Episode Thirty-Three: The Great Escape Part II:
Jack Gets Shot and Cassie and Marlena Are Trapped
by Fire; Back in Salem Abigail Is in a Car Accident.

[Air date April 15, 2005]

Scene One: At the Deveraux', Abigail picks up one of the Father's Day cards she made her father, and caresses her cheek with it.

04Ep033A: One Jack's cards Abigail drew

ABIGAIL: Dad....
Abigail looks through the box of things. She touches one of his hats. She puts down the card and picks up a yellow rabbit's foot, and gazes at it. Just then Jennifer comes down with another box of Jack's things.
JENNIFER: Okay, found.... one more box in the attic.
She puts the box on the coffee table, and Abigail becomes upset, thinking Jennifer is trying to get rid of everything associated with Jack.
ABIGAIL: Mom, why are you getting rid of all Dad's stuff?
Jennifer and Abigail sit on the couch. Jennifer rubs her arm.
ABIGAIL: (Cont.) These are his most precious possessions? How can you just throw them away like he's never going to come back?
Leaning over towards her trying to make her see she is being unrealistic, yet trying to be sympathetic.
JENNIFER: Sweetie, listen to me. You (gesturing) know that your dad is not coming back--

ABIGAIL: (Angrily) I don't know that! We thought he was dead once before and he wasn't! And this time they didn't even find a body, so why can't he still be alive.

JENNIFER: Abby, I'm (tapping her chest) trying to help you understand--

ABIGAIL: I don't care what you say! I know he is! I can feel it in my heart! And if you really loved him you'd feel it too!
Jennifer is hurt by what Abigail has said. She frowns and shakes her head slightly.

Scene Two: Jack peers around a hallway. He is wearing the uniform of one of the guards that they knocked out.
JACK: Okay, coast is clear.
He looks around again, fiddling with his collar, cautiously he starts to walk down the hall way.
JACK: (Cont.) We're finally out of here. Getting out of di Mera's House of Horrors, and getting back home. I can't wait to see Jennifer and Abigail and my baby boy.
Jack smiles at the thought of what soon will be. Jack continues to walk cautiously towards the exit.
JACK: (Cont.) Boy everybody back in Salem is going to flip-out when they see we're there. (Smiling) Right, Roman?
There is no answer, Jack freezes, his eyes dart back and forth.
JACK: (Cont.) Roman?!
Still no answer.

JACK: (Cont.) Marlena?!

He quickly turns around, and looks down the hallway, they are not following him. Turning back around.

JACK: Damnit! Ha.... How did I lose them this time?

04Ep033B: Jack realizes he lost them

Jack cautiously returns back to the other hallway and softly calls out to them, and then quickly heads back to find them.

JACK: Roman? Marlena?
Scene Three: Meanwhile, Roman, who is in the other uniform, and Marlena are walking down another hallway. They are trying to find Jack. Roman is frustrated that they lost him. Just then they hear loud crying coming from inside one of the rooms. Roman wants to check it out, thinking it could be Cassie.

Scene Four: Jennifer is trying to explain things to Abigail.
JENNIFER: Abby, I (touching her chest) still love your father with all of my heart! And I'm not (gesturing) getting rid of his things, I am donating some of his research and articles to Salem University School of Journalism.

ABIGAIL: What for?

JENNIFER: Because he was a great reporter! And he taught (pointing to herself) everything that I know about the newspaper business. And I think that (gesturing) he could continue to teach others even though that he is gone, Abby--

ABIGAIL: (Angered by the last remark) STOP saying that! Daddy's not gone! He's alive and coming home to us and I can prove it!

Scene Five: Jack wanders into the hallway where Roman and Marlena are. They are in front of the door of the room where they heard the crying.
JACK: Marlena!
They rush over to him, overjoyed that they found him and he was safe.
MARLENA: Oh, Jack.

