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SOAPNET's SoapTalk Jan 04

Soap Talk [Talk Show]
role: Matt and Billy Warlock are guests
show co-hosts: Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway.
network: Soap Net; November 28th, 2005


STNov05A: Matt & Billy relax

Before Matt and Billy appear we see a shot of them waiting in the Green Room.

Lisa introduces the guys by saying, "What do you do when you find yourself dying from a mysterious illness? In Salem you set your wife up with her high school sweetheart, of course." They show a clip of Jack trying to convince Frankie to go along with his plan, to take up with Jennifer after he has died.

After the clip, Ty introduces Matt and Billy. Matt and Billy shake ties hand and then hug him and then Lisa kisses and hugs Matt then Billy. They all say how good it is to see each other. Matt salutes the crowd. The crowd continues to scream. They both sit down.STNov05B: Matt & Billy arrive

STNov05C: Matt says the director to him to get there fastTy:  Matt, Matt was all business getting over here! That's the fastest I've seen anybody cross from the stage!

Matt: (Mumbling something) I--

Ty: Directly to the stage!

STNov05D: Nice shot of MattMatt: The director told me what to do.

Ty: All right! Nice!

Billy: He takes direction very well....

Ty: (Cont.) Very well!

Billy:(Cont.) ....unlike me.

Lisa: Well, welcome, boys, you look great, both of you.

Billy: Thank you! Thank you!
Matt mutters something too.
Ty: You know, we just did a DAYS fortieth reunion, one of the things that Lisa and I learned that does DAYS does supercouples better than any other show on history.... in history.... in television. And, now, we have the new supercouple right here.
Ty points to Matt and Billy and they both give each other a romantic glance. STNov05E: Mat-Lock the new supercouple
Matt: Here you go!

Ty: I even came up with a supercouple name for you.

Billie: Oh, no!

Ty: Mat-lock. What do you think.
Billy throws up his arms and nods in agreement, Matt mouths it and laughs.
Ty:  That's good stuff.
Lisa agrees and Ty is proud of himself.
Billy: Flattered!

STNov05F: Matt talks about couple dynamicsTy: So, you guys having fun, working together?

Billy: Yes!

Matt: And the fact that is what you just said about the supercouples, yes they create these very strong dynamics between men and women. And we all know when a woman walks into a room, everything changes for the guy. An.... And it's in the scene too, but when occasionally they have guys work together there's a whole different dynamic.And that's really fun to play -- I know know (speaking to Ty) you've gotten a chance to do that. And actually women.... when women can  play together that's good too.
Lisa nods in agreement.
Matt: (Cont.) And every now and then they start writing great stuff for, you know, two guys.

Ty: Right!

Matt: And, it.... it is enjoyable, and it's enjoyable to work with Billy again.
Lisa tells Billy that last time he was  on the show he talked about being apprehensive coming back to the show. Billy tells them that he he had a harder time adjusting to LA more than returning to the show. Matt replies, "Because the show is back in Salem. Billy says he he prefers New York. He says that he is finally settled in. He says that the story has finally kicked in after a slow start, and he wonder when they were going to do something.   Ty interjects that it was good that it was a slow start. Billy agrees.
Billy: You can't break them up (referring to Jack and Jennifer).You know, an.... and Frankie wasn't..... I wasn't here to break them up, it's just to enhance.

Matt: But he is also the first boyfriend, the first love. Which--

Lisa: Of Jennifer's.

Matt: Thank you.

Lisa: Of Jennifer's--

Ty:Missy Reeves.

Matt: Of Melissa Reeves, Jennifer.

Ty: Not of Jack's.
They laugh.
Lisa: Just thought I'd clarify.

Matt: But it's a very special relationship, and.... and,  we're kinda finding that out. Do.... Does that flame ever go out. Some people say, "It's over! It's over!" And I think, you know, it's never really over. So it's a very interesting, dangerous dynamic.
Ty and Lisa agree that the first love is special.
Ty: I mean, that's a difficult story to play.... for you to play, you know, uh.... uh.... trying to hook up your wife with your wife with her first love  because you're dying. It's tough to make that very real.

