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chapter v: tom agrees to divorce simone, but
he is still determined to get her back;
meanwhile, his friendship with felicia develops,
and they go out on a couple of dates together.

Tommy and Simone are at the door. Tommy gives his dad a big hug. Tom tells his son, just in time, "Mortimer-You-Can-Call-Me-Mort has been banging his vertebrae on his branch all morning, demanding breakfast.", its up to to feed Mort. Tom runs off, and Tom asks Simone, "Are you here to watch Tommy feed the snake?" Or is she there with more demands, "supervised visits?" She tells him she has a proposal. Sarcastically he says "he is not leaping tall buildings" considering the others she made. She wants to be civil. He replies he has, he gave into the demands. She agrees. He is shocked. She tells him to get rid of the "chip on your shoulder," she has something good to tell him, Tommy is happy now, and they are both are closer than ever, she never wanted them to be separated. She wants Tom to stay, it can work. However, he has to stop getting involved with her life or use Tommy to get her back. He tells her that this is what he wanted the most, being with his son. He wonders what changed, this cannot be due to Justus. She admits it was Felicia, who knows from personal experience. Tom seems thrown by this. "I won't do anything to upset this new world order."

Felicia has a big grin on her face, seeing Tom at the door, he wanted to thank her. She is confused. He tells her it was due to her that Simone changed her mind. He is staying "with my son and my friends, of which you are one!" They stare at each other, Tom finally says he should go. She says she is free and invites him to an ice coffee."That's perfect!" Tom comments how well-adjusted Maxie is. She intellectually understand why her father is away, but emotionally she wants him. Tom asks "what about her mother?"  [ video 25 (1:15 min; 2.7 Meg)] She will always love Frisco, but now it is easy to let him go. He thinks "it's a worthy goal." She tells him "you should try it!" He throws back his head and chuckles, "Why are relationship so damn complicated!" What about "just having fun!" She wonders too. "You know, the good old days, when `a kiss was just a kiss'!" She adds, "`and a sigh was just a sigh. He says, "no divorce papers" or custody battles. For her, "save the world missions!" "Just.... good old-fashion raging.... fun!" He wonders if it is of the past. Her voice cracking, she hopes not. They gaze at each other. He gets up to leave; she thanks him for dropping by, and she is not just being polite. He says she knows where he lives, and that he will be around. After he leaves, she has a wistful look. Not long afterwards, locked outside in the rain, Felicia calls up to Tom. He wonders what he can do for her; she tells him it is obvious." He kidding he tells her he is a bit slow. She says she is getting wet. Due to the rain he tells her; he guesses she needs to be let inside. Tom inside her apartment, teasing, as she is is getting drenched, "nice weather for ducks. He jokes about not knowing how to open the door.  [ video 26 (2 min; 4.4 Meg)] Once inside, she walks quickly; he tells he "won't bite." She asks for a towel, and he thinks he can do that. He takes his time finding a towel. She wonders why he enjoys her being wet. He replies, "That deserves some serious exploration." He starts to help her dry off, and remarks about her cold hands. What does he expect. He wraps a towel around her and replies, he never does, that way he is surprised. She hopes pleasantly. He says sometimes, "when I least expect it. He has his arms around her shoulders, and she looks back at him. "You see, it is one of those circle things." With a slight nervous laugh, he steps back. She knows where he lives.

