Episode Forty-Nine: The Deverauxes
Prepare for Their Trip, Lexie Comes by with
News That Jack's Tests Are Inconclusive. 

[Air date June 2nd, 2005]

Scene One: Abigail is in the kitchen preparing for the family camping trip to Smith Island and the Horton cabin. She is packing food to bring on the trip and debating what bring. Chelsea drops by, and Abigail tells her about their trip. Chelsea makes a snide comment about the trip being boring. Abigail tells her tells her that "It will be fun. I mean, it's the first family vacation, since we thought my dad--" realizing it may sound insensitive because of what happened to Chelsea's parents she apologizes. Chelsea tells her that there is no reason to apologize. Abigail then asks her to come with them. Chelsea tells her "it sounds like a family thing." Abigail tells her, "Best friends count as family." Chelsea sadly replies does not have the right equipment for a camping trip, and she cannot afford to buy any. Just then, Billie walks in, and offers to help her.

Scene Two: Jennifer is coming down the stairs, carrying things for their trip.

JENNIFER: All right, we've got enough stuff, Jack!

JACK: (Follows, carrying a card table and something else) Not.... quite!

JENNIFER: (Jennifer is already downstairs) Uuhh, by the way, I called Hope, I told her that we were going to head out to the cabin earlier, and then as soon as Shawn get's home (putting down the stuff on the table) they can just join us.

JACK: (Puts down the things he was carrying) That sounds good! (Pointing) I'm going to grab (walks off) the telescope out of the basement!

04Ep049A: Jack wants to look at stars & other heavenily bodiesJENNIFER: (Grabs his arm, stopping him) Wait, telescope?!

JACK: Well, telescope (gestures) would be great for looking at stars....

JENNIFER: Uh, hmm!

JACK: (Cont. points his thumb in back of him) ....up there.... on the island, and.... other (looks down at Jennifer's body, raises his eyebrows and gives a smug grin) heavily bodies!

JENNIER: (Raising her eyebrows) Oohh!

Jack laughs, and Jennifer giggles and they kiss.

JACK: (Moans) Ummm.

Just then Jennifer stops kissing and looks at him. Jack wonders what is wrong.

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: (Concerned) You know, ar.... are  sure that you feel okay? I mean, that you're up to this, Jack? Because we can.... we can put this off....

JACK: No, no, no, no, no!

(Cont.) ....we can go at another time--

(Cont.) ....No, we're going (gestures)! Because I feel fine!

Jack starts to walk off again, and again Jennifer grabs his arm to stop him.

JENNIFER: No, but, I'm just wondering....

JACK: Ehhh....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....why did Lexie want all that extra blood work (looks at him worriedly).

JACK: (Trying to convince her nothing is wrong) Because Lexie is a doctor! That's what doctors do! They check out (putting his finger to his thumb to indicating minutiae) every little thing, no matter how remote, just to satisfy the malpractice insurers (raises his eyebrows).

Jack tries to walk off again, and yet again Jennifer grabs him, preventing him from walking off. She still is not convinced, and is still very concerned.

JENNIFER: No, that's not true, Jack! She's doing this because you passed out twice.... in the same day, and that is not normal!

JACK: (Trying to be funny to divert the conversation) Who says (points to himself) I'm "normal!" (flashing a roguish grin) Come on! Come on! Ahh, I'm telling you, I'm going to be fine (points for emphasis) there's nothing that a couple of days R and R out at the cabin is going to fix.... okay!

Jack starts to walk off and she stops him again. Jack jerks back, and turns to her.


JACK: Eh! (Leaning towards her for a kiss) Okay!

JENNIFER: If you say so!

JACK: I say so.

The begin to kiss, and Jack puts his arm around her and they kiss more intensely. Jennifer puts her arm around his neck, and they continue to kiss.

Meanwhile, outside, Lexie walks up their walkway. She stops by their lawn bench, and thinks back to the other day when she saw his test results. She then looks up towards the window, and sees Jack and Jennifer kissing. Talking to herself, "They're *so* happy to be together again, I just *pray* it's not short lived!"

Scene Three: Jack and Jennifer are still kissing passionately. Jack finally lets go, and lets out a satisfied exhale.

JACK: Aaahhh (moving his head from side-to-side)! (He stays inches from her and caresses her check, looking at her with profound love)You know how much I missed kissing you?

JENNIFER: (Looks up at him, smiling, equally deeply in love) Yeeaah, as much as I missed kissing you.

They go back to kissing.

JACK: (Sighing) Haa.

JENIFER: (Moans) Hmmm.

Just then there is a knock at the door.


JACK: Huuhh!

They stop and look towards the door, obviously not too pleased about being interrupted.

JENNIFER: Wha.... (Looks at Jack) Did you order more camping supplies!

