Episode Forty-Four: The Homecoming Part VIII:
The Hortons Gather to Celebrate Jack's Return
and Abigail's Birthday; Meanwhile, Celeste Has a
Premonition of Doom and Gloom for the Deveraux Family.

[Air date May 19, 2005]
Scene One: The same day Abigail was released from the hospital, Jack and Jennifer's home, Mickey and Maggie and Alice are waiting inside the house. It is decorated with streamers and balloons and a big banner which says, "WELCOME HOME JACK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!" and in a bigger font "WE LOVE YOU!" Just then we hear Jack talking outside the door.

MAGGIE: Shh! They're here! They're here!

They are talking amongst themselves, but we cannot hear.

JENNIFER: Let me help you there.

The door opens and we see Jack and Abigail. They stop and look around, surprised.

04Ep044A1: Jack's Welcome home & Abby's Birthday sign
04Ep044A2: Jack & Abby are surprised

JENNIFER: Let me help you!

JACK: Wait a minute!

MAGGIE AND MICKEY: (Throwing confetti and laughing) SUURRRPPRISSEE!! YEEEAAAA!

JACK: Oh, my gosh!

Alice is laughing and smiling. Mickey and Maggie are clapping.

MAGGIE: Welcome home, everyone!

ABIGAIL: (Turning to her mother) Oh, my gosh, Mom, did you know about this?

JENNIFER: (Shrugs and puts up her hands feigning ignorance) Oh.

She laughs and so does Mickey and Maggie.

JACK: Oh, yeah, I think you di.... (Jack notices something, he puts his hand on Abigail's arm, liking what he sees) Look at this donuts!

JENNIFER: Oh, yeah.... we've got donuts and cake--

JACK: (Walking towards the table with the desserts) Look at that we've got donuts and cake!....

JENNIFER: We've got everything!

04Ep044B: Jack tells Mickey donuts, he feels he's died & gone to heaven, no forget about dying.JACK: Cake and donuts! Oohh, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven....

A laughing and smiling Mickey walks over to Jack.

JACK: (Cont.) .... No, (looks at Mickey) I never gonna say that again!

MICKEY: (Putting his hand on Jack's arm, laughing and glad Jack is back) No! No! Anyway, it was Mom's idea, (patting his other arm) she couldn't wait to celebrate.

JACK: Well, I couldn't wait to celebrate with her!

JENNIFER: (In the background) This is extra-special.

Just then Maggie walks into the room carrying Jack, Jr., who is wearing jeans and a green polo shirt. She walks over towards Jack, smiling.

MAGGIE: And neither could your son!


JENNIFER: Ahhh, here he is!

Jack turns towards his son. Jack, Jr. looks at his father, then flashes a big smile. Maggie holds his hand.

MAGGIE: Here he is!

MICKEY: Ahh....

Jack, Jr. continues to beam seeing his dad. Maggie laughs, happy seeing father and son reunited.04Ep044C: Jack is reintroduced & kisses his son

JACK: There you are! Aaayyy, my little man, you're so tiny....

MAGGIE: Yeeesss!, (handing the baby to Jack)....

JACK: (Cont.) ...you're my tiny man. Aren't you?

here's [not sure] little man.

Jack and Jack, Jr. stare at each other. You can hear the others laughing in the background.

JACK: (Cont.) Hi, tiny man, how are you? I haven't seen you in so long, I.... I'm so happy to be home with you! I'm so happy to be home with you(He kisses his son)!

Meanwhile Abigail is sitting on the couch talking to Alice. Alice asks how she is feeling and Abigail tells her she is "a little sore" but she is okay. Alice says she is glad that Abigail is okay. Jack turns to them and addresses Alice.

JACK: Oohh, Alice, (walking over to the couch) I can't wait to get a hug (sitting down) but I'm a little involved right now.

They all laugh. Abigail reaches for her brother's arm.

JACK: (Cont.) Ah, to tell you, though, I'd love to get involved with those donuts, but just the thought of them kept me going all this time.

ABIGAIL: (Pretending to be offended) Heeyy, I thought Mom and I and Jack, Jr. kept you going (mock glare)?!

Jennifer watches on, so thrilled having her family reunited and Jack alive and with her. Jennifer looks down at her son, who is looking at his sister [this is one cute baby actor he is so conscious, observant and aware, and he really interacts well and realistic with his TV family].

04Ep044D: Jack saves himself, Alice says, HE'S SO QUICK

JACK: Well, to tell the truth, (stuttering trying to get out of it) e.... e.... e... I was.... the thought of you an... an.... and (looking down at his son) the little man, here, an.... an.... and Mommy.... around the table, here, eating Grandma's donuts, that's what kept me going!

Jennifer, Abigail, Alice and the others laugh at Jack's quick save.
ALICE: He's soo quick, isn't he?!

JACK: Practice, Alice, practice!


Mickey and Maggie are smiling and laugh, so happy for the Deveraux family. Mickey says that it is "so nice to have smiles and laughter" here, again. She agrees. She tells him, "*Finally*, someone has a *happy* ending!"