ROMAN: Jack, what the hell are you doing?!
Marlena gives Jack a quick hugs.
MARLENA: You had us scared half-to-death!

JACK: (Gesturing) What were you doing trying to go into that room, you don't know who could be in there.

MARLENA: (Gesturing) We heard somebody crying we thought it might be Cassie.

ROMAN: Yeah, (pointing back towards the room) I'm going to find out I'm not (pointing down to emphasis) leaving here without my daughter!
Roman runs to the door and starts unlocking it, Marlena follows, and so does Jack.
JACK: Shhh!
Roman walks in and looks around. Cassie had is standing hidden by the door, she runs up to him with a large vase about to hit him; he is wearing a guard's uniform so she thinks he is a guard. Marlena yells to Roman to look out, then Roman yells at Cassie. She is thrilled to see her father, and they hug. She then hugs Marlena. Cassie does not want to hear that she is dreaming it all. Marlena assures her it is *not* a dream, "we're going home!" Jack has remained by the door, making sure none of Tony's henchmen were coming.
JACK: (Pointing) First we have to find our way out of here!

Jack goes over to them to speed them up. He pushes Marlena towards the door, the Cassie.

JACK: Come on, we gotta go, Marlena, Cassie!--

ROMAN: (Not moving) Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE! (Furious, gesturing for them to stop) NOT YET! Not 'til we find out if there are any other prisoners here.

They are stopped at the door, not believing what he is saying. Jack looks completely annoyed, he flashes a look of disbelief and frustration.

Scene Six: Back with Jennifer and Abigail, Abigail shows her mother the rabbit's foot.
ABIGAIL: This is proof he's coming back! Dad always said if I held on to this, good things would happen. And it's not the rabbit's foot, it's about believing, believing miracles could happen! And I do!
Jennifer looks sadly on. She then thinks back to a previous time with her and Jack [a flashback that never aired].

Jack and Jennifer are seated at a romantically set table, with candles and flowers. Jack hands her a 04033C: Jennifer remembers a happy time with Jackchampagne flute. He is wearing a dark suit and tie. Jennifer is elegantly dressed in a turquoise dress, sleeveless but with a thin gold string over each shoulder. Jack leans forward her, making a toast.

JACK: To my beautiful wife, (they clink their glasses).... my life....

He clinks her glass with his. Jennifer giggles.

JACK: (Cont.) ....to finally being back together where we belong!

JENNIFER: (Shaking her head) I never thought it could happen, Jack.

JACK: (In a romantic, seductive voice) Well, it shows we can always learn something.... never stop believing in miracles.
Jennifer smiles at him, and he smiles back. She leans in to kiss him and he responds.

Back in the present, Jennifer looks down smiling a her thoughts of when Jack talked about believing in miracles.
JENNIFER: Oh, Abby, I-I wanna believe, I do, and I would've love it, if it only were that simple.

ABIGAIL: I know bad stuff happens and we don't always get happy endings....
Jennifer looks away, happy for Abigail's faith, yet realizing in this case it is not possible.
ABIGAIL: (Cont.) ....but there is nothing wrong with having faith. I mean, I feel as long as I keep believing Dad is coming back to us, then he is. Isn't there some part of you, deep down inside, that believes that too?

JENNIFER: Of course there is, Baby. Because it's true!

Scene Seven: Back inside Cassie's cell at the Castle, a frustrated Jack with Marlena and Cassie are at the door, wanting to going. However, Roman is remaining inside, determined not to leave until they searched for other possible hostages.
JACK: Roman! [hard to hear] (tapping Cassie, talking to her and Marlena) Wait, just a minute.
Jack walks over to him, trying to convince him their only hope is to leave.
JACK: Roman, (gesturing) don't be crazy! We got Cassie, now we got to get out of her before Tony figures we've escaped!

ROMAN: Jack, what if they're other prisoners here--

JACK: We'll call the ISA, the cops, anybody who'll come back and search, but we (gesturing) can't help them if (gesturing) we're captured again! This is our chance to escape, we gotta take it!

