Episode Forty-Five: Jack and Jennifer Reminisce
about past memories; Meanwhile, Celeste
Continues to Have a Premonition of Doom
and Gloom for the Deveraux Family.

[Air date May 20, 2005]

Scene One: It is the same day, a short while later, Mickey and Alice are gone. Maggie walks over to Celeste who is still affected by her vision. We hear Jennifer laughing in the background. Maggie knows she has had another vision, and asks if something bad is going to happen. Celeste denies it.

MAGGIE: I'm not going to let you do this again, Celeste! Not to this family, no more bad predictions! It's time for us to be happy again! Do you hear me?! We are going to be happy!

Celeste looks over to the other side of the room, and Maggie turns to look too. Jack and Jennifer are sitting together looking through some album, they are smiling and laughing, and very happy and in love.

JACK: Oh, no, no, no (points to something on the page, shake his head and laughs).

Jennifer laughs too.

JACK: No, what was I eating?

Maggie turns away and looks heavenward, and mouths, "Oh please!"

Scene Two: Jack and Jennifer are still looking over the album, Jack is seated in a chair and she is seated on the arm rest.

JENNIFER: Oh, look at this. I cannot believe that Abby found this old scrapbook.

JACK: Hmm. Wha....

They turn the page.

JENNIFER: It's amazing.

04Ep045A: Jack looks at a JACK: Well....

Jack picks up a dried weed, and looks at it frowning.

JENNIFER: Oh, my goodness.

JACK: Why do you have this dried up little, old weed in here (turning it around, still frowning)?

JENNIFER: (Laughs) That is not (hits and shakes his arm) a weed! (Takes hold of it too) Don't you remember when Abby gave this to us on our anniversary? It was (takes it) out of the garden of our old house. Remember?

JACK: Oh, yes, I remember....

Jennifer puts it to her nose and smells it.

JACK: (Cont.) ..... the..... the weed patch.

Jennifer looks at him.

JACK: (Cont.) Yes!

Stop it (
Jennifer gives him another good natured slug and push for not being nostalgic)!

JACK: Ouch! It was a--

JENNIFER: It was not a weed patch (sits on his lap)....


JENNIFER: It was beautiful in the day.....

JACK: So....
04Ep045B: Jack says he thought of the scrapbook when Tony held him
JENNIFER: (Cont., putting her arm around him) ....when we lived there, don't you remember.

JACK: (Slightly sarcastic) Yes! It was a beautiful weed patch.....

Jennifer continues to laugh, and look at the "weed."

JACK: (Cont.) ....Yes, I remember it well. (Looking at the scrapbook) I remember this book very well.

Jennifer looks over his should at the book.

JACK: (Cont.) The entire time that Tony was holding me hostage....

Jack looks at it filled with emotion.

JACK: (Cont.) .... I thought about everything in it.

Jennifer puts her hand on his shoulder, and then loving takes his chin in her hand.

04Ep045C: Jennifer crasses Jack's cheek, as the remember

JACK: (Cont.) a million times, and then some.

With her other hand she rubs his shoulder, and looks down at him deeply in love, and he returns the gaze, also deeply in love.


Jennifer leans down to kiss Jack, and he responds. She puts aside the scrapbook, and they continue to kiss passionately.

Meanwhile Maggie and Celeste are watching them. Maggie very emotionally turns to Celeste.

MAGGIE: Haa.... Look at them! That's the way they used to be before their lives got turned upside down. Before the Salem Stalker, on the island and Tony's castle. This awful nightmare is over now! It's really over! And they deserve to be happy!

Celeste agrees that they do deserve happiness. She apologizes for she did not want to upset anyone. Maggie tells her, "No more predictions about *doom and gloom*!" Again she apologizes and tells Maggie that she should be leaving. Celeste walks out into the hallway, when she stops, gasping in pain and stumbles. She either has another vision or flashes back to the one earlier. The living room is empty and dark. A skull appears, and it becomes illuminated. The skull seems to flash. Then Celeste calls out.

CELESTE: Oh, dear God, No!

Maggie rushes over to her. From the living room Jennifer, Jack behind her, rush up to her.

MAGGIE: Celeste?

JACK: Is she all right?

JENNIFER: What happened?

