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SOAPNET's SoapTalk Jan 04

Soap Talk [Talk Show]
role: Christina and Matt are guests
show co-hosts: Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway

network: Soap Net; January 2004


SoapTalk: Matt posing #1
SoapTalk: Matt posing #2
SoapTalk: Matt posing #3

Announcer talks about Matt coming up next, we see Matt doing various poses as he waits to come into the studio.

Ty: Okay, so here is the bad news, our first guest was murdered by the Salem Stalker on Days of Our Lives--

Lisa: Aaaahhhhh!

Ty: I know, I know but the good news is he's coming back to daytime hunting down a serial killer himself on One Life to Live.

Lisa: Yeeaaahhhh!

[Clip of Matt's first day, explaining the mind of a serial killer click to view clip from episode]

Lisa: Please welcome back my friend, Matt friend Matt Ashford.

Matt runs out, he mutters something, which I could not hear; the crowd cheers. He gives both Ty and Lisa big hugs.

Ty: Welcome, welcome.

Matt: Well, isn't this just a fine "how do you do."

Lisa laughs.

Matt: Oh, my gosh.

Lisa: How does it feel all this that is going on with you?

Ty: Changes, huh?

Lisa: Yeah.

ST04:  Like Stephen King novelMatt: Well, I feel as though I stepped out of a Stephen King novel. Where I'm like, you know, I leave one reality and suddenly stepped into another, and were all talking about finding a serial killer (pointing around) wait a minute just oh--

Lisa: Wait a minute I was just killed by one.

Matt: Then I there with you, and you're here (pointing back and forth).

Ty: I know, I know, it's very spooky; it's very spooky.

Matt: Yes, well, I'm excited, we had a chance, you know to work together, and kinda make some really neat things happen. We're just starting to get into it

Ty: Really great things this week.

Lisa: (Sounding excited) Did you guys work together already?

Ty: Yeah. First time.

Lisa: (Gushing but sincere) Isn't he a good actor, I love working with him.

Ty: Yes!

Matt seems embarrassed.

Matt: Thank you. Thank you.

Lisa: Really!

Matt: There's some, I mean, I'm not just going to do a promo here, but we had some really...., a scene that was very difficult that, that Ty had to come in to and in the course of the day we ended up creating a very, you know, intense....

Ty: (Nodding in agreement) That's right.

Matt: ....neat scene where we are trying to break this guy down, but also try..., I'm trying to help him. And it, and it really ended up working.

Lisa: Great!

Matt: And it's the kind of reason, it's the reason I feel we want to do daytime, because the actors have the opportunity to actually create something.

Ty: And it actually is a great feeling afterwards, and you feel like very fulfilled.

Matt: Huh Hmm, yes!

ST04: Matt reacts to Jack's death by brickTy: Let's go back to Days real quick, were you happy the way that Jack went out or....

Matt: (Sounding diplomatic) Well, (makes a slight face) you mean in a brick in the head?

Audience Laughs. They show a photo of Jack and Jennifer from the time they ate the chocolate fondue.

Ty: Yeah? Because I know that was your whole thing, you wanted him to go out like Slim Pickings, you know ridin' the uh--

Matt:I was ridin' the brick, Baby! Yeah

Ty and Lisa are laughing.

Matt: (Laughing) I don't... I mean it just.... in some ways it was soooo funny, 'cause it was just ironic, you think about so many ways you can go, and you go with a brick. And.... I had to laugh. It's okay (brushes it off) I mean I'm sorry to leave so many friends, and also I realize I sad to realize that character who is like a friend.

Ty: (Slightly sarcastic) but the good news is that they were able to recycle your organs.

The audience laughs.

ST04: Recycled organs

Matt: (Kind of making a face) Yeeesss, so I'm (laughing) I'm still out there (motions with his hands, mumbles).

Ty: They donated your organs even though your organs were a donation to you in the first place, right.

Matt: Oh, from Steve, from my brother Patch....

Ty: That's what I mean.

