Episode Forty-Eight: Jack Does not Want
Lexie to Worry Jennifer About the Tests; Later,
Lexie Gets the Results, and Is Very Concernted.

[Air date June 1st, 2005]

Scene One: Jack is still in the ER. A nurse rolls a cart past his bed. Jack is stretched out, twiddling his thumbs and looking very bored. Lexie is seated next to him, looking at his files.

JACK: All right, Lexie, these tests you ran, what exactly did they show?

LEXIE: (Still reading his file, breaths in and out) They're inconclusive.

JACK: (Sarcastically) "Inconclusive!"

LEXIE: (Nods) Hmmm.

JACK: (Cont., throws out his arms) Meaning they don't show anything!

LEXIE: (Putting down the file) That's the bad news I was referring to. We're going to have to draw more blood.

JACK: (Turns to her) I DON'T.... I am all right! I got dizzy, I slipped, fell, cut my head end of story. I--

Jack starts to get up, but Lexie pushes him back down, to Jack's frustration.

04Ep048A: Lexie tells Jack they need to find out what's wrongLEXIE: Jack you lost consciousness more than once, in a very short period of time!

JACK: (Leans forward) Lexie--

LEXIE: Jack! (Holding him down) Please! Let me find out what's wrong.

Jack looks concerned.

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....If not for yourself, then do it for Jennifer.... and your children!

Jack is sobered by that. He presses his lips together, and looks at her out of the corner of his eye.

Scene Two: In the hospital lobby, Jennifer is talking on the pay phone to Abigail. We do not see Abigail just hear Jennifer's side of the conversation.

JENNIFER: Yeah, we're still at the hospital, your dad's in with Lexie right now. (Looks towards where Jack and Lexie are).... (Apparently answering her question) Well, I  don't know, you know, it shouldn't be too much longer, but as soon as he's done we'll be home, all right (smiles). Oh (putting her hand to her forehead, remembering something;she gestures as she talks) you know, I didn't even get a chance to tell you, listen, Hope and I were talking, an.... an.... and as soon as Shawn gets back we're going to go on a family vacation together, all right. We're going to the Horton cabin, and we're just gonna have a blast! Doesn't that sound like fun (smiles)? (Listening to Abigail's remarks her expression changes. She gets a quizzical look on her face) Well, yeah, of course he will, Baby, (a nervous chuckle) your daddy's gonna be fine! (is she only trying to convince Abigail, but maybe even herself, too; smiles and a worried laugh) He has to be!

Scene Three: There is a cart with blood samples, cotton balls, and other things. A nurse is carrying over an empty vial to Jack, whose arm is  by one of those rubber ribbons used when drawing blood.

JACK: (Annoyed, and thus sarcastically) You, know, vampires don't even need this much blood! (Looking from the nurse to Lexie and then back down at his arm as he talks) Why don't you just re-run the numbers from the previous test!

LEXIE: Unfortunately we need these samples.

The nurse is drawing more blood from Jack as Lexie talks. Lexie smiles.

JACK: Ha.... uh.... uh... uuhh.

NURSE: Sorry, almost finished.

JACK: (Looking at the nurse) What do you expect to find?! (Frustrated, looks over at Lexie) You gave me a clean bill of health before when you checked me out. You know, when I got back from the Castle.

NURSE: (Finishing up) All done, Mr. Deveraux.

JACK: (Looks at his arm, and bends it) Thanks.

NURSE: (Putting the last sample on the cart) I'll take this to the lab.

LEXIE:  (Looking through Jack's file) Thanks! Oh, have Ryan put a rush on it, will you!

NURSE: (Arranging everything) Huh mmm.

The nurse leaves with he sample. Jack is holding up his arm, and flexing his hand. After the nurse has left Lexie talks to Jack. He continues to flex hand and twist his wrist.

LEXIE: Let's air on the side of caution, Jack. We need to find out what's causing your dizzy spells.

JACK: (Twisting his wrist, looks towards Lexie) I still think I'm over tired.

LEXIE: Well, it would be nice if that was all it was.

JACK: But you think it's something moorre!

LEXIE: I don't know. Which is why we're redoing the tests. If there's a problem, I want to get to the bottom of it.

Just then Jennifer arrives.

JENNIFER: Lexie, are you saying there's something wrong with Jack?!

Lexie looks over towards Jack. Lexie looks at Lexie, and blinks as if signaling her to say nothing.

Scene Four: Jennifer has just arrived and heard part of what Lexie said.

JACK: It's nothing,.... Jennifer! The tests are inconclusive. (Looks at Lexie, obviously wanting her to back him up so as not to worry Jennifer) Right, Lexie!?

04Ep048B: Jack hides things from JenniferJennifer walks around to the other side of the bed, and worried, puts her hand on his arm.

