Episode Thirty-Nine: The Homecoming
Part III: At the Hospital, the Deveraux Family
Continue to Celebrate Jack's Return
and Abigail's Seventeen Birthday.

[Air date April 28, 2005]

Scene One: At the hospital, in Abigail's room, only Jack, Jennifer and Abigail remain, Mickey and Maggie have taken Jack, Jr. home. Jack and Jennifer are hovering over their daughter's bed. Jennifer is arranging Abigail's blanket, and Jack is standing behind Jennifer, massaging her shoulders.

JACK: Haaaa, I'm sorry that Mickey and Maggie had to take the baby home, but it's late and the little guy needs his beauty sleep.

Jennifer and Abigail laugh.

JACK: (Con.) You know, Jennifer, I was just wondering.... d.... do you think he really (pointing to himself) recognized me as his father?

Jennifer looks down at Abigail smiling at Jack's question, then they look over at Jack.

JENNIFER: Yes, Jack, I do. I mean, think about it, he didn't even cry when Uncle Mickey put him into your arms.

JACK: (Excitedly) That's right! That's right, he didn't. (Gesturing) You know, the.... the moment that he (pointing two fingers to his eyes) saw me, when he first (pointing to his eyes again) me, I sensed in him (putting his fingers together in the okay sign) a moment of clarity.

Jennifer and Abigail are laughing.

ABIGAIL: Aahh, Dad!

JACK: Oh, I mean it! I-I'm serious, (gesturing) it's like he (pointing his fingers to his eyes) he looked at me, and I (pointing away) looked at him, and he (pointing back to his eyes) looked back at me, and (pointing away again) I looked at him, and.....

Jennifer cannot stop laughing. Jack continues to gesture for emphasis, as his facial expressions further the emphasis.

JACK: (Cont.) ....he saw me and he saw (touching his face) my face, and he said, "Look at that face, that face is like.... it looks like me!"

04Ep039A: Jack says Jack, Jr. recognized him

Jack is serious, and the gals continue to laugh. Jennifer looks down towards her daughter.

JENNIFER: Isn't this amazing to have laughter back in our family!?

JACK: (Pointing to himself) Well, I-I.... I mean it, I'm serious!

ABIGAIL: I'm never gonna let you stop hugging me tonight, Daddy!

JACK: Well, yeah, that's tonight! But what about later, after your.... your.... (motioning with his arm) your friends show up....

Jennifer continues to giggle.

04Ep039B: Jack imitates Abigail embarrassed by him with her friendsJACK: And then you're going to say, (imitating her) "Oh, Daddy (whiny) please I'm a little embarrassed, and (making faces) I mean, it's like, it's nice having you back from the dead, and all, but could you just, (motioning with his fingers running off) you know, run away and then give me some money! Not in that order, of course."

Abigail and Jennifer are really enjoying Jack's silliness.

ABIGAIL: All the kids feel that way about their parents, Daddy, but I promise I'll never take you for granted like that again!

JACK: (Not buying it) Mmm, hmmm, right! Well, at least your little friends like having me around, I mean, they always thought I was rather cute and, ahhh, kinda cool, right?

Jack is smiling smugly, Jennifer does not look so sure.

JENNIFER: Ah, well,....

JACK: Hmmm!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) I Jack.... I mean, I think.... I think you thought that Abby's friends thought you were cool (smiles).

ABIGAIL: Yeah.... Yeah, they thought you were crazy.

Jennifer roars with laughter. Jack cannot believe it.

JACK: No! Noo!

JENNIFER: Yes! (Reaches around and pats him on the around)....

JACK: Jen--

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....Welcome back to reality, Dad! (Talking to Abigail) Listen, I needed to get your dad home, he's exhausted!

JACK: (Gesturing in protest) No, no, no, no no I'm not going home by myself to sleep, all alone! If you're going to be here with Abigail, I'm going to be here with Abigail!

ABIGAIL: (Thrilled) Yeesss!

Jennifer smiles at her daughter.

JACK: As a matter of fact, we'll just be (motions) together, as a family, and when you're released we'll all live together, and we're never ever (Jack rests his cheek next to Jennifer's) going to be separated again!

ABIGAIL: Promise, Daddy?

JACK: (Seriously) I promise! I promise!

Jennifer looks down at her daughter.

