Episode Fifty-Three: Jack's
Plans for a Family Gathering Are
Ruined by Patrick's Presence.

[Air date June 24th, 2005]

Scene One: The scene is a short while after the previous episode, fans are in the stands for the start of the Salem 500 stock car race. Max escorts Abigail, Chelsea, Patrick, Jack and Jennifer to their seats that he got for them. The fans all get excited seeing Max. Max tells Patrick he has a ticket for him too. Jack is not happy. He stays away from the group, and leans over the railing, muttering to himself.

JACK: Patrick Lockhart is no friend!

Patrick talks to Max and tells him that he is glad to meet him. He tells Max that he has been following his career all along. What a surprise that he is "an old friend of Jennifer." Jennifer corrects, "young friend." She explains that she knew him when he was young. Abigail adds that her mother dated Max' brother. Chelsea makes another one of her sexual comments by saying, "There's nothing about him any more." Max tells him it is time for them to take there seats.

Jack comes over and grabs Patrick by the arm.

JACK: Wait a minute, come here. (When he has dragged him away) What the hell is going on?! (Gestures) After I warned you! You show up here! And you bother my wife and kids again.

PATRICK: It's a pure coincidence.

JACK: It's a coincidence that you're moving in on a whole family situation, cozying up on my wife.

PATRICK: (Patrick scratches his forehead, amused) Careful Jack, you're starting to sound a little paranoid.

JACK: (Jack means business, gestures for emphasis) It's the last time I warn you, you stay away from my wife, you stay away from my family.

PATRICK: Or what?

JACK: (Nods a little, then turns and is deadly seriously) Or I kill you!

04Ep053A: Jack tells Patrick he will KILL him

Jack glares at him. Patrick does not look like he knows what to make of what Jack said.

Scene Two: Back at the races, Jack and Patrick are still having their discussion. Patrick walks around Jack. As Patrick tries to explain, Jack just stares ahead.

PATRICK: I ran into Abby and Chelsea on the way to my seat! They insisted that I join them, what am I supposed to do? Say I can't (shrugs) because you (frowns) hate me!

JACK: It seems to me (turns to him) with your talent for (gestures) hiding the truth, you could come up with something a little more inventive, like, ah, (gestures) "Hey, I feel alot more comfortable in my own seat. Thank-you."

PATRICK: (Makes a face) Fine.

JACK: Good!

Patrick walks over to the others, and he tells them he will use his own ticket. Jennifer seems to know what is going on. Jack listens in, as Max tells Patrick that his seats are terrible. Chelsea tries to convince him to stay, since he knows so much about the cars.

Jennifer goes over to Jack, and takes him by the elbow.

JENNIFER: Jack, listen to me, I know, I know how you feel about Patrick, all right. But he has.... (does a sweeping motion with her arm) he has moved out, his stuff is gone. But the girls look at him, eh, you know, as if he's (looking towards the others) an uncle--

JACK: (Not believing what she said, and laughs ironically) An uncle!

JENNIFER:  (Cont.) ....so what would the harm be if he was just here to watch the race with us--

JACK: The harm, (gestures, upset) the harm, Jennifer, the harm is I don't trust him--

JENNIFER: I know that! I know you don't. But I do. And we would still be stuck on that island if it weren't for Patrick and our daughter would be an orphan, would you prefer that!

JACK: Of course not! Of course not! But we wouldn't be on that island, in the first place, if it wasn't for (points to where Patrick is) him and his damn boss!

JENNIFER:  I don't believe that, it's not true, Jack. I don't believe that.

JACK: (Angrily) The fact is (makes a slicing motion with his hand) he was working for Tony di Mera, lest he's got himself a real job, he probably still is.

JENNIFER: I just wonder when we're really going to put this behind us.

JACK: (Looks at her) Jennifer, I've been presumed dead twice, it's pretty hard (looks away) to forget about it!

JENNIFER: And I am not asking you to forget about it, I am not--

JACK: I (his eyes flare in further anger) WILL NOT forget about it, until I'm (gestures) de.... 'til I'm dead-dead!

JENNIFER: You almost were "dead-dead!"

