Episode Thirty-Five: The Great Escape
Part IV: Jack, Is the Hero, Playing a Major Role
in Everyone's Escape. Meanwhile, Abigail
Has to Undergo Surgery on Her Birthday.

[Air date April 19, 2005]
Scene One: Caroline and Victor are in their room/cell, and are playing Gin to pass the time. They smell smoke and realize that there is a fire. Smoke comes into their room from vents, it becomes worse and they do not know what to do. Caroline thinks they should break the window to get some air, but Victor tells her that it would only cause a back draft. Things get worse so they decide to take a chance. However, breaking the window only makes things worse. They fear that they are trapped and that Tony started the fire and fled. Caroline tells him that her faith and him give her strength; they hold each other tightly. Meanwhile, Bart is frantically looking for Tony. He has gone down to the next story, and there is another large hole, and no Tony. It seems as though Tony fell down many levels. Bart then remembers Caroline and Victor, and goes to help them. When he saves them Caroline refers to Tony as a "fiend," angering Bart. However, for the present they are saved.

Scene Two: Jennifer has finished setting up for the party. Just them Patrick arrives and tells her about Abigail. They rush to the hospital, while driving there he tells her that it was a drunk driver. Jennifer is furious that people dare to drive drunk. She tells him about all the editorials she did on the effects of driving drunk, now it has become personal. At the hospital she discovers Abigail is in surgery. Later she hears the nurse talk about one of the passenger's critical condition and breaks down, fearing that the nurse is talking about Abigail. She screams if fear believing she may lose Abigail

Scene Three: Jack, Marlena, Roman and Cassie are huddled together, surrounded by flames. There appears to be no way for them to escape. Everyone is shouting at once.

JACK: (Taping his head, looking around) THINK! THINK!


ROMAN: (Trying to calm her) NO! Listen to me, nobody's going to die!
Jack has been looking around for a solution. He stops and it looks as if he has thought of something.

ROMAN: (Gesturing) Doc, you and Cassie stay close behind me!

Jack has thought of something. He puts his hands on Roman to get his attention.
JACK: Wait a minute! Wait a minute, I-I.... I got an idea! (Gesturing) It's not great, but it's worth a try!

ROMAN: (Throwing down his hand) GIVE IT TO US, JACK! (Gesturing) We don't have alot of time!

MARLENA: When Tony went down that hole I was hoping he went straight to hell. I'm hoping that he roasts in eternity.
Just then the flames flare. They scream, Jack puts up his hand to protect himself, and they over cower together.
JACK: Ahhhhhhhhh! (Referring to what she just said about) Please, don't say roast!
Scene Four: It is a short time later, Jack has what looks like a large tapestry thrown over his shoulder; the tapestray part next to his body. Jack yanks and tears down another one and gives it to Roman.
JACK: Quick, grab this, wrap it around yourselves!

Marlena and Cassie are huddle together.
04Ep035A: Jack suggests they used the tapestry for protectionJACK: HELL YEAH! (Demonstrating) You take this, wrap this around your shoulders, and run through the flames as fast as you can!

ROMAN: Well, it's cloth (pointing with his hand) it'll catch on fire, Jack!

Jack does not listen to Roman, he wraps the covering over him, except his head.
ROMAN: All right, hey (tapping him), now be careful!

JACK: All right! (Looking a little concerned) Wish me luck!

ROMAN: All right!
Jack covers his head with the tapestry. Roman gives him a slight push.
Jack takes off, does a battle cry as he runs through the flames.
A short time later we see Jack walking around, past the flames, he is choking from the thick smoke. He hears a nose coming from the ceiling and looks up. A chandelier is completely engulfed in flames, and it is about to crash on top of him. He looks up terrified. Just then the chain breaks and falls on him. Jack screams in terror, not able to get out of the way.

04Ep035B: The chandelier crashs on top of Jack

The burning chandelier crashes to the ground, and the glass candle holders and light bulbs shatter. Jack is lying a few feet away, unconscious.

