Episode Fifty-Two: Jack and Lexie
Continue to Talk About His Condition;
Later Jack Has Another Run-in with Patrick.

[Air date June 23rd, 2005]

Scene One: Lexie is in her office at the hospital, going over a file, when there is a knock at door.


It is Jack, he tentatively peeks from behind the door.

JACK: (With an uncertain voice) Lexie?

LEXIE: Oh, Jack (she bends her head down, then gets up) I thought you were Abe. He was here for more tests.

JACK: Oh, oh, I-I-I-I.... (puts his hand up) I don't want to be a bother.

LEXIE: No, no, you're not bother (waves her arm motioning for him to come in) come on in!

Jack comes in. He is carrying some papers.

04Ep052A: Jack returns to see LexieLEXIE: (Cont., she has her arm folded in from of her) I.... I thought you.... left. Ah, did you change your mind about telling Jennifer that--

JACK: That I (spreads out his arms) have a few months left to live? No. And (points to her) you can't tell her either!

LEXIE: I know, I know I-I.... I already promised you that I wouldn't, Jack, you don't have to keep reminding me about doctor-patient confidentiality! So, (tilts her head) if that's why you came back--

JACK: No, no! I'm.... (lowers his head) I'm sorry (fiddling with the papers which he is holding) I just want you to.... ha.... look at these insurance papers and sign them, please.

Lexie grabs them. It is obvious she is upset about the whole situation. She lets out a long sigh. Jack tries to talk to her.04Ep052B: Jack laughs at the irony of hurting his healthy

JACK: Look, I can see that you're not pleased. But, Lexie, you.... you gotta let me handle this situation my way!

LEXIE: Haaa.... (starts signing the forms) Oh..... as you know.... (she finishes and turns to Jack) the stress of keeping of keeping this a secret could be very detrimental to your health.

JACK: (Laughs and smiles ironically) Hahaha.... As if (tilts his head) that would matter at this time.

LEXIE: (Frustrated) Haa.... (she runs her hands over her hair)....

Jack smiles smugly trying to hide his feelings.

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....Jack, if you won't confide in Jennifer, you need to talk at least talk to someone.

Jack's expression becomes more serious.

LEXIE: (Cont.) Listen, y.... you must have a lot of questions for me. I have some time, right now, if you want to sit down, talk about it.

She starts walking towards her  desk. Jack puts out his arm to stop her.

JACK: Oh, thanks, but, ah, actually, (points with both hands towards the door) I gotta go. (Gestures) I got Jennifer, Abigail and her little friend Chelsea waiting for me at the stock car races.

LEXIE: (Obvious frustrated by the way Jack is handling the situation) I see. (Nods her head) And that's more important than learning about this condition that is slowly killing you?

JACK: Right now, today, this moment, the most important thing is making memories with my kids and the woman that I love.

Lexie looks at him. Jack is smiles,

04Ep052C: Jack smiles weakly

but it quickly fades.

Scene Two: At the Deveraux', Tek catches Patrick hanging around. He confronts him, he tells Patrick that Jack does not want him around and is very confrontational. Tek wonders if he is robbing the place. Patrick does not like being harassed.  Tek tells him that he will eventually screw up and when he does he will get him.

Scene Three: Back in Lexie's office. 04Ep052: Jack tries to make light of his situation

LEXIE: Jack, I really think you should talk about what you're going through.

JACK: (Scoffs and gestures) What's to talk about? (Takes his insurance forms) I don't fell like someone who's got a fatal illness (sniffs).

LEXIE: You'll, ah, continue to have your existing symptoms until--

(Mock grin) Until I'm dead!

LEXIE: (Emotionally) Yeah. I expect it will happen, very quickly--

JACK: (Putting out his hand to silence her) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Too much! Too much information! Let's.... Let's not get morbid, here. (Sighing) Haa....

LEXIE: Jack, I really think you should talk to Marlena.

JACK: (Jack continues to try and appear as though he is not upset and has accepted the news) Talk to Marlena, why? Why take the time to talk to Marlena when I just have a few months left. There's nothing left to say.

Lexie is disappointed that he refuses to talk to someone. Jack tries to hide how upset he really is.

JACK: (Cont.) There's nothing left to say, is there? Oh, ah, I-I.... I've (points) really gotta go. But, uh, the race is starting in a couple of minutes, and I-I.... I gotta run home or else there's (he puts his hand to his forehead) going to be a (moves his hand away in a sweeping motion) disaster! And, how many more disasters can the Deveraux family handle, anyway!

LEXIE: Wait, wait, wait, you've to go home, what's the problem?

