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title: Charmed ("Something Wicca This Way Comes")
[TV Drama/Supernatural; first episode]Charmed Logo

role: Roger, jerk, ex-fiancé & boss of Prue (1 of the 3 sisters witches who battle evil).
additional cast: Prue (Shannen Dohtery)
network: The WB, October 7, 1998

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Scene One: Outside the Museum of Natural History, we hear a man talking. Prue and Roger walk towards an exhibit.

Pru and her ex-finacé Roger
1:25 min; 3.2 Meg.

ROGER: There's been a change in plan.

PRUE: Change of plans regarding the Beals exhibition?

Charmed01: Roger tells her the board wants someone elseROGER: The extra money you helped raise through private donations has sparked significant corporate interest. The Beals artifacts will become part of our permanent collection.

PRUE: Well that's terrific.

ROGER: That's why the board wants someone a little more qualified to handle the collection from now on. You look surprised.

Charmed02: Prue realize Roger got the jobPRUE: I don't know why. I'm furious. Not only have I been on this project since its inception, but I'm the curator who secured the entire exhibition. (Realizing something) You're the person "a little more qualified" aren't you?

Charmed03:  Good enough for me

ROGER: (Fiddling with his pen) I couldn't have said no to the entire board of directors, could I? But I know you'll be happy for me, after all, what's good for me is definitely good for you. Right, Miss Halliwell?

PRUE: "Miss Halliwell?" Since when did we stop being on a first name basis? When we stopped sleeping together or when I returned your engagement ring, Roger?


Charmed04: Roger continues to be a jerkROGER: I didn't realize the two were mutually exclusive. (Smug) Although, I certainly enjoyed one more than the other!

PRUE: Bastard!

Charmed05: Roger reacts to being called a
Prue storms off, Roger follows.

ROGER: Uh Prue, wait. I feel like I should say something if only to avoid a lawsuit.

Charmed06: Prue causes Roger's pen to explode
Charmed07: The pen blows-up in his face

Disgusted she flashes him a dirty look. Rogers pen starts to leak in his shirt pocket. He takes it out and looks at it, and it explodes in his face.

Scene Two: Roger's office. He has a new shirt on, and is tying his tie, while talking on the phone. Prue walks into his office and hears his conversation, and is even more disgusted with him.

Pru quits, and Roger has problems with his tie
1:40 min; 3.8 Meg.


ROGER: It was my idea to spark corporate interest from private donations. Besides, not only have I been with this project since its inception, but we both know who really secured the entire exhibit... (noticing her) Prue.

PRUE: I quit!

Charmed08: Roger tells her no referencesROGER: (Talking on the phone) I'm going to have to call you back. (Talking to Prue) Think about this Prue.

PRUE: Lousy Job. Lousy pay. Lousy boss. What's to think about.

ROGER: Your future, because believe me if you walk out with no notice you can kiss any references.

PRUE: Don't threaten me Roger.

Charmed09: Roger's pretends he is jokingROGER: (Realizes she means it) You know me had to try. (Trying kiss up to her) You're hurt, you're angry, your pride is wounded. I understand all that. That's why you can't see that I'm doing you a favor.

PRUE: Excuse me?!

ROGER: I had to take the exhibit away from you. If I hadn't the board would have come in and put a total stranger in my place. Think about it Charmed10: Roger doesn't like  what Prue has saidPrue, I'm here for you, not some stranger. You should be thanking me not leaving me.

PRUE: Well I'm not worried, I'm certain your intellect will make quick work of the 75 computer disks and the thousands of pages of research I left in my office.

ROGER: (Flustered) You're going to regret this.

PRUE: Oh I don't think so. I thought the best think was me breaking up with you was the best thing I've ever done, but this definitely tops that. Good-bye Roger.



Charmed11: Roger yells at her not to steal supplies


Outside the office, disgusted Prue gestures with her hands. At that moment, Roger's tie tightens around his neck chocking him. He stumbles to his desk, and flops in his chair. He then tries to open a drawer and fumbles for a pair of scissors. Frantically he cuts his tie, and as he cuts he flips backwards in his chair.

Charmed11: Prue causes Roger's tie to choke him
Charmed13:  Roger tries to cut his tie

ROGER: What the hell was that?!

Scene Three: Later Prue returns home, and is told that Roger called, he left a message for her on her answering machine. He is frantic, and is trying to get her to change her mind.

ROGER: Prue. it's Roger. I've decided to let you come back to work. Seriously, let's talk.


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