Episode Forty-Six: Jack Faints and
Shows Symptoms of a Major Health
Problem; It Appears Celeste's Visions
of Sorrow for Jack Are Coming True.

[Air date May 27, 2005]

Scene One: Shawn, Brady, Rex and Lucas have jumped into the war zone to find Philip who is being held hostage. They do not realize that it is not the enemy but Tony di Mera who has picked Philip up in the middle of a war zone. Tony continues to let him and the others believe the enemy have him. He has set up Sami, in the Stan persona to go there as well. Eventually Sami loses her Stan disguise and the five of them are captured by Tony. However, John has been able to track and locate the group. Also, to his horror, it is discovered that Tony is alive.

Scene Two: It appears to be the same day as the welcome home party, Jack and Jennifer are in the same clothes. The party decorations are down, everything is cleaned-up and they are alone. The two of them are coming from the kitchen into the living room, each carrying a cup.

JENNIFER: You know, Abby should be home from the hospital....

JACK: Oh--

Just then someone is at their door ringing the doorbell.

JENNIFER: Oh, my goodness, (putting down the cup on the coffee table she quickly rushes over to answer the door) I wonder who that could be?

JACK: Hmm, I don't know.

Jennifer looks out the window of the door, and seeing, who it is opens it. It is Hope.


Before Jennifer can say anything Hope rushes into the room.

HOPE: Ahh, Hey, Jen, I'm so sorry to barge in on you....

BO: Hey, Jen....

Bo rushes past too. They are obvious upset about something.

HOPE: (Cont.) ....like this....

JENNIFER: (Following them into the living room) What--

HOPE: We were at the pier and got a urgent....

JACK: Hope, Bo--

HOPE: (Cont.) .....message John, and your house was the closest.So--

BO: There's a break through in the search for the boys.

JENNIFER: Ohh, (gestures) that's great! (Seeing the looks on their faces) What?--

BO: But there's some bad news too (makes a face and rubs his face).

HOPE: I think you should hear this sitting down.

JACK: (Concerned) I don't like the sound of that.

JENNIFER: No, just say it, what?

04Ep046A: Bo tells them Tony's aliveBO: (Exhales and then just lets it out) Tony di Mera is alive.

JACK: (Frowns) What?!

JENNIFER: (Frowns too) Nooo!

BO: Yeah, he's the one who's holding the boys hostage.

JENNIFER: (Gasping, her mouth agape) Ahhh....

JACK: Can anybody stop this guy?!

BO: Well, John is using the ISA computer to pinpoint di Mera and the boys.

Jack has his hand over his forehead, Jennifer's mouth is still agape not believing that their nightmare is not over.

Just then Billie walks in. She wants to know if there is any news. After finding Billie taking sexually advantage of a gassed Bo, Hope rips into her. Telling her that she does not belong there, "especially since it is *your* fault!"

Scene Three: Hope continues to rip into Billie, blaming her for Shawn's life being in danger, because she dragged Bo off to find Georgia, instead of being there to stop Shawn from going. Bo drags Hope to the side. He reminds her that they both talked to Shawn and he promised them he would not go, but lied. Hope still thinks he should have been there to stop their son. Bo reminds her that he "is a grown man." They continue to argue.  Jack listens in, and then looks over at Billy.

Jennifer leads Billie aside, seeing that her being there is causing problems for Bo and Hope.

JENNIFER: Billie, I'm sorry, but I think.... I think you should leave, (frowns) right now, please.

JACK: (Appears) Whoa.... whoa.... wa-wa... wait a minute, (he has his arm around her shoulder) Jennifer, she's as worried as you or anybody else, she's (looks at Billie and frowns at Jennifer) got three brothers over there!

Billie looks at him.

JENNIFER: (Mouthing) Wha--

JACK: I mean, think about it, Je-Je.... Jennifer she--

She does not stay to listen and walks away. Jack stops in mid-speech, since she has walked off.

BILLIE: (Sighs) Haa.... you're right, Jack, I am, I'm very worried!

Jack is looking towards Jennifer, then turns to Billie.

BILLIE: (Cont.) ....and I'm almost given up any hope of ever finding Georgia if I lose anyone else I don't know what I'm going to do--

JACK: (Trying to comfort her) Hey, hey, hey, It's gonna be all right! (Nods) Trust me!