JACK: (Cont.) And I'm praying right now that from now on, anybody we care about, and (raising up his hand) even the people we don't care about, and none of us ever have to go through the pain and the suffering and the worry....

Jennifer looks up at him lovingly.04Ep039C: Jack promises they will never be separated

JACK: (Cont.) ....from the people that we love.

Jack rests his check against Jennifer and puts his arm around her and Abigail.

JACK: (Cont.) I mean it!

Jack kisses Jennifer's cheek. They all hold each other.

JACK: Hmmm....

He kisses the to of his daughter's head.

Scene Two: Earlier that evening another cryptic delivery arrived for Bo and Billie, a bloodied sweater. Billie believes it is Georgia's. They have it tested and the results come back positive that it is Georgia's DNA -- though it appears to be the same technician as before. They also have a mysterious address in Ogden, a nearby town [do not know if it is Odgen Utah or another Odgen; however, seems like it is not "the" Ogden]. Billie wants to rush out there, but Bo is leery. However, Billie still is able to manipulate Bo into going, and Bo does not tell Hope. Now, they have arrived at the mysterious house, Bo finally thinks they are making a mistake. Billie begins throwing a guilt trip on him, saying he does not care about Georgia and wants her dead. She accuses him of being manipulated by Hope. Bo, finally defends his wife. He also tells Billie that since she is an ISA agent she should be more cautious. She talks off into the house anyway. The house is abandoned, and obviously a set up. However, Billie continues to be stupid. They then hear a noise and another one of the set up voices calling for her. In the room where they heard the voice they find a doll The doll is a trap, for when she goes over towards it she crashes through a trap door and falls into another pit.

Scene Three: Back in Abigail's room, Jennifer is still by her daughter's bed, Jack is behind her with his hand on his shoulders. Jack begins to talk and they turn to look at him.

JACK: (Placing his hand to his brow) I-I I have so many things that I want to tell you, I feel like Rip van Winkle, (pointing to both of his temples) I was locked up in that castle for soo long. And missed soo much.

ABIGAIL: Well, alot of unbelievable things happened with us while you were gone, too.

It is obvious by his expression that he does not like the sound of that.

JACK: Like what?

ABIGAIL: (Pointing to him) The Red Socks won the World Series!

JACK: (Shocked, [the alleged Red Socks curse for trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees was finally broken]) Nooo!

Jennifer laughs.

JACK: (Cont.) No! Get out! No! (Pointing to himself) The Cubs [Jack's team]!

04Ep039D: Jack wonders about his Cubbies

Jennifer turns and laughs at his frustration over the Cubs.

ABIGAIL: I'm serious! And, guess what else?

JACK: What?

Jack looks really concerned. Jennifer looks over towards him. It seems like Jack's gals like teasing him.

Scene Four: Abigail has let Jack in on more of the weird happenings since he has been gone. Jack turns around in disgust, he grimaces, and paces around.

04Ep039E: Jack is disgusted no hockey season

JACK: Stop, no, this is too much to take, no hockey season [2004/05 a strike canceled the entire season]! Haaa. Well, I-I can't handle anymore, we.... we... let's just (walking back to the bed, putting his hand to his forehead in mock frustration) stick with the safe subjects like.... like Abigail's birthday.

Jennifer laughs, enjoying Jack's corny humor. Abigail is also enjoying her father back and his quirky sense of humor.

JACK: (Cont.) All right? A.... It's not every day that you (gesturing) turn 17 and your father returns from the dead.

Jack puts his hand on Jennifer's shoulder, and she turns around and smiles at him.

ABIGAIL: I was just gonna say that.You took the words just right out of my mouth!

Jennifer looks over at her daughter and smiles, enjoying seeing her and her father together again.

JACK: Well, (pointing to himself) brilliant minds think alike!

Abigail chuckles. Jack brings over the cake.

JACK: Happy birthday, Sweetheart.Here you go.

Jack puts it on her tray.


JACK: Ah-kay, (Jack brings out a lighter from his pocket) I'll, just be light'em up.

ABIGAIL: You don't have to light the candles because I don't need to make a wish.

Jack begins to light each candle anyway.

ABIGAIL: (Cont.) You know, I had a dream just like this. You came back to me. And when you did, all my wishes came true (smiling).

JACK: (Still lighting the candles) Yeah, well, what would you say if I told you I had exactly the same dream!

JENNIFER: This is sooo surreal!

JACK: (Cont.) Brilliant minds!

