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SOAPNET's SoapTalk Jan 04

show: Soap Talk [Talk Show]
role: Matt is a guest
show co-hosts: Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway
network: Soap Net; September 2nd, 2004


Announcer talks about Matt coming up next, we see Matt doing various poses as he waits to come into the studio.

They show a clip of Phantom/HologramJack saying goodbye to Jennifer.
Ty: Please welcome back Matt Ashford.
Crowd cheers. Matt runs out onto the set. [It is difficult catching everything Matt, Lisa, and Ty say in their greetings, I tried to questimate as best I could]
Matt: Hello, hello, hello. Hello!
Matt and Ty hug.
Matt: Good to see y'ah.
Lisa gives Matt a big bear hug, and very excitedly greets him.
Lisa: Hello, Matt!

Matt: It's good to see you!

Lisa: How are you?

Matt: Good! You look good; you look beautiful!
Matt kisses Lisa and she gives him a big kiss back. [They are talking over each other so it is hard to pick up all what they are saying, I tried the best I could]
Ty: (Rubbing his own chin) Like the scruff, man.

Lisa: You lost weight! Look at you Matt!....

Matt: I hope it doesn't tickle you too much.

Ty: (Cont.) ....very rugged.

Lisa: You're all buff!

Matt: I'm buff!

Lisa: You're skinny and buff, and handsome....
Audience catcalls. Matt howls along with the audience.
Lisa: (Cont.) and.... sexy.... with the beard.... I like it!

Matt: Sox-y [Yes Matt does pronounce it like that] .

Lisa: It's good!

Matt: Well, I'm.... ship.... I think it's shipwrecked or we'r.... I'm lost on an island right now, and they said, "like Indiana Jones." So I was thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't shave." And now it's I didn't realize we'd be on this island (gesturing) forever.
Ty laughs
Matt: So, I'm going to have a beard down to here (indicating the length). By the time this thing finishes....

Ty: Yeah, like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Matt: Well actually, I've actually shot a Tom Hank's nightmare. So....

Ty: Really?
Shot of Jack's nightmare from his first days back.
Matt: So I had long blond hair, and my beard down to here, and I come dragging home and Jennifer is.... (gesturing) I have another kid -- (gesture) where, I don't know where that came from.... And em....

Lisa and Ty both laugh, Matt flashes a perplexed expression.
Matt: and.... and then she's kissing this other man, so.... I'm.... so I'm thinking, "what's that all about?" So, I'm kinda....

Ty: Interesting. It's got to be a fun time for you. I mean, it's.... it's.... it's back on DAYS obviously....

Matt: (Nodding in agreement) Ah hmmm.

Ty: (Cont.) ....It's fun to be back on DAYS, but it's got to be a fun time for you because it's very exciting nobody knows what's gonna happen next. Nobody knows where Jim Reilly's gonna go next; where the story is gonna happen.

Matt:I mean, that could be fun and exciting, and scary, yes (laughing), but....

Ty: Yeah, absolutely.

Matt: (Cont.) .....but as and actor, I think, and you know, we.... we worked together, and there's been times, you've said, "I know where my character is going to (gesturing) go next, in the next beat of ah.... six months or maybe a lot longer. Today, I literally.... I don't know what's tomorrow so I have to live in the moment.

Lisa: Which is so what we need to do anyway in life, isn't it?

Matt: Exactly.

Lisa: Really!

Matt: Yeah.

Lisa: I think, but it's scary.

Matt: It's scary....

Lisa: Yeah?

Matt:(Cont.) ....because as a person you don't know what's gonna happen next, but as.... for the characters, you know, if we can do that, em, I think the audience will respond to that as well.

Lisa: Now did you think you would ever go back to DAYS? Did you think that you.... they would make this call and say, "Hey, Matt, Come on back!"

Matt: I thought there was a possibility of that.

Lisa: You did?

Matt: Well, I mean, but not now and not in.... in... so quickly, ah so I just, I.... I was surprised that it happened as quickly as it did.

Ty: Did.... were you hoping for it to happen? Or were you.... cause I've got to tell you, you were on the show.... how long were you on the show total now?

Matt: Ah, I've been off and on since 87.

Ty: 87... (and Lisa) it's a long time!

Matt: Eh (nodding).

Lisa: Yeah!
Audience claps.
Ty: When.... I was only on One Life for, I don't know, a couple of years and I was pissed that they fired me.
Lisa laughs, and continues to do so at Ty's remarks.
Ty: (Cont.) I could only imagine when you're on that long there's certain hurt feelings, 'cause you do identify as an actor with a certain character.... you get hurt a little bit.

