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title: Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss [movie] Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss Icon
role: Whitey, jealous lover of Rex, a famous photographer; Whitey drinks & makes snide comments.
additional cast: Billy ( Sean P. Hayes), Gabriel (Brad Rowe), Rex ( Paul Bartel), Perry ( Richard Ganoung)
director: Tommy O'Haver; Trimark, 1997

warning: The movie is Rated R, it deals with adult themes, homosexuality, and language; therefore, the dialogue may not be suitable for everyone.

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Billy tells his story in the opening shots of the movie. He is a young gay man in Hollywood, a hopeless romantic trying to find true love, Mr. Right. He is not too comfortable in the LA scene, and is an outsider, just as he was as gay in his small home town. He is a photographer who uses an old Polaroid for his artistic visions. He has a grand project, recreating the famous romantic scenes from the classic movies of old, but using male models. While at a coffee house he sees the waiter/musician Gabriel and falls hard. THe asks Gabriel to be a model for his photo shoot. He hopes that not only will the beautiful Gabriel be his model, but something more. The thing is Gabriel straight or gay, for Gabriel talks about his girlfriend up in San Francisco. However, Billy has his doubts and remains hopeful.

Scene One: Billy has taken Gabriel to an exhibition of the photos of Rex Webster, a famous photographer.

Whitey and his sugardaddy, Rex, ;
1:50 Min; 4.4 Meg

The opening is somewhat decedent, and pretentious. Billy and Gabriel come across Rex, and his boy toy Whitey, talking rather pretentiously to various some groupies. They are laughing, acting pretentious, and also they appear rather drunk. Whitey is hanging all over Rex, and acts very possessive, and appears somewhat uncertain and jealous about Rex' attention.

REX: No, no but seriously, what does it mean to be a gay artist in today's society. Well, it means responsibility. Responsibility to recreate popular culture in a pan-sexual mode.

Everybody laughs pretentiously. Billy and Gabriel are uncomfortable with the situation.

WHITEY: I don't think anybody here knows what "pan-sexual" means.

REX: Oh, it means I fuck him, he fucks her. She fucks her. She fucks me. I fuck, (notices Perry). Perry, get over here. Let's reminisce about the interview days, Andy and Henry.

PERRY: The show is wonderful, Rex.

REX: Oh well, Whitey and I like it.

PERRY: I'd like to introduce to you to a couple of friends of mine. (Patting Billy on the back) This is a fellow photographer, Billy.

BILLY: Mr. Webster, any words of advice for the struggling young artist.

REX : Stick with Perry, and hopes he keeps introducing you to people like me.

PERRY: And this is model friend Gabriel.

Whitey notices that Rex is a little too interested in Gabriel.

GABRIEL: (Nervous, he appears uncomfortable with the situation) Hi.... I play the base, actually.

REX: And I suppose you'd like Mr. Webster's autograph.

GABRIEL: Sure, I love your art work, it's fantastic.

REX: You have very.... off-beat features.

WHITEY: (Sarcastically, obviously jealous by the attention) Kinda like a male Kate Moss.

REX: And this hair, (lustfully) oh, my.

BILLY: And it should photograph very well in the shoot he's doing me.

REX: We're having an open bar after the gallery closes.

WHITEY: A little private party.

REX: Perry, would you and your friends care to join us.

GABRIEL: I don't mind.

Billy shakes his head, trying to signal to Gabriel to say no. Though at first Gabriel seemed somewhat turned off by Rex and his crowd he now seems rather interested, much to Billy's displeasure. Billy seems uncomfortable about the situation, and worried he may loose Gabriel.

BILLY : (He shakes his head, trying to signal Gabriel to say no) Gabriel?

GABRIEL: (Clears his throat, slightly nervous) Never turn down a party.

Rex laughs and looks over to Whitey who also laughs.

REX: Well said.

Rex and Whitey giggle together.

A short time later, Rex is signing an autograph using Whitey's back. He is in the middle of a story and everyone is laughing.

REX: Really she did, she did. So I said to her Sophia darling, (speaking Italian) tu sei multo bella ma io preferisco gli uomini (Sophia darling, you're very beautiful, but I prefer men.)

Whitey howls with laughter, and so does Rex; and all the gang around them.


Scene Two: Later at the party Billy and Perry are discussing Gabriel. Billy asks Perry if he thinks Gabriel is gay. Perry tells him he does not seem to be, but there are times he gets a vibe. Just then a very drunk Whitey comes over towards them.