Matt: Yeah, so they're.... we're really recycling on Days, and uh...

Lisa: That's great, I'm glad. I'm glad.

Matt: Patch is still out there too, yeah.

ST04: Imitates writers' reactionsTy: Did you say something to the writers or anything....

Matt: I happened to mention it, and they just said (makes grumbling noises, and motions that they tried to ignore the question). So we just..... we kind la.... and I the (shrugs it off) course of everything going on what's an organ here or there.

Ty: Yeah, that's right, who can keep track of a kidney.


Now, you were on One Life in '82?

Matt: Yes? Yes, I started in--

Ty: Oh, this is your second trip?

Matt: Yes, it's (holding up two fingers) Two Lives to Live for me.

Lisa: (Talking to Ty) How many is it for you?

Ty: It's like Forty-five Lives to Live.

Matt: Yeah, yeah I was actually killed off of One Life to Live by a guy who just won the Academy Award.

Ty: Cooper.

ST04: Describes how he was killed the 1st time on OLTLMatt and Lisa: Chris Cooper.

Lisa: Really talented.

Matt: Chris Cooper was a day player, came on, and killed me on the way to my wedding with Becky Lee, and (crowd laughs; Matt does a fake laugh) Ah, ha, yeah that was the end of Drew for me. But now I've come back as Stephen in a whole 'nother thing. Unless, you know, some fans are watching, and are say "I bet that's really Drew, and he's in disguise and he's come back and" you know, we'll see.

Ty: Yeah. Now who did you work with when you were there before? Did you work with Bob Woods--

Matt: (Thinking) Yeeesss! I worked with--

Ty: ....Robin Strasser, and all them?

Matt: Yes, Bob, and Robin, and um, a little bit with Erika in scenes. But now, my first day was with Bob, and Michael Easton....

Ty: Right.

Matt: Who we worked with on Days, and um so many people I know. And they're still there, and they're great actors, and you know it's exciting, yeah.

Lisa: Does Jack ever pop up in your.... in your new role? I mean when you go from one....

Ty: Tough yeah.

Lisa: another--

Ty: Especially when you have such a successful character.

Lisa: ....yeah, I mean Jack was sooo Jack!

Matt does not seem to know how to respond. The crowd laughs. Lisa looks towards the crowd.

Lisa: You know what I mean? he was! No you don't? But anyway.

Matt: Well, I.... You know, in the course of right now Stephen is really there to help people whether it's (pointing to Ty) the character of Troy or anyone else.

Ty: Right.

Matt: ....and um, you know, his.... uh.... his.... his.... his own desires and wants and needs have yet to be...., you know, shown.

Ty: Right.

Matt: And I think Jack was all about wants and needs and desires. Umm, and so I haven't been able to kinda put that in yet, Ummm, I don't know, I mean as an actor dontch', you really want to think "I can create other characters," and yet there are elements of myself that I want to bring in--

Ty: Right.

Matt: ....if they work with the character of Stephen, then good.

Ty: How are you liking New York City, with the snow and all that stuff?

Matt: I love it! I grew up in the snow, in Iowa. And uh, um I actual had my daughters out there recently when they came to visit, Grace and Emma, and they.... they got back on the plane and were crying said that there life would be so boring now, you know, after being in New York City. It wasn't me.

Ty: Now they're back in LA?

Matt:They're back in LA.

Ty: You're doing the commute thing?

Matt: Yes, I'm commuting.

Lisa: Wow!

Ty: We know about that.

Matt: Yeah!

Ty: Now, let me ask you this, let's say One Life comes to you says, "Hey, we'd like you to be here permanently," would you move to New York? Would you take it?

Matt: (Thinks) Well, that's.... that's the challenge. I mean, I said if the opportunity... if it turns into something big, then uh, then we're.... we're ready. They're scared, the girls are scared, but I said "You know we've done it before." So we'll see.

Lisa: And that's the actor's life.

Ty: Yeah!

Matt: That... that.... yeah--

Lisa: We have to be open to that.

