Episode Forty-Two: The Homecoming
Part VI: Jack Has a Special Romantic
Evening Planned for Jennifer, but
First He Asks to Be Tested for STDs.

[Air date May 12, 2005]

Scene One: Jack and Jennifer are still in the examining room, Jack paces around.

JACK: Where's Lexie? Let's hurry up and get this over with I wanna get out of here (scratching his head)!

JENNIFER: Jack, she'll be here in a minute. Sh.... (gesturing) she's with Abe right now.

JACK: Yeah, I-I.... I don't even know why I really have to do this....


JACK: (Cont.) I've never felt better in my life!

JENNIFER: I want to make sure that you're okay! I can only imagine what it was like (straightening out his sweater) being trapped in that castle, Jack. And look at Abe. Look what happened after he got home.

JACK: Right. I'll do it for Abe! But mostly for you!

JENNIFER: Thank you!

Jennifer smiles at him, the reaches up and kisses him. Jack responds for a moment.

JACK: Mmm... Hmm.

JENNIFER: So did, ah, (hunching her shoulders) did my imposter kiss as good as me?

Jack smiles at her and bends down to kiss her.04Ep042A: Jack says is upset about Madison

JACK: What? Ah, I'm sorry I can't joke about this, Jennifer. Not yet. I mean, if I had any idea....

JENNIFER: No, no, no....

JACK: (Cont.) ....it wasn't you! I'm so....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I know.... I know, of course you didn't! And you know what, Jack, I know that that you would never intentionally be unfaithful to me, it was a trap by Tony di Mera, but it's over. This whole nightmare is behind us now.

JACK: That's right (nodding) I'm back here, with you where I belong. And Tony's dead, where he belongs! This time for good!

Jack takes her into his arms and sighs in relief.

However, Tony is in fact very much alive and is manipulating Sami, Lucas, Rex, Shawn, Brady and Philip.

Scene Two: Jack and Jennifer are still waiting for Lexie, they are hugging, Jack releases her to tell her something. He keeps his hands on her shoulders and looks into her eyes.

JACK: Ha.... I've decided after this exam I've got a little surprise for you.

JENNIFER: (Grinning and adjusting his sweater) You do!

04Ep042: Jack has a surpriseJACK: Mmm, hmmm!

JENNIFER: What kind of "little surprise"?

JACK: (Being evasive) Weeellll, that's all I'm going to say for now (running his hands up and down her arms).

JENNIFER: Jack Deveraux, what are you up to, you have a funny look in your eye?

JACK: (Nodding, pursing his lips) Hmmmm (flashes his yes).... you'll find out soon enough.

Jennifer laughs, at that moment Lexie walks in. She then goes over to set up for Jack's exam.

LEXIE: Sorry to keep you two waiting!

JACK: Oh, no!

JENNIFER: Oh, that's all right, we understand. Ah, (gesturing) I guess I-I.... I'll (pointing) wait out there, while you do what you have to do (going to walk out).

JACK: Right.

LEXIE: This shouldn't take long.


Jack walks over to his wife, and throws his arm around her.

JACK: That's good, because I (hugging) hate to be separated from my beautiful wife, (looking at Lexie) for even a minute! Mm....

Jack looks back at Jennifer, who is giggling at Jack's overt affection.

04Ep042C: Jack gets affectionate

They kiss, and Lexie smiles happily at their happiness.

JACK: (To Jennifer) I'll see you.

Jack kisses her again, and Jennifer widens her eyes and flashes Lexie a pleased grin. Lexie laughs. Jack watches as Jennifer walks out the door, then shuts it.

LEXIE: (Smiling) It's wonderful to see you and Jennifer so happy.

JACK: (Walking towards her, putting his hands together) I'm just thinking of something, I don't want to upset her anymore, but there is something eh.... there's (pointing) something else we need to do!

Jack frowns, and Lexie looks at him, perplexed.

LEXIE: What do you mean?

04Ep042: Jack wants to be checked for STDs

JACK: (Frowns) I need to be tested for sexual transmitted diseases.

Lexie gives him a look.