JACK: (Frustrated, bangs his hand against the railing) Look, (points at Patrick) he suddenly shows up on that island (sweeping motion with his arm) and he saves me. That's really great, that's really wonderful [huh, Bo and Hope saved Jack, Patrick had fallen into the ravine???]--

JENNIFER: Well, you know what--

JACK: I ju--

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....I happen to think that's a very big deal, you might not, but I do! And he also delivered our son on that island while I was Tony di Mera's prisoner at the same time  --

JACK: Yes, I know, I know, and who knows, maybe our son wouldn't have lived, maybe he wouldn't have survived, I've heard all t his before! (Trying desperately to get her to believe) But the fact is (hits his hand against the race form he is holding), the fact is, listen to me, (gestures trying to get her to believe him) every single time, every moment he was there, conveniently, there to save you! It made you.... (gestures) gracious to him, and gratified to  him. (Points) And the entire time, the entire time (points at Patrick) he was still working for Tony di Mera! (Frustrated) Ah!

JENNIFER: Well, I believe that people can change, Jack. I do.

Jack looks at her, then shakes his head.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Listen, (runs her hand up and down his arm) can't we just be here together, today....

Jack sighs.

JENNIFER:  (Cont.) ....as a family, (gestures) and just... just enjoy the day. Jack (taps her chest) I almost lost you twice! An.... And I think about all the times where (extends her arms) our family almost lost everything that we have!

Jack bends his head down and sighs.

JENNIFER: But what about when you first came to Salem, remember how sick you were thought you were dying Jack,--

JACK: I know, I know--

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....you almost died!

JACK: I know, I know....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Right what about your brother

04Ep053B: Jennifer talks about Steve JACK:
(Cont.) I almost never met you.

JENNIFER: Right! And you had a kidney transplant with Steve, what about that?!  You're forgetting all of these things.

Jennifer does not realize Jack's reactions are not because he has forgotten, but because he realizes how little he has left with the people he loves, and how he wants to spend time with them, alone, and not with Patrick hovering around. Jennifer mentioning Steve's really hits hard. The pain of losing him comes back.

JACK: (Exhales) Ha.... Steve, (overcome with emotion, trying to hold back from crying) and now.... (thinking about the fact he soon will be dead too) I know, here I am, here I am, and Steve is.... (looks at her and then looks away) it's been so many years since he's been gone, I know. (Looks back at her) I know!

JENNIFER: And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you sad. My point in saying all of this, Jack, it's (points to herself) our turn to be happy! And I am telling you, no matter what I will never lose hope! And I don't want us to take for granted this time we have together, do you understand that?

JACK: (Nods, and tries to hold back from breaking down) I understand. I get it. I do!  I just, (looks at her, the turns) All right! All right! All right! (Exhales deeply) Haa.... It's okay. Okay! He can.... He can stay! He can stay, for now it's okay, he can stay!

Jennifer pats his face, and kiss his other cheek. Jack looks down, upset over having to give in, wanting to spend these last moments with his family and not having Patrick around.

JENNIFER: Thank you (then she caresses the cheek she just kissed).

The girls wonder why Patrick does not want to sit with them. Patrick is about to say something when Jennifer comes up. Jack is behind her, the two holding hands. Jennifer puts her other hand on top of Jack's. She tells Patrick that she and Jack want him to stay. Jack looks away and glares at Patrick. Jennifer asks him to then join them for their tailgate party. The girls beg him to stay. Patrick agrees. He then turns to Max and thanks him for the ticket. Max tells Patrick that he looks familiar. Jack turns and looks over, intrigued. Patrick just glares. It does not seem like he likes being recognized.

Scene Three: Back at the races the previous scene continues. Jack is intently listening into their conversation. Jennifer looks at Jack. Patrick tells Max he has a great memory, that they did meet a long time ago, but briefly. Patrick explains that it was when Max was a midget driver, and that he (Patrick) wanted to invest into the racing team. Patrick admits he did not invest. Max said that the car was a great success. Patrick tells Max that he "was as successful investing in cars as driving them." Max is surprised that  Patrick also drove. Patrick waves it off and tells him that the were "none sanctioned heats for a private interest."  He goes on about crashing the car, and they were unable to get a new one. The girls are excited about his story. Chelsea goes on with her sexual innuendos about how hot driving is.

Max tells them that he has to leave. The girls are all giddy over him and tell him that they are rooting for him. He tells them to kiss him for luck. The both kiss him on each cheek.