Scene Five: The gang is waiting to see what happened to Jack, they have heard the crash and call out to Jack. However, he does not respond. Cassie pleads with her father that they cannot let Jack die. Roman takes the tapestry and covers himself with it and goes off to find Jack. Cassie is hysterical, she mutters that they are not going make it through this. Marlena tries to convince her that they will be saved by Roman. However, Cassie remains pessimistic. Roman is looking for Jack when something knocks him out. It looks like the spot where Jack was, but Jack is no longer there.

Marlena and Cassie hear the crash and desperately shout to Roman. However, he does not respond.

Time passes, Roman is still unconscious. They call out to Roman, but he cannot respond. He only mutters and coughs.

Just then Jack comes through some door or secret panel.
JACK: All right, help is here!
Jack coming out of no where startles Marlena and Cassie, who scream.

MARLENA: Oh, my gosh, where did you come from?

JACK: (Pointing) I found a way out, (pointing down) down the stairs, (gesturing) through a tunnel.

CASSIE: (She seems very glad Jack is alive) We thought you were--

JACK: (Interrupting her) Dead? No way! Very much alive! (Looking around) We're getting the hell out of here! Where's Roman?

MALRENA: He went looking for you, Jack.

JACK: Oh, no!

MARLENA: (Cont.; pointing) He went off, we haven't seen him since.

JACK: All right! (Gesturing) I'll find Roman, you two head down that way, we'll meet outside!

MARLENA: Jack, please be careful!

JACK: I will!

MARLENA: (Touching Cassie) Cassie, come on!
They go through the same door from which Jack emerged.
JACK: Go on! Ha.... All right! WE'LL BE ALL RIGHT! (He puts the tapestry around him) Ha.... (his voice cracking) oh my God! I hope I find him in time. Ha.... ha....

04Ep035C: Jack takes off to save Roman

Panting, he covers his head with the tapestry and takes off through the flames.
JACK: (Groaning) Arrrrgghhhhh!
Roman is still out, he is covered with dust and rubble.

Scene Six: Choking from the smoke, Cassie and Marlena exit the burning Castle, which now looks completely engulfed in fire. Cassie wonders what will happen if Jack and her father do not make it out. Marlena puts her arms around Cassie, "We have to pray for Jack and your dad."

Scene Seven: Back inside, Jack, choking, comes into the same room where Roman is. He calls out Roman's name but is effected by the smoke.

JACK: ROMAN?! (coughs and groans) Ahhh! Roman? Ahhh.
Jack walks over to Roman. He starts slapping Roman's face to revive him.
JACK: (Cont.) Ah, Roman, come on! Come on! Come on....
Roman stirs.
Jack continues to slap his cheek.
JACK: (Cont.) ....I know you're awake.

ROMAN: Jaacck!

JACK: Come on, you're alive, man! Come on! Come one! Come on, we've got to get out of here!

ROMAN: Jack, I hurt my leg.

JACK: "Your leg"? Oh!
Jack looks over and sees a large stone block covering Roman's leg. He pats Roman for reassurance.
JACK: (Cont.) Just a second.
Jack looks for something and finds it. Roman moans from the pain.

JACK: (Cont.) Here I go! I got something....

Jack has a large, thick piece of wood. He takes it over to the stone block.
JACK: (Cont.) Let me....
Jack puts it under the block of stone to move it.
JACK: (Cont.) Ready? I'm going to pry it.(Groaning from the excursion) Liiifffttt!
Jack strains trying to lift the massive block of stone. Roman groans in pain trying to slide his leg away.
JACK: (Cont.) Come on!

ROMAN: [Sounds like] I am!

JACK: (Straining) Come on, you can do it!
Roman manages to slide his foot away. Jack lets out a loud groan as he finally loses his hold.
Roman is moaning. Jack goes over to him, and throws his arm around Roman to support him.
JACK: (Cont.) Okay, come on. All right.(Jack strains as he tries to lift Roman) Guuuu.... Ahhh.... ahh.... ahhh...
Just as Jack is able to lift Roman the room begins to shake from an explosion,

04Ep035D: There is an explosion trapping Jack & Roman

and the stone floor falls from beneath them, and they go crashing downwards.