Bo walks over to Billie and assures her that both John and Roman are working on a way to bring them home.

Jennifer looks over at Hope who sighs, concerned for Shawn, and apparently also a annoyed that Billie is still pushing Bo's buttons.

Scene Four: John setting up to get a computer video feed guys. He plans on sending it it to Mimi and Belle who are watching at the Loft, as well as to Jack's computer; at the Penthouse, he, Marlena, Roman and Kate watch his satellite feed from the ISA computer. They are able to see heat images of people walking around, the images are the approximate size and shape of each of the guys and Sami, as well as their guards. Somehow John notices one's approximate size makes it seem she is a female, and that she fits Sami's height and build. He calls Bo on his cell phone, still at Jack and Jennifer's, to tell him about it and to tell him that they think Sami is somehow there with the guys. Jennifer and Hope listen in worriedly. Bo reacts to hearing about Sami, and Hope wonders what is wrong. He tells her that they believe the guys are fine, and that Sami is with them. Jack is seated and Billie is behind them. Bo relates to the others what Roman told him.

BO: The thing is that Sami is there, too?

Everyone is shocked, Jack jumps up. Hope and Billie put put their hands to their chests.

JACK: Sami?!


BILLIE: Whhaat!?

HOPE: What's she doing there?

Bo, talking back on the cell, asks Roman how is that possible. He tells his brother he does not know, and there not even certain she is there. Roman tells Bo that they all can check the images, since John is sending the link and feed over to Jack's computer.

BO: (Talking to Jack) John's sending you a link.

JACK: Ahh....

Jack looks over at his laptop and Billie leans over. Jack then notices something, and gestures to Bo.

JACK: Oh, good, te-te.... tell him I just got it.

Jack punches some keys on his computer, and looks at the screen. Jennifer and Billie lean over him to look too. Bo hangs up and moves over to the screen to look too, as Hope leans over on the other side of Jack. Jack frowns, trying to get better reception.

JACK: Ah, the.... the picture comes and goes.

JENNIFER: I know, it's incredible that we can see anything.

BO: Well, this time it's live.

BILLIE: I can't believe it, Sami!

JACK: Well, (frowns) it certainly looks like a woman.

They continue to hover around Jack. Though we cannot see the screen.

HOPE: Can you tell which one is Shawn?

BO: No, but they are all alive.

Billie and Jennifer look over at Bo and Hope.

BILLIE: Well, let's keep it that way!

JACK: I don't know, when it comes to Tony di Mera, you never know what he is going to do next.

Billie looks at Jack. Bo and Hope lean closer to the screen.

BO: You got that right.

Scene Five: At Jack and Jennifer's, the five of them are still huddled around Jack's laptop. Jack is typing, apparently they have lost the feed, making everyone nervous and worried. Bo tells them that there is nothing to worry about, Roman told him that the feed would come and go.

JACK: (Frustrated) I, ah, need some.... (looking over at Bo) coffee (gets up).

Billie sighs, and brushes her bangs from her forehead.

JENNIFER: Ah, Let's get everyone some coffee.

Jennifer walks off with Jack.

Billie comments that if Sami is there "that could only mean trouble for all of them." Hope tells her "not to make things worse than they already are." Billie makes a sarcastic remark. Bo stands there saying nothing.

Jack and Jennifer have stopped and are watching the exchange.

JENNIFER: Listen, Jack, it's so tense here right now, can you please just.... just get Billie away from Hope, right now.

JACK: I'l... I'll....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Do something?

JACK: Yeah, I'll do.... I'l.... I'll handle it (walks over to Billie). (Talking to Billie) Look, ah, (points to the computer) while the feed is down why don't we go out (points outside, putting his hand on her shoulder) and get some fresh air (Jack nervously looks at Hope, and she at him)?

BILLIE: (Giving Hope a nasty look) Yeah (walks out with Jack).

Outside, Jack closes the door and follows Billie.

BILLIE: Nicely done, Jack!

JACK: (Trying to feign ignorance) Hmm, what? Huh (turns to Billie)?

BILLIE: Jennifer wanted me out of there?

JACK: Oh , well, come on, you know (pointing towards the house) Jennifer, she's protective of her cousin.

BILLIE: (With a snide tone) Yeah, fine, whatever, actually, I'm more concerned about you right now. (Looking at him) Are you okay?