04Ep053C: Jack & Jennifer react to Abigail kissing Max

Jack makes a face, and Jennifer puts her hand to her face, they both cannot believe what they say Abigail do. He goes to Jennifer, " You too, Jensifer." Jennifer gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and tells him that he used to call her that when he was a little boy. He tells her that he used to dream about being kissed by her. Jennifer tells him to drive safely. Abigail is appalled that she would dare to tell "Max Brady to drive safely!"

Patrick, Abigail, Chelsea and Jennifer sit down. Jack sits down next to Jennifer.

JACK: Okay, all right, that settles it, tomorrow morning, first thing, I'm going to get myself a black spandex, tight racing jump suit with a big yellow stripe (motioning down his sleeve a stripe going from his shoulder to his wrist) down the side (then he looks at Jennifer for approval).

JENNIFER: (Chuckles) Hahaha. I mean this in.... in the nicest way.

JACK: I'm sure you do.

JENNIFER: I.... I don't think (frowning) it would look the same.

JACK: Of course it wouldn't, it would look better because I-I.... I'm buffed! I-i.... (putting his arm around Jennifer) in a reporter sort of way.

JENNIFER: You're right! You're right, (looking at him up and down) in a "reporter sort of way" you are buffed!

Jennifer smiles at him.

JACK: Yeah!

He leans towards her, she smiles and they begin to kiss. Jack moans.

JACK: Mmmm.

Patrick gets up and Chelsea admires his butt. She says that  he and Max have killer bodies. Abigail agrees. Chelsea would like to unzip them. Abigail makes a face at the thought.

Scene Four: It is later, the race has only a couple of laps to go. There is stock footage of a race track and a real race. The gang is eating and cheering Max on. Jennifer stands up and shouts. [It is hard to hear what Jack and Jennifer are saying, I am not transcribing what the others say].


JACK:  [Cannot make out what he says] They're going into the turn, (pushing her back down to her seat) down!

JENNIFER: (Making a fists) He's going to win!

JACK: (Nods, and mouths) I know.

The announcer is heard saying that Max is overtaking a car. Abigail, Chelsea and Patrick watch excitedly, and comment, cheering Max. Jennifer points.

JACK: He's got him.

Something happens in the race and all the crowd jumps up. The announcer says that the other driver is not letting Max by.

JACK: (Commenting on what is happening) Oh he's down, He's never gonna make that!  He won't make it! He'll never make it! He'll never make it.

04Ep053D: The gang watches the race

Apparently Max is trying squeeze past the other driver. Something happens and the whole crowd reacts.

JACK: Ohh! Whoa! Oh....


Scene Five: Everything is fine, Max apparently pulled off an amazing win.  Everyone is talking about how exciting the end of the race was.

JACK: WHOOO WEEE, that was great!

JENNIFER: Oh, it was my heart was beating a mile a minute.

ABIGAIL: Mine too.

JACK: I'm telling you, that was something, I got to it admit that was something.

They talk about how amazing Max' driving was to win the race.

ABIGAIL: (Thrilled, shrieks) AHH, he's coming over here!

JACK: Oh, look at that.

JACK: (Looks) No he's no..., Oh, he is, look at him.

Max walks into the stands and the crowd goes crazy. Chelsea gives him a big hug. Jennifer is worried about him, and asks if he planned the finish. He admits he did not but that it worked to his advantage. He addresses the rest of the crowd, and they go crazy. Jennifer gushes about the race. Chelsea tells Abigail she would not mind getting closer to Max. Patrick is talking to Max about the race.

JACK: (Slaps his hands together) Wait, in all this excitement has gotten me ravenous!

ABIGAIL: Oh, me too!

CHELSEA: I'm starving!

JACK: (Slaps his hands together again) All right! all right, (Makes a sweeping motion) let's get over to the tailgate area and light up the grill, and get this (gestures) party started!

ABIGAIL: (Claps her hands excitedly) All right!

Just then it begins to thunder. Jack looks heavenward.

04Ep053E: Jack cringes as it begins to thunder

JACK: Or, ah, (looking around in the sky, and frown) not!

Scene Six: Everyone is still at the races, and it has just begun to thunder. Jennifer and Jack are looking up into the sky, and Jack is putting on his sweat shirt.

