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index 04: "the great bayview escape"; jack continues to try to help
steve and kayla, searching for the toscano family
jennifer admits she loves jack but does not think he returns the feelings

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133 Marcus overhears Jack and Isabella, Jack tries to convince Marcus that he is not trying to hurt Steve and Kayla. [45 sec; 1.5 Meg] read
134A Bayview, Jack, in a straightjacket, is thrown into a padded cell with Isabella. [30 sec; 1 Meg] read
134B Bayview, Jack tries to figure out a way to escape, but it seems hopeless. [2:30 min; 6 Meg] read
135A Jack and Isabella hide their food and pretend to be unconscious when the attendants check on them. [1 min; 2 Meg] read
135B Jack and Isabella overtake the attendants and escape. [30 sec; 1 Meg] read
136 Having escaped, Jack and Isabella try to find a way out of Bayview. [1:30 min; 3.5 Meg] read
137 Jack calls Steve for help but Kayla answers. [1:25 min; 3 Meg] read
138 Kayla comes to help Jack, but they are both captured. [50 sec; 2 Meg] read
139 Jack and Kayla are brought back to Bayview, but are rescued by Steve. [1:35 min; 3.35 Meg] read
140 Jennifer jumps Jack, excited to see that he is okay. [10 sec; 400K] read
141 Steve tells the family that Kayla is pregnant, Jack is also included. [1:10; 2.5 Meg] read
142 Jack listens in on Jennifer and Isabella's conversation about him, Jennifer, angry lobs fruit at him. [1:45 min; 2 Meg] read
143 Carmen Miranda Deveraux sings "The Girl from Ipanema." [30 sec; 1 Meg] read
144A Christmas 1989: Jack spends some time with the Johnsons. [1:50 min; 4.5 Meg] read
144B Christmas 1989: Jo gives Jack a gift; Jack kisses her and vows to try and make amends with Steve. [1:40 min; 3.5 Meg] read
145A Christmas 1989: Jack talks with Isabella about how different him and Steve childhood were. [45 sec; 2 Meg] read
145B Christmas 1989: Jack tells Isabella he plans to try and change his life and make up for the past. [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
146 Christmas 1989: Jack sings his version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." [10 sec; 300K] read


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