Episode Forty-Seven: Jack
Collapses Again. At the Hospital,
Lexie is Unable to Find What is Wrong.

[Air date May 31, 2005]

Scene One: The scene is somewhat of a repeat of the previous episode. Both Jennifer and Hope talk about knowing that things are going to get better.

Meanwhile, [again a partial repeat] back in the dining room, Jack enters from the kitchen carrying a bucket with a champagne bottle.

JACK: (Breathing heavily) Haaa...  Ha... Ha....

Puts down the bucket and picks up the bottle to pop the cork. He notices that his left hand is shaking uncontrollably.

JACK: (Slaps down the bottle back in the bucket, he keeps holding on) Damnit! (Breathing heavily and worried) Ha.... Ha.... what's wrong with? Ha... Ha.... (starts to faint) Ha....

Jack falls to the carpet hard, his head bounces and a big wound appears.

JACK: Ha....

With his last gasp he is unconscious, but rolls his head.

04Ep046H: Jack lies unconscious after collapsing

Scene Two: The camera pans on Jack who is lying unconscious and bleeding from the hit to the forehead. He moves a little and has shallow breathing. He stirs a little, but falls back into unconsciousness.

Back in the living room, Hope is talking to Jennifer about Bo.  She knows things are going to go back to normal between her and Bo, but she still has to watch out for Billie. She tells Jennifer that Billie wants more than finding her daughter, she wants Bo as well. Jennifer reassures her that Bo loves her. Hope then tells her what Billie did with Bo when Bo was suffering from gas fumes.

Scene Three: Back in the dining room, Jack is slowly coming true.

JACK: (Sounding weak) Jennifer? Ha.... Ha.... Jen.... (trying with all his might to get up Jen-- Ha.... ha....

He cannot move and collapses again.

Back in the living room, Jennifer is hugging her cousin, she lets go and they continue to hold each other's hands for support.

JENNIFER: You know what, tonight just restored my faith. I mean, the boys are coming home, they're safe! They're gonna be here! And.... and I have my husband back. And Marlena, and Roman are back--

HOPE: And Tony di Mera is finally going to get what he deserves!

JENNIFER: (Throwing back her head in a sign of relief) Ooohh, yes! (Some idea comes to her) Oh, you know what?

HOPE: What?

JENNIFER: I have the greatest idea! Once the boys get back, why don't we do, ah, like (gestures) a family vacation together? Why don't we go to the Horton cabin, for a few days--

HOPE: What?

JENNIFER: Both of our families, together!

HOPE: I'd love that! That sounds great!

JENNIFER: Doesn't it sound fun?

HOPE: Yeess!

JENNIFER: Then we can keep an eye on the little ones and can take turns getting lost in the woods with the loves of our lives (giggling).

HOPE: (Throwing her arms around her cousin) Oohh, I love the way you think! (Smiling and laughing too) I think that's a great idea!

JENNIFER: (Realizing something) Wait a minute?

HOPE: What?

JENNIFER: Speaking of "the loves of our lives" where did Jack go with the champagne? Let me check on him (walks away).

HOPE: Okay.

Back outside, Bo and Billie are sitting on the Deveraux bench, talking. Bo assures her, this time Tony has had it, and that the ISA can get information from him about Georgia. Hope comes out and tells him that she hopes he does. Just then they hear Jennifer scream.


They all rush in to see what is wrong.

04Ep047A: Jennifer treats Jack's woundJennifer is propping Jack up and he is holding on to her arm.She is trying to administer to his bloodied forehead, gently trying to wipe the blood.


JACK: I'm fine! I'm fine! I slipped, and tripped, and bumped my head. I was just being clumsy.

JENNIFER: You are not fine! (Continuing to dab his injury) I still want you to get checked out! Do you understand me!

JACK: No! No!....

JENNIFER: Yes, Jack!

JACK: (Cont.) It's just a little cut! Jennifer!

JENNIFER: It's not "just a little cut"!

Just then Hope rushes in, and sees Jack on the floor.

HOPE: My God! Jack!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) It's huge!

HOPE: (Bending down next to him) Jack, are you all right?

JACK: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine I (motioned with his hand) slipped....

Billie has come arrived and walks over to him.

04Ep047B: Jack's mad Billie told about him faintingJACK: (Cont.) ....an.... and cut myself.

