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hit... Days's Jack and Jennifer
TORN UP OVER THE ABDUCTION OF HOPE Zack, Days of Our Lives' Jennifer turned to the one person who, despite, his many documented flaws, she always counted on: ex-husband Jack.

In a single sweet moment, the divorced duo tenderly reached out to each other, giving viewers a glimpse of the abiding love they still share.

Nov. SOW HitMiss Matt/Missy HITAfter wrongly accusing Jack of disappearing when she needed him most, Jennifer learned he had actually been searching for clues about the kidnapping. Melissa Reeves, whose Jennifer had been angrily yelling moments earlier, turned Jen downright sheepish when she apologized and thanked Jack for his concern.

Matthew aptly displayed Jack's awkwardness as he opened up about his feelings; he looked away and hesitated while admitting that he'd be devastated if something happened to Jennifer and Abby. Then, in a voice barely above a whisper, he apologized for all the times he'd left his wife and daughter alone.

A touched Jennifer wondered why it takes tragedy to make people realize what's important in life. Reeves delivered Jennifer's words poignantly, her eyes filled with tears. Then, she threw herr arms around Jack and thanked him for being there.

As the two slowly pulled away from their embrace, their eyes locked and they fell into a kiss. While Ashford's smile depicted Jack's bliss, Reeves' revealed Jennifer's tentativeness; she kept her eyes open and avoided Jack's lips before following her heart. Jennifer feared what they had done was wrong, but Jack would have none of that, insisting the kiss had been "so right." Days fans would, no doubt, agree.



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