JACK: Scout's honor (Jack however, flashes the Vulcan "Live long and prosper sign).....

04Ep049B: Jack flashes the Vulcan sign

JENNIFER: You did!

JACK: Scout's.... (he looks at his hand, seeing he made the wrong sign, changes it to the scouts' sign) scout's honor!

04Ep049C: Jack flashes the Boy Scout salute

JENNIFER: Jaacck, we don't any more (motions to all the stuff as she goes to answer the door)  look at all this stuff we have!

She opens the door to find Lexie.

JACK: Well (Jack stops in mid-sentence seeing Lexie there)--

JENNIFER: Oh, Lexie, hi!

LEXIE: Hi, I'm sorry to just drop by!

JENNIFER: (Motions for her to come on) No, that's all right, come on in, you're always welcome here (laughs)!

LEXIE: (Entering) Thank you. Hi, Jack!

JACK: (His voice does not sound pleased) Lexie!

Jennifer closes the door. Lexie is staring at Jack. 

JENNIFER: (Closing the door) What, ah, brings you by?

Jack is standing, expressionless, worried that Lexie has bad news and will tell Jennifer.

LEXIE: (Turning towards Jennifer) The results of Jack's (not sounding positive) second blood test are in.

Jennifer looks over at Jack, worried. Jack has a concerned expression as well.

04Ep049D: Jack is worried seeing Lexie

Scene Four: The scene continues as the three of them walk into the living room.

04Ep049E: Jack and Jennifer are worried about what Lexie might have discovredJACK: So, what did you find?

JENNIFER: (Turns her head back towards Jack and then forward to Lexie, concerned) Is it serious, Lex?

LEXIE: (Turns towards them) It's not what we found, it's what we didn't find. (Gestures) The additional tests didn't give us any answers as to what's causing the dizziness, it just ruled out certain possibilities.

Jack stands behind Jennifer, his hands on her shoulders, worried Lexie may say too much and upset Jennifer. Jennifer is obviously worried about Jack.

JENNIFER: S.... What are you saying, exactly, Lex?

LEXIE: Well, I concerned that something might be going on and that we just don't have the ability here to pinpoint!

Jennifer turns and looks at Jack and he looks down at her, she then turns back to Lexie.

JENNIFER: So, what do we do? Hu....

LEXIE: I sent your blood work off to the Mayo clinic.They can do a much more sophisticated analysis, and, huh (shrugs), hopefully they can give us some answers.

JACK: So, you've ruled out anything really serious, (smiles) right?

LEXIE: (A slight stare at Jack, then nods, though it still appears she hates keeping 04Ep049F: Jack tries to reassure Jenniferthings from Jennifer) Hopefully!

JACK: Soo, (slight laugh, and smile) the dizziness could just be the result of.... of the exhaustion after the whole di Mera debacle!

LEXIE: Well, yeah, yeah, that is certainly a possibility. Ahh, it could also be nothing more than a benign anomaly.

JENNIFER: (Slightly revealed) Okay.

JACK:   (Steps forwards, and points) Seee! Uh, uh, (turns to Jennifer) "a benign anomaly!" Is.... Nothing to worry about!

JENNIFER: (Pats Jack's arm) Good, well, I.... I hope you're right!

JACK: I know I'm right!

Just then they hear Jack, Jr. sneeze over the baby monitor. Jennifer turns to the monitor.

JENNIFER: Oh! (Picking up mo niter) Sounds like Jack, Jr.'s up from his nap.

JACK: All right.

JENNIER: Will you excuse me for a moment.

LEXIE: Yeah, of course.

The baby can be heard crying.

JENNIFER: (Stilling holding Jack's wrist) You had me so scared, for a second, Lexie (slight laugh)!

Jack  does a little nervous laugh too. Jennifer then goes to check on the baby.

JACK: (Motioning and calling out to Jennifer) Give him my best! (When Jennifer is out of sight, Jack sighs, and turns to Lexie) Haa, there's more going on here, obviously.


JACK: (Cont.) Thank you for not worrying her anymore than she already is.

LEXIE: Jack, the truth is, we don't know that this isn't something serious!

JACK: Let's just keep that between (points to himself then her) you (and back to himself) me!

LEXIE: Jennifer's your wife! Trust me, you do not want shut her out!

JACK: I told you, I am not shutting her out, I am just not putting her through the wringer over something that's probably going to turn out to be a big fat nothing!

LEXIE: (Sighing in frustration) Haaa.... Well, I.... I just hope that's the case!

JACK: (Seriously) You and me both!

04Ep049: Jack continues to refuse to tell JenniferLEXIE: Haa.... Look, I will respect our doctor-patient confidentiality, but--

JACK: Huh hmm.

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....you are making a big mistake!

JACK:  I don't think so! And, if I am, I'll deal with it when the time comes!