[Air date April 20, 2005]
Scene One: Jennifer has heard the nurse talk about someone being critical. Jennifer freaks out, but Lexie assures her that Abigail is okay, they were talking about Cassie's mother. Jennifer is told Abigail is out surgery, Jennifer goes to her bedside. Meanwhile both of Cassie's parents die. Billie stays by Cassie's side, a bond seems to be developing between them.

Scene Two: The explosion which caused Jack and Roman to fall down several stories caused a beam to fall on Caroline. Victor is frantic. Bart arrives, he has been unable to find Tony. Victor says he will pay him anything, but still Bart is not sure. He tells them Tony would furious if he let them go after Jack, Cassie, Roman and Marlena escaped. They are thrilled to hear that the others made it. He curses himself for letting that information slip. Caroline begs for him to help her so she can see her family. Victor offers a deal to Bart, he will stay behind so that Tony will not get angry if Bart helps free Caroline and lets her escape. Bart is moved by Victor's devotion, and asks Victor if he loves Caroline. Victor says that she is "the love of his life." This gets to Bart and he agrees to help them. Eventually they free Caroline.

Scene Three: Apparently Cassie and Marlena are in front of another entrance, Cassie wonders what the noise they heard was. Marlena believes it was some type of explosion. Cassie is worried that Jack and her father are dead. She wants to go inside to find them. However, Marlena tells her that they could get separated. Marlena assures her that Roman and Jack will make it out, it is better to wait for them outside.

Scene Four: Jack and Roman are several floors below where they initially were. Jack is stirring, moaning and coughing. Roman appears to be unconscious. Jack struggles to get up, moving aside stones and dirt.
JACK: Arrrhh.... Ahhh.... Ahhh.... Ahh.... (panting) ha.... ha.... ha.... Ahhh.... ha.... ah.... ha.... Arrhhhh...
He uses suit of armor to pull himself up.
JACK: (Cont.) Auhhh.... (panting) ha.... ha.... Roman?
Jack stumbles and braces himself on a wall.
JACK: (Cont.) Roman?
Jack he sees Roman.
JACK: (Cont.) Oh, no! Oh, no! (Jack slips a little) Oh, no, Roman! (Panting, crawls to him) ha.... ha.... Don't be dead! Come on, Roman! Please! I know how to get you out of here. We're gonna to get out of here, you hear me? I'm getting you out of here! Roman?
Roman is not answering.
JACK: (Cont.) Roman?
Scene Four: Jack has crawled his way over to Roman, he is coughing from the smoke and the dust. He yanks at Roman's shirt trying to wake him, as he talks.
JACK: (Hoarse) Roman? Listen to me, we're running out of time, here. (Panting) Ha.... Ha.... Roman! Ha.... (puts his hand to his cheek) Marlena! Marlena's outside! Ha.... Cassie! Your daughter, she's outside! She's waiting for you! Ha.... Ha.... (moving his hand to Roman's shirt) She's counting on you! Roman! (Desperately) WE'RE ALL COUNTING ON YOU, YOU CAN'T LET US DOWN!
Roman starts to stir.
JACK: (Cont.) You can't let us down!
Roman slowly comes to.
JACK: (Cont.) That's it! Just had to say the magic words.
Jack starts to get up, and to pull Roman up too. Roman groans.
JACK: (Cont.) I'll get you, come on!

ROMAN: What the hell!
They both groan as Jack tries to get him up.
JACK: Ahhhh.

ROMAN: What the hell happened?
Jack is having difficulty lifting him.
JACK: Some kind of gas explosion. It took us all the way down here.
Jack continues to try and pull him up, trying to pull him up by his arm, while also moving away debris which has fallen on Roman.
ROMAN: Cassie?

JACK: Ah....

ROMAN: (Cont.) Marlena?

JACK: Oh.... Ahh..... They're outside. I think they're outside.
Now that he as removed some rubble off Roman, Jack tries again to lift him.

04Ep035E: Jack lifts up Roman after rescuing him

ROMAN: We gotta to get the hell out of here.

JACK: (Groaning) Yeeah!

ROMAN: (Cont.) We gotta to find them!