Lisa: That's quite giving of you.
Lisa laughs. Ty agrees.
STNov05G: Matt talks about Jack pairing Jen/FrankieMatt: (With an accent) I am the givah! Ah, Well, it's my feeling that Jack doesn't.... the best way that he can deal with death is to basically try to control it. And, so, he's trying to control everyone around him to say, "I want you to be this. And you're gonna to do that. And you're gonna do that. And.... and Frankie you are gonna be my appointed heir. You know--"


Matt: "'re gonna take my place!" And, it's.... it's he's so out of the loop of reality. And Frankie's the one that has to keep pulling him back. Which he doesn't wanna see until he finally sees that he actually does care for her, and that really does freak him out.

Ty: Yeah!

Lisa: What's gonna happen?

Matt: "What?" I don't know.

Lisa: Do you have any idea?

Ty:Are you really worried about Jack dying, I man, 'cause, well, dying usually means--

Billy: Let's really be honest, do we reeaally think that's gonna happen, (sarcastically) I don't know.
Everyone laughs, including the audience.
Lisa: All right, you're gonna maybe die for a why and come back?

Billy: Yeah--

Ty: Yeah, you know, death is just a speed bump in daytime.

Billy: Knock, knock, knock! Exactly!

Matt: I don't know, it's ah--
STNov05H: Billy teases Matt about Jack's many Billy: Exactly, he's been dead how many times, exactly?

Matt: I don't know. I never never.... This is the first time I've ever approached it. All I've.... the last time just get hit with a brick on the back of the head and wake up on an island.

Ty: Right!

Billy: You can't kill Jack! You can't kill 'em, he's.... he's.... you know, like a vampire, or something.

Ty: One of the things that always makes--

Matt: Or a bad rash!STNov05I: Group shot
Matt and Billy laugh. Lisa cannot control herself from laughing so hard.
Ty:  (Cont.) ....makes a good triangle work is trust between actors. And I know alot of times it can get competitive in the triangle as well.
Lisa agrees.
Billy: Absolutely not with us.

Ty: No?

Billy: We ar.... we honestly there's.... that's wha.... that's the great thing about the three of us.
Matt nods in agreement.
Billy: (Cont.) W-w.... we.... we want this to wor.... we need each other, yeah.

Matt: Billy came, you know, from New York, he's been doing alot of great theater and he's injected us with alot of enthusiasm about working. And Missy loves that, and I love that....
Billy nods.
Matt: (Cont.) ....and we feel very fortunate--

Lisa: I bet you guys all work very beautifully together--

Billy: Yeah we do, we have a great time!

Lisa: (Cont.) Knowing you all of you like I do.

Matt: They have chemistry! I mean, you know, ah.... Billy and Missy worked together years ago, they could just sit down, they could turn the camera on these guys....

Lisa: How interesting.

Matt: (Cont.) ....and just watch them just go!
Billy talks about how it was just like it was just like he had been working on the show all along. Matt comments, "Rip van Winkle." Billy goes on and says that Missy is his favorite female co-star, and that she is the best, and he says he even has worked with Academy Award winning actors. He says he feels so at home with her.

Ty mentions all the flashbacks they have been using. Billy thinks it is great because it helps viewers "embrace the rather than told." Ty adds, "Embrace the history."  Ty then introduces a flashback from the Alamainia storyline, with Jack and Frankie locked in separate cells, not knowing who the other is [TJDS Ep208

Lisa kids Billy about his hair style. Billy points to his hair, "It's gone!"
STNov05J: Billy tries to remember that scene Ty asks Billy if he remembers. Billy strains to try and think, but he says he does not.
Matt: I-I...., not exactly, but the point tha.... there's already.... I could see there's a different dynamic, there was different writers, and they weren't trying to create.... the ultimate goal was Jennifer, but they weren't trying to create something together like what they are trying to create now.
Lisa says that her producer told them that Matt's daughter Emma is going to be singing on Passions?
STNov05K: Matt talks about Emma's role on PASSIONSMatt: She's going to be one of the singing children. Ah, on Passions, they needed somebody between the age of seven and nine, and she happens to be eight, so I guess--

Ty: I qualify!

