Episode Thirty-Six: The Great Escape
Part V: Jack and the Gang Are Flying
Towards Salem. Jack Fantasies
About His Return Home.

[Air date April 25, 2005]
Scene One: From outside a plane we see Jack's is holding a small photo of Jennifer [it is a publicity shot of Missy for DAYS from a couple of years ago]. The escaping Salemites are in some private jet. Jack looks out the window, just as Marlena walks down the aisle way. She has just come from checking on Cassie. Jack and Roman are wearing a dark navy zip-up hooded sweat shirt and khaki olive t-shirts; Marlena is wearing the same type of sweat-shirt but with a white t-shirt. They are all cleaned up with no signs of bruises or cuts.
MARLENA: I thought you two would be sound asleep by now?

JACK: No, I'm too keyed up.
Jack seems antsy, and he gets up. Marlena goes over to Roman who is sitting across the aisle from Jack.
ROMAN: (Smiling) Saaame here!

MARLENA: (Pointing) Cassie is sound asleep in the back.

ROMAN: Well, I'm not surprised. She was exhausted (sitting back in his seat) both physically and emotionally.

JACK: Seeing that castle on fire, and watching it crumble (smiles at the thought).

ROMAN: (Smiles too) Yeah! With Tony di Mera inside!

JACK: (Widens his eyes and nods) Yeah! I think his luck, finally, ran out.

MARLENA: (Turning to the guys) I can't believe we're finally going home!

ROMAN: (Gesturing) Did I not tell you.... we were gonna get out of there!?

MARLENA: You did, but I didn't think that you believed it!
They both laugh.
MARLENA: (Cont.) Oh my gosh, and here we are on an ISA jet!

JACK: Thanks to Roman!

ROMAN: Weelll, I called in a favor, that satellite phone came in handy, huh?!

JACK: Yeeesss!

MARLENA: (Brushes aside her bangs) Maybe we should use that phone to contact our families, let them know we're coming home? (Gesturing) I mean, it's got to be a shock to Jennifer, and Kate, and John.

ROMAN: (Gestures ) Doc, it's gonna be one helluva shock for them either way.

MARLENA: Ah, I know, but maybe we could kinda (motioning) eeaassy that shock by letting them kn.... get a warning?

JACK: I'm--

ROMAN: (Interrupting) You know what I think, I think I would like to surprise Kate.

MARLENA: Well then, I can't tell John, he'd just tell her.

JACK: I-I.... I'm (pointing to him) with you Roman (putting his fist to his mouth in contemplation) I-I-I.... I don't know, I just wa.... (gesturing for emphasis) I just want to rush in an.... and just (gesturing) fall right into Jennifer's arms.

MARLENA: That's good, so if she faints, you can catch her.

The three of them laugh.04Ep036A: Jack talks about being home for Abby's birthday party

JACK: Did I tell you, I-I think today's Abigail's 17th birthday (crocked smile)? So, ahh, who knows, maybe (smiling) I'll be back in time for a party.

MARLENA: I can't think of a better present: For Jen, for Abby, for you, for your whole family.

JACK: It will be like.... birthday, Christmas, every other holiday rolled into one.

Jack looks so expectant and happy as he thinks about his dreams finally about to come true.

Scene Two: At the hospital, Jennifer is hovering over Abigail's beside. She pulls a blanket over her daughter. Abigail begins to stir, and wakes, saying, "Mom?" Jennifer is thrilled to see her awake. Abigail asks where she is. Jennifer tells her that she is in the hospital after having a terrible accident. Concerned, Abigail asks if she will be okay. Jennifer says nothing, but looks a little concerned. Abigail wants to know what happened to her. Jennifer tells Abigail that she had surgery, but there is nothing seriously wrong with her, and that she will be fine. Abigail tells her mother that she hurts all over. Jennifer is near tears; Abigail tells her not to cry. Jennifer replies that she is grateful that she will be fine. Then Abigail asks about Chelsea and her parents. Jennifer does not know how to break the news to her, she finally tells her that the Bensons both died, and that Chelsea is in critical condition and has just come out of surgery. Abigail is worried about her friend, and Jennifer tells her that they do not know about her condition, and that they have to pray she will be fine. Trying to make her daughter feel better, Jennifer brings out her stuffed animal Lambie, a stuffed animal lamb. Abigail smiles seeing it, saying, "I remember when Dad brought him home for me." She becomes sad thinking of him, "I wish he was here!" Jennifer is heartbroken, realizing it is not possible, "So do I.... So do I!"

