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Who Killed Colin

Thaao Phenglis (Tony di Mera), Matt Cedeno (Justin Walker), and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady);

John Ainston (Victor Kiriakis), and Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady);

Ari Zuker (Nicole Walker Kiriakis), Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux), Missy Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux), and Jason Cook (Shawn Brady)
JACK CONFESSES TO COLIN'S murder this week on Days of Our Lives, as the show kicks off a murder mystery that will affect nearly every character in Salem. But is he really the culprit.

"Jack is trying to protect Jennifer," sets up Matthew Ashford (Jack). "He has this dreadful feeling that she may have been involved in the murder."

Brandon pronounces Colin dead, as Jack, Jennifer, Belle, Fay, Victor and Nicole surround the body and wait for the police to arrive.

"Jack asks Jennifer if she knew that Colin was dead," continues Ashford. "Jennifer doesn't exactly respond, and from the look in her eye Jack knows that there is something weird going o. Jennifer's response is a little different, from everybody else's. Jack has a funny sense about it."

[stuff not about Jack or Jennifer deleted]

SOW Jan 03, Matt and MissyTRUE CONFESSIONS?

Inside the Kiriakis mansion, "Jennifer is looking really out of it, and she starts acting stranger and stranger," notes Ashford. "Jack has this feeling that Jennifer is about to spill. So he seizes the moment. He grabs Bo and says, `Look, this is it I did it.'"

Everyone is stunned, especially Jennifer. "At first, she can't believe it," relates Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). "The she can believe it, because Colin has affected their lives so much. Jennifer had just told jack earlier that she slept with Colin, and Jack was very upset. She didn't even get a chance to tell Jack that she had to do it because Colin was going to kill Jack."
Jack is carted off to police headquarters.

The next morning, jennifer begs Hope to try to remember anything she can about the previous night. Hope has a memory flash of seeing blood on her hand, but insists she knows nothing that could help Jack. Later a devastated Jennifer watches as Jack is booked for murder.

The police continue to interrogate Jack, who has nothing more to say. "He's not saying anything other than,`Book me. Let's get on with this,'" reveals Ashford."Mickey, whom Jack has been able to hook into representing him, tries to get time alone with Jack. But all Jack will tell him is, `I did it. i don't have the weapon anymore, but I did it.'"

Bo suspects he's protecting someone, so Abe and Bo question Jennifer. But she's also keeping her mouth shut. "Bo is asking her questions, but she's not even answering. She's absolutely quiet," states Reeves.


"Bo plays Jack and Jennifer against each other," muses Ashford. "When Jennifer realizes that Jack thinks she murdered Colin, she starts spilling everything she knows."

"Jennifer then tells Jack, `Abe and Bo think that you confessed to murdering Colin to protect me, because I did it. But I swear to you, I did not kill him.'"


With no concrete evidence against Jack, he's released. That lease a slew of other suspects — and it doesn't look good for the Bradys when a letter from Colin turns up...

SOW Jan 03, Matt Ashford [Jack Deveraux]

  "His No. 1 motive was "to remove Colin as a viable suitor for Jennifer," replies Matthew Ashford. "It's the same thing Colin was about to do to Jack. Plus, Jack found out just before the murder that Jennifer slept with Colin. That would make it a basic crime of passion."
SOW Jan 03, Missy Reeves [Jennifer Horton Deveraux]

  "Colin was going to kill Jack, and then he sort of blackmailed Jennifer into sleeping with him and admitting that she loved him," reminds Reeves. "Jennifer was so angered by that... enraged by that."

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