Matt: She qualifies!
They laugh.
Lisa: Cuutte!

Matt:The problem is she's singing, she has to sing this Christmas carole, the only music we had.... person we had sing it was Nat King Cole. So she sings it like Nat King Cole.
They laugh.
Lisa: How funny is that!

Matt: Which may be a little riffing going on, but ah....

Lisa: Cute!

Ty: Very cute! So that's going to air around Christmas time.

Matt: Yeah, I guess so.
Ty points out that Matt is married "with two beautiful daughters." And that "Missy is married with two beautiful children" he asks since he [Billy] is the single man do they try to set him up. Billy said Missy tries to do so. Lisa adds, "I bet Missy has got a list!"
Matt: She's working on me, if.... if.... they would write that stuff on the show it would be hilarious. It would be great because she gets in there and work out--

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: (Cont.)  ....get Billy worked out, and get him [hard to hear].STNov05L: Another nice shot of Matt
Billy says he tried. He and Lisa continue to talk about it.

Ty then tells Billy that Matt says he has "infused the set with so much creativity that it is contagious."
STNov05M: Matt talks about Billy's contributionsMatt: Billy is very frank, and -- like Frankie -- no, he is very.... he asks questions, he says, "What about this; what about that?" and sometimes people have been playing something and they don't ask the question any more--

Ty: Right.

Matt: (Cont.) ...and Billy comes in with a fresh eye and says, "Wait a minute, but why, what's happening, why are you doing this, why you doing that?" And it's good! It's good to get challenged as an actor by your fellow actors in the scene [sounds like] it's something he's willing to bring in--
Billy says he came in with no fear. He was asked to return, and that is the greatest thing for an actor. Billy goes on to talk about the need for a collaborative effort by everyone.
Matt: We've had cameramen and props and wardrobe, hair and make-up who have incredible ideas, who can help you with a performance, and they're right there waiting to be asked--
Ty and Lisa agree.
Matt: (Cont.) and you know.... you.... that's also the part of that, and we as actors have to be willing to, you know, be.... get their inspiration as well--


Matt: (Cont.) ....yeah, "receptive" of that as well. So, (indicating he and Billy, and others) can do something.

Billy: Absolutely.

Lisa: And it sounds like you're making that change right on the set--

Matt: We're trying.

Billy: Yeah we are.

Lisa: (Cont.) ....right on the set.

Billy: (Cont.) We are. We are.

Matt: We're always open to, you know, people's ideas, and they see something and they throw it in, and it's great.

Billy: Constructive criticism is a good thing.
Ty and Lisa agree. Billy goes on to say that they [Ty and Lisa] know "that they say we don't have direction because we don't  time." Billy says he knows he is not perfect and he needs the suggestions and direction. Ty adds that the direction daytime actors normally get is "don't do this, don't this, don't do this." Lisa adds, "faster, funnier." Billy says he can understand the directors being busy with so much that they do not have the time, but there are others on the set who can.   Billy talks to the audience about how she wished they could see what goes on when filming since "it is so out of control" since it is "ninety pages of dialogue in one day." Billy adds that it is like "shooting a movie a day." He says the shows people watch which are great have they have eight, nine days to shoot one episode, in daytime they do it in one. Ty adds that then the actors come back the next day and the next to do others.

They thank Matt and Billy. 
Matt: Thank you guys for watching.

Ty: We've gotta watch Emma on Passions.

Oh, yeah, Emma on Passions!

Close shot of them all saying good-bye.

STNov05N: Group shot saying good-bye


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