BILLLIE: No! He is not fine! He passed out on the porch earlier!

JENNIFER: WHAT?! He passed-out?!

JACK: (Rolling his eyes towards Billie, annoyed she spilled the beans) Ohhh, thanks, Billie!

JENNIFER: (Pointing at Jack) That's it.... You're definitely going to the hospital, right now!

JACK: (Sighs in frustration) Shhh....

Bo has since arrived and is bending over Jack, next to Hope.

HOPE: Bo and I will stay here with Jack, Jr., okay?

JENNIFER: Thank you!

BILLIE: (Motions with her hand) And I'll get the car.

JENNIFER: (To Billie) All right!

Billie goes out to get the car. The other three continue to hover around Jack. Despite all his protestations, he still looks very weak and unwell.

HOPE: Jack!

Bo gets up and takes Jack's hand. Jennifer helps him. Hope holds on to Bo's arm for added support.

BO: Okay, man. Let me get you....
04Ep047C: Bo, Jennifer, Billie & Hope help Jack up
JACK: (Straining trying to get up) I'll be all right!

HOPE: Take it easy!

JACK: (Cont.) I'll be all right (Finally getting up but with difficulty and everyone's help)!

JENNIFER: Be care! Get up slow! Get up slow!

JACK: (Standing) Aiy... aiy.... aiy.... I'm all right. I'm okay!

They continue to all hold on to him to keep his balance.

JACK: (Cont., speaking weakly) I'm fine.

Scene Four: At the Deveraux', Hope and Bo are talking. Hope is worried about Jack. She tells Bo that Jennifer was going on and on how happy she was that she had Jack back, and that her family was back together. She tells him that Jennifer was so optimistic about their future. Bo insists everything is fine, and Jack is fine. He has atough head. Hope, however, is not so sure; she points out that Billie told them he had fainted earlier. Bo thinks it is just a case of all Jack went through, being captured for months, tortured, and then coming home to find Abby in the hospital; plus finding out about Tony: All that took its toll on Jack. Bo points out that Tony is captured, and everyone's nightmare is finally over. They talk about finding Georgia, and Hope assures him she wants that to happen. She then says hopefully Jack is fine, and tells him about Jennifer's plan to all go to the Horton cabin for a family gather, and some romantic fun for the four of them. Bo loves the idea too.

Scene Five: At the hospital, Billie and Jack are chatting by the nurses' station, as Jennifer walks over with Lexie towards Jack.

JENNIER: (To Lexie) Just thank you so much for meeting us, it just helps to have someone  I know--

They arrive at the nurses' station where Jack is.

LEXIE: I understand, what happened?

JACK: (Trying to make like nothing is wrong) I slipped in the dining room, cut my head, and (points to his injury) there's a little blood!

JENNIFER: A "little blood"--

JACK: And my lovely wife--

JENNIFER:  (Cont.) ....Jack?!

JACK: (Cont.) ....is over reacting.

LEXIE: (Does not seem so sure. Or is she as innocent as she appears?) Hmm, (reaching for something on the counter of the nurses' station) I doubt that!

BILLIE: You'd be right, I was with him the first time he passed out.

Jack's mouth is agape, annoyed that Billie is telling everyone what happened. Billie looks over at Jack, defiantly.

LEXIE: You passed out twice?

JACK: Well, the first time was just for practice. No, I mean, really.... I was.... (gesturing for emphasis) I was tired, exhausted, now, everything going on just caught up with me, and.... I just.... (flashing a grin to try and convince everyone) you know, I just, uh.... it's no big deal!

LEXIE: (Not convinced) You mind if I take a look at that cut?

JACK: Yeah, be gentle now!

04Ep047D: Jack tells Lexie to BE GENTLE


Lexie examines his injury. Jennifer is not impressed by his silly joking around.

JACK: Ahh.

JENNIFER: Jack, would you take this seriously? No kidding right now!

Lexie is touching his wound, and Jack whines about it.

JACK: Ha, ha, ha, oh, hauuuah....

JENNIFER: (Cont., talking to Jack about joking) ....Come on!

Lexie takes her hand away.

LEXIE:  It's superficial!

JACK: "Superficial" (points to Jennifer reinforcing he is right and she is being a worry wart) see!

LEXIE: (Is not as sure as Jack) Nevertheless, I'm going to clean it up then I want to.... drawn some blood and run a few tests.

