Episode Thirty-Four: The Great Escape Part III:
Jack Takes Charge and Saves the Day, and
Shoots Tony; Meanwhile, Jennifer Prepares for
Abigail's Birthday, Remembering Jack, Unaware
Abigail Was Seriously Injured in a Car Accident.

[Air date April 18, 2005]
Scene One: In Tony' private lair in the Castle, Bart is with Tony. Tony is holding his samurai sword. They are aware of the fire. Bart tells Tony that for precautionary purposes he told Tony's me to keep the helicopter ready for a quick escape. Tony is furious, and appears even more delusional than usual, he informs Bart that he does not plan on leaving without his prisoners. Bart makes a joke and Bart is not amused, Bart worries about being sliced by the Count. Tony tells Bart that either the fire or he will stop his prisoners. He does not plan on letting them escape after all he has done to keep them.

Scene Two: Roman is still trying to get into Cassie's room where she and Marlena are trapped by the fire Cassie accidentally set. Jack is resting a few feet away, having just been grazed by a bullet. Roman cruses, the key from the guards key chain broke inside the lock, and now he cannot get to the women. Jack appears to be feeling better because he is now standing up. Frustrated Roman goes over to Jack
ROMAN: Damnit, we've got to get them out of there, Jack!
Just then the sound of someone running can be heard. Jack was just about to say something, and stopped, turning towards the sound.
JACK: What the hell is going on, ahh.

Roman is about to do something, then Jack gets a look which indicates he has an idea. Jack takes off before Roman can say anything.

04Ep034A: Jack gets an idea

JACK: Wait a minute, cover for me, I've got an idea.

Jack goes over to a suit of armor which is next to the wall, by the door. Jack takes a large ax from the armor.
JACK: Uhhh....
He goes over to the door, trying to chop open the door.
JACK: Ahhhh....

ROMAN: (Calling to them inside) ALL RIGHT, DOC, CASSIE HANG IN THERE!

JACK: (Hacking away at the door) ARHHHH.... WE'RE COMING! ERRRRAAAHHH! AHHH!
Inside Cassie asks what she and Marlena should do. Marlena tells her to stay calm. Cassie says, "The window! and runs over to open it. Marlena, realizing that is the worst thing to do, shouts for her not to do it, "CASSIE *NOOOOOOOO!*" However, she does not listen. Breaking the window creates a massive back draft and the power causes the door to blow open. Jack and Roman are in front of the door and the blast knocks them over, and the door crashes on top of them. Marlena screams for Roman. Jack is unconscious and Roman moans and groans, trying to get up and then he top falls into unconsciousness.

Scene Three: In her kitchen, Jennifer sets down a three layered chocolate cake, "Look at that, Martha Stewart eat your heart out. Not even you could top Gram's three layer cake!" she says admiring her work. On the table is a wrapped present. There are more presents around, and boxes and wrapping paper. She remembers her list and runs over to find it, she has to get the candles, ice the cake, wrap the presents, decorate the room, she is glad that the Bensons, Chelsea's parents, took Abigail out or else it would not be a surprise party. Jennifer looks around the room, and on another table, with ribbons and a package, there are two photos, one of Jack [the same publicity still from the other day] and the other of Abigail. She stops and smiles at the photos.
JENNIFER: Jack, (walking to his photo) can you believe that (putting her hand to her chest) our little girl is turning (laughing) 17 years old? Oh, where did the time go, Jack?
Jennifer smiles and then remembers to the day Abigail was born.

Abigail has been born, and the three of them, Jack, Jennifer and the Baby Abigail, are on the couch in the cabin.
Ep448LJENNIFER: ....have you ever seen anything like it?

JACK: I don't believe I have.

JENNIFER: Oh she has just ten perfect little fingers and ten perfect little toes.

JACK: She's the most perfect child in the world.
JENNIFER: You're right but I think every parent thinks that, huh?

JACK: Well, too bad. I believe we have the winner right here.

JENNIFER: I love you.

JACK: I love you too.


JACK: So what shall we name her?

