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A Special
Wedding Album
by Days'
Matthew Ashford

Jack & Jennifer
Soap Opera Update
A little over a month ago, DAYS OF OUR LIVES viewers witnessed one of the show's most action-packed nuptials — the wedding of Jack and Jennifer. In order for Soap Opera Update readers to find the back-stage story to this exciting event, we asked the groom himself, Matthew Ashford, to relive the magic with all the juicy details.
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SOU 8/91 Matt/Missy J/J's wedding photo

This is just Missy and I poising.

SOU 8/91 Jennifer being thrown in the well

This is Jack's nightmare, his dream. And in his dream, all the women beat up on the men.

SOU 8/91 Jennifer looks for Jack in the well

That's Jennifer looking into the well I guess I'm down there.

SOU  8/91 Wedding Neil Curtis [Joe Gallison] holding umbrella

That's Neil with a pink umbrella. I don't know what to make off that.

SOU 8/91 Matt & his stunt man

Here's one of me and my stunt man. This poor guy had to shave; he had long hair and he had a bread and he had to shave it all off because I was clean-cut. They started calling him Baby Face because he was a though guy before and now he wasn't.

SOU 8/91 Julie [Susan Hayes]

This is Susan Seaforth Hayes, which is self-explanatory.

SOU 8/91 Grandma Horton [Francis Reid] Beating up a thug

Here's Grandma punching a bad guy. that probably got the biggest cheer of the day. I was backstage and I'm sorry I missed it because she just hauled off and she slugged him...and everybody in the whole audience just started roaring. They just loved watching Grandma Horton beat someone up.

SOU 8/91 Jennifer kisses a very wet Jack

Jennifer pulling Jack out of the the neck. I was very stupid because we were all getting really eager to do this. And in trying to be prepared and having to be wet, I'm in this full outfit and I jump into the shower in the back. I'm totally soaked and I run out there to do this scene, and someone told me later, "You know, they never saw your boots." And I soaked these boots and they wouldn't dry.

SOU 8/91 Jack and Jennifer's wedding photo

Here's a wedding picture of me and Marcus...(a dash of sarcasm in his voice [Matt's]) my closest, dearest friend — my best man. And then there's my mother from the loony bin. Me and Jennifer. And Bill — the last time I saw him he was looking at my kidneys or lack of them...and he looked a little different too. Ed Mallory was interesting to talk to and to watch. He's usually directing now' he said that this was stealing money. He was like vacationing doing this thing.


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