Episode Forty-Three: The Homecoming Part VII:
Abigail Is Released from the Hospital,
Jack Tries to Find Information on Chelsea's Relatives.

[Air date May 18, 2005]
Scene One: At the hospital, the day after Abigail's accident, and Jack's return and reunion with Jennifer. They have both changed, Jack is wearing a pin stripped suit with pale blue button down Oxford shirt which is not tucked in and hanging loosely. Jack has his arm around Jennifer. Abigail is dressed and bandaged up, and is standing by a wheelchair. She is not happy at the thought of having to leave the hospital in a wheelchair. Jack and Jennifer try to convince her otherwise.

ABIGAIL: There is no way I am getting into that wheelchair.

JENNIFER: Sweetie, we want to take you home.

Jack is about to say something in protest but Abigail interrupts him.

ABIGAIL: Why can't I just walk home? (She frowns and looks concerned) I-I.... Is there something you're not telling me?

JACK: No, no, no, no this is just regular hospital policy. There's nothing seriously wrong with you, you're fit as a fiddle, thank goodness.

JENNIFER: Yeah, Abby, it's a miracle, really.

ABIGAIL: (Sad) Chelsea didn't have a miracle.

Jack and Jennifer look at each other. Realizing that Chelsea was not as blessed as they were.

JENNIFER: No, no she didn't.

JACK: (Softly) No.

ABIGAIL: How could we just leave her here all alone? And.... And who's going to tell her that her parents died in the accident.

Jack and Jennifer look at their daughter, not knowing what to say.

JACK: We don't know that either.

ABIGAIL: I have to see her before we leave.

Scene Two: Abigail is visiting with Chelsea. When Chelsea asks about her parents, and why they have not been in to see her. Abigail does not have the heart to tell her.

Jack and Jennifer are watching from the hallway. Jennifer turns towards Jack.

JENNIFER: Ahh, I just feel so bad for Chelsea, Jack, she is a good kid. She didn't deserve this.

JACK: Who does.

JENNIFER: I'm just so grateful that Abby's injuries weren't serious, and that (touching Jack) you're here and you're back (they hug each other tightly) and that we're a family again.

Jack sees Abigail coming out of Chelsea's room, so he breaks the embrace.

JACK: Ah, here she comes.

She walks over to them upset over the fact Chelsea still has not heard about her parents' death.

JENNIFER: Hey, are you okay?

She still doesn't know about her parents! (Almost in tears) She asked me why they haven't come to see her and.... I.... (choked up) I couldn't tell her.

JENNIFER: (Feeling bad for her) I know, I know, Honey, we.... we will figure out a way to break it to her.

Jack looks at Jennifer as if he does not know how.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Okay, we will.

ABIGAIL: And then what? Where is she gonna live?! (Pleading) What's gonna happen to her.

JACK: She doesn't have any relatives?

ABIGAIL: I-I.... I don't know she never talked about any.

JACK: (Talking to Jennifer) She didn.... her parents didn't mentioned anything to you?

JENNIFER: I don't know, Jack, I barely knew them. Abby and Chelsea just got close this past year.

Jack and Jennifer looked concerned as well.

ABIGAIL: We've got to do something! I mean, Chelsea's all alone. She's soo scared.

JACK: (Rubbing Jennifer's shoulder) I-I.... I'll try to do some investigating, I'll find out what I can about her family and her parents.

Scene Three: Jennifer and Abigail are sitting in the lobby. Jack is off trying to find out information about the Benson's. Jennifer is holding her daughter's hand in hers. Abigail tells her, "I never gave up hope of Dad being alive." Jennifer pats her hand trying to comfort her. Abigail tells her mother that there is "no hope for Chelsea." Abigail says that no amount of prayer will bring them back. She says that Chelsea has "nobody left." Jennifer hugs her daughter, saying she is sorry. Just then Jack returns, and sits next to them.

JACK: All right....


JACK: (Cont.) We've got a break. (Gesturing) I found someone who's a veritable font of information about Chelsea's parents.


JACK: Right here!

Jack points over to Mickey. Jennifer and Abigail are confused.

Scene Four: The three get up. Jennifer is confused as to how Mickey knew the Bensons. Mickey explains that he was just recently hired by them to be their attorney. Mickey explains that he was appointed executor of their estate. Mickey tells them that there are no relatives, "it was just the three of them." Jack looks on concerned. Abigail looks saddened.

JACK: (Concerned) Well, I mean, th.... they're taken care of financially, right?

Mickey tells them all that unfortunately they are not. He tells them that recently they wanted him to help them apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Jack becomes even more upset by the news. Mickey tells them that they both had lost their jobs, and that they had used up their savings and even cashed in their life insurances policies. Jack looks over at his family. Mickey tells them that it is even worse, they had just come to see him and told him that they had defaulted on their mortgage and were about to lose their house. Abigail is surprised because Chelsea had not told her. Mickey is not surprised, he tells her that they probably did not want to burden Chelsea with the bad news. Jack cannot believe what he is hearing.