JACK: Well, (scratches his head) we're having a tailgate, party, picnic cook-out and I forgot the piccalilli relish. (Jack talks stiltedly obvious trying to hide his anger over the news) And you can't have a picnic without pic-ca-li-lli relish.

Jack flashes a fake smile. Lexie just stares at him, unable to understand how he can be reacting the way he is.

04Ep052E: Jack talks about the importance of piccalilli relish

Scene Four: Back at the races, Jennifer introduces Abigail and Chelsea to Max and tells them she knew him when he was a little boy. Max brings up Frankie, and how she and he dated. Abigail wants to know more, Jennifer assures her that she and Frankie were just teens and had a very innocent romance. Jennifer says that he is worried about Jack, she does not know what is keeping him.

Scene Five: Jack is opening the door, he walks into the living room to see Patrick walking in from the kitchen area, carrying a plastic bag.

04Ep052F: Jack is shocked to see Patrick in their house

JACK: What the hell are you doing here?

Patrick shakes his head.

JACK: (Cont., furious) You were told to get your stuff out of my garage apartment, so you wait until nobody's home and come back to rob my  place?!

PATRICK: You are the second person to accuse me of that today, and I am sick and tired of it.

Jack frowns, not believing Patrick's gall.

Scene Six: Back at the races Jennifer and Abigail are talking to Max. Max wants to know who "Jack" is.

JENNIFER: (Smiles) Jack Deveraux, he's my husband. Max, you were probably too you to remember him.

ABIGAIL: (Excitedly) Oh, you'll love my dad. He's a journalist. (Points at him) Maybe he can write a profile of you for the newspaper?

Max tells her it is too late, someone else has. Abigail is a little disappointed. She tells Max that  Jack will love meeting him. Max wants to know if he is a fan of racing. Jennifer tells Max, "He's more of a tailgating fan." They talk about how exciting racing is. Max offers to show the girls his car and the pit. They go off with him. Jennifer stays behind, she is even more worried about Jack.

JENNIFER:Oh, come on, Jack, where are you?

Scene Seven: Back home, Jack is confronting Patrick.

JACK: (Walking up to Patrick) So, who else accused you of trying to rob me blind?

PATRICK: That cop Tek came by and saw me.

JACK: Begs the question, doesn't it, could both of us be wrong?

PATRICK: I was outside of your house, Jack! I wasn't carrying anything?

JACK: Still, it's good to know that the cops don't trust you either. (Gesturing) And since your things are (points towards the outside) outside my house, why are you in my house right now?!

PATRICK: I just came by to get some (shows the garbage bag) garbage bags to pack my clothes.

JACK: Garbage bags, huh? (Nods) And here I thought you were a world traveler!

Patrick smirks.

JACK: (Cont, still furious) Now, look! We asked you nicely to get your things out of here. Days ago! You're still here. Why?! What's taking so long?

PATRICK: Ah, Jennifer gave me a little extra time to get my things together, and, find a place to live.

JACK: Shouldn't be so hard, you could move in with your mother! In that Habitat for Humanity that we helped built, since she's now living in quasi-sin with Mickey Horton (frowns).

PATRICK: Where I live is none of your business--

JACK: Quite  right, couldn't care less, as long as you're no where near  me or mine!

PATRICK: Yeah, well, you made that very clear. Which is why I phoned ahead to make sure no one was here, so I wouldn't run into you and have this confrontation.
04Ep052G: Jack gets tough with Patrick
JACK: Too late! But now you have the rest of the afternoon to yourself, so, ah, get packing, and uh, (picks up a trash bag) keep the luggage!

Patrick snatches it and walks off. Jack waits a moment, then walks out behind hind him.

JACK: (Points to  him and talks as he looks the door) I want everything out of that garage apartment today! (After he finishes locking up he points at him as he talks) I don't want a hint, I don't want a memory of you being here, when I return with my family!  Get it!

PATRICK: Yeah, I got it!

JACK: Good!

Jack walks off and Patrick stares at him.

Scene Eight: Back in her office, Lexie looks upset. She thinks back to her talk with Jack [We did not see this conversation; since it is a flashback it is distorted].

04Ep052H: Jack starts to explain why he is not telling his familyShe walks up to Jack and taps him on the back, startling him.

LEXIE: Jack!  Are you really more worried about the fact that you forgot piccalilli relish than you are about the fact that you only have a few months left to live?

JACK: (Turns to her) Yes! (Looks around to get the strength to speak) Ha.... Yes! Yes, and I'll tell you why! (Walks around, and fiddles with his insurance forms, then puts them down, his back is turned from her) For the last year I've been separated from (motions with one hand) Jennifer (motions with the other) from Abigail. (Panting slightly) Ha.... Ha.... (gestures) and from my baby boy, Jack. I realize the most important things (gestures) is the precious moments that we have together.

