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show: Friends ("The One with the Soap Party") Friends Icon

Playing himself
additional cast:
Monica (Courtney Cox); Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)
network: NBC, April 24, 2003


Joey's Days of Our Lives cast party, Matt is talking to Rachel. He hands her a napkin; she is very pleased. Just then, Monica spots them and walks towards them.

Rachel & Monica drool over Matt ;
25 sec; 825K.
MONICA: HEY, (Walking towards Matt and Rachel) Joey said no autographs.... But, if she's getting one, I want one too."To Monica," and none of this "best wishes," crap. I want "Love!"

Okay... Oh, actually, Mon, Matthew was giving me his phone number.

MONICA: Oh Man, if I had known I was coming to this party, I never would have gotten married.
MATT: It's nice to meet you Rachel.

Nice to meet you.

MATT: Call me.
Friends11 Publicity photo
Matt walks away. Rachel and Monica watch him, lusting at him.
RACHEL: (Shouting) WE WILL!
Friends10 Publicity shot of Matt and Kyle Lowder
Matt talks with co-star Kyle (this did not air).

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