Celeste gasps, terrified by what she has envisioned.

Scene Three: Meanwhile, Roman has surprised Bo at the police station. Bo is thrilled to see his brother. Roman then tells him about the surviovrs and that Tony is dead, and breaks the sad news about Caroline and Victor also believed to be dead. Abe comes by, and Roman and he have an emotion reunion too. TEK is there and there is tension between him and Abe. It appears that Celeste's fears about him may be true.

Scene Four: Back at the Deveraux', Celeste is on the couch, Jennifer is standing by her and Jack is hovering around. Maggie sits next to her and gives her some water.

MAGGIE: Celeste, here's some water.

CELESTE: Oh, thank you dahling (starts sipping the water).

JENNIFER: Celeste, what happened?

CELESTE: (Runs her hand over her hair) Hmmm (not wanting to upset them) I haa.... (looking at Jennifer) I just felt a little light headed, I'll be fine (looking at the glass).

JACK: Are you sure, we could call Lexie, right now....

CELESTE: No, no....

JACK: (Cont.) I'm sure she could--

CELESTE: (Cont.) ....no, please (puts up her hand in protest). I.... I don't want to bother my daughter. (Sighs) Ha.... look, I'll be fine. D-Don't let me ruin your celebration, now. I'm just going to finish this and be on my way, (looking towards Maggie), okay.

Jennifer looks at her concerned. Jack is gently massaging her shoulder to sooth her. Jennifer then turns to look at Jack with a worried expression. Then she turns back to Celeste.

JENNIFER: Look, Celeste, yo.... you're more than welcome to stay here and lie down for a while, if you like.

CELESTE: (Reaching over and patting Jennifer) It's so sweet of you Jennifer, but honestly I'll be fine.

Jack motions to Jennifer, and starts leading her away.

JACK: Jennifer, (clears his throat and motions with his head, they walk off).

Maggie waits until they are out of the room, and sits closer to Celeste and talks softly to her. Celeste is deeply disturbed, and sips her water, clutching the glass in both hands. Maggie asks if she is all right. Not very convincingly Celeste says she is.

MAGGIE: Thank you for not mentioning your.... (pauses) vision. I don't think that Jack and Jennifer could handle it.

Celeste is very upset. She gives a slight nod.

In the hallway, Jack is talking quietly to Jennifer.

JACK: This is getting strange. Celeste is not telling us something.

JENNIFER: (So they cannot hear) Well, maybe it has something to do with those vibes she was talking about earlier.

JACK: I'm sure it does!

JENNIFER: Well, whatever it's about I don't wanna know. I am not going to let anything spoiler our happiness (she moves closer to him).

JACK: No, no....

She falls into his arms, squeezing him tightly, too tightly.

04Ep045D: Jennifer falls into Jack's arms worried about Celeste's vibes

JACK: (Cont.) ....no, nothing will! (exhaling) Ahh.... nothing will!

Jack holds her and caresses her hair. Jennifer looks on sick with worry. She then looks over towards Celeste.

Back on the couch is soothing Celeste, and tells her that she should take a nap, because she is not looking well. She goes into the kitchen to get more water.

Celeste flashes back to the vision. Light emanates from the skull. This time we see her too. She is standing staring at the skull. The skull is now surrounded in a blood red light. She walks towards the skull and gasps.

CELESTE: Who are you?

She stops. The skull is hovering. She tentatively reaches for the skull. Sparks fly from it and there are crackling noises. The skull explodes and the room shakes. She gasps and then screams.

The vision or memory ends.

CELESTE: Oh, God, no! It's worse than I thought!

Scene Five: Jack and Jennifer are still in the hallway, holding each other tightly. Jennifer finally lets go and looks up at Jack.

JENNIFER: Jack, (touching his chest) ahh (caressing his face) I am so happy!

Jack rubs her back.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Now this is exactly how it should always be (looks up at him).

JACK: I think maybe we should take this little celebration upstairs (pointing with his finger).

JENNIFER: (Smiles) We cannot do that (glances with her eyes to the living room) we have guests.

04Ep045E: Jack wants a private party upstairs, just he and JenniferJACK: (Continuing to point, nodding his head, and smiling a goofy smile) We can.