Matt: (Nodding in agreement) It is, you know, you go where the work is, and uh.... be happy you've got it, and if you've got a great character you.... you.... you run wit it.

Lisa: Now tell us about the CD you put together for Emma.

Matt: Oh, yes, I think we....

ST04: Photo of Emma

Ty holds out the CD Emma and the GobbletyGoos.

Ty: Here's the CD here.

Matt: Emma is a sur.... cancer survivor, that's our littlest one--

Lisa: which we talked about last time you were here.

Matt: Yes! And umm, as it turned out a dear friend of ours, as she was going through chemotherapy...

A picture of Emma from the CD.

Matt: ....when she was just a tiny baby--

Lisa: Ummm, there she is.

Matt: ....she uhh.... she's not.... yeah, she's now a big girl of six, ahh, we had a friend write write this story for her called, Emma and the GobbletyGoos, and it's about a.... a.... a little child umm, actually having to face uh.... an illness of her own with these.... and these.... comes to the aid of these three funny characters, and it really made a big difference not only in Emma's life, but our.... our bigger.... her bigger sister Grace.Then we got this idea let's uh.... let's uh.... you know if we can.... uh,and put this on a CD , and ah, I got friends from Days to help narrated it, you know Deidre Hall, and.... and uh, and all the proceeds are being given to Retinoblastoma International, it's the--

Lisa: Great!

Ty: So you're the spokesperson?

Matt: Yes, I'm one of the spokespeople, yes, it's a.... it's a great good thing.

Lisa: Well--

Ty: Married for sixteen years, correct?

Matt: Sixteen years, yeeesss!

Ty: Your wife, Christina?

Matt: Christina! Yes!

Ty: I believe she's here with us today.

Lisa: And when we come back, you're gonna, sing, for us!

Matt: Yes.... We're gonna, sing.

Lisa: You and Christina are going to sing, (talk to the audience) so stay with us, we'll be right back!

The crowd cheers and Matt thanks them. The announce says that Matt's wife we tell us why she wanted Matt to be fired.

ST04: Christina & Matt

They come back from break and Christina and Matt are sitting together, holding hands.

ST04: ChristinaLisa: We're back with Matt Ashford, from One Life to Live, and joining is is Matthew's lovely wife Christina. Welcome Christina.

Christina: Thank you!

Ty: Christina.

Lisa: Now you actually met while you were doing a show together.

Christina: Yes, actually we were both volunteering for a world peace cultural festival, and I was a choreographer, and Matt, I needed actors who moved well.


ST04: Matt shows how well he moves

Matt does a little dance.

Christina: And he....

Ty: He moves well, all right.

Christina: He moves welll!

(Still doing his little dance, and singing) Oh baby! Oh baby!

Ty: Now what was your first, first impression of Matt when you first met him?

ST04: Matt reactsChristina: Actually, I thought he was he was pretty full of himself, and I didn't like him.

Everyone laughs, and Matt just nods.

Christina: But I was wrong, I just assumed that somebody that was that good looking, and--

Matt: I was full of myself and she did like me, that's pretty good.

Christina: There you go, there you go, exactly. No but I.... I realize after he started speaking with me that he was very normal, very down to earth, came from a big family, like myself, and uh, and the rest is history (laughs).

Matt: Histoire.

Ty: Down to earth, yes; normal, (shaking his head) the jury is still out.

Yeah well, yeah....

Matt says something but it is hard to hear.

Ty: I don't know if he ever wants to be considered normal.

Christina: There you go.

Matt: But what is normal?

Ty: Exactly!

Lisa: So what are you going to sing for us today?

Christina looks at Matt.

Christina: We're going to sing a song called,"I have dreamed," from the musical The King and I. It's an old romantic song.

The crowd claps.

Ty: Ahh.

Matt: For a young romantic couple.

Christina and Matt sing, and do a fabulous job. [Soon I will have the song on-line!!]

ST04L: Christina singing
ST04M Christina singing

ST04O: See the love

ST04R: Christina singing

ST04Q: Christina singing


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