Scene Three: Jennifer waits in the lobby for Jack, Maggie comes up to her. Jennifer is concerned that something is wrong with Jack, Jr., but Maggie assures her he is fine. Julie and Doug are watching him. Julie wanted for her (Maggie) to spend some time with Mickey. However, Bonnie called saying she needed Mickey. Maggie asks about her and Jack's reunion. Jennifer said it has been wonderful, but she is having difficulty comprehending the fact that Jack is alive and they are together. Maggie asks about Abigail, and how excited she must be about her dad being alive. Jennifer tells her is fine, and is finally sleeping; she is thrilled that her father is back with her. Maggie says this must be the best present ever. Jennifer agrees, Abigail will never forget it for the rest of her life. Though Jennifer sadly says that Abigail got her father back, and poor Chelsea has lost both parents tonight. Jennifer then tells Maggie to fight for Mickey, like she fought while she was a prisoner on the island. Maggie vows not to like Bonnie win. She goes off to make sure it will not happen.

Bonnie is with her daughter Mimi. Jan is in a coma after falling and hitting her head. She hit it while arguing with Mimi. She had awoken from the coma earlier and lied, saying that Mimi tried to kill her. Bonnie and she are hovering over Jan's bed trying to get her to recant. Tek is hovering around trying to find more information.

Scene Four: A while later, Jack's tests are done. He is walking with Lexie down the hallway, nervously waiting the results. He has his hand on her arm, gesturing as he asks about the tests.

JACK: How did it go, every.... everything's okay?

LEXIE: Yes, yes, everything is okay! You appear to be in excellent health...

JACK: (Relieved, putting his hands together) Yeah....

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....and there are no signs of STDs.

JACK: (Throwing out his hands, even more relieved) Ah, great! Go-od, good, ah....

He is about to say more but Jennifer turns the corner, and calls out to them.

JENNIFER: There you are!

JACK: (Cont.) ....good

JENNIFER: (Catching up to them) How did it go?

LEXIE: Ah....

JACK: Good!

JENNIFER: Is everything all right?

LEXIE: Yeah, (smiling) everything went just fine, he's, ah, health as a horse!

JACK: (Neighing like a horse) Hoouuyyhnhyy....

Lexie and Jennifer laugh [it seems as if it is an ad lib and that Missy and Renée are laughing]. Jennifer is holding Jack's arm.

LEXIE: Jaacckk!

JACK: Yeah!

LEXIE: (Cont.) Um, listen I-I I (still chuckling, having a hard time talking) let you on with your, ah, celebrating. (Flashing a wise look) Okay?

JENNIFER: Thanks, Lex.

LEXIE: Ah, ha.

Jack is surreptitiously pulling what looks like a red scarf from his sleeve. Lexie walks off.

04Ep042E: Jack pulls out a scarf

JACK: Thank you, thank you Lexie.

Jennifer turns towards Jack. He then pulls out the scarf.


JACK: Nothing up my sleeve!

JENNIFER: Except for that (laughing)!

JACK: (Smiles) Except for that, yeah.

Jack puts it over her eyes.

JACK: (Cont.) Here's your surprise!


JACK: Well, this isn't the surprise, the surprise is coming.

Jack holds the ends tightly so she cannot see.

JENNIFER: What is it?

JACK: Well, turn around (turns her towards the room) and....


JACK: (Cont., walking her towards the door) ....you shall see.

JENNIFER: All right!

JACK: Keep you from....

Jennifer puts out her hand to make sure she does not run into anything. Jack guides her to the door.

JACK: That's okay.

Jennifer giggles. Lexie watches them, smiling. They are at the door

JACK: No, okay this way.

Jennifer runs into the door.

JACK: (Cont.) Okay.

Jennifer giggles, he opens the door, and motions to Lexie, as he guides Jennifer inside. Once they are inside Lexie quickly walks over to a counter and takes out a "Do not disturb" sign and puts it on the door knob.

Abe comes up and is annoyed because she has delayed so long. She asks him for a truce.

Meanwhile, inside, Jack is still holding onto the ends of the scarf. Jennifer is giggling.