At The Outback, Tom passes Katherine Bell leaving and gives her a double-take [an obvious in-joke since it is Mary Beth Evans]. Felicia asks if he would like something. "Go to dinner with me." "Tonight?" "That was the general idea." "Dinner?" "Food. wine?" Thrown by the question, "As in going out to dinner?" she adds "it sounds like a date." He wonders if she has "a problem with the concept," because it is a date. Simone told him to stop acting like a married man, and she is a single mother. A little giddy, she accepts; Tom looks pleased. That night Tony volunteers to be her babysitter. When Tom arrives he tells Tony she needed it; Tony agrees but really does not seem happy. At Luke's, Mike Corbin seats them, and is delighted to see Felicia. Tom tells him it is his mission to get her to have some fun. Tom asks her for ideas, it will be hard to top her delivering Georgie in the crowded club. She shows him Georgie's plaque, she got it when she wants it (refereeing to the table); Tom says, "You most certainly do!" She knows he will do something to get his own table. He tells her he is thinking about something. They notice Luke glaring at the them, Tom wonders if Luke is reading his mind. Felicia thinks Luke probably will report back to Justus; she wonders if being there will cause him problems with the divorce settlement. Tom brushes it off; he tells her, "I was compassionate enough to give you prolonged conversation with someone over the age of seven." She warns him she is not use to conversation with someone over seven. It is a challenge to talk and listen to with someone of "developing intelligence." He demonstrates for her by imitating himself asking Tommy about global warming and Tommy's confused reaction. She chuckles, and he says that is good. He tells her to pick their topics, "natural disasters, politics, the verdict [allusion to OJ Simpson acquittal]." She picks, "Simone." Tom does not look pleased. He tells her it is the status quo, waiting for the divorce papers, still at the Brownstone. She is preoccupied, and he notices; she is watching Lucy with Madam Maia, and two, Amazons, as Tom calls them [She knows that they are Mac and Kevin in disguise trying to save Lucy from Maia, Lucy thinks they really are Cambridge professors]. Mac is pretending to be Eve Gormley and Kevin is pretending to be Norma St. John [prounceded sin-gin] Pawha.They return to talking about Simone, he tells her "Sometimes you lose a battle to win the war." She understands, she tells him he gives Simone her freedom, and then in the end she will choose him. He tells her it is risky. She adds, "frustrating. And lonely." She divorced Frisco to free him of obligations, "You have to be free to make a real choice." Tom replies, "Here we are, free as birds." She flirts a little, telling him her life is just getting better and better.

At the hospital, Tom tells Simone, "You must be glad to see me.", he is going to give her what she wants, slapping the papers down. He tells her he did not consult his uncle, he trusts her. She looks through the papers, and noticed he did not sign them, [ video 27 (2:45 min; 6.1 Meg)] she wonders if this is when the "but" comes. He tells he he just wanted to sign them together, "The symbolism kind of tugs at my heart." Noticing her look, "Sorry I'm being snarky." He wants to be honest, he hates this and never thought they would be in this position. Emotionally, "I still love you. I still feel like your husband. I still want to be your husband." He is only doing this for Tommy, he does not want to get into a fight, which what Justus wants. He adds that after all his finger pointing he wants her to know, he is sorry for causing it all. Fighting back tears, she says she is too. He tells her she did not do anything. She replies, "Maybe that was my mistake." Swallowing to fight back tears, "Were we so naive... when we feel in love and believed that this would last forever?" She tells him, "Don't, there's really no reason." Tom, "No reason. No point." They sit down to sign it, and he tells her he will then give it to Justus. She wants to do it herself. "Is that your eloquent way of telling me that the trust thing doesn't exactly work both ways?" She reminds him his record is not the best. He accepts the blame. He hopes one days she will understand his actions were just to keep their marriage. She tears up, and he signs the papers. He looks at her a moment, as if about to say something, then just sighs and walks off. Bobbie talks with Simone, who sadly tells her about signing the papers, she praises Tom for doing it despite not wanting to. She is near tears as she tells Bobbie how much she loved Tom. Bobbie asks if she really wants the divorce. She says she does, but there seems to be some doubt, as she says, "Tom and I are history."

