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title: (Tom Clancy's) NetForce [mini-series; Sci Fi]
Net Force Logo
role: Cyber terrorist goes cruising for women in a VR chatroom, chooses Matthew's face for his on-line persona.
additional cast: Cyber terrorist/hacker Uday Shankar (Anjul Nigam), & NetForce agent Toni Forelli (Joanna Going); "The Crusher," Elliot Rosenberg, chatter in VR chatroom bar (No information)
network: ABC, 1999



NF1: Uday picks Matt's image
Uday, the hacker/terrorist, the gang of net saboteurs, and they thugs they helped escape from jail are hiding out in a safe house. Uday sneaks off and goes to his computer. He enters a virtual reality chatroom. These chatrooms are virtual reality rooms, wherein people pick a net personality and chat real time in various virtual reality environments. He first goes through a series of photos for his net personaltiy. He comes across a photo of Matt, and likes what he sees.

Uday: I would look good as this guy! (He puts on a pair of special glasses) Watch out ladies.

He makes a clicking noises and prepares to cruise for women on the net.


Trying to track down net terrorist who shut down the net the night before, and who helped several dangerous criminals to escape, agent Toni Forelli and her team decide to search internet virtual reality chat rooms. Going through a list of possible sites she comes across the Yellow Rose chatroom, which is described as a "virtual forum for professional computer engineers." She puts on a pair of special glasses and enters the room. Meanwhile a team of net force agents monitor the chat, in hopes of tracking down the location of the terrorists.

The chatroom is like some Texas biker bar, but is really a computer geek, named Elliot Rosenberg, from Cleveland, this is just his virtual reality avatar, "The Crusher," and all the customer look mean and tough, but they like Elliot are all chatters in the VR chartroom bar -- we do not see her, except for glimpses. She starts talking to a computer nerd who is using the persona of a big bad biker with a long beard, tattoos, etc. He starts talking computer nerd stuff to her, coming on to her. Meanwhile in back of him is Matt's persona for Uday Shankar; he is talking to a bartender about the net.

Trey has a shocking secret;
1:13 min; 3.8 Meg.

MATT: Ah, nooo.... no... no.... That's not the problem the problem is the whole cyber universe expanding so fast. Any kid who can hyperlink a gig is a web master now days. That's it, right.... right?

The biker turns and looks at Matt. The agent becomes interested in what Matt has to say, realizing he could be their suspect. In the Matt persona Uday really tries to smooze the agent -- not realizing with whom he is talking. Matt's persona is smug about his computer talents, and appears to envision himself as a ladies' man.

NF2: VR Matt talks agent

TONI: Are you referring to the web crash last night?

MATT: No, (stops talking to the bartender, and turns to talk to Toni, he tries to lay on the charm, coming on to her, and showing off) No, I wasn't, but I can, why?

TONI: Because I was thinking whoever pulled that stunt off must be quite a bright hacker.

NF: VR Matt says it takes MATT: (Acting out the emotions of Uday who is smug about what he had done) I wouldn't exactly refer to it as a stunt. It had wide reaching implications. But I would have to agree with the second party of your observation, genius!

The scene flashes to Uday in front of his terminal, pleased with himself.

UDAY: Pure genius.

The scene flashes back to Matt's persona in the VR bar.

TONI: (Trying to lure him into giving away information) I didn't think it was possible with all the safe guards.

MATT: It can be done. It all comes down to acess

The scene flashes to Uday. He is so smug about what he did that he begins to give more and more information away.

UDAY: ...access. All they have to do is shut off the usual data stream and replace it with one of their own.

The scene flashes back to the VR chatroom.

TONI: But to do that wouldn't you have to.... to take over the entire net?

MATT: No, just the key parts of it. Just the routers and the nexus boards.

TONI: There are tens of thousands of those, no one can take them all over at once!

NF4: VR Matt tells her to think BIG, SatellitesMATT: Think Big!!

The scene flashes to Uday

UDAY:  Think global!

The scene flashes back to the VR chatroom.

MATT: Think satellite! There's only a few dozen of those.

TONI: You mean somebody hacked into the satellites?

MATT: ....or their base stations. All they need is control of the uplinks.

NF05: Agent click on links and track UdayOn other computers the two other agents are trying to track down Uday's location. Toni Forelli keeps Uday chatting in his Matt personal to get more information, and stall for time so the agents can track him down his location. .

TONI: But that's net hardware. Doesn't that require special government access and codes? No mere hacker could do that.

MATT/UDAY: (We see and hear them simultaneously answer) Exactly!!



The agents motion to her that they have tracked him down. The prepare to send forces to apprehend him. One of the agents puts on a set of the special VR glasses and enters the bar. He situates himself behind the VR Matt.

More Avatar Matt;
40 sec; 1.5 Meg.

NF6: VR Matt chuckles at her questionsTONI: So, why would anybody want to do this?

MATT: That's a very good question. I'm not completely sure I'm equipped to answer it.

TONI: But what's your hunch?....

Matt chuckles.

TONI: ....I someone trying to control or destroy the net?

MATT: (Still chuckling) I don't know, but anyone good enough to override that level of system checks is probably good enough to enginer men right out of prison (Uday has given too much away).

TONI: Are you referring to the Westover breakout.
They have now tracked him down. Uday realizes he has said too much.NF7: Udayrealizes he screwed up VR reacts

UDAY: (Flustered) No.... not necessarily.

MATT/UDAY: (Simultaneously) Why?
NF8: Agent Toni Forelli flahses her badge
(She flashes her badge, we only see her arm and the badge) I'm Deputy Commander Forelli of Netforce, and I request you surrender your identity and location. You are wanted for questioning. If you leave this site you'll be in violation--

NF: Uday tries to flee, VR Matt disappears


Just as the second agent attempts to apprehend VR Matt UDay removes his VR glasses and Matt disappears.

However, it is too late and the Netforces agents are on to Uday's location.

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