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show: 90210 ("2010 Vision") [TV drama/primetime soap]

Peter Upton; principal character AnnaLynne's/Annie boss' husband, the two of them appear to be into kinky sex games and want  Annie to be part of their next wild party.
addition cast: AnnaLynne/Annie McCord (Naomi Clark); Katerine Upton (Lisa Waltz) network: The CW, September 27, 2010.


Scene One: Annalynne, Annie [one of the main characters] is talking to her new boss, Katerine Upton; apparently she thinks her boss is a lesbian and that she has been coming on to her. Annie asks for time off to go to lunch with her new boyfriend. She starts babbling about him, comparing him to her past boyfriends. She admits she sounds "boy crazy," obviously to make a none too subtle hint that she is straight. Her boss has no chance to answer. Annie admits she *is* boy crazy. She replies, "That's good to know." Just then some guy walks into her office.

Annie's creep boss and boss' husband
1 min; 2 Meg.

KATERINE: Peter, hi, you made it!

PETER:Sorry I'm late.

They hug. Seeing that her boss is married she is releaved.

KATERINE: Oh, hi. (Introducing them) This is Annie.

Peter stares at her, appearing very interested.

KATERINE: (Cont.) Annie, this is my husband Peter.

ANNIE: Your husband?

PETER: (Offering his hand to shake) Nice, to meet you Annie.

ANNIE: It's so nice to meet you too.

Peter continues to stare at her, looking more than interested. Katerine watches on. He continues to hold her hand, and she laughs, uncomfortably.

PETER: Well, sorry, it's just you're.... (still staring at her lecherously) even prettier than Katerine described.

ANNIE: (Patting his chest) Ah, Peter.

Annie does not seem to know what to say, and is growing more uncomfortable.

PETER: No, I mean it's just you look alot like (looking over to his wife) my beautiful wife.

They continue to give off a creapy vibe. Annie looks more and more uncomfortable.

KATERINE: Twenty years ago.

ANNIE: (Not knowing how to react) Thanks.

PETER: (Staring at her, sounding creapy) It's true!

Annie nods, embarrassed,  Peter stares at her, and Katerine looks at her strangely, but she does not appear jealous, she seems to be into her husband coming on to Annie. Annie tries to get away.

ANNIE: Okay, well, ah.... I.... I'm going to head out, like I said I was. And it was very nice meeting you Peter.

Trying to leave, but he stops her.

PETER: Ah, wait, wait, before you go, we're having a little barbeque at the house on Saturday (looking at his wife).

KATERINE: Yes, and we would love it if would come.

PETER: It would be fun.

Annie tries to decline.

PETER: (Cont.)  We'll cook, go swimming.

KATERINE: Ah, (looking at Peter) I don't swim. I Jacuzzi!

Peter looks at Annie, and Peter and Katerine laugh. They then return their freaky stares toward her.

KATERINE: (Cont.) Come, please join us.

ANNIE: (Nervous, uncomfortable giggle) Okay. I will try.

She leaves. They watch her. Katerine lets out a contended sigh. They both, smile at each other, and then look back out towards where Annie just left. It is obvious that they think she will join them, and that they are after some sort of ménage à trois. One asks if he is cute, the other groans. She does not know what to do. They think she should "nip it in the bud," but that might get her fired. She tells them that she likes the job.


Scene Two: Later Annie returns home talks to friends. She tells them her boss is not a lesbian but is married. They think she should be releaved. She says she is not beause "he is more into me than she was."  She tells them how they invited her  to their place "to *Jacuzzi*!" They are sure her boss and her husband are swingers.


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