JACK: (Frowning) R-r... right but you.... you're saying that there's.... there's nothing?!

MICKEY: Noo, (shaking his head) just bills. And add to that the cost of two funerals now.

Jack looks over at Jennifer and Abigail.

MICKEY: That little girl didn't just lose her parents, she lost everything!

Jack is as upset by the news as are Abigail and Jennifer. Jennifer puts her arms around Abigail.

JENNIFER: Sweetie.

Jack walks over to them, standing in back of them he puts his arms around them both.

JACK: It's gonna be okay. (Softly) It's gonna be okay.

Jack kisses his daughter's head for comfort. Abigail drinks in the love of her parents' embraces.

Scene Five: The Deverauxes and Mickey are still talking about Chelsea. Jack has his arms around Jennifer and Abigail. Abigail wonders what will become of Chelsea. Mickey promises to do all he can to help her. He also plans on getting the Horton Foundation to establish a memorial fund to pay for the hospital bills and for the funerals. Mickey tells them that he will make the first donation. Looking down at Abigail then Jennifer.

JACK: And, ah, w-w... we'll contribute something, too.

Jennifer looks up at Jack. Mickey tells them that she needs more than financial help, she needs the help of her friends. Abigail vows to be there for her. Mickey tells her how glad that *she* is fine. He tells her that that the Horton family built the hospital, but "I hate having my family have to use it." Jennifer thanks her uncle.

MICKEY: (Winks at Abigail) I'll see you all later (points and walks off).

JACK: We'll see you, Mickey. Thank you!

Jennifer falls into Jack's arms, Jack gives them a big hug. They both enjoy being back in his arms.

JACK: (Sighing) Haaa.... I can't tell how good it feels to have my two best girls with me.


JACK: There is nothing like family!

Abigail smiles. Jack then kisses the top of Jennifer's and Abigail's heads.

04Ep043A: Jack hugs his family

At that moment Billie turns the corner and sees the happy family scene. She smiles and then has a fantasy of her, Bo and their daughter having a similar scene; Bo says the same things to them as Jack said to Jennifer and Abigail.

Billie then calls over to Jack.

BILLIE: (Walking towards him) Jack! Jack!

Billie stops. Jack notices her and is glad to see her. Jennifer laughs and so does Abigail.

JACK: Billie!

BILLIE: (Cont.) Hiiii (Laughing)!

JACK: (Jack walks towards him) Billie! (They hug) Billie, Oohh, my gosh!

BILLIE: Oh gosh, my mom told me that you and the others were alive, but.... but to see you this it's just.... oh it's wonderful!

JACK: Oh, it's wonderful to see you broken arm and everything, oh....

BILLIE: (Putting her hand to her forehead) I know, I can.... I'm such a klutz. You're really home!

JACK: I'm home! Billie, I'm home!

Jack walks over to Jennifer and puts his arm around her.

JACK: (Cont.) I tell you right now, the di Meras don't always win!

Jennifer looks up at Jack. Billie thinks about it and becomes optimistic; it is obvious she is also believing that she will find Georgia and that then she, Bo and Georgia will be a family.

BILLIE: You're right! You're right, miracles can happen!

Scene Six: Billie continues her talk with Jack, Jennifer and Abigail. Jennifer continues to look at Jack filled with love.

JACK: Thanks for everything you did for Abigail after the accident. You're a good friend.

BILLIE: Oh, you two must be thrilled to have him home.

ABIGAIL: We are!

JENNIFER: Billie, it is still (chuckles) so hard to believe, really.

JACK: Yeah, I bet your mother's going to be happy to have Roman back, too.

BILLIE: Oh, she sure is. She is very happy. But she made me promise not to tell Bo anything because Roman wants to tell him himself about Victor and Caroline.

JACK: That's gonna be hard hearing that both his mother and father are gone.

This makes them all remember Chelsea. Billie notices their expressions.

BILLIE: What?!

Jack sighs. Not knowing what to say. He looks down at Jennifer. She finally explains to Billie what is going on.

JENNIFER: Ah, we.... we're about to break the same news to Chelsea.

BILLIE: She still doesn't know?!

Jennifer shakes her head. Abigail tells Billie that Chelsea does not even have relatives.

JACK: And she's broke. I mean, they were completely in debt. I mean, the Horton Foundation is going to set up a fund, but--

Jennifer then says that now that they know she has no family she needs to go in and tell her. Billie interrupts her saying that she will do it. Billie says that she promised Chelsea's mother before she died that she would take care of Chelsea. So, she thinks she should tell her. Billie pats Jack's arm, and he hers for support.

She then goes inside and tells Chelsea about her parents, and comforts her.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]