LEXIE: Yeah, (she does not sound that convincing) Jack's right, I-I....  I ordered new blood work just to be on the safe side.

JAKC: After, everything I went through on the island, then the Castle, (resting his arm on his chest) and everywhere in between, Jennifer, (inhales) hmm, Lexie's just being, uh, overly (gives Jennifer a grin) cautious!

JENNIFER: You're right, (though still a little concerned and uncertain) well, I mean, I hope it's all it is, Lex!--


Just then some pop music is heard. Jennifer goes to her purse and Jack looks towards the noise. 


JACK: What.... was that?

JENNIFER: (Taking out her PDA) Oh, it's, ah, (opening it and looking at the message) my PDA.

JACK: (Leaning over to look too) Oohh!

JENNIFER: (Laughs) Oh, Abby, she's getting everything together for our camping trip.

JACK: (Seems a little disappointed that they are not going alone) We're all going to the island?

JENNIFER: (Turns to Jack) To the Horton cabin, remember.... Well, I know we talked about going together, but then Hope and I talked about when Shawn gets back we're gonna go on a family vacation together. Okay? The Bradys and us, doesn't that sound great?!

JACK: Grreeaatt!

JENNIFER: So Abby, she's looking for your tackle box, you know what, which reminds me (running her hands through her hair) she's probably tearing the whole garage apart. Let me call her (starts to walk off) let me call her, I'll be back in one minute--

JACK: W-w-wha... d-d-d t-t-te.... (puts out his hand, stopping her) tell her not to mess with my prize winning lures (reaching for Jennifer's wrist)!

JENNIFER: Wait?! Wa....

JACK: (Gestures) You know, m--

JENNIFER: What prize winning--

JACK: (Gestures) Well, they will be prize winning as soon as I reel in th.... th.... the biggest trout in this history of.... of.... of Smith Island!

JENNIFER: (Getting her purse) All right, Lexie, you know what, I think my (points to Jack) husband is back to his old self....

Lexie laughs. Jennifer walks off to call Abigail.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....(walking off and point to Jack) and that would be delusional!

JACK: (Calling out to her) YOU WAIT AND SEE! BIG TROUT! (Sits back) Big trout!

Lexie looks at him, and he at her, knowing she is going to berate him for keeping things from Jennifer.

LEXIE: I am not going to Jennifer!

Jack looks down, determined not to change his mind.

JACK: I'm sorry, Lexie, (looks at her defiantly) but as my doctor,  you've got no choice!

Lexie looks at Jack, frustrated by his obstinacy. She looks at him, disgusted, and sighs in frustration.

LEXIE: Hmmm.

Scene Five: The scene continues, Jack is still arguing with Lexie about telling Jennifer.

JACK: There's such a thing as doctor-patient confidentiality, Lexie! I'm going to hold you to it!

Her back turned from him, she listens on, frustrated. She finally turns  and walks towards him. Jack is fiddling with his cuffs.

LEXIE: Jack, you shouldn't keep information about your health from your wife! I know you want to protect her--

04Ep04C: Jack asks if there is anything wrongJACK: I do! You know, Jennifer's been through alot with me! I'm not going to worry anymore if I don't have to!

LEXIE: Jack, you are refusing to acknowledge, even to yourself, that something could be seriously wrong!

JACK: (Folds his arms across his chest) I'm not in denial here! I'm just waiting for you to tell me exactly what is wrong! Do you seriously believe that my dizzy spells could  be life threatening!

LEXIE: No, but--

JACK: All right, then I'm going to live my life with my wife (gestures) and family, (gets his jacket and gets up) and everything's going to be just fine!

Just then Jennifer pulls back the curtain.

JENNIFER: (Smiling) Knock! Knock! Ha....

JACK: (Putting on his jacket) Oh! Have you talked to Abigail?

As Jack and Jennifer chat, Lexie listens, frustrated that Jack is not being open with Jennifer.

04Ep048D: Jack is worried Lexie's going to tell JenniferJENNIFER: (Walking towards him) I have spoke to Abigail, she has vowed not to touch your prize winning lures (puts her arms around him and laughs).

JACK: Good! Good girl (looks at Lexie, smiles, then back at Jennifer)!

JENNIFER: (Helping him with his jacket) So, can we go, Lex?

LEXIE: (Really bothered by having to keep the secret) Yeeaah, (scratches her face) Uh, Jennifer yo.... your husband, eh....

They both look at her, Jennifer concerned, and Jack worried Lexie will tell Jennifer the truth. Lexie hesitates.

LEXIE: (Cont.) .... ha, (shakes her head, throws up her hand, and laughs) is impossible! But then, you already knew that!

Jennifer laughs. Jack has a slight smile, relieved that Lexie has said nothing.

JENNIFER: Yes I  do. (Still holding Jack, she gives him a little squeeze) Are you giving Lexie a hard time?

