Episode Fifty-one: As The Deveraux
Family Prepares for the Salem 500, Jack
Gets Another Attack; He Secretly Visits
Lexie, Who Gives Him Devestating News.

[Air date June 22nd, 2005]

Scene One: Abigail, drinking a soda from a can, and Chelsea are looking over some racing magazine, giggling at some article. It looks as though the are getting ready to go somewhere. Jennifer is carrying something from the fridge. Jack's voice can be heard.

JACK: All right....

JENNIFER: Okay, I've got the tortilla chips.

JACK: (Cont.) ....ahh.... [hard to understand] well see one bag of fudge [or fun] here.

JENIFER: (Cont) ....chips, peanut butter brownies packed for Abby, okay.

JACK: Good!

Jennifer has walked over to Jack, who is packing a picnic basket.

JENNIFER: Can you believe, she's excited about a family gather for a change.

JACK: (Still packing things) I wouldn't get your hopes up, she's in the final throes of Salem 500 fever.

Jennifer laughs and looks over at the girls. They are still giggle over some article. Abigail says that someone has the "hottest smile." Chelsea thinks whoever they are looking at is hot all around. Jennifer walks over and asks them who they mean. Abigail just says that it is one of the racers. Jennifer wonders if he is hot. Chelsea, giggles, "Hot to the *Max*!" The both giggle and walk off.

JENNIFER: (Laughs) Girls (pats her daughter's behind)!

JACK: (With a high pitch laugh, imitating them) Hehehehehe.

Just then Jack grimaces, and puts his back to his side, obviously in pain, sighing. Jennifer notices this, and walks over towards him, concerned.

JENNIFER: Jack, are you okay (she touches him)? What's wrong--

JACK: (Jack shouts out in pain) Ahhh (and jumps back, her touch obviously hurting him)!

04Ep051A: Jack gets another attack

Jack looks at her and she at him. He is panting from the pain.

Scene Two: Jack and Jennifer are in the kitchen. Jennifer is packing and is not noticing that Jack is breathing heavily and holding his side.

JENNIFER: All right, that's it....

Jack is startled, and jerks, dropping his hand from his side. Jennifer closes some Tupperware.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I'm ready to go.

Jack tries to look like nothing is wrong, as she turns towards  him.

JACK: (He sounds like the pain is making it harder for him to talk) I tell you what (puts his fist to his mouth) I'm, ah, (points) I'm going to meet you at the track (smiles trying to pretend nothing is wrong).

JENNIFER: What?! (Smiles) Why?!

JACK: Oh, I just.... I just have an errand to run. I-I.... It's in town. (He puts his arm on her shoulder) It's just.... you'll like it I.... I.... I'll.... I'll be there soon.

JENNIFER: (Looking concerned) Are you sure you're feeling okay?

JACK: I feel great! I'm home!

Just then Abigail and Chelsea walk into the kitchen.

JACK: (Cont.) I'm with my little family. (Jack reaches over and gives her a hung, not noticing the girls) Who I love.

He is about to kiss her, when an embarrassed Abigail stops him.


Jack and Jennifer's noses are touching, oblivious to them.

04Ep051B: Jack & Jennifer get affectionateABIGAIL: (Cont.) Don't be gushy!

CHELSEA: I think it's sweet!

Jennifer laughs.

JACK: (Amused) Uh, oh.... (caressing Jennifer's hair) See, I never thought I live to see myself called "sweet" (Jack smiles, still looking lovingly into Jennifer's eyes).

JENNIFER: (Continues to look lovingly into Jack's eyes) I know, but here you are sweet as can be.

JACK: (Jack finishes the phrase with her) ....can be. Yes! (He kisses her anyway)

Abigail and Chelsea are too preoccupied with their racing magazine.

JACK: (Cont.) I'll see you. I'll see you there.

Jack walks away, and touches Abigail and then Chelsea's shoulders, and teasing them.

JACK: I'll see you at the track, te-he-he-he-hee.

Abigail laughs.


JACK: (Stops at the door and looks back) Bye!

Jennifer looks towards the door, with a concerned expression.