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, we never decided, did we?
Back in the present, Jennifer is smiling from remembering Abigail's birth; she completes the though from the remembrance, what they named their baby girl.
She picks up Abigail's picture and looks at it with great love.
JENNIFER: I may not have you Jack, but you know what, (cradling the photo next to her heart) we will always, always have our Abigail.
Jennifer smiles thinking about their daughter.

Scene Four: There is a shoot of the Benson's car. It is smashed up from the accident. Abigail has been through from the car and is lying unconscious, apparently seriously injured.

Scene Five: It is some time later, the cake has been decorated: It has yellow frosting, with a blue border on the top, and a red border around the first layer. In red frosting is written, "Happy Birthday, Abigail," in fancy script, in blue frosting is written, "Love Mom & Dad!" Jennifer, holding a tube of frosting, turns the cake around, admiring it, and reading what she has written.
JENNIFER: "Happy birthday Abigail, love Mom and Dad!" (She shakes her head) Oh, I can't believe I wrote "Dad"! But, you know, that's (gesturing with the frosting tube) how Abigail would have wanted it!
She puts down the tube and wipes her hands on a cloth.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) That's how it should be!
Jennifer remembers the balloons, so she goes searching for some in a drawer; while searching she drops a small, blue velvet box. She opens it and inside is a silver bracelet with stones around it. She picks it up and looks at it, and gasps.
JENNIFER: Ahhh! Oohh!

She smiles, and puts it next to her, remembering about its significance.

The flashback seems to be back to when they were on the island in their replica home, after Jack was rescued on from the ledge. Jennifer is in bed, holding Baby Deveraux, Jack is lying on top of the covers next to her, his hand on hers, admiring their son; he continues to gently caress her and their son. Jennifer is in a nightgown, and Jack is cleaned up, and wearing his Indiana Jack clothes. [The flashback did not originally air].

04Ep034B: Jennifer remembers Jack showing her the braceletJENNIFER: I can't get over how.... how fast the time goes by. Can you believe our Abigail is going to be 17 years old?

JACK: (Shaking his head) No! (Shaking his head, frustrated) I just.... I just (looking up at her) feel I missed so many birthdays.

JENNIFER: That's okay, because you won't miss this one, Jack (smiling)!

JACK: That reminds me.
Jack gestures, and crawls over the bed, going after something, as he talks.
JACK: (Cont.) That reminds me, you know, I was working on a little project, (groans) eh, before I tried to manage my (groans again) great escape from this island.
Jack is off the bed, he picks up his Indiana Jack hat, and takes something out from underneath it. He walks back to the bed.
04Ep034C: Jack explains the braceletJACK: (Cont.) Maggie and I found these stones in the jungle (he walks back to Jennifer and plops next to her). And, we made this.

JENNIFER: Jack, it's beautiful!
Jack is holding the bracelet.
JACK: Well, it's.... it's.... it's not her birth stone obviously (gesturing), it's.... no diamonds here, I....
Jack is holding it, Jennifer laughs at his joke. He points at the stones as he continues talking about the bracelet.
JACK: (Cont.) ....but with the erosion, y-you could see all the different colors in these stones.
Jack looks up at her to see what she thinks. Jennifer is taken away by how wonderful it is. Jennifer takes it in her hand.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack! This.... she is gonna love this!

JACK: (Hopeful) Yeah?


JACK: (Gesturing) I'm really tempted, but promise me,(gesturing in the negative) y-you won't let me give this to her until her birthday?
Jennifer looks at him, lovingly, smiling, looks down at the bracelet. Jennifer is holding it in both hands, Jack intertwines his hand with one of hers. He gently caresses her hands with his finger tips.

Back in the present, Jennifer is sitting on the floor, holding the bracelet in both hands, admiring how wonderful and special it is.
JENNIFER: Haa.... Oh I can't believe I found this. Oh I can't wait to give this to Abby, she is gonna love it!
She puts it to her chest, holding it tightly, and looking sadly thinking that Jack cannot give it to Abigail as he wanted.
JENNIFER: Oh I wish I could give her the one thing she wants most, Jack! (Closing her eyes) Oh, we miss you so much!
Jennifer continues to sit on the kitchen floor, holding on to Jack's precious gift.