JENNIFER: Ooohh, boy!

JACK: Okay, all right, well, so much for a tailgate party, looks like it's going to be a monsoon.

JENNIFER: (Still searching the skies) Aahhh, it sure does, but we don't have to (looks at Jack) cancel the cook-out, Jack, let's go home and have it inside and you can barbeque in the garage.

JACK: Nooo, nooo, nooo!

CHELSEA: That's a great idea, Mr. Deveraux.

ABIGAIL: Yeah, yeah, Dad, we can help!

JACK: Really, well, I guess I'm out voted, here.

Jennifer looks up to Jack and smiles at him, thanking for agreeing.

ABIGAIL: (Turns to Max) Can Max come too?

JENNIFER: Ah, Honey, I'm sure he has other places to go.

Jack, Abigail and Jennifer all look at Max.

MAX: Actually, I-I just have carry-out and cable in my motel room.

JENNIFER: Are you kidding me?

MAX: (Chuckles) Ha...., well, my life isn't as glamorous as the fan magazines make it seem.

JENNIFER: Really, them we will not take "no" for man answer! (Starts to drag him off) Come on, you're coming with us!

Max chuckles. Then Chelsea asks Patrick to come with them too. Patrick says he does not think so, and looks at Jack. Jack glares at him. Jennifer looks at Jack.

JENNIFER: Patrick, there is enough food for everyone! And you're welcome to come.

Jack is not at all happy.

JENNIFER: (Cont., more telling than asking Jack) Isn't that right, Jack?!

Jack glares at Patrick, who looks at him. There is another clap of thunder and Jack looks up.

JACK: (Not sounding too convincingly) Ah, yeah, yeah, sure, why not, sure. Let's.... (motions with his head and arm) let's all get over there (scans the sky) before the rain starts coming.

JENNIFER: Come on girls....

JACK:  (Cont.) Let's go. Come on! Let's go!

JENNIFER: (Cont., motions) Hurry, hurry.

Jennifer, Aigail and Chelsea walk off, leaving Jack and Patrick behind. Jack is leaning over the railing, annoyed by the situation, and sighs. Patrick starts to leave, but Jack stops him.

JACK: One beer! One burger! And then you're gone!

04Ep053F: Jack tells Patrick he can stay for a short while, then he wants him GONE

JACK: (Jack walks off, calling to the others) EVERYBODY WAIT FOR ME, I'VE GOT THE KEYS!

Patrick is angry and makes a face, then he follows.

Scene Seven: Back at the Deveraux' house, Jack stumbles into the house and takes off his hood. Abigail is behind him, and the rest of them following. They all take their jackets and sweaters off as they walk into the room.

JACK: All right! Whoa

JENNIFER:  Okay. Oh.

ABIGAIL: I can't believe it hardly started to rain, I mean, if we were at the track a little big longer we could have been having a tailgate party--

JACK: No, no, no that storm is coming back full-force. We need to stay right here and have the barbeque here, it's better.


Max talks about missing the "simple life" in Salem. Jennifer says she thinks he does not "really miss it." Max replies   that he mess some things, like home cooking. Jennifer tells him that can care of that, and for him to sit and to make himself at home.

JACK: (Jack motions) All rigth, please! Please!

Patrick wonders if his team needs backers. Jack is paying attention. Max wonders if he would like to get involved. Patrick says maybe but that he may also know some people who would be interested. Max tells him that he is just the driver, and that Patrick would need to talk to the owners. Chelsea tells him he is more than "just the driver," and whips out a poster of him. Chelsea gushes about him Max laughs and comments on " nothing like a dedicated fan."

JACK: Here! Here!

Max offers to help.

JENNIFER: Ah, well, let's see, (points to Jack) Jack is the Grillmeister.

JACK: Right!

JENNIFER:  (Cont.) So we're set, and, uh, sides and the salads (gets up) uh, they're in the car, we got to get them out of the car.

Jack and Max get up. Max asks about dessert. Jennifer then realizes she forgot to get dessert. He asks about some place called Sweet B's. She tells him it is still around. He remembers their homemade ice cream and offers to go pick some up. Jennifer likes the idea. He asks if anyone wants to come with him. Abigail volunteers. The Chelsea does too. He tells them that his car only has two seats. Abigail tells Chelsea that she could go, she says that she will stay and help her parents.  Chelsea takes off with Max. Jack and Jennifer are standing together, in their usual pose, Jack in the back with his arms on Jennifer's shoulder, and Jennifer in front of him.