JACK: I'm (makes a waving motion with his hand) fine! (Gestures) But I brought you out here 'cause I'm worried about you. Look, you came over here, you're worried about your brothers, that's all right. But there is another reason (knowing grin), isn't there?

BILLIE: (Pretending not to know what he is talking about, rolls her) What do you mean?

JACK: I mean, tell me the truth, you followed Bo over her, didn't you?!

The two are standing behind the Deveraux' wooden bench which is in the front yard. Billie says nothing, but turns and looks towards the house, avoiding the truth.

Back inside, Jennifer tries to ease the situation too. She suggests that considering how tense everyone is, it may be better if she made tea instead of coffee. Hope wonders about biscuits too, and Jennifer says she get some of those too.

Jennifer goes into the kitchen. Bo assures Hope that all that can be done is being done for the guys. Hope continues to argue with Bo say that Shawn would not have been there had he stayed home instead of going with Billie. He insists Shawn will be all right. However, she says anything could happen. She tells him that if something happens to Shawn, she would never forgive him.

Scene Six: Back outside, Billie and Jack are continue their conversation.

BILLIE: Oh (throws up her arm in frustration), so, you're on my case too (slapping her free hand on the back of the bench and walks around).

JACK: (Holding on to the back of the bench) Billie, I just noticed that--

BILLIE: (Annoyed) I did not come here because of Bo! Because (dramatically putting her hand to her chest) I am worried about my brothers, (angrily) so that so hard to believe, Jack?!

JACK: (Not completely convinced that is the only reason) Of course not, I just don't (smiles) want to see you get hurt, again!

BILLIE: (Mock laugh) Ha hah, too late! Again! (Motions with her head and starts to walk off) Look, I'm just gonna get out of here, Hope doesn't want me around.

JACK: No, no, no, (putting out his hand to motion for her to stop) you don't have to go.


JACK: Really, eh--

BILLIE: She doesn't want me around, Jack! And frankly, for a good reason!

Billie then flashback to her and Bo having sex in the pit, after they were trapped and were gassed. Bo calls out thinking he is making love to Hope, and Billie does nothing to stop him.

Jack can see that something is bothering her. Her memory ends, and she comes back to the present.

JACK: Now do you want to talk about it?

Billie starts to walk off again. Again Jack tries to stop her, worried about his friend.

JACK: (Cont) Billie?! I just--

Just then Jack stumbles, and has to catch on to Billie for support.

JACK: Uhh....

BILLLIE: Oh, uh, Jack (Jack's weight nearly knocks her over).... Jack want's wrong (concerned).

04Ep046B: Jack nearl collapses

Jack has trouble gaining his equilibrium, finally he does, and puts his hand to his forehead. Jack seems worried. Billie looks at him, equally concerned.

Back inside Jennifer has brought the tea. Bo puts his arm around his wife, trying to reassure her that their son will be fine.

Scene Seven: Back outside, Jack is still very shaky. Billie tries to help him.

BILLIE: Okay, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, just (tries to lead him to the bench but is having a hard time since he is still very woozy) have a seat right here on this bench.

JACK: (Sitting down hard, and putting his arm out in protest, his voice weak) I'm fine!

BILLIE: Sit down! (Concerned because he is looking very badly) No, you're not fine! You're not fine I could tell--

JACK: (Weak, but trying to pretend he is fine) I just lost my balance.

BILLIE: (Cont) .... you're not well! It's more than that! What's wrong (sitting next to him)?!

JACK: (Still looking weak, and his voice sounds weak) It's okay, it's just.... (his head weaves, he mumbles something [sounds like] trouble with me when you ca....

  As he mumbles his head weaves, and he faints, his head falling onto her shoulder.

BILLIE: All right, Jack! (Looks down at him, fear in her voice) Jack!

Jack is not coming to, and she puts her hand behind his neck to prop up his head. She does not know what to do.

04Ep046C: Jack has fainted on Billie

Scene Eight: Meanwhile, John has gotten the feed back, Roman, Kate, Marlena and he are watching what is going on; as are others around Salem, including Bo, Hope and Jennifer. They see the heat images of four other figures coming upon the guys, and they appear armed. Just then to everyone's horror the feed goes out again.

