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show: Providence "Home for the Holidays" [TV drama]
Providence Icon
role: Mr. Henderson; Dr. Syd Hanson treats his daughter then later, when her ghost mother shows her what life would have been like in town had she remained in LA. The Hendersons have moved into the Hanson family home. The Hendersons and Syd both are confused by the situation.
additional cast: Dr. Syd Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes); Reneé Henderson (Reneé Olstead)
network: NBC, December 17, 1999

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Scene One: At a clinic Syd is talking to a little girl, Reneé in a reindeer outfit. She has injured her leg, and is walking on crutches; they walk to the girl's father.

SYD: ... No more reindeer games for a while.

RENEÉ: I promise Dr. Hansen.

Syd finds a new family in her home
15 sec; 565K.


HENDERSON: Heeey Sweetie, ready to go home?

Prov1: Rene’, Mr. Henderson, & SydRENEÉ
: Heeey.

SYD: (Chuckling) Mr. Henderson, you need to have this hoof elevated and iced.

HENDERSON: Yes Doctor (shakes her hand), thank you.

SYD: (Laughing)Okay, Merry Christmas.

HENDERSON: (Waking away with his daughter) Merry Christmas.

GIRL: Merry Christmas.

Scene Two: With her dead mother, Lynda, as a guide Syd goes to her family home. It is decorated for Christmas and three children -- a teen age boy,Todd, and teen girl, Jane,and a little girl dressed in a reindeer outfit, Reneé from the clinic -- are in the living room dressing the tree. The little girl is confused and frightened and calls for her father.


Walking past Sid, through the hall towards her father who is in another room.

HENDERSON: (Carrying a model airplane) what is it Honey.

He pushes her into the room and walks down the hallway.

HENDERSON: Kids, go see if your mom needs help making cookies in the kitchen.

JANE: (She and her brother walk towards the kitchen) Merry Christmas lady.

Prov2: Henderson is confused at Syd's presence
Prov3: Syd tells him she remembers him, confusing him more


Syd finds a new family in her home
1:13 min; 2.8 Meg

Prov4: Henderson tells her they never met

SYD: (Pointing at him) I know you your Mr. ahh--

...Henderson (obvious annoyed).

SYD: Right! Your daughter had the sprained ankle.

HENDERSON: (Frowning, obviously thinking something is wrong with her) There's nothing wrong with her ankle. You must be thinking of someone else. Noooww, what exactly do you want?

SYD: I want to know what are you doing in this house?!

Prov5: Henderson tells her it is his houseHENDERSON: This is our home! And I think it is time that you left!

SYD: This is not your home. This home belongs to the Hansen family! Ahh (walking into the family room, and pointing) this is our furniture.

HENDERSON: Ohh, now I understand. You're looking for the previous (motioning with his hand) owners. We bought this house from Jim Hansen last spring, lock, stock, and barrel.

SYD: What happened to his vet clinic?

HENDERSON: We converted it to a wreck room for the kids.

SYD: Do you know where he went?

Prov6: Henderson turns around, smiling

(Turning about to go look)I have his address around here somewhere, but.... Actually I have a pile of his vet magazines if you wouldn't mind taking them along. Why don't you just sit down (pointing to her) and I'll be right back.... Okay.

He leaves the room, turns around and smiles. Then as he walks off her mother's ghost pops up. She explains that since Syd never returned home everything changed.

Scene Three: Throughout the day her mother shows her how much things have changed for her family -- all for the worse. Later that night, Syd peeks at the window, watching the Henderson family happily celebrating Christmas as a family; Christmas music is playing in the background. It is like the ones she and her family always had.

HENDERSON: Good... all right... Oh, tumble down. Tumble down. Tree's all set honey. All right...we're going to be getting... Jane. Oh, there's Reneé. Whoa, we almost ran into each other. There's Todd. There's Todd.

Just then Syd's mother pops up behind her, she looks over her shoulder into the house.

LYNDA: Take a picture, Darling, it'll last longer.

HENDERSON: Ohh, that's mine... be careful with that one...

Mrs. Henderson draws the curtains. So Syd on longer can watch the happy family gathering.


Syd and her mother walk off. Of course she has learned her lesson, and she awakens the following morning, in her family home, and nothing has changed.


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