Jack is walking through house towards the door. He his rubbing his lower back with one hand and punching in a number on his cell with the other. He goes outside, and puts the phone to his ear, obviously he does not want them to hear his call. He stops, and panting.

JACK: Haa, (on the phone) Dr. Carver, please, hurry! Haa...

At the hospital Lexie answers the phone.

LEXIE: Dr. Carver.

JACK: Lexie, (a little frantically) it's Jack Deveraux, I need to see you right away! And this time I need answers!

04Ep051C: Jack calls Lexie for help

Scene Three: The hospital, Lexie is going over some file in the hallway. Jack walks up to her, still holding his lower back. He seems out of breath, his voice is weak.

JACK: Lexie, ha....  ha....

She turns towards him. Jack puts his hand on her shoulder.

J04Ep051D: Jack tells Lexie his symptomsACK: (Cont.) Explain it to me, Doc....

LEXIE: Huh hmm.

JACK: (Cont.) Haa.... (gestures) my sense of balance is gone, I'm feeling light-headed, (points) and this pain in my side has gone from bad to worse.

LEXIE: Have you told Jennifer yet?

JACK: Noo! And you're not telling her either!

LEXIE: (Putting her hands on her hips in frustration) Oh, Jack, you're making a huge mistake not letting her know--

JACK: (Gestures, desperate) Just tell me how you can help me!

LEXIE: (Exhales) Hmm, I like to (scratches above her eyebrow) take some more blood, order a few more tests (walks off).

JACK: Great! Great! Listen st-st.... stick me like a pig 'cuse I don't care.... (In desperation) Jus.... tell me what the hell is wrong with me!

Scene Four: At the races the girls run off to get autographs. Jennifer is getting a little worried because Jack is not there.

Scene Five: At the hospital, Jack pours himself a cup of coffee. He sees a nurse bring something to Lexie, so he stops.

The nurse has brought Lexie Jack's test results. She looks at them and something seems wrong. Jack comes over to her, and tries to make a joke out of the situation, but he is obviously worried.

04Ep051E: Jack jokes about her diagnosis for him

JACK: So, how long have I got, Doc?

She says nothing, and closes his folder. She turns to him, and the look on her face indicates it is bad news.

LEXIE: Ahh, (her voice cracks a little) Let's speak in private. (Nods) On the terrace.

She walks off. Jack gives a half-hearted crocked smile, his face shows that he knows the news is bad.

04Ep051: Jack reacts to Lexie telling him she needs to talk

After a few moments he follows her, clearing his throat.

Meanwhile Tek has arrives and has an altercation with one of Abe's officers who has been watching Tek or Abe.

Outside Jack tries to make light out of the situation to hide his fear.

04Ep051G: Jack tries pretend her news doesn't bother himJACK: You look awfully serious.

She closes the file. She tries to find away to tell him, finally she does.

LEXIE: Jack, I'm afraid your white blood count is dangerously low.

JACK: (Shrugs) So, ah, what's the prognosis?

LEXIE: Not good.

JACK: (Nods) Well, what's that, doctor speak for (makes a motion with his head and smiles, trying act like it is no big deal) I'm dying?

04Ep051H: Jack jokes, asks if that means I'M DYING?

Lexie says nothing but looks at him, her eyes tell him that is exactly what it is. Jack's smile fades, and his eyes show his sadness.

Scene Six: At the races Lexie and Chelsea watch a racer who has a bunch of girls around him wanting his autograph.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is still waiting for Jack, and has become concerned.

JENNIFER: Come on, Jack! Why are you always so late!? Don't you know how much I worry about you!

She frowns and looks around hoping to find him.

Scene Seven: At the races Jennifer is shocked to discover that the driver all the girls, including Abigail, are hot for is Max Brady, who years earlier was adopted by the Bradys, along with Frankie -- when Frankie was pretending to be his brother and was hiding out from his real family the von Leuschners. Frankie gives her a big hug, surprising Chelsea and especially Abigail.

Scene Eight: Back at the hospital, on the terrace, Jack is holding on to the railing, he slides his hand and then  grasps the railing railing with his other hand. He tightens his grip, trying to deal with the news. He exhales.

JACK: Haa....