Jennifer is very concerned.

JACK: (Still joking to hide his concern and not worry Jennifer) Wait a minute, I'm already bleeding and you drawn more blood, have a heart, Doc! Wh--

JENNIFER: (Not appreciating Jack's humor, terrified with fear) Jack, take this seriously, (begging) please!

JACK: (About to say something but realizes her concern) All right, for you, I'm.... all right....

LEXIES: Come on (she starts to walk off)!

JACK: I'm getting you (pointing to Jennifer) a lollipop!

Jennifer lightly taps Jack's back as he follows Lexie. Billie is bending down, she seems worried too, but relieved Jack is being checked over

BILLIE: Ahh.... good....

JENNIFER: (Jennifer tries not to worry, she turns to Billie) He's going to be all right (smiling)!

BILLIE: (Throws out her arms) Well, he still got his sense of humor....

JENNIFER: I know!....

BILLIE: (Cont., trying not to worry Jennifer) ....that's a good sign.

JENNIFER: (Cont., worried) ....but why did he pass out? I don't understand.

BILLIE: Well, I've been thinking about this. We've studied Post-war Stress Syndrome at the ISA, and Jack being held hostage,.... maybe it's left him with Post-traumatic Shock Response. You know, I mean, being held captive. That's.... could've happened.

JENNIFER: (Trying to believe, but seems a little uncertain, nods her head) Yeah! (Nods her head a few times, but remains worried)   Yeah, that makes sense.

Scene Six: Back Jack and Jennifer's, Hope is looking at a picture of Jack, Jennifer and Abigail. She puts hit to her chest, obviously worrying about them all. She looks at it again, and then puts it back on the table.

Scene Seven: Jack is sitting on a stretcher in the examining room of the ER, Lexie and Jennifer are there. He is pointing to his forehead, and a small bandage on it.

JACK: You see, (continuing to point) right there, (still pointing) a lil.... a little bandage, that's all it was.

JENNIFER: Let's just wait and see.

JACK: (Cont.) That's all I needed.

JENNIFER: (Anxiously, turns) Where is Lexie  with those (turns back towards Jack) test results .

JACK: (Trying for levity) The husband speaks, the wife ignores it, it shall ever be thus!

0Ep047E: Jack makes a joke

Jennifer, nor even Billie, appreciate his humor.

BILIE: Jack, knock it off! (Looking at Jennifer) She's right! Now, you've got a wife, a teenaged daughter, and a little, cute baby boy at home, (points at Jack) you have to stay healthy!

JACK: Good, (puts out his hands, submissively) I-I.... I'll take my time.

BILLIE: Thank you!

Just then Lexie comes in, walking towards him. Jack sees her.

JACK: Oh, perfect timing, right here! (Gestures to Lexie) You know, they're ready to take more blood, what's the good news?

LEXIE: (Not looking too pleased, looks at Jennifer) Aahh, Jennifer, Billie, would you (looks at Jack) mind stepping outside for a few minutes, I need to give Jack another quick check (smiles).

JACK: Oohh!

BILLIE: (Concerned) Suurre! I'll go check and see what's happen with our boys over seas.

LEXIE: Good idea.

Billie leaves. Jennifer has said nothing, and is obviously worried. Jennifer walks over to Jack, and is nervous from worry.

JENNIFER: I'll just, I'll wait (motions towards the hallway) for you?

JACK: Yeah.

She leans in for a kiss, and they give each other a quick kiss, Jack puts out his hand. She holds on to his hand and then lets go as she walks off. Before leaving she looks at Lexie, anxiously. Then looks back at Jack, before finally walking out.

JACK:  (Puts up his arm, and continues to use levity) I'LL GET YOU ANOTHER LOLIPOP.

Jack and Lexie continue to watch Jennifer. Once she is out of sight Lexie turns to Jack. Jack exhales.

JACK: Haa.... all right, Lexie, what are you up to? You (motions with his head) put her out of the room for a reason, what is it? (Jack rolls his lips)

LEXIE: (Looking at the papers she is carrying, obviously his test results; she looks rather somber) Jack, I'm sorry, I just got your test results back. (Looks down at them, as if avoiding eye contact, then she looks at him) it's not good!

Jack looks at her, affected by her words.

04Ep047F: Lexie tells Jack she has bad news

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]

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