Scene Three: Back on the plane, we see a shot from the outside, Jack moves from sitting next to Roman and Marlena back to his seat. We see him near the window, his fist next to his mouth, in contemplation. The camera angle switches to inside, directly in front of him. He is holding Jennifer's photo in one hand, the finger tips of his other hand touching his mouth. Jack removes his hand and looks upward, thinking to himself.
JACK: Seventeen years old! (Sighing) Ahhh.... I can't imagine anything better than getting home in time to celebrate Abigail's birthday.
Jack then fades into a fantasy.

Jennifer is decorating a cake. This one is different than the one she prepared. It has white frosting with two pink roses and two yellow roses on top. A pink fringe around the top and bottom, and a yellow zig- zag design around the middle. She has just wrote, "Happy Birthday" in pink icing and is writing "Abby " along with a fancy design.
JENNIFER: Ahhh, Pretty darn good if I do say so myyy-seellf! All right!
Jennifer has finished her work and put down the icing. She gets up and picks up a big bowl of pink icing. She walks around, mixing it, remembering Jack.
JENNIFER: Ahh, this was Jack's favorite part, (laughing) the icing. The one present that I can't give my daughter the one she wants the most is her dad coming back here with us.
Just them the door swings open and Jack appears, wearing a different shirt. Jack shouts out to her.
Jack stretches out his arms and Jennifer. Jennifer is in shock.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, Jack!
Jennifer puts down the bowl, and they both throw their arms around the other. Jennifer shrikes out from her joy.

JACK: Ahhh.... You didn't think that I'd miss my baby girl's birthday now, do y'ah!
Jennifer stands her mouth wide open.

The fantasy ends, back to Jack smiling at the thought of what is to being.
JACK: Oohh, Jennifer! I can't wait to come home and surprise you!
Scene Four: There is a shot of Jack looking out of the plane. He continues with his fantasy.

Jack is twirling her around, she is shrieking and laughing with Joy.
JACK: ...ooooaa.... Woooaaa....

JENNIFER: woooaaa....

JACK: Wooooaaaaa!
Jack is laughing, and finally puts her down. Jennifer keeps her hands on his. They both are thrilled beyond words to be together again.
JENNIFER: Oohh Jack, look at me! Look at me, is it really you?

JACK: It's me! (Putting his hands on her head) And it's you! It's really you! You have no idea how much I missed you--

JENNIFER: Are you kidding, I do have an idea Jack! I was just standing here, I was icing (pointing to the cake) Abby's cake, (full of emotion) and I was wishing you were here! And--
Jack seems to be eyeing the frosting.
JACK: (Interrupting here) Here I am!

JENNIFER: Here you are!

JACK: (Cont.) Here I am--
Before Jack can finish, Jennifer takes him and begins kissing him passionately. Still kissing him.

JACK: Oh, (Jack stops kissing) With a welcome like that I'm tempted to go away and do it again!

JENNIFER: (Shocked he said it) NO! Don't you dare! Oh, I can't believe this (she falls into his arms).Oh, this is going to be Abby's best birthday ever, Jack!
As she talks Jack notices the bowl of frosting and dips his finger in it.
JACK: Ooohh, look at that! Look at that.... icing!

Jack licks the frosting from his finger, as Jennifer notices the bracelet, she picks it up and excitedly shows it to Jack.

JENNIFER: Oh, look, look it, I was just about to wrap this!

JACK: (Putting his hands out) Oh, it's that bracelet I made for her!

JENNIFER: You can give it to her now, yeah!
Jack suddenly realizes something, and looks around.

JACK: Wait a minute, when's she back? When's the party?

JENNIFER: Umm, oh, she's going to be home in about an hour, Jack.

Jennifer gestures and quickly puts the lid back on the box. Jennifer seems to have the same thoughts Jack is having.
JACK: An hour, excellent!

She puts the box down.
JACK: Excellent (puts his hands on her shoulders), we have just enough time for our real reunion!
They start heavy kissing, moaning and groaning with pleasure.
JACK: Come on!
He picks her up and carries her. She lets out a shriek.

JACK: Let's go!
Jack carries her with him, kicking up the door.

Back on the plane, Jack sighs.
JACK: (To himself) This time it will be for real!
Jack sits up in his seat, putting his hand to his face, as he thinks.