04Ep052I: Jack tells her how much he loves Jennifer

JACK:  (Cont.) I.... (choked up) ha.... I love (chokes up again) them! (Nearly in tears) I love them! Ha....  (Emotionally) Na.... (turns towards her) Quite literally I love them more than my life itself! (His Adam's apple bobbles from the emotion).)And now, I'm going to make every day, the most special, memorable day I possibly can!

04Ep052J: Jack says he wants to give his family THE MOST SPECIAL, MEMORABLE DAY I CAN!

LEXIE: You're not going to tell them you're dying, are you?

JACK: No! (With a very slight smile) No I'm not!

04Ep052K: Jack continues to refuses to give in

Jack walks around and turns his back away from her. He nervously fiddles with his hands.

LEXIE: Can I ask why (folding her arms in front of her)?

JACK: If I tell them that only I am dying (Jack has a sad, haunted look) then they'll live in (his voice cracks) fear, live in anticipation of my death.

04Ep052L: He does not want his family to live in fear of his death

JACK: (Cont., trying to hold back from crying) Ha.... (turns back towards her) Can you imagine, Abigail's sneaking into our bedroom every night, every night, and leaning over me, (points his hands at himself) just to see if I'm still breathing. (Swallows to stop from crying) Can you imagine Jennifer checking on me every ten minutes just to make sure that I'm all right.

04Ep052M: Jack does not want Jenifer to obsess over him, worry about him all the time

JACK: (Cont., Jack frowns trying to stop from losing it completely) Everybody holding their breath every time that I sneeze or cough. Things that have absolutely nothing to do with this illness.

04Ep052N: Jack says, HE WILL NOT DO THAT TO THEM!

JACK: (Cont.) I will not do that to them! I will not! I will not do that to them!

Lexie looks at him.

JACK: (Cont.) The greatest gift that I can give them, the greatest gift that I can give myself, right to the moment that I go into the grave, is to.... (overcome with emotion) Is just to  have some.... (pleading, almost in tears) just a few, special, wonderful, happy memories in these few months that we have left.

LEXIE: (Looks down then back at Jack, trying to figure out how to convince him to be honest) Don't you think you're cheating them? (Shrugs) What if they're angry that you kept this secret from them.

Jack is frowning, his mouth is partially open, as he listens to her arguments. Are they working or is he as obstinate as ever.

LEXIE: (Cont.) What if they have regrets about something that they did! Or didn't do!

Jack continues to look at her, frowning, speechless.

LEXIE: (Cont.) Jack, if they knew maybe they'd want to do something special for you! To say "good-bye!"--

JACK:  No! (His Adam's apple bobbles again as he holds back his emotions and remains adamant) No! There's no saying "Good-bye!" No! (Almost crying) Not yet! Not yet anyway!

04Ep052P: Jack tells Lexie he's not dying, he's going to live!

JACK: (Cont.turns away, and is panting) Ha.... Ha.... I'm not.... (having a hard time saying the words) I'm not dying, Lexie! (He continues to try not to cry, he then turns to her with determination)  I'm gonna live! I'm gonna live my life to the fullest!

Lexie watches him overcome with emotion as well.

JACK: (Cont.) Right up to the very end! (Swallows and gives a slight nod) And now I think you know (with determination) what the most important thing is that I need to do!04Ep052Q: Jack is going to make the best Deveraux burgers and give his family the BEST  DAMN cook-out!

LEXIE: (Clears her throat) Hmmm (a fake smile) Yeah, yeah! (Sniffs) (She sounds like she is about to cry) You've gotta (gestures) get that piccalilli relish--

JACK: That's right!

Lexie nods. She is obviously still frustrated over Jack's obstinacy, and is also trying to hold back her own emotions.

JACK: (Cont.) That's right! To make the best Deveraux burgers there are! For Jennifer, (voice cracks) and Abigail, (trying to not cry) so that they're gonna have the best (almost crying) tailgate, cook-out  (Almost losing it) ever! (Nods in emphasis) Nothing is (his voice becomes weaker) more important! (He slaps up his insurance forms from the table, and looks at them.) Nothing (starts to walk off) is more important!

He stops at the door and smiles back at her, then leaves.

Back in the present, Lexie sighs. Someone comes into the room, and she tells the person that she is glad he is there.

Scene Nine: Back at the races, Max is showing the girls his car and the talks about racing. Chelsea monopolizes the conversation, and is coming on to Max. Abigail is virtually ignored. One of his pit crew comments to another crew member what a ladies' man he is and how he is always  trying to get women.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is still waiting for Jack. Jack then comes running into the area, shouting to Jennifer.

