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General Hospital [Soap]
role: Dr. Tom Hardy
air dates: February 1995;
and June, 1995 to May, 1997
network: ABC, 1963-



cast list
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Dr. Simone Hardy
Tommy Hardy, Jr.
Audrey Hardy
Dr. Steve Hardy
Justus Ward
Felicia Jones
Mac Scorpio
Lucy Cole
Dr. Kevin Collins
Luke Spencer
Lee Baldwin
Dr. Gail Adamson
Mary Mae Ward
Maxie Jones
Maria Ramirez
Katherine Bell
Damian Smith
Keesah Ward
A.J. Quartermaine
Jason Morgan
Ned Ashton
Edward Quartermaine
Dr. Allen Quartermaine
Bobbie Jones
Tony Jones
Robin Scorpio
Stone Cates
Dr. Dorman #1
no information
Lois Ashton
Brenda Barett
Sonny Corinthos
Mike Corbin
(Michael Corinthos, Sr.)
Amy Vining
Lila Quartermaine
Lucky Spencer


Dr. Tom Hardy returns with shocking news, he wants a divorce and plans on returning to Africa. After spending a couple of weeks in town he leaves, upsetting his family.
Dr. Tom returns again, his personality changed. Despite Simone moving on he wants her back, and starts fighting with Justus; when his father gives his job to Kevin Collins he gets bitter and mad at his father; soon he reveals that things were horrible in Rwanda, and he had to leave for his emotional well being, but it is obvious he is not telling everything.
Someone tries to use Tom's animosity with Justus to their advantage. Tom charms himself into the Brownstone to further his plans to win back his family; Tom and Tommy grow closer, and Tommy wants his father back living with them.
To get Tom to agree to a divorce, Justus and Simone get tough; after Justus makes some serious accusations, Tom breaks down and agrees to whatever they want; meanwhile, Tom relies more and more on Felicia.
Tom breaks down and agrees to sign the divorce papers; Simone acquiesces and lets him see Tom and remain in the Brownstone; Tom and Felicia go out.
Though he agrees to the divorce Tom swears he will still win back Simone; Aussie Sunrise, Tom helps Felicia make The Outback's special drink; Tom shows their pumpkin friends, including her Guardian Pumpkin, and tells her about the origin of the Jack-o-lantern.
Halloween Tom dresses up as the Guardian Pumpkin. Tom and Steve but heads over a doctor who refuses to treat Stone, who is dying from full blown AIDS. Mary Mae Ward (Justus' grandmother) is scheduled for her premiere concert in Philadelphia, Tom attends and causes a scene to get at Justus.
Tom tries to do damange control and garner sympathy after what happened in Philadephia. Thanksgiving 1995.
Tom has a major anxiety attack, flashing back to some horrific experience in Africa;  Felicia is there for him, and he tells her what happened in Africa.
The next morning Tom tries to reassure Tommy that he is fine; he also talks more with Felicia who understands why he has been acting towards Simone, Tommy and Jutus as he has; later he talks to Simone who promises to always be there for him.
Tommy is worried for Tom, causing Tom to realize that he needs help to deal with Africa, he goes to see Dr. Kevin Collins and tells him how in Africa, he became a "monster."
Tommy, after seeing his father's breakdown, feels he and his mother have to be there for him and causes problems with Justus; Tom seems to have moved on, and does not encourage the behavior; Christmas 1995, with Steve sick, Tom narrates the Nativity Story.
Felicia and Tom pretend that they are off on Lanai, Hawai'i.
With Simone's wedding to Justus nearing, Tom finally is accepting it and wants to move on; Tom has another session with Kevin.
Felicia has a couple of fantasies about Tom, as she begins to question how much she really feels for him.
Tom tries to get Tommy to accept his mother's wedding; Mary Mae Ward dies upsetting Tommy; Tom has a fantasy about Felicia.
Tommy disappears terrifying his parents and all the inhabitants of the Brownstone.