Scene Nine: In the bunker, it turns out that the soldiers are neither the enemy nor Tony's men, but US military. They knew that they would escape and put a tracking device on them. They have been following them every since. Tony is with them, and the commander tells them that thanks to them they found PFC Kiriakis and helped them capture Tony. He tells him that John Black has been monitoring everything via the ISA's spy satellite.

[Air date May 30, 2005]

Scene One: The scene replays Jack feeling woozy from the previous episode [though it is somewhat different].

Billie is trying to help Jack to the bench, he is having a hard time.

BILLIE: Ah.... (groan) Ohh.... Here.... Here, sit down.Come on.

Jack coughs, and is smiling trying to pretend everything is fine. He straightens his jacket.

BILLIE: I can tell you are not well (walks around the back of the bench to the other side).What's going on?

JACK: Uh.... (mumbles, his voice is weak) I-I.... I'm fine, I just.... lost my balance.

She is stilling next to him now.

BILLIE: No, it's more than that....

JACK: (Exhales, obviously something is very wrong) Ahhh....

BILLIE: (Cont.) ....What is it, what's wrong?

JACK: (Weaves, his speech is weaker) It's just.... it's a little equilibrium--

With that, Jack faints, and his head falls onto her shoulder. She becomes very worried.

BILLIE: Jack! (Lightly shakes him) Jack!

However, Jack does not respond.

Scene Two: The Deveraux front porch, Jack is still unconscious, and Billie frantically tries to revive him.

BILLIE: Jack! (patting the back of his head to revive him) Jack! Come on. (She checks his neck for a pulse, the push him) Jaacck!

JACK: (Jack slowly comes to; he rolls his head) Whooaa! (Turns towards Billie) That was weird!

BILLIE (Her mouth agape) Are you okay?

JACK: (Still out of it) Haa... (blinks a couple of times, shakes his head to revive himself) I'm fine. I'm.... I'm just tried.

BILLIE: (He hand on him, even more concerned) I don't know, man, maybe we should take you to the hospital to get you checked out.

JACK: Nooo! No, no, no, no I-I.... (Still sounding a little weak) I'm.... I'm fine, really. I'm fine.

BILLIE: You know, you don't look so good.

Jack is breathing shallowly.

BILLIE: (Cont.) No, you know, there's could be seriously something wrong with you!

JACK: (On hand on her shoulder, the other he motions with) No, no! The only thing that's wrong with me, is that I'm seriously (gesturing) exhausted after.... after being held being held by Tony di Mera, myself. (Swallows hard) You know, damnit if he's not doing it all over again! Haa....

BILLIE: (Nods her head) It must have been horrible.

04Ep046D: Jack insists he's fine & doesn't want her to tell JenniferJACK: Oohh! Course it was (frowns)! But, right now, let's worry about getting your brothers home, and.... and Sami, I mean, th.... what the hell (half-laugh trying to change the subject about his illness) is that all about?! Look, I.... I-I... I'm fine! I'm just, uh, eh, just, uh (still obviously not feeling well and trying to hide it, gesture) a, lil.... a lil.... little tired. (Still having problems) Bu.... But, otherwise, I'm fine. (Half-hearted smile) Haa....

BILLIE: (Not convinced) Okay! All right, but maybe I should (points over to the house)  just tell Jennifer, just in case.

She starts to get up, but Jack puts his hand on her shoulder stopping her.

JACK: No! No! No! No, don't, (still sounding and looks very weak, frowns) worry Jennifer. I.... I.... I just going to rest her for a minute, and then.... we'll just go inside ( trying pretend all is right). (More to himself than Billie) Yeah (looking away) !

Billie does not seem so sure.

Back inside, Bo has just talked to Roman. He tells  Jennifer and Hope that Roman told him that the boys are being flown back to Salem immediately. They are all thrilled by the news. Though  Hope says she does not know what she would have done had anything happened to Shawn. Bo tells her not to "go there." Shawn is fine and soon will be home with them. Bo tells her, as they hug, that their family "finally is going to be together again, and things are going to be different." Jennifer remembers Jack and Billie and rushes outside to tell them.

04Ep046E: Jack collapses again just as Jennifer arrives

Back outside, Jack and Billie are still on the bench. Jack tries to get up again.

JACK: All right, I'm going in! (He gets up, groans) Ahhh....

Billie tries to help him. However, he falters and Billie has to hold him up. Just then Jennifer rushes out.