Jack grins and Abigail chuckles. Jennifer puts her hands to her face. Jack is making sure all the candles are lit.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) This is incredible sitting just here and.... and watching that the two of you laughing and talking. This is sooo wonderful (laughs)!

JACK: Well, I tell you what, I've just about got all these candles lit. And we're going to have to blow 'em up (with a funny voice [not sure the accent nor who he is imitating]) before the.... the sprinklers go off.

Jennifer laughs a joy laugh [though it seems to be Missy reacting to some in-joke]. Abigail chuckles as well.

JACK: (Cont.) So, what'd'ya say we (chuckles) jump right in and do it!


JACK: Okay! You all ready? Okay sit up.

Abigail sits up.

JACK: (Cont.) Here we go!

Jennifer takes one candle that has gone out and lights it.

JACK: Thank you!

Jennifer giggles.

JACK: One, two, three

They all take in a deep breath.

JENNIFER: Ahhhhh.....

Though Jack and Jennifer do all the blowing out of the candles, Abigail does a little but they are all out by then.

04Ep039F: Blowing out Abigail's candles

Jennifer laughs, and claps.

JACK: That's alot of hot air!

JENNIFER: Yeeaahh!

Jennifer reaches over and gives her daughter a hug, Abigail pats her arm; Jack smiles.

Scene Five: Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick Lockhart are also at the hospital. They are in the lobby, by the phones, not too far from Abigail's room. Hope is trying to find Bo, not realizing that *yet again* he has taken off with Billie on some wild goose chase. They get into a discussion about all the famous soul mates in Salem. Patrick makes a weird comment about how the couples of Salem are famous [was it some silly plug trying to show the fans that they, The Powers that Be, remember the fact that the show is known for its couples, or was there a point to Patrick's comment, since how would he know about them all unless he has been feed information from someone]. Hope mentions her grandparents, John and Marlena, [the shocker] Steve and Kayla, Jack and Jennifer, Roman and Marlena and her father and Julie. Patrick starts asking her about Marlena and Roman [it seemed like he was grilling her for some reason; though it could be just TPTB filling in history for newer viewers]. She explains to him Marlena, John and Roman's history and how they were manipulated by the di Meras. She then talks about how Billie has tried to ruin her and Bo's lives. She tries to call Bo at home and on his cell, but she gets no answer. She thinks that maybe he left her a text message on her cell; however, she remembers that she had left her cell in Abigail's room. She is about to go into the room, but she sees the back of a man's head. Not realizing it is Jack, back from the dead, she thinks it is a doctor, so she decides to wait. She is certain that Billie has convinced Bo to run off on another wild chase.

Scene Six: Jack is removing the candles, and counting as he does.

JACK: One, two, three.... I'm really good at this, you know.

JENNIFER: (Laughs) Hahaha, that's alot of candles!

JACK: (Stops) Heu, you're telling me.

Jennifer continues to giggle. Jack stops and turns towards her.

JACK: I-I.... I feel bad about something, (putting up a hand) I have to admit it, I feel bad about eating this cake without Jack, Jr. being here, but (gesturing) fact is, he's a baby, he hardly has any teeth, and.... (touches her) and this is what were going to do, were not going to tell him that were celebrating his sister's birthday without him.

JENNIFER: That's right, we'll just wait until he's older and mature enough to deal with it.

JACK: Exact! Right! Right! You know, w-w.... We don't want to twist him yet, we can ruin him later. Save time-- (Jack looks at the cake).... This is Alice's cake!

Jennifer nods.

JACK: (Cont.) I haven't had a piece of Alice's cake since, I don't know when. I haven't had a piece of anyone's cake since I don't know when. I mean, (pointing to it) this is.... it's been a long time.

JENNIFER: (Nods and smiles) It has been a long time!

JACK: Yeah!

JENNIFER: I'm going to go to the cafeteria, I'm going to get some.... um, some plates, some forks and a knife. I'll be right back!

JACK: All right! We'll be right here!

Jennifer flashes Jack a big grin and leaves. Jack watches her, waves, then making a face turns to Abigail. He slaps down a candle.

JACK: (With a accent) We don't need no stinkin' forks.

[A pop cultural reference to the Bogart movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre]. Abigail laughs. Jack runs his finger across the side of the cake taking off a big glob of frosting.

JACK: Mmmm, (he eats it off his fingers) emmm....