MARLENA: If only we knew somebody else were still here.

ROMAN: We (slapping his side with his hand) won't know unless we search!

JACK: (Pleading) Roman--
Cassie runs over to him trying to convince he.
CASSIE: Daddy, can we please, let's just go and get help!
Roman looks at his daughter. She tries to lead him out the door. As she talks he talks over her, still determined to go searching for others.
CASSIE: Hurry before somebody catches up....

ROMAN: Honey, we've gotta find other people well....
She is trying to drag him away, not looking she does not see the vase on the table.
CASSIE: No, please....
Just then she hits the vase and it starts to fall over.
CASSIE: Ooohhh.... oh....
Jack tries to stop it from falling, but he is not quick enough.
JACK: Oh. Daah....
The vase falls to the floor and shatters, making a noise. They gasp out loud, realizing they will be caught. Just then the faint sound of someone running can be heard.
JACK: Shh.... (Jack goes to the door to check) somebody's coming. Somebody's coming.


JACK: (Cont.)
Let's go....

Jack peers out the door, Marlena grabs on to his shoulder and looks too. Roman comes behind him. Marlena looks over to Roman.

04Ep033D: Jack and Marlena check to see no one is coming

MARLENA: Roman, what are we going to do. We can't get caught again!
Roman moves to the other side of the doorway and peers out.

Scene Eight: Abigail is still holding the rabbit's foot, Jennifer puts her hand on top of Abigail's.
JENNIFER: Abby, I do believe that your dad is still here. You know what, he'll always be here! Through you and Jack, Jr. And you know, he loved you soo much! And so do I! And if it weren't for you and your brother I really don't know what I would do.

ABIGAIL: I love you too, Mom! It's just so hard to let go.

JENNIFER: Believe me, Honey, I know that, I know how hard it is. But do you know what your dad would want more than anything? He would really want for us not to fight anymore! He would really want us to be there for each other! So, do you think we can do that? So, do you think we could just not fight anymore and be there for each other?
Feeling remorseful, Abigail nods in agreement.
ABIGAIL: I promise, Mom. I'll try harder.
Just then the doorbell rings. Jennifer cannot figure out who it is. Abigail says that is is Chelsea, and runs to answer the door. Jennifer looks upwards and makes, "Yes!" expression. She then goes to the door. Chelsea and her mother and father are there. They want to take her out to dinner with them. Jennifer at first is not sure but then agrees. Abigail goes to get a coat and then Chelsea's parents tell Jennifer that they will get Abigail back in time for her surprise party -- the whole thing was planned. Abigail returns and they leave. Jennifer shoots the door and then walks back into the living room, twirling Jack's rabbit's foot on her finger. She puts it towards her face, trying to drink in Jack's essence. She picks up the clipping, and admires it lovingly.
She touches his photo and puts it down, and then gazes at the rabbit's foot.
JENNIFER: Oh, now if you could only just be here with us to celebrate Abby's birthday.
Jennifer runs the rabbit's foot over her face, thinking of Jack.

Scene Nine: Back in Cassie's room, Cassie reaches for a lit candle which is on the mantel. Marlena is standing behind her. Cassie carefully takes down the candlestick.
MARLENA: Just be very careful.

CASSIE: (Nervous laugh) Oh, okay.
Touching her arm to comfort Cassie
MARLENA: We're all right here
Cassie walks across the room.
She walks to the middle of the room, exhales, waiting for the guards. Meanwhile Jack and Roman are standing by the door, flush up against the wall. Marlena has gotten out of sight as well. Just then two guards come into the room (they are different guards then the ones who Roman and Jack knocked out). One is older with gray hair. The other is a young, dark haired man.
GUARD #1: (Looking around) What's going on here?

GUARD #2: (Coming in too) We heard a crash.