JENNIFER: (Excitedly ) GUESS WHAT?! (She notices Billie holding Jack up and Jack looking weak) Jack, what's wrong?

Jack is panting, and does not know what to say.

Scene Three: Back outside, Jennifer is worried seeing Jack the way he is.

JENNIFER: Jack, what is it, are you okay (reaching her hand towards him)?

JACK: I'm fine. I'm fine. (Motions towards Billie) Billie is upset. She's.... she's....

Billie is looking at Jack as he tries to lie out of the situation.

04Ep046F: Jack makes excuses to JenniferJACK: (Cont, gestures.) I'm trying to reassure her that brothers' going to be home and everything's going to be all right. Haa....

JENNIFER: (A worried expression on her face) Are you sure that's all it is?

Jack does a little nod to Billie, he keeps his hand on her shoulder. Billie then turns towards Jennifer and plays along.

BILLIE: (Does not sound that convincing) I got emotion....

Jack puts his other hand on her other shoulder, trying to act like he is the one comforting her.

BILLIE: (Cont.) I got a little emotional. I-I.... Is there any news?

JENNIFER: (Smiling, gestures) Well, yes! Tha.... that's why I was running out here. There's great news! The Marines pulled off the rescue, (throws out her arms excitedly) everybody's is safe....

JACK: What?

BILLIE: (Shrieking for joy) Aaahhhhh!


BILLLIE: Everybody's gone! Thank God!

Jennifer throws her arms around Billie and Jack, and the three hug each other tightly.

JACK: [hard to hear] Thankful, everybody's safe. That's wonderful!

Billie: Oohh, Yeesss!

JACK: That's great.

They end their embrace. 

BILLIE: Okay, what about Tony?

JENNIFER: Well, supposedly they have Tony in custody, right now (laughs happily).

BILLIE: Aahhh!

JACK: (His voice still sounds weak) If they can hold on to that slippery (Jack looks at Billie and smiles) bastard maybe he's finally going to get what's coming to him.

Billie is excited. She thinks now  with Tony captured they can force him to tell her and Bo where there daughter is.

Inside, Bo and Hope are hugging and he promises her that Billie will no longer be a problem for them. With Shawn returning, Bo promises to pick up the pieces and they will all be a family again.

Scene Four: A short while later, Jack and Jennifer, and Billie have joined Hope and Bo inside. Jack has his arms around Jennifer, and Bo has his arms around Hope. Billie is watching. They are all happy, smiling and laughing over the good news.

JACK: I'd say, all this good news calls for a little celebration!

BO: Yeeaahhh!

Jack looks down lovingly at Jennifer. She has her hand on his chest and looks up at him with great love. They all talk at once.

JACK: (Cont.) What do you say I dig out a little champagne?

BILLIE: Haaa...

JENNIFER: Yeah, I think that would be great!

BO: Cham-pagne!

Jack smiles at Jennifer and then walks to the kitchen. Hope tells them that now she knows her son is safe she " *so* ready for things to get back to normal."

Billie says they will make Tony tell them where their daughter is. Hope is not happy hearing this.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, Jack walks into the room from the kitchen, carrying a bucket, with a bottle of champagne.

JACK: (Sighs) Haa.... (Puts the bucket with the champagne on the table) Haa....

As Jack tries to pick up the bottle and pop the cork his left hand starts shaking uncontrollably.

JACK: Haa.... Ha.... Damnit! What's wrong with me?!

04Ep046G: Jack's hand shakes, he wonder WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH ME!

Scene Five: Back in the living room, Bo is telling Billie not to get her hopes up. Hope and Jennifer walk over towards the fireplace. Bo continues to talk to Billie, he tells her it will not be easy to get the truth from Tony. However, he promises, "one way or the other" they will get the truth.

Hope tells Jennifer "I can't begrudge Bo and Billie wanting to find their daughter." She tells Jennifer that she has her son back and wants everyone to have a happy ending.

JENNIFER: I know, me too! (She interlaces her hands as if a prayer) And you know, (gestures) despite everything that has happened, I just know that from here on out, (smiles) everything is going to be just fine.

Scene Six: In the dining room, Jack is lying on the floor, unconscious, with a large bruise on and bleeding from his forehead.

04Ep046H: Jack lies unconscious

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]

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