Scene Five: Back on the plane, some time later, from the outside we can see Jack walking from the back of the plane to his seat. He sits down, and stares out the window, he returns to his fantasy.

Jack and Jennifer are on their couch, making loving. They are under a blanket, Jennifer looks to be wearing her shirt but naked otherwise; Jack seems to be completely naked. They moan and groan with passion, as they kiss. Jack seductively kisses her neck.
JACK: Mmmmm.

JENNIFER: Mmmmm. (Still kissing) do you have any idea how good....

JACK: Hmmm. Hmmm.

(Cont.) ....it feels to be back in your arms, Jack?
Jack continues to kiss her lips, her face and her lips.
JACK: I better feel good, because I'm never leaving your arms again! Hmm.
He continues to kiss her. Jennifer giggles, as they continue to kiss. Just then the sound of keys in the door lock can be heard. Jennifer gasps, stops and turns towards the door, as Jack continues to kiss her.
JENNIFER: Haha.... Ahhh... Ohhh!
Jack even stops. They both have a startled expression on their faces.

Jack and Jennifer are interrupted by Abby

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh, uh, that's Abby!
Jennifer starts to jump up.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Uh, oh,

JACK: Abigail!

They both jump up, the blanket shielding them, as they have trouble dressing.
JACK: Oh, wait a minute!

JENNIFER: All right!
They are trying to cover themselves and dress and are having a difficult time doing so. Everything is confused as the talk over each other.
JACK: Oh, no, ahhh! Wait g-g.... that, no tha... that's mine! That's mine!

JENNIFER: Shhh... Shhh.

JACK: No, here's yours. Aye!
Jack looks like he is putting something on, and then hands Jennifer's to hers to put on. Abigail can be heard putting her key in the lock.
JACK: Quick!


JACK: (Jack mutters something) Okay. I jus....

JENNIFER: Hold that!

JACK: Ah....

Jennifer hands him the blanket and runs off to the kitchen.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Hurry! Hurry! Shh! Hurry!

Jack keeps the blanket around him his waist as he tries to dress.

JACK: Ah! Got it! Hurry! Hurry!

Abigail finally opens the door and comes in. She walks into the hallway and looks around, no one is there. She calls out to her mother.
ABIGAIL: Hey, Mom?
She looks around the room at the decorations. Just then, somewhat flustered, yet trying to be nonchalant, Jennifer comes into the room carrying Abigail's birthday cake.
JENNIFER: Oooh, Suurprrisse! Hi, Sweetie!

ABIGAIL: Thanks, Mom!

JENNIFER: Your welcome! There's Rocky Road ice cream in the freezer. Happy birthday, Sweetie! (Jennifer gives her a big kiss on the cheek) Mmmm.... mmma
Abigail does not look that thrilled.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) You look disappointed.

ABIGAIL: Uh (shaking her head) no! No, not at all, I mean, I kinda figured I'd have a cake for my birthday.

JENNIFER: Yeah, well, (nervously running her hands through her hair) I-I.... I have a surprise for you that you are.... (running her hands through her hair then slapping her hands together) you are really going to be so surprised. Okay, (gesturing) close your eyes (excitedly)!
Abigail shakes her head, and acts as if it is too stupid to do.

JENNIFER: No, come on, just close your eyes!

ABIGAL: (Annoyed) Fiinne (closes her eyes).

JENNIFER: Close your eye! (Turning her around) Now, (putting her arms on Abigail's shoulders) tell me what is the one thing that you have wanted more than anything in the whole world? Really think about it.
Jennifer turns seeing Jack quietly running into the room. He has a big red ribbon over one shoulder and around his chest.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Keep your eyes closed! Keep 'em closed!

Jack points to himself. Jennifer points waves her hand at Jack to get his attention then touches her shoulder. Abigail appears a little annoyed.

ABIGAIL: Uhh, can I open 'em yet!

JENNIFER: No, not yet! Just keep 'em closed!

Jack is still trying to straighten himself up. Jennifer points to him, and he zips up his pants. Jennifer picks up the ribbon and puts the bow, looping over his shoulder. Jack checks his pants to be sure they are zipped up, then gestures and mouths that things are okay and he is ready. Jack poses.

