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Title: Species [movie horror/Sci Fi]
Species Logo
Role: Guy in bar; the Species creature goes to a singles bar, on the prowl for a man; she is about to choose Matt's character when and another woman beats her to it.
Additional Cast: Species creature (Natasha Hinstridge) & Woman in Bar (Carolene Barclay)
Director: Roger Donaldson; MGM, 1995

Scene One: The creature, in the form of a sexy woman, goes to a pick up bar in search for someone with whom to mate.

Matt almost is picked up by the Species alien
30 sec; 1.1 Meg.

Species1: Matt calls out to Species

She is looking around when Matt's character, Man in Bar, calls out to her.

Man in Bar: HEY, hey (grabbing her arm; and carrying a drink in the other hand) where are you from?Species2:

Species Creature: I'm foreign.

Man in Bar: (Could not hear her because of the loud music) You're what?
Species Creature: (Pausing for awhile) I'm foreign.

Man in Bar: (Apparently impressed, and hopeful) "Foreign?!" Really, Wha--

Just then another woman, obviously drunk or high, throws herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck.

Species3: Another woman throws herself at him

Man in Bar: (Talking to the new woman) Whoa, Whoa, easy, (laughing) easy.

Species4: She dances him aroundShe starts dancing around with him.

Woman in Bar: I have a party to go to and no one to take me.

Man in Bar: I'll take you.

The Creature does not seem happy she lost her victim.

Man in Bar: I'll take you.

Woman in Bar: You will?

Man in Bar: Yeah!

Woman in Bar: Okay, I'm going to go to the Little Girls' Room. You wait right here. (Taking his drink with her) I'll be right back.

Man in Bar: I'll be right here.

She leaves and goes to the restroom. The Species Creature follows her. When the woman is in a stall, the alien, in the next one, reaches in, as the creature and kills her.

Species5: The Creature throws him her blouse

She returns to the dance floor, takes off her top and throws it to Matt's character. She then picks her next victim.

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