Lexie places her hand on him in comfort.

LEXIE: There is (shakes her head slightly) no way anyone could have predicted something like this, Jack. It is a very rare condition. In fact I've never encountered it before.

Jack looks at her and she shakes her head.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Well, alert the medical media!

04Ep051J: Jack reacts sarcastically

JACK: (Cont., sarcastic laugh, slight smile) Haa.... Come on, Lexie, this is me, give me the straight dope!   Come on, I can handle it. Am I dying.

Lexie looks at my saying nothing. She moves her finger over her forehead, nervously

LEXIE: In situations like this I always advice getting a second opinion (flicking her hair way from her eyes).

04Ep051K: Lexie suggests he gets a 2nd opinion

JACK: (A slight gasp) Ah.... Wait a minute. You can't even say it. Haa.... (a slight smile) You can't even say it. Wh.... Come on, tell me how long, a.... at least manage that much! (Trying playing it off) Wh.... how many damn years do I have left?

04Ep051L: Jack asks how long he has left

LEXIE: Ahh (cannot tell him, she closes her eyes and shakes her head, then looks away)--

JACK: What?! Wh-wh-wh....wh.... we're.... we're....

04Ep051M: Jack wants answers

JACK:  (Cont.) ....we're talking months, weeks, what?! TALK TO ME!

04Ep051N: Jack is getting more upset over her silence

LEXIE: (Emotionally, almost in tears, she finally looks at him) If I had to guess, aahhh, maybe, aahhh, three months.

Jack is in shock, his mouth is open, he is speechless. As she talks Jack is panting, trying to deal with the news.

LEXIE: (Cont.) But the medical community is always working on new treatment, Jack, treatments, (not sounding very convincing) there are breakthroughs. I mean, there is a chance tha.... that we find something--

04Ep051O: Jack reacts to the news he only has 3 months to live

JACK: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, this isn't happening.... (puts his had to his forehead) I..... This is amazing, (keeps his hand on his forehead)....

04Ep051P: Jack  reacts to irony of all he went through only to die


JACK: (Cont.) ....I get through everything Tony di Mera can throw at me, (throws down the hand) I manage to get home to my wife and my family only (smiles at the irony) to die.

04Ep051Q: Jack gives an ironic laugh

LEXIE: If.... if you want I'll come with you to tell Jennifer.

JACK: (Realizing what it will mean to Jennifer) Jennifer? My God, Jennifer!

04Ep051R: Jack realizes what this will mean to Jennifer

JACK: (Cont., shakes his head) No! No, I can't do this to Jennifer! I can't (rush towards the door and goes out.)

Lexie remains outside for a moment, upset about the news.

She goes inside and finds in the hallway. 04Ep051S: Lexie tries to convince him to tell JenniferShe tries to convince him to tell Jennifer. Jack looks away and his face shows all his sadness and frustration. 

LEXIE: Jack.... Jack, life is so precious, if Jennifer has only a few months with you she needs to know! So she can make peace with the situation.

JACK: Haa.... It's my life! It's my decision! You are to tell (throws down his hand) no one! (Angrily) No one! (Turns towards her) You got me! (Breathing hard)

LEXIE: (Talking to him calmly, soothingly) Jack, you're making a big mistake.

04Ep051T: Jack says God made the mistake, it was a big joke on him & his family
JACK: No, God made the mistake! God made the mistake! He's having a little joke on me. (Trying not to break down) Me and my whole family. "I'll let Jack make it all the way home, have a couple of happy weeks, and take him away from his wife and kids forever and ever!" Ah-men! (Jack tightens his lips so as not to cry and nods) Good one!

LEXIE: (Looks down) Tst.... (shakes her head and then looks back at Jack) I'm sooo sorry! (She is trying not to cry) I'll.... I'll.... be in touch with you as soon as I have something to report, okay.

JACK: (Swallowing to keep from losing it, nods) Thank you! And, ah.... (looks away) thank you for (looks at her) having the guts to tell me. Thank you.

04Ep051U: Jack thanks her for being honest with him.

LEXIE: (Almost inaudibly) You're welcome.

Jack walks off and she reaches to pat him, but he keeps going. 

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]