MAX: (Points) What's, ah, everybody's favorite?

JACK: Oh, that would be strawberry....

JENNIFER: Oh, oh, peach!

JACK: (Looks down at Jennifer) Strawberry!

JENNIFER: No, peach!

ABIGAIL: (Walking over to her parents) Chocolate-banana-nut swirl.

JACK: (Points at Abigail) Strawberry for her too!

04Ep053G: Jack and family discuss ice cream

Abigail and Jennifer both start laughing over Jack's silliness. Chelsea asks Patrick, how looks over at Jack. Jack glares at him, and Jennifer looks at  him. He tells her he will not stay for dessert. Max and Chelsea take off.

PATRICK: Hey, why don't I bring some stuff in from the car.

JACK: (His arm around his daughter) I think we can handle it (he leads her off to the car).

PATRICK: Look, ah, just let me help, all right.

JACK: (Stops) We don't need your help!

Jack walks way, leading Abigail. Patrick looks at Jennifer, and she does not know what to say.

Scene Eight: Patrick is leaning against the fireplace, as the three Deverauxes come in with the food. He looks over towards them.

JACK: You've got it?

JENNIFER: (Puts down some stuff) Honey, yes....

JACK: All right... (takes some things from Abigail).

JENNIFER:  (Cont.) ....we did packed enough food for an entire army.

JACK: Oh, okay

JENNIER: (Taking stuff from Abigail) Let me help you, Honey.

PATRICK: (Walking over to them) There must be something I can do, guys.

JENNIFER: Oh, Yeah, actually, ah--

JACK: Everything's under control here!

Jennifer looks at Jack. Patrick glares.

JACK: (Cont.) Ah, Abigail, (handing stuff for the hamburgers) I, ah, want you to take this right into the kitchen right now, you get started, and (points) I'm gonna get in there and help you with the mix.

ABIGAIL: You gave me the recipe, Dad, remember. I can mix it myself (walking towards the kitchen).

JACK: Yes, but this time (slaps his hands together) you're doing it under my supervision.


JACK: And I'm (puts his hand on Jennifer's shoulder) doing all the grilling!

ABIGAIL: Okay (walks off to the kitchen).

PATRICK: (Staring to pick up some things) You know, why don't I take some of this stu--

JACK: No, you just stay right here!

Patrick frowns. Jack looks at him with hate. Jennifer feels awkward, and turns to Jack.

JENNIFER: Um, hey, hey, Jack, why don't, um, Abby and I prepare the burgers in the kitchen and then (motions with her head) you could go outside and get the grill all started up

JACK: (Puts out his hand to stop her) Jennifer....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and re--

JACK: ....(Gestures) the burgers are my thing. (Takes her hands) If you could go in the kitchen right now with Abigail and help get either set up, I'll be there in a minute, and we can make the burgers together, all three of us (slight smile).

Jennifer nods sadly.

JACK: It's all right. Everything's fine. I promise.

JENNIFER: (Gives a quick weak smile) Okay.

She pats Jack's shoulder and walks off. Jack sighs. Patrick watches her walk away. Jack sighs again.

PATRICK: (Exhaling) very subtle, Jack!

JACK:  (Massaging the bridge of his nose) I don't recall asking you for your opinion!

PATRICK: No, you didn't! But even you have to realize how uncomfortable Jennifer is with the tension between us.

JACK: (Calmly, yet deadly serious) Okay,  I've got a solution. After 04Ep053H: Jack tells Patrick he's not threatening he's PROMISINGyou've had your beer, and your burger, you make your excuses, and you leave! And you don't bother me or my family again!

PATRICK: (Frowns, a little cocky) Or what? You're gonna beat me up?

JACK: Don't push me! It could be the biggest mistake of your mistake filed life!

PATRICK: I don't like threatens, Jack!

JACK: It's not a threat.... it's a promise! Nothing and nobody gets between me and my family, again!

Jack walks off. Patrick stares and glares. Jack stops at the door to the kitchen and looks back for a second, and then goes inside.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]