04Ep042G: Jack has Jennifer blind-folded

JACK: No, this way, No, no, no (guiding her) this way. This way, this way. (Stops) Okay, ready?

JENNIFER: (Still giggling) Okay, I'm ready! What are you doing?

JACK: 1, 2, 3!

Jack whips off the scarf, Jennifer's eyes are still closed she opens then, gasping, her mouth wide open


JACK: (Smiling) Surprise!

The scene cuts away before we see what the surprise is

04Ep042G: Jack removes he blind-fold

Scene Five: The room is dark. Jennifer is holding onto the scarf, she turns to Jack, and smiles. He 04Ep042H: Romantical hospital roomleads her to a beautifully decorated table, with an orchid, lit candles, and a set table. There are a string of lights around as well. In the back, the curtain is drawn around the examination bed.

JENNFER: This is (gesturing) amazing! How did you do this.

JACK: (Jack picks up a remote) Well, I'd have to say (he presses a button) It.... it helps to be married to a Horton in this hospital.

Jennifer laughs.


[Music is heard, it is Kelly Clarkson's "Some Kind of Miracle." Throughout the rest of the scene.

Prayed for an angel
To come in the night
And shine some sweet light on me
Found only strangers
Then you came to me
Just when I’d given up, you gave me love
My world was tumbling down
You turned it around baby
You, you’re some kind of miracle
You are, you’re a miracle to me

This is the portion of the lyrics we hear, I used her official website for the lyrics
Kelly Clarkson's office website

JACK: (Cont.) So I got my help.

JENNIFER: Oh, you "got your help" would that help be Lexie Carver by any chance (laughing)?

JACK: Yeess! That would be Lexie Carver.

Jack pours a glass of champagne.

JACK: Soo, I think Lexie would agree with me (handing her a glass) in saying that we have alot to celebrate here!

Jack pours his glass.

JENNIFER: We certainly do, Jack!

JACK: For that reason, I want to make a toast. Ha.... (looking at her) A toast to you! And to our.... our family! For saving my life, bringing me home (sighing) ha....

04Ep042I1:  Jack says how important she is
04Ep042I2: Jennifer says how important he is

They both look at each other filled with love.

JENNIFER: And a toast to you! For never giving up on us! And for finding your way back home, again and again!

Both are filled with emotion. Jennifer clicks their glasses.

JACK: Ha....

They both smile and take a sip. Jennifer looks up at him.

JACK: How did I ever get so lucky to find somebody like you!?

JENNIFER: (Shakes her head) Noo! I'm the lucky one, Jack!

04Ep042J: They kiss

They kiss passionately, and hold each other tightly

Scene Six: It appears Jennifer and Jack have finished their dinners. He offers her a plate of chocolate truffles.

04Ep042K: Finished eating

JENNIFER: Ahh (takes one and smells) ohh, Jack! (Laughs) I can't even believe that you did this. I mean, you turned a hospital exam room into the most romantic place in the world.

JACK: (Brushing it off) I just wanted to make this homecoming special (smiles).

JENNIFER: Just you being home made it special, Jack! But to have you and candle lit, and dinner, and.... and chocolate! I can't imagine (eating a chocolate covered truffle) that can get any better!

JACK: Wait!


JACK: There's more!


Jack walks over to the curtain. He throws it back.

JACK: Voilá....

Behind the curtain he reveals a big bed which is decorated with a string of lights. Jennifer gasp.


JACK: (Cont.) Madame!

JENNIFER: Oh, my goodness!

Jack leads her by the hand to the bed.

JACK: (Points) I had to throw out the patient, but, you know....

Jennifer giggles at his joke. Jack caresses her face.

JACK: I know we have Abigail for the night, and we said we weren't leaving her, were (shakes his head) not leaving her.

Jennifer shakes her head in response.

JACK: (Cont.) But we' re going to be alone together, at least for a little while.

JENNIFER: (Giggles) Okay!

They kiss, and moan. Jack stops and looks at her. She giggles.

JACK: I tell you, I've had my check-up, and everything's okay. Except for one little thing.

JENNIFER: (Concerned) What, what little thing?