Jack does it again.

JACK: Emm.

Before Jack can eat the frosting he notices Abigail looking at him.

JACK: Well, what are you waiting for, dig in! (Motions with his frosting covered fingers) Come on!

ABIGAIL: All right, it is my cake.

Jack takes a really big glob of frosting this time. Abigail just wipes off a little.

JACK: Oh, yeah baby!

Abigail laughs. Father and daughter eat their frosting.

04Ep039G: Father and daughter eating frosting off the cake

JACK: Em, mmm!

Meanwhile in the lobby, Jennifer walks over to Hope and Patrick. Jennifer excitedly taps Hope on the shoulder.

JENNIFER: Heeeyyy!

HOPE: (Touching her, concerned) Jennifer, are you all right?


HOPE: Is Abby okay?

JENNIFER: Yeah, we're great! Abby is happier than ever (giggles)!

HOPE: I was worried when I saw the doctor in there with you.

JENNIFER: (Smiling, and shaking her head) That's not a doctor in there! It's Jack!

HOPE: (Not comprehending) Jack? (Shaking her head not understand) Jack? Jack.... (her eyes widen as it dawns on her) Your Jack?

JENNIFER: (Giggles) Yeah (nods)!

HOPE: How?

JENNIFER: (Still giggling) I don't know (throwing out her arms). I don't know how. But I'm telling you, that is my husband, Jack, in there. And as we speak he and Abby are licking the frosting off her birthday cake, Hope!

HOPE: (Putting her hands to her face) Oh, my God Jack.... Jennifer, you've said Jack twice and I still can't believe that I heard it right. How? It's a miracle!

JENNIFER: I don't know! It is a miracle! And I don't know how. But I will tell you, (gesturing) he is alive, and it is real, and he's here!

HOPE: Oh, Jennifer, I'm so happy for you! Oh, Honey, I'm so happy for you.

However, it does not appear that Patrick is happy. He looks rather angered that Jack is back. Is it because he wants her for himself -- it does not seem so -- or is it because he knows he failed in his job to keep them apart.

Scene Seven: Meanwhile, at the airport, Roman and Marlena are in the lounge and hear the announcements regarding the couple celebrating its 50th anniversary and the couple who has become engaged -- not knowing that they are John and Kate. Roman tells Marlena that the couple looks familiar. However, the couple he is talking about is the older couple. They have yet to see John and Kate. Roman tries to kiss Marlena but she is not receptive. Roman takes a call from Shane Donovan. He tells Marlena that he will meet Shane later, he just wants to take it easy tonight, he does not want to leave now after just making it home. Marlena returns to the terminal part of the airport. Meanwhile, John returns as well to pick up his cane he had left there. They finally see each other, and crying fall into each other's arms. Kate and Roman also have a reunion. The four of them eventually met up together. They know that they have a great deal to tell each other. However, neither Marlena nor especially Roman notice the large rock engagement ring on Kate's finger, and thus do not realize that they were the couple they saw kissing earlier, nor the couple whose engagement they heard announced.

Scene Eight: Back in Abigail's room, it is a little later, all the frosting has been licked off the cake. Abigail is licking some of her finger. She has icing around her mouth. Jack has some icing at the corners of his mouth; he moans as he continues to eat frosting.

JACK: Mmmm. Mmm.

ABIGAIL: Uh, oh, frosting's pretty much gone by now, Dad.

Jack is still eating, and nods pointing to the cake.

JACK: There's the cake. And we're toast!

Abigail giggles. However, they continue to lick the frosting off their fingers.

JACK: ((Cont.) You know the last time I did this your mother gave me holy he.... (correcting himself) heck.

ABIGAIL: (Rolling her eyes. Ah, Daddy, you can say (doing the in quotes sign with her fingers) the "H-word"--

JACK: (Pointing at her) Hey, hey, hey--

ABGAIL: I'm in high school I've heard things alot more worse!

JACK: (Putting up his hand) As if that was an excuse! Obviously I've been away for a while!

ABIGAIL: I think Mom would be happy to forgive you, even if you ate the whole cake!

04Ep039H: Jack wipes Abigail's face JACK: (Wiping his fingers) It certainly goes to prove, you come back from the dead, (pointing to her) you can have your cake, and (pointing to himself) I can eat it too (Puckers his lips and nods!

ABIGAIL: (Letting out a satisfied sigh) Haa.... I still can't believe I have you back with me for good.