Scene Six: Patrick and Billie are driving. Patrick asks her about her feelings for Bo, and she about her feelings for Jennifer. He does not answer her questions. Just then they come upon the accident. Patrick is horrified to see Abigail lying, unconscious, on the ground. He immediately tries to wake Abigail, but she is seriously injured. He is very concerned. Billie discovers Chelsea who is propped up against the car, and her parents seriously injured inside the car.

Scene Seven: Back at the Castle, Tony gets word from the guard (the second guard from the other episode) has told Tony about Jack and Roman lying unconscious under the door, and that Marlena and Cassie are inside where the fire is. The guard goes over to examine Jack and Roman's body. Roman is moaning and groaning. Jack is conscious, and seeing the guard he surreptitiously reaches for the ax. As the guard bends over Roman, Jack slowly brings up the ax.

JACK: Ahh....
Jack knocks out the guard with he wooden handle of the ax, the guard groans with pain.
GUARD #2: Uhhhh.
Roman is coughing, and partially conscious. Having knocked out the guard, Jack gets up and checks on Roman, trying to wake him. Roman continues to cough from the smoke.
JACK: Roman, are you okay?
Roman is muttering about Marlena and Cassie.
ROMAN: Doc! Doc! Cassie!
Jack helps Roman get up. Roman is frantic about Marlena and Cassie.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Cassie is lying on the other side of the room. Marlena is with her, trying to revive her; however, Cassie is not waking up. The room is completely engulfed in flames, from where they are to the door. Marlena still cannot get Cassie to respond; Marlena realizes that she is suffering from smoke inhalation. Marlena knows that she has to get them out of there fast or it will be too late. She looks across to the door and sees the room completely in flames. Marlena is becoming effected by the smoke, and coughs from the lack of oxygen and the thick smoke. Just then, Roman and Jack appear at the door. Roman calls out to them.

04Ep034D: Jack and Roman try to rescue Cassie and Marlena

Both Jack and he try to cover their faces from the heat, and try to see through the fire and smoke to find the women.
Just then Tony's voice can be heard, coming from behind them.
They turn around to see Tony with Bart in the hallway.
TONY: Rather difficult for either of you to save Marlena and Cassie, especially (touching the point of his samurai sword with his finger) when both of you will be dead!

04Ep034E: Tony appears

Jack looks frustrated that they have been stopped again, though his expression also seems to indicate that Jack thinks that Tony cannot be serious. Jack turns towards Roman, who also is frustrated by Tony's appearance.

Scene Eight: Bo and Hope are having a romantic night alone in bed, now that Billie has left. They talk about going to Abigail's party later, and how difficult it must be for Jennifer planning this alone, and missing Jack so much. Later Bo goes to get Chinese take out.

Meanwhile, at the crash site, Billie calls 911; however, she is told that there has been a riot at a basketball game and there are no squad cars or ambulances available. She then calls Bo on his cell phone. It is by the bed and Hope answers. Billie demands to speak to Bo, and Hope is furious. She believes Billie is back to her old tricks. Billie tells her it is an emergency, but does not tell her what happened. This makes Hope even more disgusted. She tells Billie that Billie has only been gone a few hours and she is already fabricating excuses to get Bo to help her. Billie calls her and "idiot," and this is the final straw, Hope hangs up, just as Billie finally begins to explain.

Scene Nine: Back at the Castle, Marlena has some cloth over her and Cassie's mouths to try and filter out the smoke. Cassie appears to still be unconscious, Marlena is choking from the flames.

Back in the hallway, Tony, with Bart, is threatening Jack and Roman, waving his samurai sword.
TONY: I thought about sending two guards down her to shoot you--

JACK: (Determined, lacking any fear) Wouldn't have done you any good!

TONY: Well, that's why I decided to come myself.

ROMAN: Tony, you can slice and dice all you want, (pointing to the burning room) but I'm gonna save Doc and my daughter Cassie! You remember her, the one you said you loved like your own, (pointing to Tony) you son-of-a-bitch!

