Roman looks down to make sure they are. Jack is at the ready by the door, with the stone in his hand.
ROMAN: All set. Jack, Jack, you ready?

JACK: (Nods, speaking softly) A huh!

ROMAN: All right, (picking up a tray with stuff on it) is everybody ready.

JACK: (Softly) Huh....
Roman flings the tray and everything to the floor. He and Marlena wait for the guards to rush in. From outside a guard calls out.
Roman and Marlena wait for him to enter. Jack is breathing heavily, waiting for his time to react. Marlena puts her arm on Roman, a last minute sign of strength. Just then, a guard barges in, his gun at the ready. A second guard follows him in. Jack rushes over and bashes the first guard's head, not realizing that there is a second guard. Marlena shouts out in a panic.
MARLENA: Aahhhhh!
As Jack is looking down at his handiwork, the unconscious guard, the second one moves behind him and points his gun at Jack.
GUARD #2: Don't move!
Jack freezes, his arms outstretched. The guard walks in front of Jack and Jack steps back, showing the guard that he is unarmed. Marlena and Roman look on, upset because it appears that their escape has, yet again, been thwarted.

Scene Eight: Jennifer is alone, walking around her drake living room (thought it is light outside). She 04Ep032F: Jack's photo [NBC publicity]picks up the photo, and reclines on the couch, gazing at Jack's picture.


JENNIFER: (Sighing) Oh, Jack, (putting her hand behind her head) you know sometimes, this is all I feel like I have of you, just photos from the past. (Shaking her head) But that's not true, 'cause you're with me, Jack! I can feel you (frowning), I can (pauses) feel you through Abby and Jack, Jr. Listen, if.... if you can fit it in (laughs) would you keep an eye on Bo and Hope, too? Just help them to stay together, (shaking her head) don't let Billie come between them.

Jennifer wraps the picture with both her arms, next to her heart, and sadly looks on.


Scene Nine: Back at the Castle, the second guard has a gun aimed at Jack, the three of them fear that this is the end of the line, and that there will be no escaping for them. The guard looks at Roman and Marlena. They look at each other. Then the guard returns his his gaze to Jack. Marlena looks around.
MARLENA: (Sounding weak) I think I'm going to faint.
The guard looks towards Marlena, losing his concentration. Roman, swings around and kicks the gun from the guards hand.
Jack is at the ready, having picked up on Marlena's clue, he moves behind the guard and knocks his fist as hard as he can against the back of the guard's head; the second guard also is knocked unconscious. 04Ep032E: Jack and Roman take out Tony's henchman
ROMAN: All right, grab the keys.

JACK: Okay!
Roman and Jack search the guard for things they could use. Marlena stands to the side, thrilled because it appears they soon will be free.
MARLENA: (To herself, gasps) Haaa, we're going home!
Roman mutters something [it is hard to hear/understand]
ROMAN: Cuff him. Come on.
Marlena is overcome with emotion, smiling.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]