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Emmy Red Carpet Icon

show: Soap Net's Pre-Daytime
Emmy Red Carpet

role: As himself
interviewer: Ricky Paull Goldin
network: Soap Net; April 28th, 2006


Out side the Kodak Theater, Hollywood, the site of the 2006 Daytime Emmy Awards. The Soap Net's Red Carpet pre-awards segment; various arriving soap stars are interviewed as they make their way up the red carpet into the theater. Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro Guiding Light) introduces his next interviewee.

Ricky Paull interviews Matt
1. 3 min; 2.3 Meg.
Ricky: (Motioning) Come on in here! Look who it is, Matthew Ashford.
Matt appears and Ricky shakes his hand.
Ricky: How are you?

Matt: Ricky Paull!

Ricky: Jack Deveraux. Now this is one of the.... I'd say, for me in my age group one of the  original supercouples Jack and Jennifer.

Matt: (Frowns) In your age group?

Ricky: Well, when I was growing up I was watching you guys.
Matt continues to frown. Ricky bursts out laughing.
Matt: What a minute! What are you--

Ricky: Wait wasn't that right?

Matt: Missy was your girlfriend!

Ricky: (Tilting his head, pretending to be annoyed that Matt outted his real age) Oh, why do you bring these things up!

Matt: Duh!

Ricky: Yes, Melissa Brennan who turned into Melissa Reeves....
Matt gestures toward him, and pulls a face.
Ricky: (Cont.) who became Jennifer, who became your leading lady.

Matt: I met (pointing at him) you through her because she (pointing to himself and back to Ricky) told me about you. So I know all about you.

Ricky: Hi Missy!
The guys both smile smugly at the camera.
Ricky: (Cont.) If you're watching!

Matt: Hi Missy, if you're watching!

Ricky: Remember Me?

Matt: Got the dirt, Ricky Paull.

Ricky: Now, how long have you been gone.... from the show?

Matt: (Frowning, thinking) I.... In fact I  never left the show. I'm still on the show.

Ricky: Well, physically, in your being, like, when's the last time you went to the studio.

Matt: Ahh, yesterday. I was actually.... (fiddling with something around his wrist) I have a hospital band her from the hospital....
Ricky chuckles, as Matt shows him the hospital band.
Matt: (Cont.) ....I jumped out of the bed--

Ricky: Look at that. It says, "John Doe"--

Matt: John Doe.

Ricky: (Continuing to read the hospital band) "Doctor Butler."

Matt: Doctor Butler.

Ricky: (Continuing to read the hospital band) "Room 224."

Matt: I'm not telling them who I am--

Ricky: But you were dead, what happened? I.... I...., you were dead on the show.

Matt: (Gesturing) Everyone thinks I'm dead, but really I've been lying in a hospital bed....

Ricky: Right.

Matt: (Cont.) ....waiting to die, and this guy.... doctor says, "I can save your life." (gesturing, waving his arms) I say, "No, no, no don't do that, I don't want to be any trouble." (Matt smiles at how silly that sounds)

Ricky: Now, I do want to know something, You're coming back to the show, but it's possible that Missy, who plays Jennifer, is leaving the show? Is that.... what's happening there?

Matt: (Looks like he does not know exactly how to answer the question) There is rumor about that, but in the meantime (looking that the camera) we have some big stuff happening.... about to.... you know, some other people are just about to show up on.... on the canvas, very soon.

Ricky: That's the beauty about business, you know--

Matt: I know.

Ricky: (Cont.) But you.... We.... We made.... we made some waves in Canada on the some many appearances that we had, right

Matt: (Flashing a mischievous looking) Oh, yeah.  (Matt pantomimes surfing)

Ricky: But, ah, whatever happened in Canada stays in Canada.

Matt: Stays in Canada.

As Ricky introduces the next interviewer, he and Matt exchange thanks and goodbyes, shaking hands.


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