BILLY: (Motioning with his hand, trying to put it delicately) So.... are you and Rex.... you know.... an.... item?


WHITEY: (Taking a drink and leaning toward Billy) Doesn' mean he doesn't want to lay your boy

As Whitey talks Billy tries to brush away the alcohol fumes. Whitey leaves.

Scene Three: Later Billy is still uncertain whether Gabriel is gay or straight. Gabriel meanwhile has agreed to model for Rex on Catalina Island. This causes Billy some concern. He enlists the help of his female roommate and they head off to Catalina.

Billy finds them on the beach, and Whitey, who is watching the shoot, is lounging in a beach chair under and umbrella drinking, wearing shades, and with a sun tan lotion on his nose.

Whitey drunk and jealous;
50 sec; 2 Meg

WHITEY: Hey, you....


WHITEY: Yah, you. (Motioning) Come here!

Billy walks over, somewhat uncertain.

WHITEY: What are you doing here?

BILLY: Just thought I'd check things out.

WHITEY: (Snippy) Ohhh, "Check things out" (Lifting up his sun glasses) eeehhh.... (Motions with his hand to come nearer, and making a whistling noise) Come here! (He puts his hand on Billy's shoulder, Billy leans down closer to him). I wouldn't worry about that gorgeous boy of yours....

Just then, unnoticed, Rex walks up behind them. He does not seem pleased with what Whitey is saying.

WHITEY: (Cont.) ....because I'm keeping an eye on him for you.


Whitey turns to look at him.

REX: (Cont.) Don't you dare harass a fellow photographer. (Turning to Billy) welcome to our set Willy.

BILLY: (Correcting him) It's Billy.

REX: (Putting his arm around him, and coming on to him) But you wouldn't mind if Uncle Rex called you "Willy."

WHITEY: (Jealous, and bitchy) You wouldn't mind (putting his hand possessively on Rex' chest) if "Uncle Rex" calls you anything.

REX: Shout up Whitey!

Whitey takes his hand away and sits back in his chair. Upset, he sits back silently and drinks.

REX:   Your just in time to see us get off the last shots of the day.

BILLY: Yeah, the light's beautiful today.

One of the models, shirtless and with ripped abs walks by; Whitey admires his body.

REX: (Watching the model) And so are the boys.

Just as Billy is about to ask Rex a question, unnoticed Perry walks up.

BILLY: Umm, I was just wondering.... (notices Perry, and is surprised) What are you doing here?

PERRY: Ah, Rex invited me to a party. I never turn down a party.

REX: (Turning to Billy, and slightly making a play for him) You're invited too.

Billy wants to get away, so he pulls Perry away with him before Rex and say or do anything else.

"Some action tonight!";
5 sec; 180K


Scene Three: At a post shoot party Billy nervously looks for Gabriel. However, Gabriel seems to have joined in the IN CROWD.

Whitey can be seen weaving in and out, carrying a bottle of booze, and rather drunk. It seems his love life is not going well, Rex seems to be straying.

Later on the beach Billy comes across Gabriel with one of Rex' male models. Billy is hopeful but he discovers that Gabriel is but is interested in the model. Alone Billy walks along the beach where he finds Perry who tells him that he too had a crush on someone once, but that person also did not return his affections. He tenderly kisses Billy.


Scene Four: It is Billy's opening for the Polaroid photos reenacting the great romantic movie scenes, but with all male models, which is a success. We also find out that the photos Gabriel shot for Rex helped Gabriel's career.

Rex and Billy, apparently reconciled, are looking at Billy's exhibition. Whitey has his hand on Rex' shoulder. 

"Some action tonight!";
30 sec; 1 Meg

REX: Whitey, in some of these photos he's capture an aspect of me that I though only you knew about.

WHITEY: (Pleased, and looking at him lovingly, he places his other hand on his chest) Rex, do you think I an learn how to take pictures.

REX: Well, if you are serious I'd be glad to show you the fundamentals.

WHITEY: I am serious.

REX: (Smiling) All right then, from now on I'll introduce you as my protege.

WHITEY: Oooohhh...

Rex chuckles, Whitey, overjoyed bends over and gives him a loving kiss to the cheek.

WHITEY: (He notices a particular photo and points to it) Rex, what are you doing to Brad in this picture?


Whether because he is resigned for being caught or disgusted because of Whitey's jealousy Rex sighs and rolls his eyes.

The movie ends with Billy being introduced to an attractive would-be photographer who is crazy about his work.


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