Lisa: Well, and you left the last time Jim Reilly came back to write or came to write, is that correct?

Matt: (Thinking) Yes, yes, ah, and the fact is, you know, both those things you get set, (gesturing) ah.... daytime is at a really nice cozy little corner of the business where we get set and comfortable....

Ty: (Nodding in agreement) Yeah.

Matt: (Cont.) .... and I.... and I examined it and said, "If I feel hurt it's because I hurt. It's because I got set and comfortable (gesturing) in a business that's not set or comfortable.

Lisa: Hmmm.

Ty: Right.

Matt: And, eh, (gesturing) I tried to.... er.... change those feelings and realize this could all change tomorrow....

Lisa: That's a good point.

Matt: (Cont.) ....and really appreciate it. Ah, but.... but.... yes I love that, I love being with the people, and it's fun, and the character of Jack has really, really fun to play.

Lisa: It's a great character!

Ty: Now kinda a little.... taken a little bit more towards, like you said, the action hero, you were saying back stage.

Matt: I am the next action hero or--

Lisa: (Cheering) Yeeaaaahhh!

Matt: (Posing like a superhero) Yes!
The crowd cheers.
Matt: (Cont.) Making up for lost time. Because I've been.... I've been being the non-action hero for many, many years so (point to himself) my Hamlet in my own mind. Ah....
Ty and Lisa laugh.
Matt: (Cont.) .... So.... so now I'm, ah...., active things.... and if Jim Reilly and the audience they.... they seem to like that and they want to write more for that, and they want to write more for that, that's great too because I started as a pretty serious character when I first came on DAYS so....

Ty: (Nodding) Right.

Lisa: (Motioning) And then we were talking back stage that when I came on were playing comedy pretty much.

Matt: I was making up for that.... the villain. So, I mean, and got people from hating me to liking me because I basically poked fun of myself. (Motioning to Lisa and to himself back and forth) And when we were playing together alot that's what happened.

Lisa: (Nodding in agreement) Yeah. We had a good time, didn't we?

Matt: Yeah, it was great!
Lisa announces a break and Matt says it's great. They return and the audience claps. Lisa introduces Matt again.
Lisa: Now, during the break, we were talking about Richard Biggs.

Matt: Yes! Ah I think alot of you might remember Richard as.... played Marcus Hunter on Days of Our Lives and for quite a few years and then went on to Babylon 5 and Any Day Now and, eh, he was a working actor very loved. And he died very suddenly about three or four weeks ago, I think. And I saw him a few days before he.... he died and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who's given so much to his two little boys as a college, ah, you know for.... for their--

Lisa: For their college fund?

Matt: Future.... yes!

Lisa: That's great!

Matt: And... and we're..... we're all pretty devestated....

Lisa: Yeah....

Matt:And I was with Mary Beth, and Steve, and Wally Kurth--

Lisa: Steve Nichols....

Matt: Steven Nichols.... I mean all the people.... not.... just from our cast. And it's really amazing to see how much one person can touch people's lives, and, but.... you know I was saying I want to say thank you to everybody publicly for their support of Richard and his family.

Lisa: Thanks.
The crowd claps.
Lisa: Well speaking of family, how about your family? How's everybody?

Matt: My family's very good. Healthy
Photo of Christina, Grace, Emma, and Matt.
Lisa: How's Christina? The girls?

Matt: Ah, Good. They're a....

Lisa: Look at 'em! What a cute picture!

Matt: (Cont.) Ah, There they are.
Someone shots something from the audience I cannot make out what it is.
Matt: (Cont.) Yes. Just pulling them of bed this morning, because it's summertime all of a sudden.

Ty: Yeah.

Matt: And Grace is in ballet intensive concentration camp.
Ty laughs.Lisa: Wow!

Matt: Ah, that's what it seems like to me. And, em....

Ty: How many hours a day does she go there?

Matt: Well, four or five.

Lisa: That's alot!

Matt: (Cont.) And it's like a school day....

Ty and Lisa: Yeah.

Matt: And I say, "So you have to go to bed early." And you know she thinks....

Ty: Yeah, and it's physical too, it's not just.....

Matt: Yes, and Christina thinks that'll keep her out of gangs and stuff, you know.
The audience laughs.
Matt: (Imitating ballet) Unless it is a ballet gang, you know. And uh....

Lisa: That's funny.

Matt: And ah, and Emma's just running around being a.... a little six year old, going on seven.

Lisa: How did you like six? Did you like six?

Matt: Six was a good year for me.

Lisa: Oh good. Oh.

Matt: But, ah, because I had little ones that I could pound on, but they were.... but I was being pounded on by many more.