LEXIE: I wish you would postpone this trip until after we've heard from the Mayo.

JACK: (Slight smile) Nope, no can do!

LEXIE: Hmm, how did I know you'd say that. (Reaches for her purse) Listen, I want you (takes out some pill samples and hands them to him) to take these samples with you. If you start feeling dizzy, disorientated, light headed....

JACK: (Takes them) Hmm, hmmm!

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....take one it'll help you restore your equilibrium.

JACK: (Examining the sample) Huh....

LEXIE: (Cont.) And, I don't want you  driving!

JACK: (Turns to her and does a double take) Wait a minute, no, no, no I always drive! I always drive! What am I going to to tell Jennifer?

LEXIE: (Annoyed by his obstinacy) Well, you could start with the truth!

She glares at him. Jack just looks back at her saying nothing.

04Ep049H: Lexie wants Jack to tell Jennifer

Scene Five: Billie convinces Chelsea to accept her financial help and go with Abigail on her family camping trip. Abigail excitedly tells Chelsea she will help her find stuff for the trip. They walk into the living room where Lexie and Jack are still talking about his problem.

ABIGIAL: (Walking over towards them) Oh, Hey, Lexie....

Jack tries to hide the pills from his daughter by putting them his pants pocket.


ABIGAIL: (To her father) Um, Daddy, (points to Chelsea) I invited Chelsea to come with us, is that okay?

JACK: (Preoccupied) Uh, yeah, whatever, (gestures) the more the merrier.

Abigail pats her father, and walks off, Chelsea follows her.

CHELSEA: Thank you, Mr. Deveraux.

JACK: Haa, don't mention it, a-a.... any time. Haa.... (After they are gone) Look, Lexie, I-I.... I don't want to be rude or anything I-I.... I do--

LEXIE: Yeah....

JACK: (Cont.) ....have packing to do.

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....I-I.... I can see you're busy.

Just then Jennifer shouts from upstairs.


JACK: (Shouts back) AH, YE.... YEAH, SURE , I'LL BE RIGHT THERE. (He then addresses Lexie) So, ah, if you'll e-e.... excuse me.

LEXIE: Yeah, yeah, go.... go ahead. I can show myself out. Listen, (smiles) have a wonderful trip.

JACK: We will! We all will!

Jack turns and gives her a little wave, and then quickly rushes upstairs.

Just then Billie comes in from the kitchen.  Billie tells her that Abigail told her that Jack was doing great. Lexie looks upset, and Billie notices. Worriedly, Billie asks if something is wrong. Lexie says she does not know, and talking more to herself she adds, "and that *scares* me!"

Scene Six: A short while later Billie and Lexie are walking out the door, and down the path, Billie knows that she was there because of Jack's fainting spells. Lexie tells her that she cannot discuss her patient's condition. Billie says she understand, and says, "I just hope it's not *too* serious, Jack and Jennifer have been through *hell*! They *deserve* a break!"  Lexie agrees, she adds, "We just have to crush our fingers."

Scene Seven: Jennifer is walking down the stairs, laden down with stuff. Jack is right behind her, carrying more stuff.

JENNIFER: Lexie just too off. I wanted to talk to her a little bit more, Jack.

JACK: You mean, you wanted to grill her some more!

They walk into the living room.

JENNIER: Now, is it so wrong that I am extremely worried about you!

JACK: (Dropping the stuff to the floor) No, not at all! It's just that.... I'm telling you (making a sweeping motion with his arms) it's just a passing thing! It's over! I'm fine!

Jennifer has put down her stuff, and has turned to him.

JACK: (Cont.) We're together! (Puts his hands on her arms) And I'm on top of the world and nothing's going to change that!

JENNIFER: Good! (Looking up at him with love and concern) Let's make sure it doesn't! Because, I really couldn't take if if anything happened to you again!

JACK: Nothing's going to! And just to prove to you (takes her face) how healthy I am (he gives her a passionate kiss).

JENNIFER: Ummmm, hmmm (giggling)!

JACK:  Uh hmmmm. Uh hmmm.

Jennifer continues to giggle. Jack chuckles. They both are really enjoying their kiss.

JENNIFER: Hmm, Wow! (Widening her eyes) Wow!

JAKC: (Smiling) Are you convinced yet?

JENNIFER: (Thinking) Uumm.... No!


JENNIFER: Not quite.

JACK: Good!

04Ep049I: Jack says he will show Jennifer he is perfectly fine

Jack starts kissing her again and they wrap their arms around each's neck. They both giggle.

JACK: Hmmm.

He eases her towards the couch, and the plop down still kissing.

JENNIFER: Uuhooooo!

Jennifer giggles, and they continue to kiss and roll around on the couch.04Ep049J: Jack and Jennifer on the couch

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]