JENNIFER: (Interested) Can we?

JACK: (Nods and points, mouthing the words) We can.

JENNIFER: (Laughing, leaning towards him) No we can't!

JACK: Yes, we can!

JENNIFER: We have guests....

JACK: We can.

04Ep045F: Jack reluctantly agrees to rejoin the partyJENNIFER: (Cont.) ....we can't do that.

JACK: (Frustrated, sighs) Ahh.... (rolls head and eyes) Then, ah, why don't you say we kick this dying party up a notch, and just (motions with his head) get everybody some more champagne.

JENNIFER: Okay, that's a good idea (tugging on his lapel).

JACK: (Still a little annoyed) Yeah!

JENNIFER: Better idea.

They start to walk off, Jennifer is clutching onto Jack's arm.

JACK: Yeah.

They stop before entering the living room, Jack whispers to Jennifer.

JACK: Looks like Celeste could use some champagne.

Jack leads her through the living room

Meanwhile, on the couch Maggie offers Celeste another glass of water. Maggie again tells her that she should go lie down. Celeste agrees. Just then Jennifer and Jack return from the kitchen. Jack is carrying a bottle of champagne.

JENNIFER: Oh, Celeste. (Concerned) Ar.... Are you still not feeling bettering?

MAGGIE: (Not wanting to upset them) Aahh, no she isn't, but (points to Celeste) sh.... she's going to go upstairs and lie down for a while, after all. Uumm, and I'll show her where the guest room is.

Jack is standing behind Jennifer and has his hand on her shoulder, and looks as concerned as Jennifer looks.

JENNIFER: Ugh..., are you sure you don't want us to call Lexie, we can

CELESTE: I'm positive, Dahling! I'll be fine, thank you.

Maggie puts her hand on Celeste's arms. Jack and Jennifer watch, frowning, their concern growing.

JENNIFER: (Her voice sounds unconvinced and concerned) Okay.

JACK: (Gestures) Well, is there any-thing else we can get you?

CELESTE: (Shakes her head) No. (Nods) Thanks, I'll be fine.

Maggie looks over at Jack and Jennifer, with a weak smile. Then she leads Celeste upstairs.

Jack watches, frowns, and tilts his head trying to figure out what is wrong.

04Ep045G: Jack & Jennifer watch Celeste, concerned

JENNIFER: I sure hope she's gonna be okay (turns to Jack).

JACK: ( Looking at the bottle) Maybe she had too much champagne (then looks at Jennifer).

04Ep045H: Jack says, I'M GOING TO KISS YOU MRS. DEVERAUXJENNIFER: I didn't really (looks down at the bottle) see her have any, Jack.

JACK: (Looking down at the bottle then looks away) Well, she'll be fine. (Looking down at Jennifer, smiles; he puts his hands on her shoulders) Just like I'm going to be fine, and you're going to be fine. Now that I'm back here, in the (with a roguish smile) arms of the woman I love.

Jennifer smiles back at him, filled with love for her husband.

JACK: (Cont.) The most beautiful woman in the world.

They smile at each other, Jack flashes a crooked, charismatic grin.

JACK: (Cont.) I'm going to kiss you now (flashes his pearly whites). I love you, Mrs. Deveraux (caresses her hair).

JENNIFER: (Giggles) I love you, Mr. Deveraux.

Jack is caressing her chin with his thumb, then moves in for a kiss.

JACK: Hmm.

Jennifer responds, and puts her arms around his neck. The camera then pans onto a lit candle in back of them, on the fireplace mantle. It flickers ominously.

Scene Six: Jack is arranging something on the fireplace mantle. Jennifer walks past him with the partially eaten cake, carrying it to the table with the rest of the leftovers -- there is quite a bit.

JENNIFER: (Looking at Jack, motioning) What are we going to do with all this extra cake.

Maggie walks over, having just come from Celeste. She is smiling, trying to pretend everything is fine.

JENNIFER: (Setting down the cake) Abby brought some to Chelsea at the hospital (Points to Jack then picks up a napkin) And we have had enough!

MAGGIE: Well, I'll take another piece home to Mickey.

JENNIFER: Oh, you will! Thank you, Aunt Maggie!