Tom is to have dinner with his parents. Lucy joins them with her new friends [she still does not realize they are Mac and Kevin]. Audrey is glad he invited them, "Seemed appropriate considering the fairly momentous occasion," they signed the divorce papers. She did not want it to happen. He wants her "to keep that hope alive," telling her he signed the papers to avoid a fight which would hurt Tom; this way he is still in Tommy's life, and still is close to Simone. "The set may have gone to Justus, but I still am very much in the match!" [ video 28 (1:35 min; 3.5 Meg)] After leaving his parents, Tom goes to see Felicia. He tells her he feels like a long walk and would like a short pier, he just left his folks in a "bizarre ritual" of a post-divorce paper signing dinner. "Damn parental expectations, anyway!" He is impressed with her, "spilling my guts" and not even a drink. She offers him a drink; he tells her a beer and her company. She brings the beers, and he offers a toast to his "late lamented marriage." She wants to drink to his future. She thinks other's expectations stinks, if you do not live up to them, then you feel guilty, and she adds, if you do then you wonder if they were yours or if you were living them for someone else. Tom thinks there is a lesson in that. She agrees, a person should have their own. He asks then what if you do not live up to those. She says, try again. That is a wrong answer, it is too simple, he tells her. Typical shrink, she says he probably always analyzes any emotional situation. He asks her what are they doing to their kids with their expectations. She worries about how she is raising her daughters, and talks about Frisco again, she wants them to see him as more than just around occasionally. He tells her that was why he wanted to stay nearby, "The old man is around for conversation, or confrontation, or a good time." He tells her he thinks Frisco made the wrong choice. She says he cannot help being himself. Staring at her, Tom says Frisco is a fool, looking at her he cannot understand Frisco. She tells him Frisco would have stayed but she told him to go; she adds that the same could be said about him and Simone. He thanks her for the beer and her "astute observations."

[ video 29A (40 sec; 1.5 Meg)] There is a concert in the park, Felicia and Tom go together. She cannot believe going out twice in a two weeks. She asks to be pinched, she must be dreaming. He does not want to hurt her. She tells him she trusts him. Surprising him, "now that's amazing,", he is not use to it, and "he is not use to being out without someone looking up at the stars." She smiles and gazes at the stars, and he follows suit. She tells him how Frisco told Maxie about the stars in Africa. "The lust for adventure of the father is already manifesting in the next generation." She corrects, Maxie just likes stars. Tom asks if he was sounding like a shrink. Kevin and Lucy join them. Lucy, who since found out about Kevin and Mac, explains to Tom what happened. He tells Kevin, "That was you, course!" Kevin says it was educational, and reminds he he is his boss. [ video 29B (1:30; 3.3 Meg)]  Later, listening to the music, Tom says, "The music plays on, nothing moves, but everything vibrates." He tells her that the hairs on her neck are raised, and asks if she likes this. Smiling, "I love it!" He asks, "Is it romantic?" She guesses it is. He tells her that he thought she was a Country and Western girl. She likes that. As he watches her, she says she has an idea. He already loves it, t when she gets an idea she light ups, he looks towards the night sky, " like the moon."; that is irresistible. She wonders if he would like to go to they symphony. He cannot think of a reason not to go. They clink their wine glasses in agreement, and look at each other, obvious the romance of the evening is effecting them.

At The Outback Felicia, Tom wants her and the girls to join him and Tommy apple picking. She sadly has to work, since no Mac. Later Tom returns, she is having problems with a plumber, and tells him to charge it to "Malcolm Scorpio" like "scorpion." Tom tells her that scorpions are arachnids. She wonders if this is a shrink thing, always throwing out trivia. Seeing she is in a bad mood, he offers her one of the apples they picked. She is upset Mac since might be with Katherine. He wonders if it is Katherine or Mac with any woman. She says she wants Mac happy, and is not jealous. Later that night, Felicia returns after a long day at work to find Tom on her couch. The kids were having fun so he said he would watch them. He refers to himself as a "babysitter," which she corrects, he is a "father." Since they both forgot to eat she asks him to stay. He asks if Simone and Justus mentioned the hearing to dissolve the marriage -- a term he finds odd, he never thinks of "dissolve" and "marriage" together. She wonders if he is fine that the date for the divorce hearing being set. Since he has lost nothing he is fine, since he never loses. She warns him to be too confident. He does not care because he and Simone will reunite.

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