04Ep036C: Jack is wrapped to surprise Abby

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Okay, just hold on! Okay.
Jennifer is excited for Abigail to see the surprise.
JENNIFER: Open 'em!
Jennifer looks at Jack. Just then Abigail opens her eyes, in shock, she screams and steps backward.
Jennifer looks at her daughter, then putting her hand to her mouth to cover her laughing, Jennifer looks over at Jack. Jennifer then grins, and keeps her hands near her mouth. Jack stands not knowing what to do or say.

JACK: (Sounding uncertain) Happy birthday?

Jennifer is giggling, and Abigail finally runs over to him, and throws her arms around him, and smiling hugs him.

04Ep036D: Abby hugs her dad


JACK: (Emotionally) Oh.... oh.... Abigail, (Jack squeezes her tightly), Honey! Oh, happy birthday! Hu....
Jack and Jennifer look at each other. Jack is overcome with emotion, and Jennifer is tearing up seeing father and daughter reunited.

Scene Six: Back on the plane, Roman and Marlena talk about seeing John and Kate having sex, thanks to Tony's live feed. They also talk about what happened between them. Roman does not want to tell John and Kate that he and Marlena know they had sex, nor does he want to tell them that he and Marlena, upset, had sex too. Marlena thinks it is best to be honest. They curse Tony for all he did. They suddenly stop talking as Jack comes from the rear of the plane and then walks past them, returning to his seat. Jack lets out a deep sigh, as he passes by them. After he sits down, they continue their conversation.

A while later, Jack picks up the photo of Jennifer. He looks at it and sighs. He then returns to his fantasy of his return to his family.

Jack is buttoning his shirt, and turns to see Abigail carrying Jack, Jr. Seeing his son, Jack lets out a gasp.
JACK: Ah, oh my gosh.

Abigail laughs.

JACK: (Cont.) Look how big he's gotten.

JENNIFER: 15 pounds as of yesterday.
Abigail hands her father Jack, Jr. and he gently takes him holding him out to look at him.
JACK: Ohh, oh, my gosh. Oohh look....

JENNIFER: Ooohh, he is so happy to see his daddy.

04Ep036E: Jack's fantasy of his sonJACK: (Talking to his son) Yes, well, I'm happy to see you too, and you're going to see alot more of me, my boy....

Jennifer laughs. Jennifer and Abigail watch Jack with his son.

JACK: (Cont.) ....yes, I'll be at every one of your birthday parties. (Looking at Abigail) and yours too! Yours too!

Jennifer takes he baby.

JACK: (Cont.) Oh, my gosh, it's your birthday!

Jennifer laughs at Jack, and admires her son. Jack motions to the cake.
JACK: (Cont.) You.... you've got your candles lit right over there, we've got to blow them out! You gotta to make a wish!

ABIGAIL: Having you come home, Daddy, I mean, my wish already came true (smiling).

JACK: Awwww.
Jack pulls him towards him. Then hold all his family. He kisses Jennifer on the forehead, then Abigail, then Jack, Jr.
JACK: Umm, oh.... ahh....
Jennifer giggles, the camera pans from outside the window onto the family scene.

Jack lovingly holds Jennifer's photo, and thinks of his *real* homecoming.
JACK: Won't be much longer now!
Jack smiles as he cradles the photo in both hands.

Scene Seven: Meanwhile, Kate and John are at the small plane airport. They went trying to stop Brady, Lucas, Rex and Shawn from a secret mission to save Philip. The four were able to break into John's office and get into his private, and secret, ISA computer to find out where Philip was being held. John tried to stop them but he was too late; he tried to ground their plane but he was unsuccessful.

Scene Eight: Jack walks over to the other side of the plane. Roman is looking out the window. Marlena is looking over his shoulder. Jack is standing up, looking out another window.
ROMAN: There's Salem!

JACK: Ah, huh!
Jack plops down in a sit, continuing to look out at the lights of Salem.

MARLENA: I can't believe we're finally home!

Marlena talks about finally seeing John. Roman talks about the look on Kate's face when he returns to her. Then Jack talks about seeing his family.

JACK: Jennifer, Abigail, (widening his eyes, and put out his hand) "SURRPRISSEE!"

04Ep036F: Jack says he's going to surprise his family

Roman and Marlena laugh, and he claps.

JACK: (Cont.) This is it!

Jack falls down in his chair. Then there are a series of photos popping up, Jennifer worried at the hospital, John and Kate at the airport and Jack, Marlena and Roman in the plane almost back in Salem.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]