JACK: Well, I've got a little heart murmur, you want to hear it?

04Ep042L: Jennifer listen's to Jack's JENNIFER: (Concerned) You do?

JACK: Yeah, here listen....

JENNIFER: Yeah....

JACK: It's ri.... right there.

Jack gets her to put her ear next to his heart.

JACK: Je.... Jennifer.... Je.... Je.... Jennnifer.....

Jennifer busts up laughing.

JACK: I lo.... love y'ah. I love y'ah. I ah.... lo.... lo... lo lov.... love y'ah!

JENNIFER: (Still giggling) I like your murmur

Jennifer looks up into Jack's facing laughing, and smiled.

JACK: It's kind of a stutter, actually.

This causes her to laugh even harder [almost seems that Missy is laughing and Matt added the stutter part since it did seem he did a stutter more than a murmur]. Jennifer continues to giggle as they fall into each others arms and kiss. Jack moans as he picks her up, still kissing her.

04Ep042M: Jack seductively picks Jennifer up

Jack carries her towards the bed, and using her legs to move the rest of the curtains. Jennifer giggles and then lets out a little shriek. They fall onto the head rather hard.

JACK: That's all right....

Jennifer is still giggling, as Jack rolls on top of her.

JACK: (Cont.) We're in a hospital, right?

JENNIFER: That's right.

JACK: Okay if we get hurt.

04Ep042N: Jack plops Jennifer on the bed

Jennifer giggles, as their kissing becomes more passionate. They both moan with pleasure.

Scene Seven: The shots are through a filter. The camera pans over the candles and flowers. Jennifer falls onto the pillows, with a expression of profound love on her face. She reaches out to Jack -- whom we do not see yet. She pulls him towards her, her hands on his face. Jack begins to sensually kiss her and she responds. We see Jack seductively untie the strings to her blouse. He then slowly slides her sleeve off her shoulder. He begins to kiss her arm, and then he seductively

04Ep042O1: J&J make love #1

moves up her shoulder, kissing the shoulder blade, then the shoulder and finally her the nape of her neck. The shots are even more hazy as we see them obviously making love.

04Ep042O2: J&J Make love #2

They are passionately kissing, and the Jack kisses her neck.

04Ep042O3: J&J make love #3

We see their arms raised and closed together in a fist, apparently representing the climax of their love making. Jack then lowers their arms down to their bodies. Both are in the afterglow of their love making -- after such a long time. Jack's eyes are closed, and he has a content look on his face.

04Ep042O4: J&J make love #4, afterglow

Jennifer is looking at him with profound love.

JACK: (Contented moan) Mmm....

She rolls over, equally content.

JENNIFER: (Exhaling) Haa, thank you....

JACK: (Exhaling, his eyes closed) Mmmm....

JENNIFER: (Cont., looking at Jack) ....for making this the most romantic reunion a couple could ever have.

Jack suddenly opens his eyes and turns his head towards her.

JACK: Hey, that reminds me!


JACK: I've got a little something else!

Jack reaches over the side of the bed, as Jennifer, smiles, watches, her hand on his shoulder.

JENNIER: What?! Something else?

JACK: (Turning back towards) Oooohhh, yes!

Jennifer gasps. Jack has a pin, with two hearts and diamonds around them. One heart is solid, the other is the outline of a heart.

04Ep042S: Jack gives Jennifer a pin symoblic of their love

JACK: (Cont.) Iiitt's just (holding it for her to see) a little token....

JENNIFER: (Gasps) Ohhh....

JACK: (Cont.) ....to remind remind you how much I love you!

JENNIFER: (Reaching for it) Jaacckk! (Taking it) Oh my goodness, this is beautiful (examining it)!

JACK: (Pointing) Well, maybe it's stating the obvious, but.... it's says (pointing) our hearts will always be together!

Jack looks at her filled with love. Jennifer is overcome with emotion at the symbol of his gift.

JACK: (Cont.) And we're never going to be separated again!

They continue to look at each other. Then they reach over to kiss.

JACK: Love you!

They begin to kiss again, about to make love again.

04Ep042Q: J&J kiss

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]