JACK: Ooohh, only questioning if she (gestures) went to medical school, no!

JENNIFER: Jack Deveraux!

LEXIE: (Laughs, and swats at him) That is it, out of here!

JENNIFER: He is naughty.  I will take him out of here.

Jack straightens his collar, and he and Jennifer start to walk off, holding each other.

LEXIE: Okay, I'll be in touch with you....

JAKC: All right!

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....as soon as we get the results....

JENNIER: All right.

LEXIE: (Cont.) all right.

JENNIFER: (Walking off with Jack)( Thanks, Lex.

LEXIE: Hu hmm.

JACK: Thank you, Lexie.

As soon as they are out of sight, sighing, she walks over to the phone and calls the lab, and asks about Jack's tests. The lab technician Ryan tells her that he is working on the samples at the moment, and that he was just going to call her.  He thinks she should come down immediately to look at the samples. She tells him that she is on her way. Worried, she rushes to the lab to see what is wrong.

Scene Six: Jennifer and Jack, holding hands, enter the living room of there house. It is full of camping supplies, plus Jack's tackle box and fishing poles.

JENNIFER: Oh-my-goodness! Look at this (laughs and looks at Jack). Abby is ready for this trip.

JACK:  Oh, (excitedly, rushes over to his tackle box) I am ready for this trip, too!

Jennifer laughs at Jack's excitement.

JACK: (Cont.) Look at all.... oh, my gosh. Look at these beauties (he picks up ups tackle box)! (Carries it over to the couch) I can't wait to get up to that cabin.

Jack sits down, and Jennifer sits next to him.

JACK: (Cont.) We're going to breath all that fresh air! (Jack starts looking through the box) Hike the hikes! Fish the fish! Marsh the marshmallows and all that good hiking....

JENNIFER: (Puts her hand on Jack's shoulder) Jack....

JACK: (Cont.) ....cabin....


JACK: (Cont.) ....stuff--


JACK: (Stops what he is doing and turns to Jennifer) What? What?

JENNIFER: I know that I keep asking you this, but I just want to make sure, do you okay, I mean, are you really up to doing this kind of things--

JACK: I am more than okay....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) You don't have to!

JACK: (Cont.) I have the most beautiful (puts his arm around Jennifer's shoulder) wife, daughter an... and baby boy tha-tha.... that anyone could imagine! And I'm taking them all up to Smith Island to have a wonderful time (continues to go through his tackle box)!

JENNIFER: Oh, Jack, I hope it doesn't rain when we are there I really....

JACK: Oh, bite your tongue!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....want it to be beautiful--

JACK: (His finger gets caught on some type of knife) AAAAAHHH! AAAHH!

JENNIFER: OHHH, are you okay? That.... no....

04Ep048E: Jack hurts his finger

Jennifer cringes, Jack tries to free his finger.

JACK: (Gasping) Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm fine (finally freeing his fingers).


JACK: (Holding out his hurt finger) See, perfect! Everything's going to be perfect. (Gestures) You know, the warranty says that these lures are gonna to get me beauties (drops the knife back into the box)! And then you're gonna clean 'em , and cook 'em, and then we're gonna have (looks through the box)--

JENNIFER: (Laughing) No, no, no, no! You.... (points to him) You're the man, you're supposed to clean 'em! (Points to herself) I cook 'em! (Points back to him) You clean 'em!

Jack looks at her.

JENNIFER: Yeah (and laughs)!

04Ep048F: Jack & Jennifer talking about who will clean the fish

JACK: (Sucks his hurt finger) Deal! (Jack puts his arm around her, and they both lean back, pointing upward with his hurt finger) Here's another thing.


04Ep048g: Jack & Jennifer talk about alone time in the woodsJACK: The best thing, maybe!

JENNIFER: Huh hmm!

JACK: Bo and Hope are coming up there, they're going to look after Jack, Jr., and that means we can take the double bag, and go out in the woods....

Jennifer starts to grin.

JACK: (Cont.) ....and do a little, uh.....

Jennifer starts to giggle. Jack grins back at her.

JACK: (Cont., nods) ....stargazing (Jack draws her closer to him)!

JENNIFER: Aahh, that sounds perfect! (She rests her head against his chest) Perfectly romantic to me, Jack!

Jack's smile fades, and he as a worried look, it is obvious he is not to sure about his own future.

04Ep048H: Jack's smile fades, obviously worried there is something wrong with him.

Scene Seven:  In the lab, the lab technician Ryan is looking through a microscope at one of Jack's blood samples. Just then Lexie arrives. She asks about Jack's blood work. Concerned he replies, "Whatever it is, it's highly unusual!" She says that his remarks do not sound good. He tells her that, "it does not look good." Lexie takes a look, "You're right, this isn't normal!" She looks very concerned, and mumbles to herself, "What is going on with you Jack?!"

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]