Lisa: How about, but Emma is six, how's that?

Matt: Emma, oh Emma's! Well, I mean it's wonderful.

Lisa: Was she good or was she kinda of nasty?

Matt: Well, you know now that you you say that....
Ty laughs.
Matt: (Cont.) ....she ....she actually thinks....

Ty: You guys are scaring me!

Matt: (Cont.) know, she thinks she's big enough to.... to kinda a take on the eleven year olds.

Lisa: See what I'm talking about?

Matt: Yeah, and she, you know, she's hip to alot more things than we thought our fir.... That Grace was at that age.

Lisa: Is that the truth?

Matt: Yeeaah, I mean, we.... that got little bikinis at the end of last year, and....

Lisa: Yeah.

Matt: (Cont.) ....(imitating her) Grace was trying it out, on a, you know it was this whole new thing. But Emma, just became a little hoochie coochie girl.

Lisa: I know! (Laughing)

Ty: Really!?

Matt: Yes. (Shocked) Yes! And I was shocked. You know (gesturing) Cover that up! Lisa: Is your shotgun ready, do you have it loaded in the back?

Matt: (Sighs) I think I'm goign to have to do it with a sling shot and get a big stick, or something like that.

Ty: Just beat them off.

Matt: Just beat them off with a stick. Yeah, yeah, yeah or might have to (motioning) pull her back from the boys, that might be the case.

Lisa: Oh, interesting!

Matt: You know, she's very.... very.... she's aggressive in a good way, yes. They both are, I think it is a very healthy thing. But, in certain circumstances.

Lisa: Now what if they wanted to go into show business? what would you....

Matt: (Shuddering) Duh! Of course, I was just talking with one of your.... your folks backstage and.... and.... he.... he's your stage manager said he was on Punky Brewster.
Lisa asks who it was and Lisa is lauhging hysterically finding out about this.
Matt: So.... so he grew up in this buisness from his dad. And I realized that most of us (gesturing) is first timers. We came to this because, because this is something we love to do....

Lisa: It's true.

Matt: (Cont.) And our children are grewing up in this world in Los Angeles and thinking....

Lisa: Yeah.

Matt: (Cont.) what a neat place to be. And maybe it will be. But it's also, we have to hustle. And, ah, if they have the get-up-and-go and they really wanna do it, it's like any other job, but I say, "Follow your dreams. Iif it makes you happy. Don't do it (gesturing) because you look at me and you think, `Oh, this is what it is all about." You know

Lisa: Yeah.

Ty: And the last time you guys were here you and your wife, Christina, were.... were singing for us. But now you gotta a concert coming up with the Army Band?

Matt: Yes! We're.... the Army, Continental Army, of course I think the continent (gesturing) is everything.

Lisa: What the heck is that?

Matt: Well, it's an army band based in one of.... one of the major bands based in, ah, Southern Virginia, Fort James, ah... And at the beginning of August, August 5th, we're going to be there singing, and ah.... My family all lives right around there so we're going to have a huge gathering of Ashfords....

Lisa: How fun!

Matt: (Cont.) ....celebrating.... I've got (enumerating) one sister turning 40, (looking at the camera). Yes, I'm sorry, Sally, I'm telling.... saying it, and a brother Jeff turning 50!

Lisa: (Laughing with Ty) Wow!

Matt: And were celebrating, so were going to, you know, kill two birds with one stone..... and celebrate 90!

Lisa: Nice! Great!

Ty: There you go. There you go. Combine 'em.

Lisa: That's cute!

Matt: And sing with them.... yeah, yeah.

Ty:I'm sure Sally really appreciates that now!

Matt: Yes!

Lisa: Yeah! That's great.

Ty:Thanks for ageing me by fifty years! That's very nice.

Matt: Yes.... a couple of dollars [??].

Lisa: Well, have a great time playing Indiana Jones over there on Days of Our Lives!

Matt: I'm having a ball! Yeah!

Lisa: I'm rooting for y'ah. I think you look hot!

Matt: (Gesturing) I'm wrestling a big snakes and fighting tigers....

Lisa: Good!

Matt: And I'll be fighting a bush later today!

Ty: Well, we hope you win!

Matt: Thank you!

Ty: Go get that bush!
The three affectionately say good bye.


SOAPNET Talksoap: Matt Sept. 04
Matt struts onto the stage.
Matt talking about being back
Matt talks about his return.

Matt showing off his action hero pose
Matt in action hero mode!

Matt recating to Emma
Matt reacts to Emma's "hoochie girl"
The Ashford Family
The Ashford family: Christina, Matt, Grace, and Emma.

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