Meanwhile, the four Deverauxes are spending time together. Jennifer has given Jack, Jr. this toy which intrigues him. They all laugh at him, watching him playing with and enjoying his toy. Jack is holding his son tightly, Abigail is holding her brother's hand, and smiling at him; Jack, Jr. is looking at his mother who is playing with his toy, and talking baby talk to him.

JACK: You, just like that, don't you! (Squeezing him) I just think the good times are here, and the bad times are finally behind us! Ahhh....

Jack and Jennifer reach over and kiss each other; Jack, Jr. and Abigail watch their parents.

04EP44E: Jack & Jennifer kiss as Abby & Jack, Jr. watch

JACK: Hmmm ( kissing his son's forehead).

Meanwhile over at Abe and Lexie's, Celeste has a strange expression on her face.
The image of the four Deverauxes appears in a wall mirror. Jack has his face next to his son's, Jennifer putting her arm around her son and Abigail admiring her brother, with great love.

CELESTE: (Upset) Don't speak too soon! I fear bad times are far from over!

She glances back at the mirror. Just then flames engulf the image of the four of them. She shakes her head.

CELESTE: Oh, dear God.... (gasping) how many families will be disrupted (sighs).

Scene Two: A short while later, Jack, Jr. is grinning and playing with his toys.

JACK: Ahhh....

JENNIFER: Yeeaahhh....

JACK: (Cont.) Oh, my goodness wa....

Jack, Jr. drops his toy, Jennifer bends down to pick it up.

JENNIFER: Oh, look at there! (She picks it up and shows it to him) Haaa....
04Ep044F: The two Jacks
JACK: (Cont.) You're getting kind of silly, aren't you, Tiny!

Jennifer laughs. Jack, Jr. continues to play with his toys. In the background, Maggie watches the three of them and smiles.

JACK: (Cont.) I think he's getting ready for a nap (looking at Jennifer).

JENNIFER: You know what, (looking at her son, in a slight baby voice) I'll you bring upstairs and I'll put you down, okay!

JACK: No, no, no I want to do it! I want to feel like a full-time dad again (smiles at her). (Looking down at his son's bottom) And he's feeling a little full himself. Excuse us (walks off)

Jennifer and the others laugh.

JENNIFER: All right (looking towards them)!

JACK: (Walking towards the stairs) Come on, it's time.... it's time to take a little nap.

Maggie and Mickey watch father and son, happy for them. Maggie puts her hands to her chest. She throws out her hands, then makes a fist for emphasis, and talks to Mickey.

MAGGIE: Jennifer loves Jack so much, and Jack loves her! Ah (putting her arms to her chest) it's wonderful!

MICKEY: I think they have a long and happy life together.

Maggie, sadly and with frustration, tells him that "that's what you used to say about us.

Meanwhile, Abigail opens her present from Alice, two Gwen Stefani concert tickets. She is so excited and cannot wait to tell Chelsea. Howevver, she remembers what has happened to Chelsea's parents. Abigail is worried about her friend, Jennifer assures her daughter that Billie promised to take care of Chelsea, and she knows Billie will keep her word. Abigail says that "even with us and Billlie it can't make up for losing her family." Just then Jack returns, and goes over to his daughter to console her.

JACK: How many times do we have to be reminded how fleeting it all is. (Sitting next to Jennifer) Alice, I'm going to tell you right now, e.... (gestures) well, I can't tell you what it means to be with my family (holding Jennifer's arm) again!

Abigail leans over towards her mother, and rests on her shoulder; Jennifer puts her arm around her head.

04Ep044H: Jack and Jennifer Kiss, Jennifer holds Abigail

JACK: (Cont.) I never want to be separated from any of you, again! (Caressing Jennifer's arm, then kissing her forehead) Never!

Alice smiles at them. Jack smiles at his family. Jennifer and Abigail are thrilled to be with Jack. Jennifer leans over and rests her face on her daughter's head.

Scene Three: It is a little while later, Jennifer is looking at Jack and Abigail through the view finder of a digital camera. They are leaning over a cake and Abigail is in the process of cutting it. Mickey, Maggie and Alice watch them, smiling and laughing, glad Abigail is fine and that Jack is alive and back with them. Jennifer is trying to set up a picture and tries to pose them. They lean close together.

JENNIFER: Okay, okay, wait, you guys, look at me, but you have to get closer, but, no closer to the cake.

JACK: Oh, okay....

JENNIFER: Get down a little bit further....

The get closer to the cake. Jack's finger is raised and is is covered in icing.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) There we go....

JACK: There we go. How about right there?

Ready, Cheeeesse!

Here we go again!

04Ep044G: Jack and Abigail

JENNIFER: Aaahhh, there we go!

Takes the picture. They all laugh. Jennifer gets up.

JACK: (Licking the icing of his fingers) Oh, sorry.... mmmm.

I'm going to send these to Jo and Vern!