CASSIE: I was just getting ready for (motioning towards her bed) and I dropped a (gesturing to the vase on the floor) a vase. I'll pick it up.
The younger man looks around, but does not notice the others. The older guard walks over to Cassie.
GUARD #1: We'll stay and help.

CASSIE: No, that's okay. (Nodding) I-I can do it.
She smiles at him. However, he starts to come on to her, and menacingly moves even closer to her.
GUARD #1: How about a good-night kiss, then.
She steps back, shaking her head. Just then Roman jumps out and runs over to attack the guard.

ROMAN: I don't think so!

The second guard calls out.
Roman slugs the first guard. The second guard pulls out a gun. Jack quickly runs out, trying to prevent the second guard from shooting.


Marlena and Cassie cry out. Roman fights with the first guard, as Jack struggles to get the gun away from the second guard.

04Ep033E: Jack has been shot

Just then a gun shot is heard, and Jack jerks back in pain. They are horrified to see that Jack has been shot.


Jack grimaces in pain and from the shock of being shot. He stumbles back, holding his side near his stomach. He looks at his hand, and it is covered in blood. Jack's eyes are rolling, and he looks as if he is about to collapse.


Scene Ten: The scene continues. Roman is now fighting with the younger guard. Jack is stumbling around the room. Marlena and Cassie continue to scream out in horror. Jack moans from the shock, and pain. Roman finally subdues the guard and runs over to Jack.
ROMAN: Jack, are you all right?

JACK: No, I just can't stand the sight of blood! Mainly my own.

ROMAN: Come on! Lean on me!
Roman pulls him to someplace where he can sit. Marlena rushes over towards them. Everyone is talking at once [it is hard to hear and get what everyone is saying. I tried the best I could to get the basic sense of what was happening].
ROMAN: (Cont.) ....Here we go. Here we go!

MARLENA: Quick, the bed! The bed. Jack. (Talking to Roman) Easy! Easy!
As Roman tries to get him to the bed Jack continues to shot out in pain.
JACK: Oh.. Oh. Ahh... Ahhh.....

MARLENA: Roman, Put him down.

ROMAN: Take it easy! Take it easy!

MARLENA: Gently! Gently!

JACK: (Gasping in pain) Ahhh. Ahhh.

ROMAN: Take it easy!
Marlena is trying to help easy Jack on the bed. Meanwhile Cassie runs over to a table and puts the lit candlestick on it. However, she places it directly under a tapestry, and the flame is a few centimeters away. They finally get Jack settled.
ROMAN: There you go. There you go, Jack.

JACK: Uh, uh....
Marlena goes to check on the extent of Jack's wound.
MARLENA: Let me see. Let me see. It's all right
Marlena tries to gently move aside the jacket without hurting Jack. However, Jack is in pain and continues to moan from the wound.
JACK: Ah... Ah.... Ha....
Marlena sees the wound and is relieved.
MARLENA: Oh Jack, it's only a flesh wound. You'll be all okay.


MARLENA: (Talking to Cassie) I've got to staunch the blood.Get anything -- a rag, a towel.

CASSIE: (Frantically) Get....
Cassie mumbles something and throws a rag at Marlena, and runs over to the other side of the bed. Marlena begins to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.
ROMAN: All right, Jack, come on, we gotta hurry up! We got to get the hell out of here!

JACK: (Moaning) Eeee!

ROMAN: We don't have time to find other prisoners now!

JACK: Right!

Roman bends over Jack. Marlena looks over at Roman.

04Ep033F:  Jack is okay

ROMAN: Jack, you all right?

JACK: I'm all right, Roman! I'm all right!
Just then the flame from the candle hits the tapestry and in a flash it bursts into flames.

