Episode Thirty-Eight: The Homecoming
Part II: At the Hospital Jack Is Reunited with
Jennifer, Abigail and His Son, Jack, Jr.

[Air date April 27, 2005]

Scene One: At the hospital, Jennifer is still in the midst of prayer. Jack, still holding Abigail's cake, listens, overcome with emotion.

JENNIFER: And, uh, we just thank you for the time that we had with Jack. And we know that he is watching over us now and forever. Amen.

Abigail ones her eyes, and falls into her mothers arms. She closes her eyes again, so she does not realize her father is standing in the door way. She opens them and looks over, and then blinks, seeing him.


Jack remains silent. Jennifer, in tears, rubs Abigail's back.

JENNIFER: I known, Honey, I wish Daddy were here with us too.

ABIGAIL: Mom, he is here!

JENNIFER: Oh, Sweetie, (letting go her embrace), listen, you need to just.... (getting up) you need to lie down now, and you just need to get some rest, okay?

JACK: (Choked up with emotion) Not before she's had her cake!

04Ep038A: Jack says Abigail has to have her cake 1st

04Ep038B: Jack is backJennifer cannot believe her ears.


Jennifer slowly turns and sees him. She is in shock. Jack puts down the cake.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Oh, my gosh! (Her voice cracking) It can't be!

Jack slowly walks towards her.

JACK: It is me!

Jack throws his arms around her.

JACK: It is me!

JENNIFER: Oh, my gosh.

JACK: Ooohh! Oh.... (sighing several times, over come with emotion)

ABIGAIL: Daddy! Daddy is it really you?

JACK: It's.... Baby, it's me!

Jack falls down onto the chair next to Abigail and puts his arm around her.

JACK: (Cont.) It's me.... I....

Jennifer puts her hand on his shoulder. Jack's voice is overcome with emotion.

04Ep038C: Jack hugs his girls

JACK: (Cont.) I.... Ha.... I didn't die; I'm here!

Jack is close to tears.

ABIGAIL: I knew you'd come home to us!

Jack is sighing deeply.

ABIGAIL: (Cont.) I knew you'd come back to us! Ha...

Abigail smiles. Jack kisses Abigail's forehead.

JENNIFER: Jack, Jack, let me....

Jennifer puts her hand on his face and turns him towards her.

JACK: Aaahhh....

Jennifer holds on to his face and laughs with joy Jack smiles back.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....oh my God, it is you!

JACK: (Smiles and nods) It's me!

JENNIFER: It is you!

04Ep038D: Jennifer wants too look at her husband

04Ep038E: Jack is in tearsing, holding Jennifer

Jennifer holds onto his face she gives it a little tug, and then falls into his arms.

JACK: Ooohhh.... (letting out a deep sigh) Aahh.... ha....

Jack is tearing up and overwhelmed with emotions being back with his family and holding Jennifer again.

JACK: Oh....


He turns and kisses his daughter again. She smiles overjoyed having her father back.

JACK: (Cont.) Baby!

Jennifer is resting her arm on his shoulder overjoyed as well.

Scene Two: The scene continues with Jack leaning over Abigail, and Jennifer resting her arm on Jack's shoulder.

JACK: Oh, I can't believe I'm here!

JENNIFER: (Rubbing his back) I can't believe this!

ABIGAIL: Daddy, we've missed you soo much!

JACK: You have no idea how much I've missed you! (Gesturing) I've thought about you ever single day that I've been gone! I--

JENNIFER: Jack, look at me (she turns his head towards her)! I jus..... I still can't believe it. I-It's like a mir.... it's a miracle that you're alive right now. It's too good to be true!

04Ep038F: Jack remembers Madison

Jack looks at her sadly. He then flashes back to Madison.

She takes off the mask of Jennifer and throws it at him.

MADISON: There, that's much better. Dontcha think?!

Jack looks at Jennifer sadly then touches her face, and runs his hands under it to make sure she is the real thing. Jennifer looks at him, not know what he is doing.

JACK: (Sighs a few times) Ha.... Ha....

He continues to running his hands over her face.

JENNIFER: What's wong? Wha.... what are you doing?

He touches her again.

JACK: Nothing.... nothing....

He taps his head, then gestures trying make it seem like nothing is wrong.

JACK: (Cont.) I jus.... I just... I just am making sure it is really really you. It's the real you (laughs)!