JACK: Ooohh, you're never going to get rid of me now! (Jack wipes the icing from her face) In fact, I'm going with you to college [this is cute because Jack had the same chat with her the day he was kidnapped]! I'm going to be your roommate.

ABIGAIL: You are not!

JACK: I'm going to walk you to class. (Gesturing) I'm going to join your sorority -- (gesturing) as a mascot.

ABGAIL: You are not serious!

JACK: I am serious! I.... (gestures) it's in the by-laws!


JACK: You.... you.... a.... all right, Lambie can be the mascot, he's obviously been taking care of you all this time anyway, while I've been gone.

ABIGAIL: What happened? I mean, where were you? I have like a million questions.

JACK: And I have like a million answers, none of which are believable, so, (making a swiping motion with his hand) we'll just table that for now. Right now what I want to do is this.

Jack puts his arms, and puts his cheek next to hers.

JACK: Ahh, a...., tell me if that's hurting you.

Jack continues to nozzle up against her, his eyes squeezed shout.

ABIGAIL: (Her eyes closed, smiling) It's not.

JACK: Mmm.

ABIGAIL: I knew you were alive!


ABIGAIL:(Cont.) ....Everybody thought I was in denial because I didn't see your body and there wasn't a funeral.

04Ep039I: Abigail tells Jack about how much Jennifer missed himJACK: (Resting contentedly) Hm.

ABIGAIL: (Rolling her eyes) Uh, I was such a brat, Dad!


ABIGIL: (Cont.) I blamed it all out on her. I took it (rolling her head and eyes) allll out on her. I mean, sometimes, when I couldn't sleep at night, I'd hear her crying in her room.

JACK: (Opening his eyes) Hmm.

ABIGAIL: (Cont.) I know she missed you soo much! I don't think she was ever serious about m.... moving on with Patrick, or anything (laughs).

Jack is interested now, and gets up.

JACK: Whao, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute! What do you mean?! Y.... (Frowning)You're telling me that your mother was getting serious about Patrick Lockhart?!

04Ep039J: Jack wonders about Lockhart

ABIGAIL: Uh, no! No, not serious, but (trying to not upset him), you know, she.... she.... she started to like having him around.

JACK: (Continues to frown, and blinks a couple times concerned) No, no, no, I mean, Ah, I m-mean h-how, uh, exactly? Do.... do you mean that? "Liked having him around"?

ABIGAIL: Wweellll, he's been there for her, and I guess she just started to depend on him.

JACK: (Frowning) What, you mean, like, uh, fixing things around the house?

ABIGAIL: Yeah, like that! But.... I got the feeling she did like having him around.

JACK: Oh, (his voice cracking) really? Tell me more! (With a slight angered glare) Exactly how else did has Patrick been there for your mother?!

04Ep039K: Jack wants to know more about Patrick

Scene Nine: Back in the lobby, Jennifer, Hope and Patrick are still talking about Jack's return. Jennifer and Hope let go of their embrace, Jennifer is still giggling from her joy. Hope is happy for her cousin. Patrick asks where Jack has been and what happened to him; he seems rather annoyed, but feigns being happy for Jennifer.

JENNIFER: Patrick, (putting her hands to her face) I don't know, I-I.... I don't even know any of the details, but it doesn't matter! I mean, right now we have (gesturing) the rest of our lives together! He's here! He's alive! And that's all I care about!

Patrick goes over and puts her arm around him. He continues to act happy for her.

Jennifer then apologizes for earlier blaming Hope for hanging up on Billie. Hope tries to convince Hope that Bo does not want to come between her. Jennifer then remembers about Bo and Billie going off. Hope wonders if they went off for burgers. Jennifer hates to admit they did not. Meanwhile Patrick continues to have his hand on her shoulder. As Jennifer is going to explain about Bo and Billie, and furious Jack runs up to him, and angrily grabs Patrick's collar.




Jack does not listen and slugs him, knocking him over a row of chairs.

04Ep039L: Jack slugs Lockhart

JENNIFER: Wait, Jack!

Jack jumps over the and starts attacking him.

04Ep039M: Jack jobs over chair to get at him

PATRICK: Oh, oh....

HOPE: Patrick?


Jack continues to attack him, as he pathetically tries to defend himself. Jennifer and Hope run over to him to try and stop him; they watch shocked at Jack's violence.


[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]