Scene Eleven: Jennifer is going through Jack's things. She sees and picks up the centerpiece of their wedding cake. She picks it up and holds it.
JENNIFER: When we said our vows we swore "to death do us part." We never dreamed it would come so soon.
Jennifer sadly cradles it to her chest. She then smiles having seen something.
JENNIFER: Ahh! But thank God (walks over to the table) for our babies, huh, Jack!? What would we do without our babies? (She picks up a photo of Abigail) Can you believe Abby is going to be 17 years old?! (Cradling her photo to her breast) Oohh, you'd be sooo proud of her, Jack! And you know what? I think that we are finally gonna be okay! (Her voice cracking) Everything is gonna be okay!
Scene Twelve: Abigail is sitting with Chelsea in the back seat of her parents' car. Chelsea's mother comments to her husband to watch the driver in front of them, he is driving erratically, weaving back and forth. In the back, Chelsea whispers to Abigail that she wants to ditch her parents and find Patrick. Abigail is turned off by the suggestion. She tells Chelsea that she promised her mother to try and be better, and she plans on keeping her promise. Just then something happens. There is a stretching of the breaks and a crash. Abigail and Chelsea are thrown around in the back seat.

Scene Thirteen: Back at the Castle, Marlena is still administering to Jack. Jack groans. Roman has gone. Cassie is by Marlena's side watching her.

MARLENA: But, Jack, Jack, we've stop the bleeding!


MARLENA: (Cont.) You're going to be okay!
The tapestry is ablaze. Just then Roman runs into the room over to the bed. He does not notice the fire.
ROMAN: All right, I've dump the guard in the storeroom, down the hall. Are you ready to go?
Marlena looks over, and gasps. They all see the fire. Everyone starts talking at once [it is hard to catch it all]
MARLENA: (Pointing) OH! ROMAN!


The fire is spreading.
They try to help Jack.
CASSIE: Okay, easy!

ROMAN: Doc, Jack, come let's go.

MARLENA: Gentle! Gentle!

JACK: That's right!

Roman and Marlena help to prop up Jack as he walks. Everyone rushes to get outside.

04Ep033G: Marlena and Roman help Jack

JACK: Okay! Oh!

They make it to the door.

MARLENA: Easy! Easy!

They have all made it out the door, into the hallway. Just then Cassie cries out that she forgot her bracelet. Roman shouts to her that they do not have time. She screams back that her Grandmother Caroline had given it to her. Marlena screams at her not to do it. However, she does not listen. The door slams on her, and inside the fire has become worse and the room is filled with smoke. Just then the tapestry crashes to the floor -- the tapestry fell right in front of the door. She screams in terror. Marlena runs to free her. Jack slips without her support and moans.
JACK: Ahh!
Roman yells to Marlena to stop. She runs into the room, it is now overcome with flames, and she tries to shield herself from the fire and look for Cassie. She calls out to Cassie.

Roman tries to ease Jack down to sit, so he could go into the room and help Marlena and Cassie.
ROMAN: All right, Jack....

JACK: Ah....

ROMAN: (Cont.) ....try to sit down.

JACK: (Sitting) Okay! (Sit in pain) Ah! Oh!
After Jack sits, Roman runs to the door. However, before he reaches it it slams shut. Roman curses and tries to open it. Jack notices that something is wrong.
JACK: What's the matter?


JACK: (Cont.) Door locked?
Roman is desperate and tries to use the guard's keys to reopen the door. Roman mutters in frustration.


Roman is desperately trying, to reopen the door. However, he is being unsuccessful. Jack watches on, unable to be any help. Jack is about to say something then notices something.
JACK: Wha...
He turns his head to the hallway, he quietly calls to Roman.
JACK: Roman, shhh!

Jack's eyes are wide open and it appears he has heard someone coming. Roman turns, and it appears he realizes what Jack is trying to tell him.

04Ep033H: Jack hears something

Back inside Marlena tries to defend herself from the flames. Marlena screams to Roman for help. Cassie screams for her daddy to help her. Cassie way across on the other side of the room, separated by a wall of fire. Marlena screams in terror, unable to get to Cassie.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]