JENNIFER: Me (laughs)?

04Ep038G: Jack swings Jennifer onto his lapJACK: (Gestures) Ah, forget it. I-I.... it's a long story I'll tell you about it later, but right now (flashes her a look) there's something much more important that I gotta do!


Jack grabs her and swings her around onto his lap.

JENNIFER: Oh!.... Eh....

Jennifer giggles; he takes her and kisses her. They continue to kiss as Abigail watches, thrilled that her parents are reunited.

Scene Three: A little later,Jennifer and Abigail barraging him with questions. Jack Laughs, he rather just forget about everything for the moment and be with his family.

JENNIFER: Jack, just tell me....

JACK: (Trying to answer) Hu....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....where, I mean, where were you?

JACK: Hu....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Whe.... when did you get back?

ABIGAIL: Who was holding you prisoner. How did you escape?

JACK: (Not getting a word in) Hu.....

(Cont.) ....Are you all right? We wanna know everything, please!

JACK: (Finally getting a chance to talk) Listen, everything in its time. Right now I just want to savor this moment!

Jennifer laughs, Abigail smiles, as Jack closes his eyes tightly, still holding them.

JACK: Please! Just, I've dreamed of this for so long, I've always imagined it at home (sadly) not in a hospital room.


Jennifer caresses his check.

04Ep038H: Jennifer caresses his cheek

ABIGAIL: How did you know we were here?

JACK: Ah....

JENNIFER: Yeah, how did you know?

JACK: Your Uncle Mickey.

JENNIFER: Oh, of course he's at the house with Jack, Jr. (puts her hand on him, excitedly) Did you see the baby?

JACK: No! No, he told me about the accident and I came right over and .... (Turning to Abigail) Baby, (emotionally) Baby, I'm so sorry about the people in the car with you. I'm so sorry, but, well, thank God, (putting his arm around her) thank God that you're okay.

04Ep038I: Jack wants to see his sonABIGAIL: I've never felt better in my whole life!

Ho.... ah.... now I've gotta see the baby!

Jennifer and Jennifer laugh.

JACK: (Cont.) I can't wait for us to be together and be a whole family.

ABIGAIL: Wh.... why don't we all go home (starting to get up) right now!

JACK: Huh?!

JENNIFER: No, Sweetie....

JACK: Whoa, wait.... whoa, wa....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....wh... wha.... wait, what are you doing?

JACK: Yeah, yeah, yeah wa.... wa.... wa.... okay....

Jennifer walks around to the other side of the bed. Poor Jack is completely flustered, and does not know what to say or do.

JENNIFER: Honey, Lexie said you have to stay over night! It's okay, really....


JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I'll be here with you. It's okay.

ABIGAIL: But, Mom!

JACK: No, no, no, no, no! You stay right there! Young Lady, (trying to be forceful, he gestures firmly) listen to your mother! Stay in bed! Ha!

04Ep038J: Jack realizes his daughter is  a young ladyABIGAIL: Okay.

JACK (Caressing her hair) Look at you! You are a young lady, aren't you?

Jack looks at her and Abigail smiles at her father.

JENNIFER: (Softly) Yeah.

JACK: (Cont.) What happened to (his voice cracks slight) my little girl?

Jennifer laughs, and Abigail smiles.

JENNIFER: "Your little girl" turned 17 years old today. (Shaking her head) I can't believe it either, Jack.

JACK: Ah, well, you know, that just brought something to mind, you know what, Maggie thought to bring that cake (looking towards Jennifer) maybe (gesturing) we could, maybe we could lite it and.... even make a wish, I mean, you know.... if you're not too big for that.

ABIGIAL: No, but, my wish already came true. You're the best present I ever got!

JENNIFER: That goes for me too (smiling)!

04Ep038K: Jack vows they never will be separated ever again

JACK: (Letting out a sigh) Ha.... ha.... (Overcome with emotion) I love you both so much! I'm never gonna be separated from you again! (Looking up at Jennifer, and swallowing hard) Never! Never!

Jack nozzles up against Abigail, and Jennifer leans in.

JACK: (Cont.) Never. (Sighing contentedly) Ha....

Jack kisses his daughter's cheek, and Jennifer reaches over and nozzles up against Abigail too.

