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show: Dharma & Greg ("Dharma Does Dallas") [TV comedy]
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Trey, William Montgomery III, one of Greg's cousins — part of his dysfunctional soap operaish family. Trey, is a pretentious and smarmy lush. Someone in the family is trying to take over Greg's father's business, Dharma thinks it may be Trey.
additional cast:    Dharma (Jenna Elfman), and Greg's cousin Stephanie (Kristin Bauer)
network: ABC; February 20, 2001

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Scene One: Dharma is talking with Cousin Stephanie about family dirt.

Dharma meets Greg's cousin Trey;
35 sec; 1.3 Meg.

Just then a guy, Trey, Greg's cousin, strolls into the room, he is drinking a Bloody Mary, complete with celery stalk. He is very smarmy, a stereotypical rich jerk soap character.

DG01: Trey struts into the room

DG02: TREY: (Walking up to them) Hello Stephanie.

STEPHANIE: (Annoyed) Hello Trey.

TREY: (Smarmy) What, no kiss for your cousin.

She turns her head in disgust.

TREY: Oh, that's right you don't kiss men.

Stephanie appears to not be able to stand Trey. The two couisins toss out insults, and throughout their exchange Dharma listens on stunned. With his last remark she raises her eyebrows.


STEPHANIE: Oh, I kiss men.

She turns to look at him. He gets the point and reacts.


He turns towards her and introduces himself. DG04: He is very smarmy; he then offers his hand and they shake.

TREY: Excuse me, I don't think we met.

DHARMA: I'm Greg's wife Dharma.

TREY: He's a lucky man.... unless you cheat, in which case I'll wrestle Stephanie for you.


He flashes a smarmy grin. Dharma does not know what to think.DG05:  "I'll enjoy every minute."

STEPHANIE: You'll lose.

TREY: But I'll enjoy every minute of it.


He kisses Dharma's hand, and walks off. She grimaces. Stephanie groans.

DG06: Trey kisses Dharma's hand.


Scene Two: Dharma walks into the pool room, and finds Trey sitting at the bar, pouring himself a drink.

Trey has a shocking secret;
1 min; 2.2 Meg.

DG07: Dharma finds Trey at the bar drinking.

DHARMA: Hey, I was looking for you.

TREY: Well, when you find me.... (he lifts a glass of whiskey) give me this.

DHARMA: Look I wanted to tell you (pauses for effect, hoping to trap him and cause him to give himself away) there's a secret in this family. And I know what it is.




DG08: Trey gives her shocking news about his father.

DG09: Dharma is shocked by the news.

Trey gives her a serious look, and then gives her shocking news father and her mother-in-law.

TREY: You mean that my father slept with Kitty before she met Edward.

DHARMA: Oh,wow. We'll get back to that. No I was talking about you, Stephanie, and Brent secretly trying to take over the company.





TREY: As delightfully tedious as this sounds, I can't be bothered. You see, I have only six months to live.

DG11: He tells her he has 6 mons. to live.
The ubiquitous organ music plays.

DHARMA: Oh, my god that's awful.

TREY: Dying's not awful. Awful is Bermuda when the cruise ships dock.



He gives her a slight salute with his his drink.
DG13: He gives her a salute.

He then walks off. Just then Stephanie walks in. He stops and addresses her.

TREY: Stephanie!


Stephanie goes over to Dharma who is still shocked and upset about Trey's announcement.

DHARMA: Did you know that Trey has only six more months to live?

STEPHANIE: (Smiling with pleasure at the thought) Yes, it's marked on my calendar.

DG14: The birthday party
Scene Three: Later at Greg's father's birthday party, in stereotypical soap fashion Dharma tries to out the family members who are trying to double cross him. In the end, a shocking last minute revelation occurs and the mystery is solved.

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