Jack continues to eat the icing and moaning with pleasure. Apparently Jennifer [not in the camera frame] is looking at the photos in the viewer, and comments on them.

JENNIFER: They're great!

MAGGIE: Jack, where are your parents, anyway?

JACK: Jennifer just told me that Vern took Jo on this Mediterranean cruise.

MAGGIE: Oooohhhhh!

MICKEY: I think that's a wonderful idea, maybe you (gestures) and Jen could book yourselves, ah, ah, a first class suite on the Love Boat, huh?

Jennifer laughs. Jack gets up.

JACK: Are you kidding me! After being washed overboard (hands Maggie a piece of cake)....

MAGGIE: (Laughing) Thank you.

JACK: (Cont.) ....and by this killer wave, (walking around to Jennifer) and being imprisoned oh thi.... this (gesture fishing trawler, and the.... then doing laundry on this filthy freighter, (gestures) I going to stay right on here....

Jennifer grabs his arm.

JACK: (Cont.) o.... on dry land! I.... I'm, please!

JENNIFER: But you know what Gram, I.... I was hoping that, maybe, umm, we could use the Horton cabin if that was all right with you, Gram!

ALICE: Of course it is! It's more than all right! I insist!

JACK: (To Alice) Oh, thank you! (Whispering into Jennifer's ear) A, I'll try to get it right this time (referring to the fake Jennifer).

Jennifer pats his face and they walk off together.

JACK: Please!

Maggie sighs, and tells Mickey that a second honeymoon would be lovely. However, Mickey stupidly comments that they could not leave Bonnie home alone, which infuriates Maggie.

Jack and Jennifer are looking through the view finder at the pictures she took. They frown, apparently not impressed with the way a picture turned out.
JACK: Hey.... (Calling to Abigail) Abigail, come over here, where's that million dollar smile. (Gestures, commenting to Jennifer) It seems like it cost a million dollars.
Jennifer chuckles. Abigail walks over to them, looking slightly depressed.

JENNIFER: Are you okay Honey, or are you still thinking about Chelsea, aren't you?

ABIGIAL: It's just so unfair! I mean, life is so random, depending on where you sit in a car could make the difference between eating cake, or being in an ICU, or (rolls her eyes) not being here at all!

Jack and Jennifer feel for their daughter's pain.

JENNIFER: I know, Honey, I know it doesn't seem fair, but I can't tell you (looks at Jack) how grateful (takes her arm) we are that you're okay!

Just then Celeste's voice is heard.

CELESTE: Children are precious.

Jack looks towards the doorway.

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: (Mouthing) What? (Talking Abigail) Stay here!

They walk over towards Celeste.

CELESTE: Mothers should cherish them before it's too late!

Alice looks like she is mouthing something. Maggie, Mickey, and especially Jack, Jennifer and Abigail all stare at Celeste.

Scene Four: Celeste has just crashed the party, everyone is worried, knowing all her past predictions of doom. She apologizes for coming unannounced. Abigail walks over to the couch.

JACK: Hello, Celeste.

CELESTE: Jack! I'm so glad to see back home with your.... your wife and your children! Yes, that is as it should be!

Jennifer and Jack continue to look at her with concern.

JACK: Well, thank you, but... but wha.... what's with this, ah, "mothers must cherish their children" thing? I04Ep044I: Jack is worried about Celeste's odd behavior mean, getting some kind of vibe telling us we should be.... (looks at Jennifer, gently rubbing her shoulders) concerned about Abigail?

CELETE: Well, no (slight chuckle). Abigail is growing up, and (shrugs), well, as parents.... we still worry about her a great deal, and it's only natural.

Jack is frowning and she looks at her, confused, and concerned. Jennifer asks if Lexie is okay. Celeste tells them that her feelings tell her to be "watchful." Jennifer looks at Jack, and he looks at her. Jack frowns again. She asks them how a person goes about investigating someone. She is referring to TEK whom she does not trust and thinks is trying to cause problems for Lexie and Abe.

JACK: Well, there's all sorts of journalistic tricks of the trade.

CELESTE: (Nods) Hmmm.

JENNIFER: Celeste, who do you want to investigate?

Scene Five: Jennifer continues to ask Celeste who she wants investigated. Celeste says nothing. Jack and Jennifer look at each other concerned. Jack caresses Jennifer's arm to comfort her. Jennifer tells her that she is becoming worried. On the couch, Alice, Mickey and Maggie listen, also concerned. Celeste tells them that "she rather not say." Maggie tells her she remembers her vibes, and how she predicted that she "would be killed by the Salem Stalker" and how she "ended up on the island of hell! And ever since, my life has *never* been the same!" Mickey tries to assure Maggie that Celeste did not predict anything like that. Alice replies, "Let's hope not!" Just then the room turns dark, everyone disappears and Celeste sees an image of an illuminated skull flying across the room. The visions ends, and she looks around, as the others stare at her. Celeste walks into the hallway and Maggie follows, asking her what the matter is. Celeste does not reply.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]