04Ep038L: Jack & Jennifer kiss their daughter

Scene Four: A short time late. Jack is still hovering over Abigail's bed, his hand on Lambie. Jennifer walks around the bed, wanting to know what happened to Jack during all the time he was missing.

JENNIFER: Look, Jack, I know you don't want to talk about this right now, but you have to tell us something. Please, what happened to you? Please!

Jack is about to say something, but Jennifer continues to talk

04Ep038M: Jack tells them it was TonyABIGIAL: They didn't hurt you, did they?

JACK: (Motioning for emphasis) Long story short, Tony di Mera held me captive in this castle in Europe. (Answering Abigail's question) And no, h-he didn't hurt me, not physically--

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, did you just say Tony di Mera's alive?

JACK: (Holding onto her arm)Yes. No! Yes, I did! (Gesturing) He's alive.... he was alive, but now he's dead!

JENNIFER: No, Jack, (gesturing) he was dead before!

JACK: I know, we all thought that, but now he's dead, there's no way he could be alive! Ah....

Frustrated, he puts his hands to his temples.

JACK: (Cont.) Ju.... Forget about it! (Turning to her) Er.... there are three people who really are alive (indicating with his finger): Marlena, Roman and Cassie.


JACK: (Turning towards his daughter) I came home with them.

JENNIFER: (Shocked by his news) Jack, that's incredible!

JACK: It is!

JENNIFER: Oh, my gosh!

JACK: But I've got some bad news, too! We think.... we think that maybe Victor Kiriakis and Caroline Brady were in the castle too, and if they were.... I-I.... I don't believe they made it.

Jennifer is saddened by the news, and Jack looks at her sadly.

Scene Five: Jennifer is petting Abigail's hair. Jack is pacing around telling them what happened.

JACK: There were several large explosions, the last of which destroyed anything that was left of the castle. Tony and Bart with it. I-I I think it's amazing that the four of us escaped with our lives.

Just then Maggie walks ending, hearing what Jack said. Jennifer turns towards her. Abigail still is looking towards Jack.

MAGGIE: The four of you? Well, well, who else is alive?

JACK: (Walking towards her) I haven't had a chance to tell you, Roman and Marlena and Cassie, they all came back with me.

MAGGIE: Oh, my God, (touching her forehead) that's incredible! I don't believe it!

JENNIFER: I know! I couldn't believe it either, Aunt Maggie.

MAGGIE: (Slight laugh) Ah, (gesturing) well, as someone who has returned from the dead, I guess, anything is possible.

JACK: Here! Here! I'm just glad that all of you got home safely.

MAGGIE: (Looking down at Abigail, smiling) Oh, Abby, you must be soo happy to have your daddy back! Some birthday present, huh?

Abigail and Maggie laugh.

ABIGAIL: This is the best birthday ever!


JACK: I tell you there's going to be alot of happy people in Salem tonight. (Smiling) John and Kate are in for the surprise of their lives.

Scene Six: Meanwhile at the airport, John has proposed to Kate, and Kate has accepted. Roman and Marlena see their backs and do not realize who they are. At first they want to ask them for a ride home. However, they see the couple kissing affectiontely, they realize that whoever the couple is, they would not want them to be imposed upon. Roman tries the satellite phone again, but the battery is dead. Roman thinks it is better this way. Marlena does not know how, she cannot understand how it is a bad idea to first contact John and Kate. Roman tells her because it will be a shock. Marlena agrees, especially if they have moved on -- remembering the video Tony showed them of Kate and John having sex. A security officer comes up to Roman and tells him that Shane has gotten in contact, and that though he currently is in a meeting, Shane has to talk to him ASAP; Shane wants Roman to stay at the airport until he can talk to him. John takes Kate to the lounge so they can celebrate. Apparently he and Marlena did that all the time before they took off on a trip in his private jet. He flashes back to a time in the past with Marlena. Back with Roman an Marlena another guard comes up to him in shock seeing him alive. He was a former policeman who worked for Roman. Roman gets him to lend him some money so that he and Marlena can go to the lounge to get something to eat. Roman tells Marlena that they were at the lounge another time before, back when he was protecting her from the Salem Strangler, when they first met. Both couples are in the same room but they do not notice each other. John has ordered champagne to toast his and Kate's engagement. At that moment the maitre d' makes an announcement to the crowd in the lounge, he tells them that tonight two couples are celebrating two special events, one couple their 50th anniversary, and the other -- obviously John and Kate -- their engagment. Marlena and Roman decide to go and congratulate the couples, not realizing that the engaged couple are their spouses, John and Kate.

