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title: Paper Bullets [movie]
Burke's Law  Icon
role: Ron [no last name] Current husband of main character's ex-wife; .
additional cast: Rourke, John Rourke, principal character and cop (James Russo); Cheryl, his dying wife (Sydney Walsh); Ethan Rourke, his  adopted son (Cody Dorkin); Leesu (Nicole Bilderback)
writer/director: Serge Rodnunsky; MTI  Studio [?] 1999

warning: The movie was rated "R," a
nd I have kept the original language in the dialogue so there is some explicit language.



Scene One: John Rourke drops by the baseball diamond and watches his son play catch. He flashes back to a happy time with his ex-wife and son playing basketball. He is drawn out of his remembrances by his wife who is not happy to see him.  She is wearing a scarf on her head, and looks sickly.

She tells him to  get "a fuckin' life," she tells him that he is stalking her. In the background we see Ron. Their son, Ethan watches, and then sadly walks off and goes back to playing catch. He says he was just in the neighborhood. "If you were the last person on earth I wouldn't let him near you!" She adds that she is scared that her son shares his genetics.


ROURKE: Hey, look, I've been dealing with bullshit all day I don't need you to--

CHERYL: YOU MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY abused me for five torturous years, you drunken sonofabitch!

ROURKE: Yeah, I haven't had a drink in five months!

CHERYL: You put me through a custody trial for two years that bankrupted me and my son (starts having trouble talking, and coughs).

She leans against the fence for support, Ron walks closer, then stops, looking at her with deep concern.

ROURKE: Look, I just wan-

CHERYL: And on top of that.... I am dying!


CHERYL: I have advanced liver cancer and I won't see Christmas, alright! Are you happy now?!

He reaches over to touch her, and, furious, she slaps him away.

Ron steps in;
20 sec; 850K


RON: (Walking over to help) Forget him, Cheryl. (Holding her) He's nothing. Forget him.

CHERYL: You won't get him!

RON: Forget him.

CHERYL: You won't get him if it's the last thing I do!....

RON: Cheryl.

CHERYL: We got married last week. And he's taking full custody.

ROURK: (Sadly) I just want to see him.

Ron gets between them and pushes Rourke away.

RON: Get out of here!

ROURKE: Take your hands off me.

RON: (Pushing him again) I said get the fuck out of here.

Rourke slugs Ron. Ethan watches depressed. Cheryl checks on Ron, and they hug.

They both are near tears. Ethan just puts his face in his cupped hands.

Scene Two: Rourke is going to the hospital to visit Cheryl, he is accompanied by Leesu a woman he is protecting from the gang he is trying to bring down.

Ron, Ethan and Rourke at hospital Part I;
1:10 min; 2.5 Meg

Ron is in the waiting area with Ethan.

ETHAN: How much longer do you think?

RON: Shouldn't be much.... (gesturing) they just have to give her some medication. Then the last [can't hear this word]

Just then they notice Rourke. Ethan is glad to see him.

ETHAN: (Getting up and rushing to him) Dad!

Ron gets up and glares.

ROURKE: How are you?

ETHAN: Fine.

He watches as Ethan and Rourke hug each other.

ETHAN: (Cont., noticing that his father has been beaten up) What happened to your face?

ROURKE: Ohhh, I had a little accident. You alright?

ETHAN: Yeah, I'm fine.

Rourke hugs him, and holds Ethan close to him. He then goes over and holds out his hand to Ron, he takes it and firmly shakes it. Ethan looks over at Ron.

While they talk Ethan continues to hold tightly onto his father.

Ron, Ethan and Rourke at hospital Part 2;
1:40 min; 4 Meg

ROURKE: About the other day--

RON: (Gesturing) No, forgotten! Ah look, (reaching for him) Ethan, I think it's time to get in and see your mom.

ETHAN: (Gesturing with his head to follow) Come on!

ROURKE: You go ahead, I'll wait for you out here. I'll be out here when you get out.

ETHAN: Come on, let's go!

Rourke looks over towards Ron.

RON: (Who gestures with his head to follow) Go on!

Rourke walks off holding his son's hand; Ron follows, allowing them to walk together.


Scene three: Ethan walks ahead, as Rourke and Ron walk side-by-side, silent. Finally Rourke talks.

ROURKE: (To Ron) How bad is she?


RON: It's complicated. She's fighting pneumonia and may have spinal meningitis. Not good. She may make a partial recovery, but.... she's still got the underlying cancer. (They enter the room) This is hard on all of us, especially Ethan, but.... I know away we can work this out.


Cheryl is in bed, sleeping or unconscious, hooked up to tubes and machines, as a nurse works on her. The nurses leaves the bed and sits down in a chair next to her. Ethan walks over and takes hold of his mother's hand, as Ron and Rourke watch. Ethan then caresses his mothers cheek. Rourke looks over at Ron, who then walks over to the bed.

RON: (Leaning over her) Heeey Cheryl, we're all right here. Your mom and dad are coming in tonight, I just talked to them.

Rourke starts to walk away, overcome by emotion, and Ethan walks over towards him. Sadly, Ron looks over towards Ethan.

Ron the longs back down at Cheryl, his eyes filled with pain.

Ethan walks over towards his father, and Ron watches.

ETHAN: (Grabbing his father's arm) Come on! (He leads him back to the bed).

Cheryl stirs and opens her eyes to see Rourke holding her hand. She moans and pulls her hand away, closing her eyes. Rourke walks off again and Ethan follows.

ETHAN: It's alright, I know she really loves you.

Rourke takes his son's head in his hands and kisses the top of his head. They look at each other, saying nothing. Rourke then silently walks away.


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