JACK: JENNIFER, (out of breath) JENNIFER,  I'm sorry...

04Ep052R: Jack is overcome with Emotion being back with Jennifer

Jennifer turns and stretches out her arms towards him. Jack is over come with emotion being with her.

JENNIFER: There you are!

(Cont.) I'm sorry, I'm so late!

JENNIFER: Jack....

The each hug each other tightly.

 JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....ooohh, where've you been, don't you know how much I worry about you?!

JACK: (Panting out of breath) Ha.... ha.... I had to rush home, ha.... I forgot the piccalilli relish, haa.

JENNIFER: Oh, good, good, so you have it, where is it?

JACK: (Still panting) It's.... (he realizes something, looks down) I.... I don't believe it, I forgot the piccalilli relish, again!

JENNIFER: But you went home specifically to get the piccalilli relish--

JACK: I did.... I.... I was distracted. Distracted!

JENNIFER: (Confused) By what?

JACK: (Frowns not wanting to reveal why) I.... (trying to change the subject) Hey, where.... Whe're  those (starts to take off) girls (looking around for them) gotta be around here somewhere. We gotta get this tailgate party (slaps his hands together) started! (Shouting for them) HEY GIRLS--

JENIFER: (Smiling, puts her hands on Jack) Oh, you know what, you are not going to believe this. You will never guess (gestures) who the hottest racer is today, in this race!

JACK: (Too preoccupied to care) You're right, I won't guess, why don't you just tell me.

JENNIFER: (Excitedly) Max-Brady!

JACK: (Does not seem to know who he is, frowns) "Max Brad?"

JENNIFER: (Excitedly, gesturing wildly) Frankie Brady's younger brother, Max!  Max Brady--

JACK: (Pronouncing it as he did in 1990/91) Françoisssee.


JACK: (Correcting himself [supposedly TPTB have erased that part of Frankie's history, so it seems to be a Matt ad lib]) Right, Frankie.


JACK: Frankie's brother, Brady.... (corrects himself) Max....


JACK: (Cont.) ....is in this race? Wait a  minute, I saw a Max Brady in the sports' pages, is that the same Max Brady? I didn't put two and two together--

JENNIFER: (Raises her arms) I know, (puts them down on Jack's hands) and wait until you see him. It's unbelievable. He's all grown up, and (turns towards their table and picks ups a tray of brownies) if you don't believe me, ask Abby and Chelsea, 'cause they're with him right now.

Jack walks over to the table.

JACK: Ahh, they're smitten, huh?

JENNIFER: Well, no, they are hot for his bod!

JACK: (Shocked) They're what (frowns and makes a face at that thought)?!

JENNIFER: Never mind, just think (puts out her hand) smitten!

JACK: Right, right, it certainly sounds less threatening.

JENIFER: (Arranging the food on their table) Yes! So, what distracted you (turns to him) so much that you forgot your favorite relish?

Jack does not answer, but has a worried look, not wanting to explain to her the reason, the news he got from Lexie. 

Scene Ten: Back in Lexie's office, her visitor is not Abe, but Tek. She breaks down, upset over Jack. They fall  into each other's arms and begin kissing passionately. They then fall onto her desk and begin having sex.

Scene Eleven: Back at the races, Jennifer is pouring a large amount of mayonnaise on some bread. Jack watches.

JACK: Actually, (waves it off) the piccalilli relish isn't really that important, you and Abigail don't really like it, anyway.

JENNIFER: (Stops working) Oh, yeah, but you like it, Jack, and you always (gestures) it is not a Deveraux burger--

JACK: (Gesturing, his voice does not hide his anguish over the news) ....It isn't a Deveraux burger without (his voice trails off) the pic.... piccalilli relish. I know. I  know (looks down sadly).

JENNIFER: That's right, so, how could you forget it. I mean, was there some kind of emergency or what happened?

JACK: No.... (Puts his had to his forehead) it merely, (takes his hand away not knowing what to say) wha.... actually, yes, (gestures), back at the house I ran into--

Jack is about to tell her about the confrontation with Patrick and Jennifer is about to put her hand on Jack's shoulder, when Abigail can be heard calling to them. They turn towards the direction of her voice.

ABIGAIL: Mom, Dad, look who we found.

Abigail and Chelsea each have Patrick by an arm and are dragging him over to Jack and Jennifer. They both are thrilled. Patrick does not look so happy. Jennifer is surprised, and knows Jack will not be happy, she turns towards Jack, who is *not* happy at all.

04Ep052S: Jack is not happy seeing Patrick interrupting his planned family party

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]