Scene Seven: Back at the hospital, Maggie walks up to the bed, talking to Jack about his news that there were other survivors. Jennifer is by Abigail's bed, caressing her hair.

MAGGIE: (Gesturing) You're right, Jack, John and Marlena, Kate and Roman, ah, they're going to be so thrilled to see each other!

Jennifer laughs at the thought of more happy people besides herself and Abigail.

MAGGIE: (Cont.) Oohh, they're probably having the most wonderful reunions even as we speak!

Just then Mickey appears.

MICKEY: And speaking of reunions....

Mickey is at the door, carrying Jack, Jr. [it is a different baby than Jack's fantasy of his son].

MAGGIE: Ahh! Oh!

Mickey, grinning and looking towards Jack, walks into the room.

MICKEY: (Cont.) Somebody was feeling very left out!

Mickey smiles and looks down at his great-nephew. Jennifer puts her hands to her face, grinning, watching Jack, as Abigail, smiling, looks over towards her father. Jack cannot believe it.

JACK: Is that who I think it is?

Jennifer smiles, and giggles; Abigail smiles too. Mickey laughs.

JENNIFER: Yeeaah, that is (laughing) who you think it is, Jack, that is your son!

04Ep038N: Jack can't believe his son has grown so much

JACK: (Shaking his head) Ha.... But it can't be he's.... (puts out his hands to show the baby's former size) I mean, you were.... (gesturing) about (demonstrating) yea big last time I saw him.

Jack slowly walks towards Mickey and his son. Mickey laughs, happy for Jack.

ABIGAIL: (Laughs) Daddy, he's grown!

Jennifer laughs, and walks over to her husband, thrilled for him. Jack still is taking it all in, and still has his hands extended. Mickey is smiling at the baby.

JENNIFER: Yes, he's grown alot!

MAGGIE: Now we know it's late, but....

JENNIFER: (To her son) Hi!

MAGGIE: (Cont.) ....but he woke up and we couldn't get him back to sleep.

MICKEY: And we could have sworn that we heard him say, "Da-Da"! (Looking at Jack, Jr.) Hmm?

Jennifer and Mickey giggle, and she looks over towards Jack, who is transfixed by his son. Jack sighs. Mickey kisses the baby's forehead.

JACK: Hi....

As Jack picks him up, the baby looks over towards him. Jennifer watches filled with love, and happiness for Jack.

04Ep038O: Jack finally holds his son again

JACK: (Cont.) Hi there! Hi there! I'm your da-da? (Sighing) Ha.... I can't believe this!

Mickey and Maggie watch Jack excited and happily for him.

JACK: (Cont.) Ha, I'm back with my family! I'm back with my family! Ha.... Jack, Jack Deveraux! (He kisses his son's forehead) Ha, my family's together again!

04Ep038P: Jack kisses his son

Jack walks over towards Abigail's bed.

JACK: (Cont.) My family's together again. Oohhh....

Jennifer is on the other side of Abigail's bed, Jack sets Jack, Jr. by his sister. As the all look at him.

JACK: (Cont.) ....here you go....

04Ep038Q: A family portrait

Jack smiles at Jennifer, and Abigail and Jennifer smile at Jack.

JACK: (Cont.) ....we're all together again!

JENNIFER: We're soo lucky! We are soo lucky this.... this long, horrible nightmare (taking her son's hand) is finally over!

JACK: Oohh (kissing his son)!

Mickey and Maggie are holding hands and smiling at each other like young lovers. They both giggle with happiness, and they put the heads together affectionately -- Bonnie, Bonnie, who? They look over at the happy family scene and smile. The baby looks over at Jack, and touches him; Jennifer and Abigail smile.

04Ep038R: Jack, Jr. looks up at his father

04Ep038S: Jack Jr. looks at his sisterJACK: How are you? It's me your old man.

Everyone laughs, and the baby turns to look at his sister. Everyone laughs again.

ABIGAIL: Ooohh, he's sooo cute!

Jack kisses him again, and Jennifer gently shakes her son's hand.


Abigail smiles at her brother and he stares at her.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]