JACK: (Straining) Yeah! This place is gonna blow, we gotta get out before it blows with us!
Roman has just about gotten Roman on his feet, and Roman is now able to help get himself up.
ROMAN: Ahh... Let's go!
Scene Five: Roman is coughing and groggy from being knocked out, he stumbles and Jack tries to hold him up.
JACK: Are you all right? Can you walk?

ROMAN: Yeah. (Grimacing) Yeah, fine! Ah....
Roman stands up, propped by Jack.
ROMAN: (Cont.) All right, we gotta get Cassie and Marlena, and get the hell out of here and get home!
They start to walk off, Jack supporting Roman.
JACK: Sounds good to me!

ROMAN: All right, let's go!

JACK: All right! Let's.... watch it!

ROMAN: Ahhh.
Awhile later, Jack and Roman enter another room, there is rubble all over the place. Jack coughs from the dirt. Roman stops, and leans upon some rubble, he sees something.
ROMAN: My God, I don't believe it!
Scene Six: The scene continues, Roman walks over some debris, towards whatever he has seen.
JACK: (Hoarse [hard to hear]) Keep careful!
Roman picks it up.
ROMAN: Ahh.... Look what I've got here!
Roman holds up a cell phone. Jack walks over to Roman and looks at it.
JACK: Is that a satellite phone?

ROMAN: (Nodding) You're damn right it is! That could come in handy.

JACK: All right!
Roman takes off and Jack follows; Jack runs into something and groans.
JACK: Ahh!
Meanwhile there has been another large explosion from inside. Cassie thinks it is hopeless for Jack and her father.
CASSIE: Marlena, I don't see how anybody in there could have survived.

MARLENA: Oh, Honey--
She is about to try and give her hope when she hears someone groan. She turns and gasps. Cassie turns towards the door as well.


Jack and Roman supporting each other and stumble through the door, groaning and cough from the smoke. Marlena reaches out to Roman.
MARLENA: Roman! Roman!
He throws his arm around her, and they embrace.
ROMAN: Hey! Oh!
Cassie is laughing with joy at seeing them.
JACK: We made it! I told you we'd make it! Come here (squeezing her tightly) Ohh.... We did it! We did it, Cassie. We did it! We did it! Oh....
04Ep035F1: Jack hugs Cassie, overcome with emotion for having escaped
04Ep035F2: Cassie hugs Jack after he rescued them
Cassie and Jack embrace. Cassie then her head on Jack's shoulder.

ROMAN: We did it! We did it, Doc! We did it!

They continue to embrace.

Scene Seven: They are still hugging each other, overcome with emotion that they finally have escaped and it looks as though the hell they suffered is over.
MARLENA: Roman, I was soo scared. We heard explosions, what happened?

CASSIE: We thought you weren't coming out.
Marlena gently eases Roman to the ground to rest.
04Ep035G: They all thank Jack for being a hero, saving themROMAN: Yeah, well, I wouldn't have if it hadn't been for Jack! He risked his life to save me.

JACK (Exhales, maybe a little embarrassed) Ha....

CASSIE: You're a hero!

MARLENA: You are, thank you, Jack!

JACK: (Slightly embarrassed) Just save....
Just then there is a greater explosion from inside.
JACK: (Cont.) ....your thanks for later.
They shout out and run away from the front of the Castle as flames shoot out from inside.
JACK: (Cont.) Really, we need to get out of here and fast!

CASSIE: Daddy, I want to go home!

ROMAN: That's exactly where we're going, Sweetheart!

Roman takes out the satellite phone and starts punching in a phone number. Jack holds on to Marlena.

MARLENA: Roman, where did you get the phone.

ROMAN: Found it (pointing) in the Castle on the way out.
Jack coughs, as they watch Roman use the phone.
CASSIE: Who are you calling?

ROMAN: A buddy of mine from the ISA, owns a plane. (Waving the phone) We'll be in Salem by morning!

Scene Eight: Meanwhile, at another part of the Castle, as it begins to explode further, Victor escorts Caroline from the building. They are overjoyed, they have escaped and are safe. Victor says they are going home.

Scene Nine: Inside the Castle, in a pit, Bart sees a hand with Stefano's Phoenix ring. The hand is all we see sticking out of the pit. Bart cries out that Tony is dead, "You can't be dead!"

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]