MAGGIE: Oh, I'll go get something to put it in (starts to walk off)--

JENNIFER: Oh, okay, that's perfect.

Maggie walks towards the kitchen. Jack walks over towards Jennifer. Jennifer is fixing the stuff on the table. She then wipes her hands with the napkin.

JACK: Jennifer, I disagree. (Gestures) I feel like we've.... we've had our cake, but we haven't eaten it too.

JENNIFER: (Turns to Jack) Oh, yes we have! (Points to him) We have had enough, you and me!

JACK: Oh, no, no, no, (reaching for something on the table) you haven't had.

JENNIFER: (Turns to him, protesting) No Jack, no, I really don--

Jack has a piece of cake in his had and brings it up towards her mouth.

04Ep045I: Jack seductively feeds Jennifer cake

JACK: Here!


JACK: (Putting it in her mouth) Here.

JENNIFER: (Hard for her to talk with cake in her mouth) I really don't want anymore....

JACK: Hmmm (taking his fingers away)?

JENNIFER: (Moaning with pleasure from the taste) Aahhh.... Mmmm.

JACK: Huh (widening his eyes, he likes his fingers)?

JENNIFER: (With the look of pleasure on her face) Yeess!

JACK: (Continuing to lick the icing off his fingers) Yes in deed.

JENNIFER: (Still eating, and enjoining it) That is so good.

JACK: Huh, hmmm.

Jack is still licking his fingers and Jennifer is enjoying the cake too, looking at Jack. Just then music can be heard, a piano solo. It is a song which was one of Jack and Jennifer's themes, Beth Neilsen Chapman's "All I Have." Jennifer's eyes widen, and she is thrilled to hear the song.

JENNIFER: (Slightly slaps him) Hmmm! (Pointing) You hear that?! (Shakes him excitedly) You hear the song?!

Jack nods. Jack looks like he is not as thrilled, but obviously he is enjoying the memories just as much.

JENNIFER: Remember?!

JACK: It's that song you tried to get me to dance to in the Spectator office. When you were my intern and should have been working.

[NOTE: This is a recreated memory, but I think it fits well into who Jack and Jennifer were during that time period] Jack does a little smirk, it is obvious he is only pretending to be unemotional about it -- like he used to act when they were working together, and he pretended to be unemotional and not having feelings for her, when he had. Jennifer continues to be very emotional.

JENNIFER: I know, I was trying to teach you something.

JACK: You taught something, all right....don't dance with your intern.

04Ep045J: Jack says he learned not to dance with his intern

The song begins.

You can say you love me

JENNIFER: I can't believe this is on Jack, I haven't heard this in ages.

Jennifer turns and uses the remote to turn up the volume. Behind her Jack smiles, just as nostalgic and as excited as she is.

JENNIFER: Hmmm.... Ohhhh (turns to Jack).

And I'll believe that's true.

JACK: (Looking at her) You think maybe (putting out his hands and gesture to indicate he is going to ask her to dance).... maybe I can (gestures) make it up to you now without stepping on your feet.

04Ep045K: Jack asks his INTERN for a dance

JENNIFER: You wanna take a little twirl with your intern?

JACK: I'd love to (grins) Miss Horton.

04Ep045: Jack tells Miss Horton he'd love to dance

Jennifer giggles at his calling her that. Jack raises his eyebrows and laughs.

Trusting you is easy

They begin to slow dance around. Smiling and looking with profound love into each other's eyes.

'Cause I believe in you.

They slow dance around, and begin to kiss, deeply in love.

04Ep045M: Jack & Jennifer slow dance

There is nothing I would miss

Just then Celeste comes down the stairs, and watches them, depressed.

CELESTE: (Talk to herself) Oh I only wish your future was filled with love and happiness.

She turns to look at them. They continue to slowly dance, and kiss and look into each other's eyes.

04Ep045N: Jack & Jennifer kiss

04Ep045O: Jack & Jennifer hold each other unmindful of Celeste's doom & gloom vibes

They are unaware of Celeste's dark and sad prophecy for them. Jennifer falls into his arms, and rests her face on his chest, Jack rests his head against hers.

As long as we're in love like this.

All I have is all....

The song cuts off as the happy moment ends. What bad things are in store for them, after only being reunited for less than a day.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]

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