Roman takes off into the room, leaving Jack alone with Tony and Bart. Jack calls to stop him, but Roman ignores him.

Jack puts out his hand vainly trying to stop him; for an instant he is about go in too, but stops. Jack then turns back towards Tony. Jack looks down and sees something, then he looks back over towards Tony and Bart. He runs towards it and so does Bart. Jack, however, is quicker, and picks up the guard's gun. Bart backs off and puts his hands up submissively, as Jack points the guard's gun at both them. Jack is deadly serious.

JACK: I wouldn't try it Tony!

Meanwhile back inside the room, Roman makes it over to Marlena and Cassie.

Back in the hallway, Jack slowly gets up, and continues to point the gun at them.
BART: Don't even think about it, Jack!
Jack slowly turns and walks, with a deadly, determined expression on his face.

TONY: Don't you know by now, Jack, that you cahn't [Tony's pronunciation] win! That gun's not going to stop me!

JACK: Yeah, what are you gonna do, swat away the bullet before it hits you? This I gotta see!

04Ep034F: Jack shoots Tony

With that, Jack shoots Tony, point blank in the chest. Bart is in shock, his mouth agape, staring towards Tony. Tony is stunned as well, he looks down at his chest and puts his hand where the bullet hit him. Tony's legs buckle from under him and he slips to the floor. Bart is still in shock, he looks at Jack and is about to say something, but is dumbfounded. He looks back over towards Tony as he falls to the floor. Jack does not miss a beat, and is not at all disturbed by what he did.

04Ep034G: Jack  was right Tony can be shot

JACK: (Cont.)Yeah, I didn't think so!

Tony, on the floor, looks at the blood on his hands, and then over at Jack. Bart does a double take, between Tony and Jack, Bart's mouth is still agape, in shock that Jack actually beat "the Count." Jack, slightly impressed with his work, addresses Bart.

04Ep034H: Jack says he wanted to do that for a

JACK: (Cont.) You know, Bart, that's something I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time!
Tony is moaning from, and chokes, upset that he finally has been thwarted.

Scene Ten: Back at the crash scene, Patrick has an idea, he calls 911 and tells them that the mayor's wife was in an accident, and gives them that location. He then calls Lexie and tells her about the accident.

Meanwhile, Billie is with Mrs. Benson's, Chelsea's mom. Mrs. Benson's tells Billie to take care of Georgia for her.

Scene Eleven: Back at Bo and Hope's, Bo's cell phone rings again; Bo still has not returned. Furious, Hope answers, and lays into the caller, believing it is Billie. However, it is Jennifer. Jennifer tells Hope she must have accidentally punched in the wrong sped dial number. Hope then tells Hope about the earlier call from Billie, and how Billie continues to try and worm her way into Bo's life. They talk about Abigail's party. Hope tells Jennifer that she and Bo are spending some quality romantic time together, and Bo went out for Chinese take-out for their dinner, then they will come over and help set up the party. Hope asks about how things are going, and Jennifer replies fine. She tells Hope that the Bensons are preoccupying Abigail, and that she is almost through decorating. Hope tells her that is not what she means. Hope wants to know how Jennifer really is. Jennifer replies, "Well, I didn't think I'd be celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday without Jack." Jennifer then asks Hope if she remembers the bracelet Jack made while he was on the island. Jennifer tells Hope that she had almost forgotten about the bracelet. She tells Hope that it was so important for Jack that he gave it to Abigail on her birthday. Jennifer does not know what she would have done had she not found it. Hope tells that she*did* find it, "that's all that matters!" Jennifer tells her that she has to go. Hope tells her, "*Don't stress" she and Bo will be there to help. Ironically Jennifer tells her to drive safely.

Just then Bo comes in, carrying a tray with their take out and a bottle of wine and glasses. He wonders who was on the phone and she tells him about Jennifer; however, she does not tell him about the call from Billie.

Scene Twelve: Back at the Castle, Jack continues to aim the gun at Bart and Tony. Frantic with worry, Bart bends down next to Tony.
BART: Count, Count (touching him), can you move. (Overcome with emotion) Can.... CAN YOU MOVE! (Pointing to Jack) All right, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE NOW!

JACK: No, no (with a deadly serious tone) I believe he is! You know, Bart, I actually believe for the first time, I have the upper-hand!

Tony is in pain, and it is hard for him to speak, his breathing is shallow. Bart holds him, concerned for his master.

TONY: You think you're so damn clever, ha.... you and no one else is ever going to stop me! Ha....

JACK: I have a gun here that tells me otherwise!

TONY: Won't be much of a hero, will you.... ha, if you let Roman, Marlena and Cassie die! Huh?
Meanwhile, back in the room, Roman is carrying Cassie and Marlena has her hand on his shoulder. He leads them out of the room, and to safety. Jack turns around to see them.
ROMAN: All right, that's it, Doc.


Hey, Jack, here.
He hands Cassie to Jack, so for a moment Jack turns away from Bart and Tony.
JACK: Okay! All right!

MARLENA: Ease her down!
Jack and Marlena help Roman set Cassie down on the floor. The three of them are talking at once [making it hard to get everything].
JACK: (Cont.) Here you go, Cassie, come on Honey.

MARLENA: (Cont.) Ease her down.

ROMAN: Come on, Baby!
They have set her down.
JACK: All right! Okay! Okay!
Jack returns his attention to Tony, and points the gun back towards him and Bart.
ROMAN: (Cont.) That's it.
Tony is in pain, Marlena glares at him, repulsed by him. Bart continues to cradle Tony in his arms, he looks over towards the captives who now have the upper-hand.
MARLENA: You deserve to suffer, Tony! You know, I never want to see a man die! But by God, I want you out of our lives! Ha....
She turns away from him. Tony is in pain, and is barely conscious. Marlena and Roman hover over Cassie worried about her, Jack continues to protect his friends by keeping them covered, while also bending over, worried about Cassie.
MARLENA: (Addressing Cassie) Cassie, Baby?

ROMAN; Cassie, come on, Sweetheart!

JACK: Come on, Cassie!

ROMAN: (Brushing back her hair) Cassie, open your eyes! Cassie!
Finally she comes to.
CASSIE: Daddy (smiles)!

Roman holds her. The three are revealed and thrilled that she is fine.
ROMAN: That's it! That's it!

JACK: All right! Okay! Can you move?

ROMAN: Okay!
Looking back towards Tony and Bart. Cassie coughs from the smoke.
JACK: (Cont.) ....(Looking down at Roman) 'Cause, Roman, we need to move right now. We need to get the hell out of here!
Jack continues to watch Tony and Bart.
ROMAN: All right!
They try to get up. Tony smirks, and laughs.

TONY: You're not going anywhere!

Just then the gang see a portion of the ceiling and a beam, on firing and falling towards them. They all four scream simultaneously.

Scene Thirteen: Jennifer has everything ready for the party. She goes upstairs to feed and bathe Jack, Jr. As she goes up the stairs, on a little stand is a photo of Abigail. The camera lingers on the photo.

Scene Fourteen: Back at the crash site, Patrick is about to phone Jennifer and tell her what happened. Billie reminds him that after all Jennifer has been through losing Jack, it is better that Jennifer hears it in person. Patrick realizes she is right, and he head back to tell Jennifer.

Scene Fifteen: Back at the Castle, [very strange it is a repeat, yet slightly different of the previous scene] Bart is trying to get Tony to get up. Just then the ceiling and beam begins to fall. Bart screams out, and so do the others. The four of them huddle together, and are screaming. The falling ceiling has caused a giant hole in the floor, and Tony has fallen into it. He is barely holding on, and then in horror he loses his grasp and falls. Bart frantically calls to him. The gang is huddled together, the fire is around them. Everyone is screaming and Jack is pointing and saying something in audible.

04Ep034I: The gang huddle together

It appears so though they are engulfed in a ball of fire. All we hear is their screaming, as the scene turns to black.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]